Time: Fifty-three years after the founding of Da Wu

Age: Li Ji is seventy-three years old, Er Gouzi is seventy-five years old.

Background: old age in the village

For people of Li Ji's age, what is happiness? If the current Li Ji said, the greatest happiness is no more than seven and eighty. When he comes back home, he can call Dad.

The fracture made him limp ten years ago, and now ten years have passed, he doesn't delay walking with crutches.

Shen Tianzhan also leaned on crutches, and the two old men went out. Li Ji's waist was even worse than Shen Tianzhan.

Shen Tianzhan is ninety years old, and he is truly an old god passed down by the people. Among the people, there are very few people who have lived over fifty. There are one or two out of a hundred people on the Internet at the age of sixty, and those who can live over seventy are God's favor. Shen Tianzhan is over 90 this year. The folks say that this is a living god who is not easy to seduce Yan Wangye.

Li Ji's legs shouldn't be too hard. He has to take a break when he walks. Three people walked out of the yard to bask in the sun. Not four of them were waiting for them, and they were afraid of going out.

It was Er Gouzi who lost his teeth first, mainly because he had eaten rough in the mountains in the early years and had many tooth injuries. I lost two teeth, so I can only eat something easy. But the bones are still strong, and the waist is still straight after seventy-five years. If it weren't for the appearance of old age spots, look as if they were in their fifties.

"Looking at the stick rice is about to ripen, and autumn is here again." Looking at the yellowed crops, his dry eyes narrowed, and he still didn't know.

"It's a pity that we can't do any work anymore." Li Ji kicked on a chair. If you don't accept the old, you don't know that your hands and feet are weak. If you don't have a rich family and a loyal servant, you will be a bad old man, and you will not be able to support yourself if you are driven out.

Er Gouzi tilted his head and rested on Li Ji's shoulders: "It flies so fast. I feel like I was sitting here a few days ago and watching sowing."

Shen Tianzhan smiled and said, "Don't resist being mixed up."

The three old men smiled to each other. Li Ji sat for a while and was not energetic enough, and leaned against Er Gouzi with his eyes closed. Shen Tianzhan was fed such a mouthful of dog food by the two sons, sticking a stick on his chin pad and hurting himself.

Get old and live too long. Sometimes Shen Tianzhan always forgets something inadvertently, and thinks of something in the few dreams. He has been wonderful in his life. Civilian origin, high school search for flowers. The heart is lonely and steadily rising. After being defeated and demoted, the country was destroyed, and the turmoil in the new dynasty rose again.

Throughout the ages, there have been a few more people.

After being exposed to the sun for a while, the sun began to venomous. The three old men went back to the hall again. Li Ji played chess with Er Gouzi to pass the time, and Shen Tianzhan left someone to read to him. He was old and dazzled, so he could only read books with the eyes of others.

And the books I read are getting more and more complicated, and I no longer live in the books of sages, and I also listen to those miscellaneous books and words, and I listen to them with gusto.

Later, I was not satisfied with just studying. Shen Tianzhan directly asked a storyteller to tell the story. Because of his generous shots and being easy to serve by himself, the storyteller came over happily. He kissed several on his face, and Shen Tianzhan seriously picked one he liked and often asked him to talk about it.

Almost every day. Shen Tianzhan listened to the book with great relish, not far away Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat against each other to play chess.

Each has its own time to pass the time, and each plays its own.

Li Ji's next generation is basically clean, and the rest belong to grandchildren. Li Ji himself didn't expect that he could live so much. He was almost old as a cricket, and he didn't mean to die at all.

When you are in your 50s or 60s, you are most afraid of old age. Especially when I saw old age spots, I can't wait to find powder to cover it. I'm used to it now, and I can't cover it, but I'm used to it.

When people are old, they look like an old man, playing chess, eating and sleeping every day in the sun, simple but also fulfilling.

Recently, Li Ji's hair fell so badly that he didn't dare to get it through. Quietly on top of your head, you can see the scalp.

It's also rare that Li Ji was so stinky, looking for recipes to grow his hair, buying a good Polygonum multiflorum soup and drank it with washing extravagantly, and there were some black roots in his snow-white hair. But he was so happy that he hurriedly pulled Er Gouzi and Shen Tianzhan together, only to say that his hair was black, and he looked like he was back in spring.

Shen Tianzhan had just listened to the book and was in a good mood. Seeing that the two sons were not in the house, he asked his servant where they had gone. The servant said he went to the back to dig fish and worms (earthworms), waiting to go to the fish pond in the afternoon. fishing.

After finishing speaking, the servant asked thoughtfully: "Master, follow along and have a look? At this time, Sister Yuerfei, it's not bad to hang around and write about eating."

Shen Tianzhan was too lazy to move and refused to admit it. The 90-something old man pretended to chuckle: "This kind of trick is played by children in their 70s and 80s."

An old house where a treasure. The three auspicious treasures have been together for more than ten years, and there are always times when they leave first and then leave.

Shen Tianzhan couldn't afford to be ill. The root cause was not a serious illness, but that he was old and Wang Ye ordered someone to go.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi sat on the bedside to speak with Shen Tianzhan, but Shen Tianzhan couldn't open his mouth. Just Li Ji told Er Gouzi.

Shen Tianzhan has been content in this life, and has lived to be a hundred years old, and he can still have his son before his bed before his death. This person was relieved when he went to the underworld after he left.

Shen Tianzhan's letter was sent to Beijing early. It's a pity that Xiao Tudou came back with the whole family one step too late, and didn't even look at the family's ancestors when he arrived.

There are a lot of people dragging the family with Xiao Tudou now, and they are anxious to come over, and they don't have anything to prepare. Fortunately, there is no shortage of anything here, and the family members are not wronged.

When Shen Tianzhan left, Li Ji and Er Gouzi were quite calm, neither crying nor much trouble. Persist in giving to the guard when the spirit is stopped. However, the two old men couldn't keep up, and Li Ji almost planted in the brazier when burning paper.

After that, the two old men only gave one hour a day to watch the spirits, and all that was left was Xiao Tudou with his children and grandchildren to burn the paper.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi had their tempers when they were old. Some people watched jumping out of the window to hide and even ran out to burn paper without paying attention. And the juniors were afraid that the funeral and funeral would not be finished before joining the two old men, and they followed closely. There will be cases where the yard is full of catching old men. A good funeral, a few jokes came out.

When giving spirits, there was a huge crowd of people. The well-known old gods have gone, and many people have come to mourn. There are not many people who really put on linen and filial piety. Er Gouzi walked ahead with flags, followed by Li Ji, followed by Xiaotuo and Yingzi.

After entering the mountain, outsiders are not allowed to enter. I don't know who suddenly yelled a word behind, and the female relatives were not allowed to enter. There is no rule for a woman to be buried in the ancestral grave.

Li Ji glanced back and yelled: "My family has no ancestral graves, so there are no rules."

The team entered the mountain. The place where Li Yan was buried was deep in the mountains. When Li Ji was exhausted along the way, the funeral procession could only stop and wait.

The mountain road was far away, and it was only three or four hours before reaching the position.

Li Yan's original tomb was dug up, and Li Yan's bones were taken out. The couple buried a coffin together. Li Yan died for seventy years and waited for seventy years. Now the husband and wife have finally met.

Li Ji's body became weak, watching the earth filled with shovel and shovel. From then on, there is no such person as Shen Tianzhan in the world.

The juniors cried, and Er Gouzi just waited to fill back the first shovel soil that was dug up, and walked to Li Ji's side: "Get tired."

How could it not be tired. I haven't traveled this far in more than ten years.


"They are finally together, it's great." Er Gouzi and Li Ji cuddled.

Li Ji smiled and said, "Although the time difference between father and mother is seventy years, father always pretends to be mother in his heart. Now buried in one place, they have no regrets."

Er Gouzi didn't answer, Li Ji knew what he was thinking. Then he said: "So, we really don't have to worry about who will go first. After buying a piece, we will be together forever. Going first, leaving later, which is just a few years away, and there is still time between parents and mothers. long?"

Er Gouzi looked up at the sky and sighed.

Li Ji is weaker than Er Gouzi, and the more so, the more Li Ji said such things. In the past, he comforted Er Gouzi and made Er Gouzi look down on these things. As long as the two are still thinking about each other in their hearts, it is the same whoever goes first and who goes later.

Er Gouzi knew Li Ji's thoughts, and that was exactly what he thought, so he didn't know how to answer.

A few days later, Xiao Tudou and his party will also return to Beijing. After all, it is the imperial court commander, and it cannot be delayed for too long. After sending them away, the three old men were reduced to two. Without the sound of reading and the sound of the storyteller, the yard felt a lot quieter.

When Li Ji was okay, he called more children to have fun in the yard. He now loves the real vitality of the child.

Er Gouzi prefers to look through the things they had previously done. Every time Li Ji stayed with his children in the yard, Er Gouzi would turn over old things in the house. The two have been together for more than 50 years, and there are not many things that can be left till now. Basically, they are things like clothes.

Sometimes Li Ji watched him fiddle with these, and squatted down to watch with him for a while. I can think of a lot of things in my hands.

"We can't find the first things for both of us. When we first met, I was still wearing patched clothes. When I had good clothes, those patched clothes were thrown away. Now think about it and regret it. Yes, stay and keep it for now, it's okay to have a look."

"When I first saw you, I didn't wear any clothes yet." Er Gouzi said.

"Not only did you wear no clothes, but you also buried Tai. I took the bath for you. It took me an afternoon to wash your hair. At that time, you ate eight steamed buns for a meal, and that scared me. I thought we were going to starve to death in winter." Li Ji thought about that time, looking at Er Gouzi's wrinkled face, his smiling eyes were red.

"I saw you when I was a kid. I didn't get lost before." Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji, "I can always dream that when I was very young, I stood at the entrance of the village and peeked in. There were many children playing. I I didn't dare to go over after hearing what my mother said. Then you came over to my chest, two or three years old, and you said a lot to me and gave me sweets."

It's been too long, and even Er Gouzi can't be sure whether this is a dream of his or it really happened. 

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