The capital has been very lively recently, and the marriage that was paid attention to by the capital has just ended, and the scattered rumors have spread to every corner of the capital.

The first is that Shen Tianzhan became Anguo Gong's offside, and the groom's official became Anguo's son.

This second, the son of Anguo dignified, won the common people.

The third one, Mrs. Anguo, who was just getting started, was actually the younger sister of the actor.

If it is an ordinary family, the family is poor, it is normal to sell a girl for silver. After marrying a girl, if she finds out that she has a heart to sell it for cheap work, even if it is uncomfortable, she will not care too much.

But Yingzi's marriage was not an ordinary person, but a banquet in the hottest Anguo government.

Many people are betting on how long it will take the two sisters out of the house.

Zhang Xue was standing in the backyard, and she was already wearing clothes made of brocade. The material is as comfortable as running water. The good clothes at the bottom of the theater troupe were not so comfortable.

She originally thought that her sister had already been bought by her profiteering father, so she couldn't raise her up and get married. She guessed it right. Yingzi was sent to Li Jinjia at a very young age, but Zhang Xue didn't expect that the little girl who beat Xiaowei Weinonuo could have such a good life. It was the child bride-in-law who thought that his son was naughty and couldn't marry his daughter-in-law. The husband was so prosperous that he became the son of Anguo.

Thinking about her ups and downs over the years, Zhang Xue must admit that she is jealous of Yingzi.

Zhang Xue was only twelve years old when she was sold. In order to sell more money, she bought her into the brothel regardless of life and death. The face is beautiful, but the most indispensable thing in the brothel is the beautiful girl. Her age is too old, and she is no longer suitable for reading and literacy. To learn piano and chess, she also needs a lot of talent to cultivate. There are a lot of girls in the building who have been trained in small shops, and Zhang Xue is the most inconspicuous one.

Like her, a girl who has no talent and no expertise in the building is a maid serving others, or the most inferior prostitute or girl. The maids have to beat and scold them. They only pay one dollar a month. The prostitutes and women receive a corresponding commission for each guest. If there is a reward, it is also their own.

Only silver can redeem the body and jump out of the fire pit. After Zhang Xue was taught by the old bustard for two years, she began to pick up guests.

Xu Shi God pitied her. Two years later, she looked more and more marked and looked better and better. Popularity slowly rises. Once when she was called to go to a big family house to accompany him to a theater, Zhang Xue was moved when she saw an actor singing on the stage.

It was easy to get into the eyes of the class master, because it was too old, and singing was also particular about playing in elementary school. The class leader ransomed her. In the past few years, she hasn't been practicing singing hard for a day. It took five full years before she had the chance to be on stage. Until now, she has the only chance to play the leading role.

She consciously felt that her fate was rough, but she treated her well. At least she was singing in this capital, and those in the village didn't even know where the gate of the capital was.

No one would have thought that the one who was really ignorant was herself.

My younger sister got married in one step, and my brother-in-law is a hot young talent in Beijing. Presumably, she, who is the older sister, has become a laughing stock because of her household registration.

God made a big joke.

Yingzi is really happy these days. She had a weak relationship with her biological parents. They were the only parents in her heart when she was raised by the Li Jin couple. But she had a deep impression of her sister. When she was a child, her father regarded her daughter as a burden, and was driven into the field to work at a very young age. Every time they had a lunch, he "forgot" to prepare lunch for the sisters. Two brothers can rest for a while after doing work, and their sisters are easily beaten by wicker when they rest.

At that time, Yingzi was only four or five years old, and often sneaked out at night to dig out the remaining sweet potatoes to feed her hunger. Before every winter, the sisters would secretly save some.

Otherwise, even if the two of them didn't starve to death, they would be skinny like a stick, so how could they have such a good face as they are now.

The affection from childhood, coupled with the poor sister's experience over the years, Yingzi, who was just married, left her new husband and has been taking care of Zhang Xue.

"Sister, what are you looking at? But is there something I haven't seen?" Yingzi came over with a smile on her face.

Zhang Xue only looked at Yingzi's steps, and people's teachings can be seen in the details. Zhang Xue is also trustworthy just because of the way she walks, without telling his identity, only the daughter of the daughter of which family. The two have different walking habits. Zhang Xue is accustomed to walking and walking. Ordinary people who don't understand think this walking posture is elegant, and they only think that official women walk in the same way. In fact, this is not the case.

"I also want to come in the day, and it is still like a dream. It is also because of our sisters knowing each other. If it were not for seeing you, I would not believe that I can have a clean day." Zhang Xue wiped away the tears, and felt distressed in her heart for herself.

"It's the same when I just came in. Let's wait for the habit. This mansion is big, and there are only a few places to walk around. It's boring. Waiting for Brother Tudou to take a break, I want him to wait for us to go out. Have fun. There are a lot of beautiful scenery in Beijing, and it's also breathable when you go out."

Yingzi thought about it, and then said, "Speaking of this, don't look at me having lived in the capital for a few years. I am afraid that I am not anxious to understand the capital. I can tell you where I can go."

Already married, Yingzi also called Xiao Tudou as Tudou's brother. Nowadays, except for Li Ji, oh, only Yingzi still remembers, dare to call this name.

With just one title, Zhang Xue knew that their husband and wife had a deep relationship.

It's just that there are so many giants in the capital, and there are a lot of people who pledged each other. But where is there a couple of people for a lifetime?

After Li Ji left, Xiao Tudou would soon continue to go up and be busy with official duties. When nothing happened, the hostess Yingzi took care of everything inside and out. Sometimes when she gets busy, Zhang Xue feels distressed and helps to take care of it. Yingzi didn't do what she wanted, and taught her if she had nothing to do, so she could relax herself.

In a blink of an eye, two months have passed since the wedding. As a bride, Yingzi is the only mistress in the house. The female relatives of the wealthy family next to the house came to be a guest, and Yingzi had to open the door to welcome them. In the past, there was no mistress, but now there is, the communication between the female relatives is indispensable.

Although Yingzi didn't teach her mother-in-law, she read a lot of books. Don't ask what you don't understand. As long as you look down, the opposite person will know that you have said something wrong, and he will turn to the topic.

This is also the light of Shen Tianzhan. Now Shen Tianzhan is very popular in the court, and Yingzi, as a granddaughter-in-law, also has the capital to hold her head high.

It's just that within a few days, the topic of the women's spouses has changed from worrying about the bride to taking a concubine for the husband and wife.

According to the law, a husband needs his wife's consent to accept a concubine. If the wife does not allow it, it is illegal for the husband to accept a concubine.

But I don't know when, forbidden to accept concubines has become a sign of jealousy. This reputation is like a wolf and tiger, and it will also affect the daughter's marriage leave. Therefore, many noble ladies scrambled to give their husbands concubines. After a long period of time, this initiative to accept concubines turned out to be the standard for good wives, as if not to give concubines to the husband, and when a wife went out, she would have no face to look up and walk.

With such an unwritten rule, even those who come to talk to each other with their heads straight up. No one thinks that this is impossible. They want to say that the concubines who come in are either high-level concubines or low-level concubines, and they are picked up at random, and their status and status are all a few blocks away from Yingzi. In terms of identity alone, Yingzi can at best be a maidservant for Little Tudou.

As expected, Yingzi's face became cold, and she was all dismissed. Good excuses. Not long after the husband entered the dynasty, when he officially dedicated himself to the country. At this time, where is the time to indulge in female S*x?

Yingzi found a good excuse, and the state affairs are overwhelming, and he will inevitably be suspected of arguing about government affairs if he speaks again.

Don't say it's the daughter of an official official's family who say kiss, even if the princess personally said kiss, that was also dismissed. After the establishment of the new country, several kings of different surnames were sealed. How could it be higher than Shen Tianzhan's status, but Yingzi gave it back even though he was straight.

A few days later, Zhang Xue realized that it was time. Persuaded: "Sister, you are too stiff. Your daughter's family name is higher than the sky. If your reputation for jealousy is really spread, it will be ruined. Now that your officials are pleased with you, you are good. If one day when your officials have a new love, you become a hindrance, and you don't have a mother's family to support you, then no one can tolerate you."

"I believe in Brother Tudou, and I also believe in Grandpa. You think I dare to be so arrogant. Whose light did you borrow?"

Yingzi dared to do this, and naturally he relied on it. Zhang Xue didn't believe this, but just persuaded: "Don't dislike your sister and say too much. You only see where your sister was before. This is what you see most. The man who loves you again is only a matter of years. Now you husband and wife When the wedding is officially sweet, everything is good. But everything can't hold back for a long time. Sister, I have sung the drama for so many years, and I feel that the story in the drama is complete, you know, the husband in the drama is also a group of wives Yes. The first concubine room was given to the husband by the big maid next to him personally. If this does not impose a burden on the husband, she is a good wife."

Yingzi heard that the words were not right, her eyes were slightly cold, and she raised her eyebrows to let her continue: "What do you mean by sister?"

"You are not willing to give your husband a concubine, and you can't tell what it will be. Even if your sister really doesn't want to give your husband a concubine, it will be sooner or later. You might as well arrange a concubine room earlier, and it's better to stop outsiders. "

Yingzi raised her eyes and looked at Zhang Xue with a sneer: "Sister, do you have a good candidate?"

Zhang Xue is full of calculations at this time, where is there time to see Yingzi? In recent days, Yingzi was soft and easy to talk in front of her, which also made her more courageous.

"This concubine's room is always to be accepted. It is better to take the trusted concubine into the door first. If there is a concubine's room next to it, it will be a great help." Serve a husband, I will always have a look after. I am not honourable these years, but I have a lot of means. In the future, even if a high-ranking family enters the door, I am not afraid of others relying on my natal family to give my sister, your mistress, ugly."

Yingzi gritted his teeth and sneered: "What am I? I robbed my husband from me. It's a good calculation! I only thought it was a sister who had a deep affection, but I didn't know it became a stepping stone for you to climb up. Zhang Xue, I will stay these days. You are not thin, why are you prying my corner!"

Zhang Xue was slightly stunned. For the first time these days, she heard such acrid words come out of Zhang Ying.

She felt guilty in her heart, and she felt cold to Shangyingzi's eyes. But once everything is said, it can't be taken back. In this way, it is better to work hard and earn yourself a serious name:

"It's really cold to say! Don't I think about you too? Take ten thousand steps, sister, you have had less good life these years? You have a good life like Miss Qianjin. What about me? You are. How much suffering have I suffered over the years? It's not easy for our sisters to meet each other. You have enjoyed so many years, have you even hardened your heart and liver!"

"What a poor elder sister!" Yingzi stayed with Shen Tianzhan for a long time, and there was more rebuttal than Zhang Xue could say. "You are poor, I will give you mine? You are poor, you should be right to steal your sister's husband. It's a slap in the world! Sister? I admit that you are my elder sister, and you are my elder sister. If I don't recognize you, which shallot and garlic are you? Don't forget, my surname is Li, and you are too early My surname is not Zhang. I pity you and let you live a good life in the house. It's because I miss the old feelings. It doesn't mean that I want you to occupy the magpie's nest and add to myself!"

After a few years of trouble, Yingzi can still care about the feelings, and the pain in her heart is buried. It's over twenty now, and I've seen everything that I should have seen. Her biological parents dared to retreat coldly, not to mention the older sister who had been separated long ago.

Zhang Xue was stunned by what he said. She looked at Yingzi carefully again. With this overall style, where was the hungry and crying child who only wanted a piece of mixed-faced buns?

After a long time, it is no longer Wu Xia Amon.

Zhang Xue trembled, she dared to be arrogant because she was her sister. But Yingzi's words were put down, and the sensitivity developed over the years also made her feel dangerous. Never dare to make a pile of laughs again: "Look, I'm a big joke too. Can I really grab someone from you?"

Yingzi didn't take this set: "You say a joke, but I can't make a joke. My sister relies on being a relative and wants to force me to let you. It's a pity that I'm a careful eye, and I don't have sand in my eyes, and I'm more tolerant. There are no hidden dangers. Come here, pack things up for Girl Qinglian and send it back to the troupe."

Yingzi's good heart does not mean that he can really leave hidden dangers and speaks more like Li Ji. In order not to cause trouble in the future, he must cut the mess with a sharp knife.

"No." Zhang Xue was really panicked. During these two months, Yingzi had a deep affection for her, and she did whatever she wanted. She wanted to intervene in the affairs of the house, and Yingzi allowed it. Zhang Xue thought it was a matter of course, so why did he start a firecracker when he thought of this sentence?

Zhang Xue grabbed Yingzi's sleeve and whispered: "My good sister, I have no choice but to say anything. What can't we say about our sisters? How cruel are you to let me go back to be an actor? I have suffered too much. She was crying, and it was so easy to escape. My sister begs you, just let this go, just if I didn't say it, and you didn't listen?"

It's a pity that Xiao Tudou is Yingzi's bottom line, and no one can touch it. Zhang Xue only thinks that the English son's status is a problem, and she definitely hopes to use her concubine room to catch her husband's letter. But in fact, the problem of her birth is Yingzi's Ni Lin. Everyone said she was not worthy of Little Potato, and that the maidservant in the connecting room was not worthy. That's why Yingzi had to stay with Xiao Tudou for life, and could not tolerate anyone intervening.

However, Zhang Xue still consciously and wisely used this thing to press down, isn't he poking on the most untouchable scale?

"You are suffering, and I owe you? Ordinary people are all actor and unrighteous. I still don't believe it, but I don't think that my parents and sisters who have the same mother and father are all thinking about occupying my things. You go back. From then on we have us. Just assume we haven't met."

Yingzi shook off Zhang Xue and left. The people who had long been uncomfortable with Zhang Xue gathered around and pulled Zhang Xue away. Zhang Xue was anxious, and said: "Zhang Ying, don't forget, you were so ungrateful when I stole buns when I was a child and didn't let you starve to death!"

Yingzi didn't look back, but said: "I am not Zhang Ying, and you are no longer the Zhang Xue who loved my sister back then. You won't leave you to suck my blood and eat my meat. From now on, you will be different and you will be well. "

Zhang Xue never thought that she was leaving the Anguo government in this way. She has done countless fantasies. She thought that Yingzi's love for her sisters would last forever. But I never thought it was so short.

Not reconciled, she calculated the time when Little Tudou went home, and threw herself in front of Little Tudou's carriage complaining. She only said that she was obsessed with Little Tudou, and she was found by Yingzi, and she was driven out by Yingzi. Zhang Xue's experience told her that a man refused to seduce and seduce, but he could not refuse affection.

The former can be gone, and the latter will feel guilty even if it is unintentional. Only when Xiao Tudou had pity, Zhang Xue still had a chance.

I realized that when the carriages were opened, Little Tudou didn't even get out of the carriage. Just watching Zhang Xue coldly said, "I knew you had ambitions when you didn't leave with Grandpa Si. These days, I didn't take care of you. Yingzi has done her best for her benevolence and righteousness in the past two months, so she can drive you out. , It's your fate."

Two little servants came to pull the people away, and the carriage left.

Every time I met in the house, Xiao Tudou always smiled. Zhang Xue thought he was an easygoing and affectionate person. How could he know that his heart was much harder than Yingzi.

Later, Zhang Xue returned to the troupe, but the troupe refused to accept it for fear of causing disaster. Zhang Xue turned to the small troupe.

The small troupe was eager to accumulate fame, and used Zhang Xue's fame to promote the "Sister Shizifei Sister on the Stage and Sing in the Opera", and it was hard to find a ticket for a time.

It didn't take long, and the whole troupe went to jail without charge.

Important, everyone knows that something went wrong with this propaganda.

Zhang Xue was released shortly afterwards. She dared not go singing anymore. He left the capital and entered the brothel as a singer. Afterwards, he got his wish and entered the high gate as a concubine, but was played by the lady at the main house and applauded that life is better than death. I sent a letter to my sister for help, but the letter was never delivered to Yingzi.


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