Time: Forty-three years since Wu was founded

Age: Li Ji is sixty years old, Er Gouzi is sixty-five years old.

Background: Pension in the mountains.

The saint ancestor died, and the current emperor has been in power for more than 20 years. The hidden dangers of Daxia are finally eliminated, and there will be no Daxia in the world. There have been many changes in the past 40 years, and the whole country is prosperous, and it has been in a prosperous age.

It was at the peak of the founding of the country, Anguo Gong Shen Tianzhan suddenly told him to return to his hometown. Shen Tianzhan is not only An Guogong, but also an emperor. The emperor's enlightenment was taught by Shen Tianzhan. After so many years of hard work, he can be said to be a master of civil and martial arts in the Manchu dynasty.

Suddenly telling the old man, the emperor naturally refused to agree. After the rejection, the play continued, and the emperor reluctantly agreed to the court three times in a row. At the same time, he gave thousands of jewels, thousands of brocades, hundreds of acres of fertile land, and countless gold and silver.

The mighty and mighty sent the team out for a long time. As An Guo Gong, you can live in Beijing for the elderly in the An Guo government. However, Shen Tianzhan missed his two sons in his heart, and despite Jingzhong's repeated retention, he went back with a long line.

Shen Tianzhan, who is already 80 years old, left when he was in his thirties, and he left for forty-three years. Now, finally going home.

Xiao Tudou was knighted and sat on the seat of prime minister under one person. He had two sons and one daughter. After hearing what Shen Tianzhan said, his two sons had all joined the military and joined the army. The only girl had found someone who was not high or low to marry early.

Before leaving, Shen Tianzhan repeatedly warned Xiao Tudou: one must not be a teacher of the prince, and secondly, he must not let his descendants be civil servants. When others gain momentum, they will certainly take the opportunity to cultivate descendants and party members to stabilize their identity. Shen Tianzhan's good momentum has changed others and he has already become a member of the family, laying a strong foundation for future generations.

And what Shen Tianzhan is doing now is cutting off the retreat of future generations.

Others don't understand, but Xiao Tudou understands. By doing this, Shen Tianzhan precisely saved everyone. Thunder and rain are all natural graces, and the current gain may be the beginning of suffering for future generations. Retreating with the whole body is the best protection.

The home I have been looking forward to for forty-three years is finally back. In his early eighties, Shen Tianzhan's bones were getting worse, but he was on the road for several days, and he felt like an arrow to return. Except for resting at the inn at night, he couldn't bear to slow down the carriage during the day.

The troubles all the way, so that Shen Tianzhan's face is not very good. But seeing the familiar scenery flashing in front of him, Shen Tianzhan's roots in his heart finally found his own soil.

Outside the village, more than two dozen people were waiting early. The 60-year-old Er Gouzi led the crowd eagerly waiting for the carriage at the beginning to come, and the tension on his face eased.

As he gets older, time has many marks on his face. Most of the white hair, the growing wrinkles, and the outcropping age spots on the sideburns all show that this man who used to stand upright is now old.

The carriage stopped, and the servants brought the horse stool, and the two maids took the eighty Shen Tianzhan out of the carriage carefully.

The father and son looked at each other. Er Gouzi smiled and called out father.

The father and son hadn't seen each other in seven or eight years. When a person gets old, his body cannot withstand the tossing. From that year I saw it once a year, and then I saw it every three to five years. Later, when people get old, they just don't pass, but write letters more frequently. Both father and son have passed away in their years, and they have a lot of side feelings.

"Where is Xiao Ji?" Shen Tianzhan said, his voice a little dry.

"I broke my leg a few days ago, and now I can't get down to the Kang. So I didn't come." Er Gouzi is old, but his bones are still very strong. He personally supported Shen Tianzhan and entered the house that had been rebuilt at the entrance of the village.

The yard is very large, and it is a three-entry house. The two lived in No.1 Jin, and when they entered the main house of the yard, Li Ji and Er Gouzi lived.

At this time, Li Ji was sitting on the edge of the kang, looking out the window, seeing them coming in, and his heart was like something excited, but his body was not up to date, especially when he was old, the bones were broken for at least one year. Can't get up half a load.

When you enter the house, you can smell the strong smell of medicine. Shen Tianci frowned and saw Li Ji sitting on the kang.

"Father! You can count as coming back." Li Ji moved, but his legs were inconvenient, so he could only rub on the kang.

"You just don't move. I'm sorry. Why did you break your leg?"

Li Ji was a little embarrassed, and said: "Is it useless? I helped the child pick and hang the shuttlecock from the tree a few days ago, but he couldn't stand firmly and threw a rock on it. The doctor said, how can I raise it for a year or a half? I am afraid I will be lame from now on."

Xu is in his sixties, and Li Ji was frustrated for a while when he first knew about the incident of becoming lame in the future. Dao doesn't care at all now. In addition to being a little boring on the kang every day, it's actually quite good not to do anything to enjoy the good fortune.

Shen Tianzhan opened Li Ji's quilt and looked at it, touched Li Ji's wrapped legs with his dry hands, and preached distressedly: "So are you, you are like a child at such an old age. But it's useless to say you. There is no time to climb the tree."

The people put up various melons and fruits, and Li Ji grabbed a handful of grapes to eat. As he grows older, his hobby of snacks has not changed. But it is precisely this way that the inside is not idle, and there is a lot of food, whether it is raised by this body. An old man can't resist a fall like this, and Li Ji can still talk and laugh on the kang.

The family hasn't seen each other every year, so there is too much to say. The evening meal was the first time a family ate together in seven or eight years. There are mostly vegetarian dishes on the dinner table, and the meat is also stewed and rotten, and you can eat it without any teeth.

The chair Li Ji made was specifically for him. Er Gouzi hugged him and put it on the Kang chair and sat in front of the table. Basically, he was trapped in a little place. If he wanted to eat, he could only rely on other people's help.

Er Gouzi knows what Li Ji likes to eat best. He picked out a plate that Li Ji liked on weekdays and placed it in front of Li Ji, and then began to pick up the fish bones with chopsticks.

The two have been together for most of their lives, and until this time they can still be so close. Shen Tianzhan saw it in his eyes, and his heart was warm.

"When Dad left, I knew I would always come back and let us take care of you. But I didn't expect it would be forty-three years after leaving. Don't blame me for saying too much, Dad, you were also cruel. I waited with Er Gouzi. After so many years, I waited until you came back. You have worked all your life, and now you have more than 80, before you can come back seriously to enjoy the happiness." Li Ji looked at him older than Er Gouzi, with such an old face, and spoke with a browful spirit. I look much younger.

"Xu is born to work hard for my father, otherwise I would have a life of leisure when Daxia was destroyed. Although hard work is true, I have lived more than 80 years."

Shen Tianzhan has made countless enemies in his life, but how many people have survived him now? What is fame and fortune? People die to create empty boxing, Shen Tianzhan's life's splendor can not be exchanged for anything else.

His whole life is enough.

"I'm really not anti-hustle these days. Xiao Tudou is over fifty. I saw his grandson like a little Douding when I met last time. He must be seven or eight years old now." Li Ji thinks so, really feels like he is. old.

The more I get older, the more I like to think about when I was young. He still remembered that the eight or nine-year-old Xiao Tudou was the naughtiest child in the village. When Li Jigang was rich, the Xiao Tudou were savvy, and he came to the house for a long time to eat snacks.

When the sun was red, Xiao Tudou was still a child, and Shen Tianzhan led him to leave the mountain village. He hadn't come back for 43 years.

"I think my great-grandchildren all learn martial arts, don't want to learn from literature. But this little great-great-grandson can live a small literary song star. He knows a thousand characters at the age of three, and writes poetry at the age of five. He has a good ability to remember. I went to talk to Dingxian. I said that my sons and grandchildren should not be civil servants. But God is not sure what he meant. It's not possible that in ten years or so, we will be able to get a champion in our family."

The letter said that Shen Tianzhan's great-great-grandson was also Li Ji's great-great-grandson and great-grandson under the name of Er Gouzi.

This generation has been thrown out a lot. Li Ji had been in seniority, but now he's getting older again. Just say that the village is ranked by generation, and Li Ji has become an ancestor. The following seven or eight generations are available. None of the peers. There are only a few juniors.

Some newly born children don't know what they should be called Li Ji, and they are simply called grandpas.

Older age, seniority. Don't talk about Li Ji's current status. Even if Li Ji is still too poor, he now has the right to say nothing in the village.

Li Ji remembered that when he was young, the old lady at the time could decide the marriage of the junior with a single word, and it was too heavy for people to breathe. Now that Li Ji is standing in his position, he can only feel lonely and desperate.

He didn't even have a elder brother who was looking for the whole village.

"That's God's fancy to our house. It's as if you are destined to be a high official." Li Ji was forced to quit, and he was not allowed to drink too much tea. On weekdays, he drank nourishing scented tea. Picking up the scented tea and respecting Shen Tianzhan, "I almost forgot to say it. Daddy, welcome home."

All tea is on the table. If the three old men drank for good or bad, it would not be worth the loss.

"Go home."

After drinking the tea, Shen Tianzhan's eyes were a little moist.

Shen Tianzhan is a big figure, and he is about to become an old god in the local area. Early the next morning, as soon as Shen Tianzhan had a good rest, he heard someone come to see him.

Open the door, a lot of people come. When it comes to kowtow, he will leave without any muddle-headedness. Especially for some with children, asking Shen Tianzhan to touch the children's heads, which is equivalent to giving the children a chance to be successful.

This person came in and out, just like a temple. Shen Tianzhan was forced to be a living bodhisattva for a day, that is, he was full of love. He was worshipped on that day, and he was not idle except for the time to eat.

The kindness of Shen Tianzhan on the first day doubled the number of people the next day, and the crowds of people from ten miles and eight villages came over, all like a glimpse of the honor of this old god.

Li Ji can hear the excitement outside in the house, and he gloats: "It can be regarded as letting Dad see what days we used to be."

The current Shen Tianzhan is an exaggerated version of Li Ji in the past. Li Ji is the richest man in several nearby counties. He is easy-going and a well-known great person. Coupled with the great blessings in their lives, many people bring their children over to be blessed.

Li Ji often said that he was still alive, otherwise people nearby could build a special temple to worship. It will definitely be good fortune and longevity, and the temple is still lively.

For three days in a row, Li Ji couldn't see it anymore, so he simply arranged for someone to block it up, don't toss Shen Tianzhan's old bone too much.

Li Ji is not all lying on the kang. I want to go out when I'm bored, tell Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi will carry him wherever he goes. Some of the subordinates are people who want to do it for them, but Er Gouzi is very close, and no one can grab this kind of thing.

After the fracture, it is impossible to take a bath, so I can only wipe it with a wet towel. This is what Li Ji can't bear.

In the past two months, I got the doctor's permission to take a good bath.

There is a bath room in the cover, which is specially used for bathing. There is a special bath for people to soak in and swim. The water is clean and you are not afraid of dirty things. It is more luxurious, and you can sprinkle some petals in it, which is enough to feed people.

The water in the bath is changed once every two or three days. Because the water is cleaned before entering the pool, the water is generally not dirty. And the water circulates, there is a small pond next to the big pond, and a stove below the small pond. Get alive here, and it won't take long for the water in the big pond to heat up.

There are only three elderly people in the family. Sometimes they have washed them. They are reluctant to waste that big pool of water. Li Ji will also come in and wash them. Especially when sprinkling petals inside, a lot of little girls came to have a good soak in the company. Xu is because Li Ji has provided such a good place. The skin of the little girl in the village is much whiter than the girl in the nearby village. The girl who has grown up is more and more popular.

Such a virtuous circle, as long as Li Ji releases news here to let people have time to go there, the parents in the village will bring the little girl at home.

The water in the pool was changed, and Li Ji couldn't wait to clean the water. The leg was broken, but there were no wounds, and the bones could be attached for good health. I will be lame in the future, but after a year and a half of raising it, walking later is not a problem.

Li Ji has a very good mentality and can swim in the water with just one leg.

As the white hair fell, Li Ji ran in the water to look at his already-swollen arm. He was slightly taken aback, raised it higher, and his skin was loose when he touched it.

Er Gouzi was always guarding him for fear of choking his legs and feet into the water.

"Er Gouzi. I'm old." Li Ji's eyes were a little red with steam. "The days are really not anti-miscellaneous. Before we have enough, people will get old before they know it."

"I'm old too. Don't be afraid, we are all old. But the days will grow when we are old." Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and squeezed Li Ji's arm, "You have been lying down for too long recently, and you have no energy."

Er Gouzi stretched out his hand to support Li Ji, and Li Ji also asked him to hold it, resting his chin on Er Gouzi's body, touching the still tight muscles of Er Gouzi's body, and his heart convulsed.

He weakened, Er Gouzi was still very strong. As he gets older and older, Li Ji is really afraid that he will take the first step. In that case, what should Er Gouzi do alone? Is it too pitiful?

The more he thought about it, the more Li Ji couldn't say it, reaching out and holding Er Gouzi. The day when people are going to get old, whoever leaves will be reluctant.

Since then, Li Ji has become more fond of children. When the juniors in the village are fine, they will open the door to come in and play. When you meet someone you like, put on good clothes for your child and bring some packing, dressed up like a small porcelain doll.

Especially like being surrounded by a group of children, Li Ji divides candies and tells them stories. I have been mixing with the children for a long time, and I always feel that I am a lot younger too.

The older he gets, the more Li Ji understands Shen Tianzhan's obsession with his grandson. The more the body is aging, the more it looks at the youthful vitality. Especially in front of the most vigorous child like a seedling. Li Ji can always bring up full patience and feel the vitality from the children.

Shen Tianzhan also likes children. The father and son are okay to take a look at the crazy children in the yard. It's not enough to watch them all this afternoon.

Er Gouzi didn't have so many thoughts. He was lonely and used to it, so he could only put Li Ji in his eyes.

Li Qiao'er went to the letter that just got it. In Li Qiao'er's previous life, there were constant waves, and the days after that were smooth. At that time, Li Qiao'er's marriage was not without twists and turns, and later became a shopkeeper in Li Ji's shop, and the business was prosperous and held a lot of money.

It's just that Li Qiaoer didn't have any illusions about getting married. After twenty-five years later, she couldn't bear her father and mother repeatedly forced to marry, she combed the woman's head and became a self-combing girl. From the day of combing and combing her hair, no one is allowed to force marriage. This is the rule. Later, Li Shuisheng and his wife went away. Li Qiaoer was busy with business and didn't meet her favorite person until she was thirty-two. There was no marriage on the wedding day, and two red candles were lit in the shop, which was the bridal candle for the two of them.

The couple's life is dull, every child. However, when he died, Li Qiao'er was a blessing in her whole life.

When I get older, the biggest blow is the death of everyone I know.

Li Ji went over to watch the funeral of Li Qiao'er. Li Qiao'er had no children, and her husband sent a boy to the Li Qiao'er and his wife, who became their filial son and gave her a funeral.

Li Ji looked uncomfortable, sat on the four-wheel cart and left after watching for a while. As a result, as soon as I walked to the door, I heard a snicker not far away: "Don't look at this stubborn family who didn't do any good deeds. When he died, he left a lot of good things. The men are still clinging to death when they are gone. Is this going to be ours?"

Li Ji glanced over there, feeling Li Ji's gaze over there, and hurriedly avoided.

Li Ji looked back at the coffin and remembered that someone had told him. Li Qiaoer expressed affection with her husband, but the relationship with her husband's relatives was not good. Especially after reaching the age, there is no child, and the husband's family is dedicated to telling his adoptive children not to let the family die out. Li Qiaoer's stubborn temper has been unwilling to agree, so the trouble is very stiff.

It's just that Li Qiao'er is backed by Li Ji's huge family business, and it's hard to say anything when it's up.

Li Ji is not bad about Li Qiao'er's family properties, but they just left, and said these cool words before their spirits, but I was really not afraid that Li Qiao'er would come to them in peace.

Li Ji is careful, and has a good relationship with Li Qiaoer. Now that the Sri Lankan has gone, Li Jiben didn't want to care about the silver going to Li Jiben. Since they still scolded their mother when they got the benefits, Li Ji couldn't bear to let the Li Qiaoer and his wife's hard work in this life cheapen the B*stard.

There is no need for him to say much, as long as he speaks to the shopkeeper next to his hand, the young people are doing odd jobs, and there is always a way to spit out the money they swallowed in a legitimate way.

Just after Li Qiaoer was buried, a few more "creditors" came to ask for the account. It just said that Li Qiao'er might have cheated on the book and was greedy for ink, and everyone shuddered at the amount of money he reported. It happened that there was still a pair of debt collectors holding weapons, and no one dared to offend them.

For fear of life-threatening, we can only save money and avoid disasters. I just took the silver that was not warm in my pocket, and took it out again.

Especially the family who gave Li Qiao'er a filial son. Originally robbed a dutiful son, in exchange for Li Qiaoer to dress up the family property, knowing that it was a waste of money. Na Chengxiang's child was handed over to other people's parents for nothing and brought heavy filial piety to the end. In the end, he almost got into trouble.

Let them repeatedly prove that Li Qiaoer died and only left the money, and only then gave up on those who "required debts."

Li Ji sent someone to move Li Qiao'er and his wife into the mountains overnight. I was afraid that her husband would do anything offensive to her when she was not cheap. The relationship between the left and right is not good with the clan, so I found another place with good feng shui. After the two were buried together, they were not afraid of being disturbed.

"Qiao'er, this is the last thing Fourth Uncle can do for you." After listening to the follow-up results, Li Ji, who was sitting in the yard basking in the sun, sighed.

Now he made four-wheel carts by hired skilled craftsmen. People push it, and Li Ji can use it when he turns the wheel on his own. The speed is quite fast on a flat place. When he gets used to it, Li Ji can walk around without his legs.

By the stream, Er Gouzi pushed Li Ji to a stop beside a hot stone. Sitting on the rock, accompany Li Ji to bask in the sun.

Listening to the gurgling water, Li Ji enjoyed the ease. The master is planted by the stream, and the wind is swaying, which is quite artistic. Li Ji was illiterate all his life, but he still admired the beauty.

"The bamboo shoots at this time are not as tender as they were in spring. At that time, the tips of the bamboo shoots were fried with dried meat slices, and the taste was not good."

The two have been taking good care of their teeth for so many years, and they usually have a good habit of rinsing and cleaning their teeth. The peers next to him, even if they had lost several teeth, both of them had teeth still alive. As long as Li Ji is not too blunt, he can eat well. Er Gouzi has better teeth here.

"Although it's worse now, the frying taste is not bad. Let's go digging it up? I dig it out and fry it and eat it." Er Gouzi suggested.

Li Ji was lazy in the warm sun: "Forget it, I'll just say that. Let's go together when I can go next winter."

Er Gouzi touched Li Ji's leg: "It will get better."

When Li Ji broke his leg, Er Gouzi cried a few times, which was more harmful than Li Ji's broken leg. But after such a long time, Li Ji didn't care about it, and Er Gouzi gradually let go.

"No work left or right, it is impossible to go up and down the river. If you are lame, you will be lame." Li Ji opened his hand, "Come on, support me for two steps."

Er Gouzi held Li Ji's armpit with both hands and picked him up. Li Ji touched the ground with one leg, and tried to land with the other leg. He dared to use force several times, and walked two steps strenuously with Er Gouzi.

"Actually, I'm not afraid even if I can't stand up again. It's like this. You can push me everywhere, which is fine."

"My legs are also yours. I push you wherever the four-wheeler can reach, and I carry you wherever it can't. I will take you wherever you go." 

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