At night, Lin Yifei's victory was celebrated to the fullest extent. The entire Chinatown was boiling. Many people came to Chen Lin Ji's door to take a look at Lin Yifei, but Lin Yifei didn't go home. He didn't know why, but what he wanted most now was some quietness. Away from the hustle and bustle, Lin Yifei wore a cap and sat inside a McDonald's with his brim pulled down. In front of him was a coke.

His phone had been ringing off the hook. There were calls from his parents, Katherine, and other classmates. Seeing that he didn't answer the phone, everyone changed to texting, except for his parents. Lin Yifei picked up the phone and said that there were still many things to deal with after the competition, so his parents finally stopped calling.

The rest were short messages full of congratulations. Another one came from Rex. This guy should have returned to Milan. His short message made Lin Yifei smile. (T/N: Um, Milan is in Italy)

Congratulations on winning the Junior Championship. See you at the World Championship.

Someone sat down beside him and looked at him with his chin propped up. "Are you so used to hiding in a fast-food restaurants after winning?"

A warm voice with slightly teasing tone that could make a person's mood quiver sounded.  

Lin Yifei turned his head and saw Kevin Phil.

"What? Do you feel strange that I can find you?" Kevin reached out to press down the brim of Lin Yifei's cap. "I was about to call you as soon as I got out of the broadcasting room. Who knows that when I look up, I see a boy sitting opposite in McDonald's. The more I look at the figure, the more it looks like you."

"So you came here to take a closer look. It's really a windfall."

"There was a time when I was surrounded by the media. At that time, what I wanted most was to be alone and savor the joy of victory. But I don't think you look happy."

Sometimes. Lin Yifei felt a little afraid of Kevin. He could always see through other people's thoughts so easily. Yet, when others thought that they would be hurt, he became gentle and tolerant.

Lin Yifei didn't need to say anything. Kevin already knew the answer.

"You don't know how jealous I am of Chris Osborne. Even if the two of you are separated, it seems that nothing can separate you." Kevin smiled. He picked up Lin Yifei's coke and took his hand. "Come on, I'm going back to England in a couple of days. You can walk with me."

"Ok." Although Kevin's behavior was somewhat stronghanded, Lin Yifei not only didn't dislike it but also felt better.

In truth, the two could go anywhere, but he didn't expect Kevin, who was called a prince, to take him to the 'carnival' and buy hundreds of dollars of game coins. He was playing silly games like hitting cockroaches, fast car and some fighting games.

(T/N: hitting cockroaches sounds like whack a mole. Fast car is bumper car?)

Lin Yifei was very nervous. In contrast, his partner Kevin was always acting like an old god, with flexible wrists. Of course, he would not tell Lin Yifei that he often played crazy like this with Rhett at 'carnival' places. Soon, Lin Yifei's character was surrounded by zombies, and Kevin rushed to the rescue.

After playing the game for more than an hour, Lin Yifei breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled at Kevin. At this time, he realized that Kevin had been looking at him.

"I won a lot of coins. What do you want to drink?"


Kevin smiled. He already knew Lin Yifei's preferences, junk food and carbonated drinks. It's likely that this teenager would be this childish even in his 30s and 40s.

The two people played like crazy for a long time. The coke worked its magic. Lin Yifei had to go to the toilet to solve it. The entire carnival was still noisy. Kevin stood by the restroom entrance waiting for him. In the dim lights, he appeared calm and quiet.

Lin Yifei's mind also followed this trend and relaxed. There were only two people in the restroom. One was wearing a cap. He looked 25 or 26 years old, with pierced ears and wearing an old T-shirt. Another person was relieving himself. When he lowered his head, his neck was covered with python tattoo. Lin Yifei was embarrassed to continue looking at them.  

After flashing the toilet, Lin Yifei was about to leave the restroom when someone suddenly grabbed him from behind. His nose and mouth were covered with a wet handkerchief. Lin Yifei was horrified. What was going on?

He kicked while the guy with the python tattoo grabbed Lin Yifei by the legs and carried him into the restroom stall together.

Lin Yifei looked at the two men and held his breath desperately. He knew what was on the handkerchief. But even if he tried not to breathe, he couldn't bear it for long and soon passed out.

Kevin felt that Lin Yifei seemed to have been in there for a long time, so he followed inside but didn't see anyone.

"Lin? Where are you?" Kevin knocked on the toilet door.

"What are you knocking for! Bothering people in the toilet!"

"Ah…sorry." Kevin wondered. He had been standing outside the restroom. If Lin Yifei came out, how could he not see him?

He took out his cell phone and dialed Lin Yifei's number, but he didn't expect the ringing to come from inside the closed door.  

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At this time, Lin Yifei had passed out. The two kidnappers froze there, wondering if they should touch the cell phone in Lin Yifei's pocket. It was the one wearing the cap who pulled out his cell phone and turned it off while deliberately pretending to talk.

"Stop bothering me! I'll go out and talk about it with you in a minute!"

"Yes, that's it. See you at the real estate office!"

On the other hand, Kevin's cell phone received a busy tone. His warm facial features were suddenly coated with frost.

"Alas……I really don't know where he went." His mouth spoke in a helpless tone, but no expression showed up on his face. Kevin walked out of the restroom while putting his arm against the wall. He turned his head to look at the restroom stall.

Kevin had a charming and elegant demeanor. Even in the noisy playground, he still attracted many people's attention.

The guy in the restroom stall seemed unsure whether Kevin had left or not. After more than 40 minutes, the guy wearing the cap came out with a large suitcase.

If it weren't for the disappearance of Lin Yifei, Kevin might still be amused that there were still people in this age who use this kind of gigantic suitcase that could fit a person inside?

Kevin snorted softly. He followed him, then put a hand on his shoulder.

"Your suitcase seems very heavy. Do you want me to help you?"

The cap guy froze and coldly refused: "No."

Kevin smiled, looking friendly and harmless. "If we waste any more time, won't the person inside the suitcase suffocate?"

"I don't understand what you mean." The other party gritted his teeth.

Kevin's shoulder was patted by a hand. The voice behind him was very low and faintly threatening.

"Sir, if there is something, we might as well go to the side to talk."

"No need." Kevin's voice just fell, his body suddenly turned around. One hand grabbed the hand on his shoulder and twisted it. The guy gave a low raw of pain. Kevin kept hold of his hand while using one foot to kick his stomach. The man went down, clutching his belly with cold sweat.

Kevin turned around and pressed his finger joints, making a cracking noise.

At this time, besides the sound of the game machine, other players seemed to have put down their games and look at this change. Some people left the scene quickly, while others stayed behind to watch. These were young Americans who didn't know what dangers were and only pursue excitement.

The cap guy gritted his teeth. One didn't know when he had an extra dagger in his hand. They didn't expect things to be so complicated. They thought that this seemingly gentle man was easy to deal with. If he really got in the way of their plan, just knock him out. However, they didn't expect this guy to be so strong.

Before the cap guy could attack, Keven suddenly sprang to his feet. With a flash of lightning kick, the dagger was knocked out of his hand. Kevin twisted the guy's hand behind his back and slammed him into the wall.

At this point, the carnival's security guards had rushed over and were pushing through the crowd. The two guys panicked and tried to run away through the crowd.

Kevin had no time to take care of them. He unzipped the suitcase and saw Lin Yifei curled up inside, with tape over his mouth and two hands tied to his legs. Kevin quickly took him out without saying anything. He tore off the tape and untied the rope. Fortunately, he just passed out. Kevin's finger touched the marks on his wrist that had been strangled by the rope and frowned.

"His hands are for holding sabre."

The cap guy was caught by the security guard while the other guy escaped.

Kevin took Lin Yifei to the hospital and made a phone call to the Lins. The police also came. After all, Lin Yifei was kidnapped just after winning the World Junior Fencing Championship today. It's really strange.

The cap guy confessed that someone hired them to kidnap Lin Yifei and the name of his partner.

Father Lin and mother Lin couldn't imagine how their son got kidnapped. Although the winning prize from the Junior Championship was a large sum of $30,000 USD, it's not enough for any kidnapper to kidnap a minor for it. The police even began to consider hate crime. An Asian teenager defeated an American (Caucasian) athlete, which may have caused displeasure to some radical group, although this reason seemed a bit far-fetched.

Kevin described the scene at that time to the police. While everyone thought that this kidnapping was puzzling, Kevin already vaguely understood the reason behind this kidnapping.  

Kevin left the police station at 12:30 a.m. Lin Yifei's parents made a special phone call to thank him. If it weren't for Kevin, they wouldn't know where to find Lin Yifei now.

Kevin patiently talked to mother Lin on the phone. He stopped a taxi at the gate and came to the hotel where the American athletes were staying.

He rang the doorbell of a VIP suite and someone opened the door less than ten seconds later.

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