Time: Sixty-three years since the founding of Da Wu

Age: Li Ji is eighty-three years old, Er Gouzi is eighty-five years old

Li Ji, who is weakening day by day, is basking in the sun every day. He always feels that the warm sun can make him like a bunch of trees that have been lighted up with spring buds.

Last year, I was able to walk a long way, but now I started to pant after walking a few steps on crutches. Taking various supplements every day can not hold back the pace of time. Time passed away quietly, and what Li Ji could do was to live longer and longer.

Er Gouzi finally became weak. The straight waist was bent, and the tough facial features were also relaxed.

The wish before going to bed every morning is to be able to open it again. The greatest satisfaction is to open your eyes and focus for a while to see the person in front of you.

I can't accompany the children anymore, and I can't let them make a noise in the yard anymore. The family has a rich family background. When it's okay, Li Ji will call a large number of children over and eat them one by one, just want to hear the crisp "Thank you old lady".

Xiao Tudou has also returned to his hometown. People are in their 70s, and it is time to take care of them.

Yingzi didn't get through when he was sixty-four, and is now buried not far from Shen Tianzhan and his wife.

Xiao Tudou will be buried there together in the future.

In his eighties, Li Ji's eyes were getting worse and worse, and Er Gouzi couldn't see things clearly anymore. It was difficult to put on clothes until the morning, and the family had to wait on them.

Li Ji felt that he was going to die ten years ago. After ten years of procrastination, Li Ji only felt that he had made ten years in vain.

I'm no longer keen on telling Er Gouzi about who will die first, or that I don't have the energy to think about it anymore. Sometimes even the mind is completely air defense, thinking about nothing, just sitting there in a daze, can stay for a long time.

Xiao Tudou is filial, always trying to make the two old men more energetic, but unfortunately, the more old they are, the more desperate and hopeless they are. On the contrary, Xiao Tudou makes a little noise in the eyes of the two.

Li Ji couldn't even dream of it.

Er Gouzi actually took a step ahead of him.

There is no sign at all. When I woke up in the morning, the person next to my pillow never followed up. Li Ji stretched out his hand and shook it, but there was no movement at all. The next person was busy to sniff, but at an unknown time last night, they had already left.

Standing in the mourning hall, Li Ji didn't have time to react. I'm getting older, and it's too difficult to understand one thing.

Er Gouzi, how can you go in front of him?

The flames of paper burning in the brazier looked dazzling. Li Ji looked at the appearance of Xiao Tudou wearing hemp and filial piety, and only then remembered that when people woke up in the morning, they were gone.

Li Ji prayed every day that he could open his eyes with closed eyes, but forgot Er Gouzi.

The fine golden nanmu stands in the empty hall. Li Ji touched the coffin and leaned forward, but Ji opened his mouth but couldn't say a word.

The people in the yard were crying, and the sunset was tinged with grief.

"What are you crying? People are eighty-five years old, and there are a few who can live here. This is fun, fun." Li Ji pressed his throat, squeezed out a smile, but refused to leave the coffin.

The paper-burning Xiao Tudou burst into tears as soon as he saw it: "Fourth Grandpa, if you are feeling uncomfortable, just cry. I know that you have a deep relationship with your father. You are good, and you can feel relieved when you know it."

Li Ji didn't cry, but didn't react to the library at all. Dry eyes can hardly blink, where can I find those tears?

"Quanxia knows. Go away." Li Ji's face was full of wrinkles, and his smile was so brilliant, "Who is dead, who is waiting for whom. He will wait for me first. He will help me take a place first."

Li Ji touched the lines on the coffin: "It's just that he is a little bit cruel. He died, so he left a message for me. Yesterday was fine, but the words were a little bit less. It would be better for him to say a few more words."

As soon as the words came out, the scene cried even harder, and someone moved a chair for Li Ji. Li Ji guarded the coffin, just staring at the coffin in a daze.

Stop Ling listened for seven days. In the past few days, whenever someone invited Li Ji into the house and let him sleep well, Li Ji would run out looking for time. After practicing several times, Li Ji grabbed Er Gouzi's coffin: "I have lived together for a lifetime, and I can't sleep without him."

Some childish complaints made the people holding him weak.

On the eve of the funeral, the consecration will see the last side. Because of the ice cooling, Er Gouzi looked like he was asleep on the 7th. Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi through the opening. His eyes were fixed only.

When the coffin was put up again, Li Ji smiled and cried. Obviously I wanted to cry a lot, but smiled into the happiness of my youth.

Under the nails, with the sound of nails, I will never see Er Gouzi again.

"You have seen it, I'm doing well. Don't worry. Wait for me, I don't recognize the way, Huangquan Road can't understand." Touching the coffin, lying on the coffin, he lost strength.

At the funeral, Li Ji was taken up the mountain by a sedan chair.

Not far from the tombs of Shen Tianzhan and Li Yan, Xiaotudou dug the first shovel of soil. Li Ji watched the whole process. Seeing that the coffin containing his wife was buried in the mud, a piece of it was severely dug away in his heart.

After that, Li Ji became seriously ill for two months. After the illness healed his eyes were completely out of sight. Fever burned the eyes, and people did not burn stupidly, it is already a blessing in misfortune.

After he recovered, Li Ji made various excuses for not going back to the house one night. I thought about all kinds of messages, and finally asked Li Ji why he didn't go back to the house. Li Ji sat on the spring bench at the door, with his fingertips buckling the board of the spring bench: "I dare not sleep, he won't be there when I wake up."

Xiao Tudou thought of using what Er Gouzi left behind to sew a doll to Li Ji. Li Ji's eyes are gone, but his nose is still good. Since then, he hasn't run around at night. He will take a bath and go to bed by the hour, which does not cause any trouble at all.

In the daytime, what Li Ji is most used to doing is to let his servants take him to sit on the rock at the entrance of the village. You can sit there and do whatever you want, and you can eat all kinds of snacks and tonics frequently.

Everyone wondered what happened to the old lady. I have never seen him like sitting so much before.

Only Xiao Tudou remembered, he had seen it when he was young. That was Er Gouzi going up the mountain to hunt, and Li Ji was sitting here waiting for Er Gouzi to come back.

Now Er Gouzi would never come back on the mountain, and Li Ji was waiting at the bottom of the mountain.

Li Ji was too calm, and calmly said that if it wasn't for Xiao Tudou to think of it, no one knew the reason for this.

"Fourth Grandpa, let's go see Dad together."

Li Ji, who was eating the bird's nest, was stunned and nodded. Reached out and patted Xiao Tudou on the shoulder, but his eyes disappeared and he patted his face.

A comfortable step drove Li Ji up the mountain.

Li Ji didn't see it, and was led to find Er Gouzi's tombstone. Li Ji can't read words, but he knows Er Gouzi's name.

Shen Changan.

How good is the name. After having this name, Er Gouzi was in peace until he died.

Repeatedly touching these three words, Li Ji was extremely satisfied. Leaning on the tombstone, it was as if the Er Gouzi were cuddling with each other when they were alive.

Interesting stories about Li Ji's recent days came slowly, without the slightest influence because no one around him responded.

Xiao Tudou looked sad, and just guarded by the side.

Then Xiao Tuo decided to settle down in the mountains. Just live in the nearest place. There is a big Zhuangzi in the mountain. Although it is quite far away from the cemetery, it is always better than the mountain.

The giant tent fell into disrepair for a long time and collapsed decades ago, and the house inside is still strong.

Li Ji couldn't see it, and basically listened to everything with his ears and touched with his hands. After a long time, his hands were full of small holes, and he got used to it.

Li Ji goes to Er Gouzi's grave for a while every day. A few days of work attracted the wolf. In fact, the wolves I knew were almost dead. But the wolves in the mountains seem to have a natural affection for Li Ji. Every time Li Ji goes out, he will come around him. Li Ji ordered people to prepare more meat. Feed them every day. Li Ji can't see it, but he can touch it. The wolf is very good in front of him, and he won't be disgusted even if he touches it.

Later, Li Ji even told the people that it didn't matter if they didn't need to be with them. There were wolves on the left and right to protect him. Li Ji dared to say that, but the people below dared not do it. Every time I go out, a guard is wearing armor and swords, for fear of some wild beasts approaching.

Li Ji still complained in front of Er Gouzi's grave: "Look, they all treat me like a golden one. It's still with you. We will be the two of us before we go back to the mountain."

Li Ji began to run to Er Gouzi's grave with snacks the day before. Sometimes the snacks were not enough, so he took the fruit for Er Gouzi from people.

The following year. Li Ji is eighty-four this year. When I'm fine, I like to mutter something: "Seventy-three, eighty-four, Hades doesn't ask himself to go."

Xiao Tudou sounded bad luck, but they couldn't say anything but just followed.

"Four grandfather, are you confused? You haven't passed your birthday yet. If your birthday is not passed, you are only eighty-three."

"Quickly." Li Ji didn't know if he didn't listen to it. He still likes to talk about this. He also said: "Wait for me."

Think about it, Xiao Tudou, the Chinese New Year will not be long after Li Ji's birthday. When the time comes, just wait for the new year after the birthday, and after that, you will grow one year old, and Li Ji will be eighty-five. So these eighty-four hurdles have passed.

On the day of Li Jishou's birthday, Xiaotudou personally managed it in the morning. Li Ji ate two bites of longevity noodles in the morning, and he had to take them to the grave of Er Gouzi and eat a piece.

The university's cold winter, the food has not been frozen since the past? However, no one can control Li Ji when it is screwed up, and Xiao Tudou is a filial piety, so he has to obey Li Ji's will.

After busying for a long while, with some food, he carried the old man all the way to the graves of these Er Gouzi. Xiao Tudou was over seventy and followed tossing, but fortunately he was so strong that he fell apart with an old man.

Still thinking in my heart, if Li Ji wants to eat for a while, he must be careful not to eat. The food is cold, so don't eat anything for such a big old man.

Li Ji leaned on the tombstone with a smile on his face: "Seventy-three, eighty-four, Hades doesn't ask himself to go. Wait anxiously. I can't wait."

Li Ji is used to whispering to the tombstone, and everyone is used to it. Xiao Tudou waited for a while, feeling that the cold couldn't stand the cold, for fear that Li Ji-freeze might come out somehow, and let someone urge him to go back.

Jia Ding, who was waiting close by Li Ji, pushed him and didn't move. He took a closer look at Li Ji closed his eyes and smiled peacefully. People had no breath.

Huangquan Road, Wangchuan River, Naihe Bridge, Sansheng Stone.

Li Ji was led by the ghost chase all the way. Xun Xun Mi Mi finally met the person who was thinking about it.

Both are the same as they were when they first met.

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