After the war broke out, the county's family moved away in a hurry. Zhao Ruyue was originally the most favored concubine in this house, and she prepared more well. It took a long time for Zhao Ruyue to pick out the most important thing, a whole wagon of softness. Everyone else shared a wagon with two or three concubines. It can also be seen that Zhao Ruyue's fancy.

In the beginning, because of the importance of her identity, Zhao Ruyue had lived a life of wandering and wandering, but she was quite comfortable.

At the beginning, I took out more than three hundred miles, and not long after renting a yard to settle down, there was news that the rebels had gone further. There is no way to go all the way south.

This population is so large that it is all money to go one step further, but it is out of the house and has no income. Although Xian Cheng said that he had a rich family background, seeing so much money going out like water, it became more and more uncomfortable in his heart.

It was also at this time that Zhao Ruyue's status became more and more awkward. In the past, she was favored, one because she was young, and the other because of Shen Tianzhan, and for this reason more. Now outside, Shen Tianzhan himself is afraid that he will not be able to protect himself. Without backing, Zhao Ruyue became more cautious.

But she is honest, it doesn't mean that others are willing to watch. Obviously, I was careful to hide, and couldn't hold back those concubine rooms who were already jealous of her came to find fault one by one.

Zhao Ruyue is not a person who sits and waits for death, and her daughter's family will be gone during the war. The county prime minister's wives and concubines are in groups, with many children, and the sons also have wives and concubines. In addition to the people served by each master, this adds two to three hundred people. At this time, the amount of silver consumed every day is a large figure.

Can't wait for the county prime minister to deal with them one by one when there is no money.

It is impossible for Zhao Ruyue to run with her own money, and soon the world will be in chaos. A woman with her money outside is a piece of fat on the cutting board.

Finally came to live in the inn for one stop. In the middle of the night, no one could sleep, Zhao Ruyue used the excuse to go out to comment, and knocked on the door of the eldest girl and his wife.

There are not enough rooms, so I can basically squeeze together and fall asleep.

"Madam, eldest girl!" Zhao Ruyue bowed to her respectfully before entering the house.

"Tomorrow, I have to hurry, and I'm still awake at this time?" The big girl was puzzled.

Zhao Ruyue sighed, and then came: "Where can I sleep? These days, I have a lot of thoughts, and I have been caught by my thoughts. I have to say something, if the madam and the eldest girl listen to them, if they find it useful, they will listen. If they find it useless, also When I said nothing."

"Let's talk about it." Madam also met with old attitude recently. After a good life, I saw this kind of thing when I looked old.

Zhao Ruyue looked around, and whispered: "We have a lot of people in this team, and the daily cost of money is a large amount. But I don't know when it is quiet. Take a step back, even if the world is really peaceful. It's hard to say what the surname is in this world. How can someone who is unfamiliar in life and relying on the master alone to support such a large family?"

The lady's eyes were cold: "What do you mean?"

Zhao Ruyue said: "Let me say a few words boldly. Our female family members are not comparable to the old man's mind like the old man and the second man. When it is really scarce, the first is the servant, and the rest is the girl's concubine room. Our eldest girl is. It's favored, but compared with the second master, we all know who the master chooses."

In the long run, this is indeed the case. The lady's eyes were dim, and she sighed: "So in your opinion?"

"My concubine is in a humble opinion, it is better to wait for the next time to settle down and find a decent husband for the eldest girl to marry as soon as possible. There is no need to find a wealthy family. The world is chaotic, and the more noble family is, the more dangerous it is. Finding someone who is honest and safe will give the eldest girl a way out in the future. It's hard to say in the days to come, the eldest girl will take a good photo, and you will feel at ease, madam."

This thought was very thoughtful, and the lady began to think about it. The eldest girl is a baby at home, she has been holding it in her hand since she was a child. At the beginning, he deliberately betrothed him to Ergouzi, but the result failed to make the eldest girl feel ashamed and said that now he refuses to marry. Just waiting for the war to start, they fled together.

Fortunately right now, if another year or a half is passed and the home is still drifting, the eldest girl will become a burden. At the moment, it's better to marry people out quickly, find a lower door and have more dowry, and the rest of the life will be easier.

Madam looked at the big girl, she was not stupid, she understood that this was the best way at the moment.

The big girl nodded and agreed to come down.

Zhao Ruyue's eyebrows smiled more, and then she stood up straight and knelt down: "If the eldest girl gets married, the slave and maid will only be able to go there together as a maid."

From the concubine body to the slave servant. Zhao Ruyue is greedy and ambitious. But he is also a person who can see the facts clearly.

The lady's eyes were cold: "What do you mean?"

Zhao Ruyue lowered her posture as much as possible, and said: "If a big girl marries to a strange place, she will definitely need help to gain a foothold. The slave maid has some thoughts and can help the big girl. The dowry of the big girl in the future will also be the foundation for her to maintain her status. , The maidservant can help her keep her dowry."

The wife took a deep breath. If the eldest girl married at this time, her mother's family would not know where she would drift. Even if there is a dowry, it is mermaid. It would be great if there was a thoughtful help.

I'm afraid to lead the wolf into the room.

"Don't forget, you are already the master's concubine! You are already a woman!"

Zhao Ruyue knew that this was her best way out at the moment, and if she didn't leave, the other concubine rooms would definitely not accommodate him. And Xian Cheng would only open one eye and close one eye.

Zhao Ruyue spread her hair and cut the first-class hair directly with scissors: "The slave and maid would like to cut her hair for nuns! As long as she can leave with the girl!"

How many women regard full hair as life. Zhao Ruyue's daring to do this also represented her determination to leave.

The eldest girl turned her mind a few times and stretched out her hand to pull Zhao Ruyue up: "It's a pity to cut your hair properly. Mother, my daughter has thought about it, and her daughter is in the marrying grade. Rather than wandering around, it is better to greet others. Settle down. It's about family members. It's not the same who you marry?"

Zhao Ruyue was right. ; Two months later, the family once again settled temporarily somewhere in the south. The eldest lady looked for a few matchmakers, looking for marriage. There is no high door, not even people who are too wealthy.

Only in a relatively remote place, married a wealthy household in that village.

Said to be wealthy, in fact, they can only afford to hire two long-term workers. The eldest girl took two young servants and four servants, one of whom was Zhao Ruyue. Marry on a sunny winter day with a generous dowry.

Zhao Ruyue remembered that the tongue behind the concubine's room was chewed up. What the big girl Jinzhiyuye said, but now it is fake the worst. I only wait for stability in the future, and my concubine must marry better than her.

Needless to say, Zhao Ruyue, as a concubine, was married to the eldest girl again, which would later be given to her new son-in-law.

The big girl's dowry is definitely much richer than her husband's. The husband is honest, but the mother-in-law and a few sister-in-laws are greedy. Intentionally bullying the eldest girl has an unstable foundation, and wants to dig out the benefits from the eldest girl. These six servants are guarding them, no one can take advantage.

Before long, the war was about to come again, the county's family fled again, and the eldest girl was completely cut off from the news of the family.

It's about to fight, and some people with some talents will suffer first. The eldest girl and Zhao Ruyue found a place to bury the dowry in Houshan ahead of time. Later, the family property of her husband was almost searched. After a few years, the war completely subsided, and then the dowry was invited out. Since then, the whole family has pointed at the big girl alone, and no one dared to make a mistake with the good methods of the big girl.

Zhao Ruyue had been fighting all his life, and was unwilling to be mediocre. Later, the eldest girl gave out money to encourage her husband to make a lot of money by doing business while taking advantage of the waiting list. Later, I still thought about Zhao Ruyue. It was a business marriage. Zhao Ruyue was a widow at the age of 19 and married a business partner. The husband was in his 30s, but the family was sparse and peaceful.

In the following years, Zhao Ruyue gave birth to several children in a row to stabilize his identity. The rest of the day has also been stable.

Later, she followed her husband out to do business and passed by the county where she was born. Go to the village deliberately. Seeing that her father and mother were still there, she didn't see her sister. He just took a look, didn't know much, and left in a hurry.

Zhao Ruyue has calculated a lot in her life, but she is smart and can see right and wrong. Xu is God's grace, and the rest of the day will be smooth.


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Li Qiao'er is not miserable, she can only be said to be a very ordinary woman in the old society. Her mother loves her but has no opinion. Her father is only profitable, and even her happiness is ignored when he is crazy. At the same time she is a girl with avant-garde thoughts. I'd rather support myself, not be dependent on anyone, even less willing to beg to get married.

Zhao Ruyue is a purely pitiful person and there must be something hateful. In fact, she has a lot of opportunities to live an ordinary life, but because of her ambition, she made a mess at the beginning. It was her luck to meet the fourth uncle. She also seized this luck and took the lead. In troubled times, her ending is definitely the best.

The role of Zhang Xue, in fact, from the time I created it, I thought about giving her the role behind. It was only afterwards that the ending came out. This person has grown up in a purely calculating environment for a long time, and she doesn't believe in the truth, so she is calculating when she faces someone. In addition to her childhood experience, her mood is not pure, and it is also difficult to be kind to a person completely. So facing Yingzi and Sheng Yiquan, her first reaction was how to get more benefits.

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