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Three days after the wedding, Li Ji and Er Gouzi were sitting under a tree in the arranged yard, having tea and playing chess. The destined fate of heaven. Zhang Xue, who had been sold for fifteen years, got it back. Sister Zhang Xue and Zhang Ying had been separated for fifteen years. They were all children before they were separated. Now they have changed their appearance. They can only use sporadic memories to continue the sisterhood relationship that has been broken for many years.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi also talked to Zhang Xue. They were not familiar with each other, so they kept them in the yard on weekdays. Xiaotudou and Yingzi's newlywed Yaner had just been married for three days. Yingzi is fond of the sisterhood, and she has been with Zhang Xuegan for the past two days.

Fortunately, the husband and wife get along freely. Later, they got along a lot in this house, and they were not in a hurry for the intimacy these few days.

"General." Li Ji pushed the horse out, half of the triumphant smile on his face.

Er Gouzi look at the chess game and put down the chess pieces. The two are both capable of playing chess, winning or losing. Just by looking at this number, Li Ji has the upper hand.

"I lost."

The two gathered up the chess pieces and placed them again. Li Ji didn't idle his mouth: "I want to say that this girl Xue has suffered over the years. Back then, I watched her being dragged to the city by his father to sell her, no matter what. I thought that Wang Ba Laozi sold her in the brothel."

Ordinary people who sell themselves as slaves can be free after a few years of contract, like Zhang Xue's old age, who can sell for three or four taels of silver. If it is a death agreement, from this life to be the host's person, death is the host's ghost, then the matter will be doubled, and the amount will be seven or eight taels of silver.

These are all fallen into slavery, slaves and maids. And if you buy a brothel, that's cheap. Basically inseparable from the base of the native place. If the slave is a commodity for sale, the cheap is a thing that can be recruited with a little bit of money, and then pat the buttocks and leave, leaving the leaves untouched.

The brothel is a fire pit, but the price can be doubled on the death contract. A twelve-year-old handsome girl can buy a full fifteen taels of silver.

It was for these fifteen taels that Zhang Baihu pushed his biological daughter into the fire pit that would never turn back.

"It's a good thing to find it back now." After such a long time, Er Gouzi also has concepts about this kind of thing.

Li Ji sighed and said: "It's also because she has a mindset that allows the theater troupe to buy it as a girl. Although the actor is also a cheap, it is better than coming out of the brothel. I just don't know what Zhang Xue wants to do in the future. When Dad is here, she will definitely have a clean household registration, and she will be able to erase everything from the past. If she wants to live a peaceful life in the future, we should take him back and let her settle down. If you are afraid…"


"I'm afraid that she has taken a fancy to this Anguo government and wants to take root here." Li Ji leaned back, not in a hurry to play chess. Seeing two birds flying in the bamboo forest outside the yard, "If she is really inseparable from the Yingzi sisters, it is credible. But if she stayed, she really never thought about the house Prosperity and wealth? She has stayed in the brothel for a long time, and she has been in the theater troupe for many years. Haven't seen anything before and have never seen it? She and Yingzi walked completely different ways."

Poor is pitiful, if it is not for the thing in the pool, let alone Li Ji, I am afraid that Shen Tianzhan will not tolerate him.

Er Gouzi peeled lychees to Li Ji: "Are you afraid of her too ambitious?"

"It's not impossible. Imagine that the children we stayed back then were all locked in four."

Those eight kidnappers were wiped out, and they are still working on the mountain to make atonement. And the dozen or so children are now older. Li Ji's speculation was not superfluous. Four of them were really walking on the crooked road.

The two are simply jealous that someone else has a more complete body, and the mind is affected by those kidnappers, and there is arrogant grabbing to get more thoughts.

Fortunately, I was exposed by the discovery that I lived together. I was in jail for the first three years. I haven't come out yet, and I don't know what it is like. The remaining two were too guilty. It was Li Ji who was jealous. He was bought out by a certain adult in the capital. He used the reading and literacy arrangement that Li Ji arranged to teach them to pass all the news about Li Ji to the capital.

If it weren't for Shen Tianzhan's hands and eyes, and intercepted some of the reports, I'm afraid Li Ji didn't even know that he and Er Gouzi were being monitored by Jingli people.

It's right to think about it. Now that Shen Tianzhan is alone in Beijing, it is normal to encounter some resentment and dissatisfaction.

Now those two people have been directly exiled. Fortunately, the remaining few children have always been good. Unfortunately, the imperial examination stipulates that people with disabilities cannot participate in the scientific examination, so they have no chance of taking the scientific examination. Reading and reading are good. Most of them went to the store under Li Ji's name to help, and two others went to study medicine. Because of my own harm, I hope to find a way to save the children who have also encountered the same problem.

"There are good and bad. It's the same there. Defenses may be bad people, but defenses can't really be bad people." Er Gouzi sent the freshly peeled lychees to Li Ji's lips. Li Ji opened his mouth and ate the lychees.

"That's the point." After eating a few lychees, Li Ji seemed to be really hooked on this kind of fruit. It's a pity that this fruit only grows in the south, and when it matures, it will be sent to the capital quickly, and at least half of it is broken and thrown away. This thing is basically only affordable to the royal family, it is rare among the people and the price is extremely high.

There are some baskets in the Anguo government, or the emperor has a few baskets. If you think about your favorites, you can send some if you think of them. Li Ji likes to eat, but there is not much to eat.

The thoughts of the two were not on Zhang Xue's body. People who are not too close at first. Although she is Yingzi's relatives, Yingzi's surname is now Libu and Zhang. Li Ying is the only girl under the name of Li Jinhe Erying.

Dating with Yingzi is because Yingzi is from Li's family. Zhang Xue Freedom and Li Ji didn't meet much. It won't affect the closeness of their sisters, but it doesn't mean that they will get close to Zhang Xue because of Li Ying.

Taking advantage of the long vacation given by the emperor, Shen Tianzhan took his two sons to visit many places in Beijing. Both of them are rough people, and they don't understand the poetry of Fenghuaxueyue, so basically they mainly focus on food, supplemented by scenery.

Li Ji found out that he came out to play these days, and he often encountered "incidental encounters". Originally, I was swimming in the lake, watching the beautiful scenery in the lake, but a boat floated on the surface of the lake, penetrating a white-faced young student who was chanting poems sourly. Looking at it with some feminine aura, although it may not be feminine, it looks weaker than the average man.

If it's one or two times, Li Ji will not go to the heart, just go out five times, every time there is a similar "coincidence", there are men and women, all dressed up exquisitely, but also deliberately look here and make Surprised smile. If it hadn't been for a young man to stop him in time, Daoming didn't like to be disturbed, maybe he would have been entangled.

When I came back to a famous restaurant in the capital for dinner, I ran into a little butcher right after I went upstairs. He looked at the delicate features and good looks. He was a handsome man. The dress is not exquisite, but it is just right. Seeing that the two were embarrassed and bowed down, and just about to speak, Shen Tianzhan had already spoken.

Shen Tianzhan said to Li Ji, but he was told: "Did you see? Many students fail in each scientific examination. The reason is that those who claim to be too talented, read two books and just read two books. Proud and complacent, walking around the fireworks restaurant for a long time and refused to leave. I only thought that I was so good that I didn't need to learn anymore, but I didn't know that there was no limit to learning, and I would retreat if I didn't advance.

Li Ji Li Ji looked at the scholar and nodded.

People in their thirties, Li Ji didn't have the vitality to really stir up things for his own man. I ran into this for a few days, and the fool figured out that it was aimed at Er Gouzi. When I came to Beijing before, I met all kinds of beauties. The relationship between the two of them became clear on the day of Xiao Tudou's wedding, and now they are sending men here again.

Left and right Er Gouzi are not the kind of people who are bothered, so why should Li Ji be so suffocated because of this kind of lack of anger.

Shen Tianzhan personally satirized, who could refute it? The scholar was said to be blushing and looked up at Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi didn't even leave Li Ji.

Entering the box, it's one thing that Li Ji doesn't care about it. After all, this good mood is disturbed: "It's really good to be strange. It's been more than ten years, and the Er Gouzi are thirty-five years old, if it's fifteen. It is excusable for the old-fashioned to use this set of good feelings, knowing that we have been together for so many years, we still have trouble."

Shen Tianzhan knew Li Ji's temper and was small-minded.

"You won't stay in the capital anymore. When the time comes, you will lose sight of your eyes. Don't say it's you, my old man and a bunch of girls have met by chance. People who are bothered regardless of age, seven or eighty-year-old concubines. There are also a lot of people. They arrange ten times, and you are not attracted once, it is equivalent to being caught in their trap. They are not in a hurry to harm you. Maybe they want to form an alliance with you but can't find a channel. This beauty is a matchmaker. Is the simplest and most common way." It is also rare that Shen Tianzhan talked to Li Ji about this kind of chaos in the officialdom of Beijing.

The promotion of this official has a special and common bond. That is beauty. They will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to get a confidant, and try their best to have various encounters with officials who want to please. If the two are successful, the one who wants to flatter and serve the beauties appropriately.

When the time comes, the beauties will be favored, and the flattering will benefit. If there is any dissatisfaction from above, the beauty can also deliver the message as soon as possible. When in the county that year, the county prime minister thought about letting Zhao Ruyue take on the role of beauty.

On the contrary, the boss will arrange the beauty to the pillow of the person below. One is to grasp the hearts of the people below, and the other is to monitor. Such a beauty is a blessing and a pity. Because it's the person sent from above, the lady in the main room must be polite. People below who want to please their bosses will also favor her.

But at the same time, there will be all kinds of precautions. If the boss has the slightest accident, the beauty of the beauty will also be miserable.

"I understand what you said. It's just that these Er Gouzi don't inherit your title anymore. It stands to reason that they should lean on Xiao Tudou. Although Er Gouzi has a title, he has no real power and no children. So just go here. It's hard."

"Then you won't move." Shen Tianzhan tasted the tea, and said, "Xiao Tudou are newly married, when they are officially tired. Why have to wait for three to five years to pass. Er Gouzi has been married for more than ten years. If things are bothersome, this is the most annoying time. Naturally, it is a better goal. Although there will be no real power in the future, he is my only son. Er Gouzi is still me, both are the same."

Hearing this, Li Ji didn't speak. Shen Tianzhan was afraid that he would think too much, and began to talk about his own experience:

"When I first stood on my heels in the capital, I was still in front of me. I climbed up with all my heart. Someone above wanted to hang me with a beautiful woman, and below wanted to use a beautiful woman to flatter me. I had seen everything back then. Male and female, immature intellectual. The youngest is a child, but when I was officially ascended, my status was not high. The parents I raised had a narrow vision, they could only see in front of them, and they helped outsiders to get me into the house. I'm not allowed. They only said that they took a damsel to relieve their boredom, but on weekdays they actually gave the girl a chance. When it was serious, they would close my room and lock the door. Just to keep me behind."

Parents were thinking about the blood-sucking worms in the clan, and they claimed to be good for Shen Tianzhan, and helped outsiders to Shen Tianzhan.

It is also an embarrassing position of not being able to get up and down in the officialdom. At that time, Shen Tianzhan's situation, it is not an exaggeration to say that it was embarrassed on all sides.

After so many years, it was the first time I heard Shen Tianzhan say this: "How did you solve it later?"

"This kind of thing is not difficult. My father and mother pressed me with filial piety, so I lived in the office on the grounds that I was busy with official duties. Master Tiandi worked for the sage, so my father and mother can't be said to be unfilial. I won't go home. So many women they recruited couldn't see me, so it was useless. I was not close to beauty, but the emperor at the time saw me. He promoted me all the way and made me a success. It's a pity that the emperor became seriously ill and raped the minister. I couldn't beat their bond, so I went to be a county magistrate in the original county town. In this way, in fact, from the beginning, God has been doing my wish."

Shen Tianzhan said that the clouds were light and windy, but now that he heard it and imagined it, he felt very sad.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi, then looked at Shen Tianzhan. As he got older, Li Ji actually had a lot of ideas that he couldn't understand. For example, for so many years, why didn't Shen Tianzhan find a companion? Even if it is a person who knows the cold and knows the heat, it is fine to talk to someone who has nothing to say.

Li Ji also respects Li Yan, and respects their relationship. Just watching Shen Tianzhan get old day by day, with a few companions around him, I always feel sad. It's just that Li Ji can't say it even if he thinks about it. For so many years, Shen Tianzhan came here alone. As long as he wants to, then let him keep that love for Li Yan in his heart until the end of his life.

"If there is gain, there must be loss." Li Ji said this evaluation, suddenly excited, and said, "Then father, have you ever thought that you are in this situation again now? You are alone, so you have The emperor loves it. But what should you do if there is another reusable one on the emperor? To be disrespectful, if the emperor is the same as the previous emperor, what should you do?"

There are no outsiders here, so Li Ji dared to say something disrespectful.

"You can think of it, you can't think of it for your father?" Shen Tianzhan smiled with deep meaning, and said, "After you have said this, you should also watch it. If you are tasteful, eat as much as possible, don't take it to your heart. Yes. In his place, bearing the weight, how can you live a good life and enjoy these, you must bear the drawbacks that he brings."

Later, when he continued to have fun, Li Ji was not afraid to walk side by side with Er Gouzi in crowded places. They don't care if they encounter someone with ulterior motives. The guard at the door was stopped by the guard, and those who attracted attention from a distance, just ignore it.

In fact, if oil and salt are not imported here, they can be passed to the eyes of the new emperor. It stands to reason that it is reasonable for officials to marry wives and accept concubines. Those generals who walked with him have dozens of concubines in their homes. But the new emperor just likes to watch Shen Tianzhan's family from one end to the other.

Even if the new emperor himself is a harem three thousand, he would like to see such a person. Because people who can be so loyal in the family will certainly be loyal to the emperor. Such people use peace of mind. If Er Gouzi really loves someone who wants to enjoy the blessing of the people, I am afraid that he will leave a lump in the heart of the new emperor.

There have been a lot of visits recently, and the capital is hotter than home. A few days later, Li Ji felt dizzy.

Shen Tianci felt that something was wrong at first, and called the government doctor to show Li Ji a good look.

"Has Si Ye's anger rise recently? Especially when he wakes up in the morning, there is always an abnormal phenomenon of irritability?"

Li Ji nodded: "Don't you say that I am not paying attention. I have been very angry in getting up in recent years. It is also because of Er Gouzi who let me. I also know that it is not when I lose my temper in the morning, or I can't suppress the fire."

"To put it simply, you have a deficiency of both qi and blood. At that time, you suffered from hardship in the early years. It's not a big deal. The little one prescribes a tonic prescription for the fourth master. You insist on drinking it for two months. Eating some warm medicated diet will not hurt. If you ignore it, it will indeed affect your body. As long as you pay more attention, it will be fine."

Li Ji is willing to be older because of his age. After all, there are many people in the village who have a temperament after 30 years of age. Hearing this, it turns out that there is something wrong with the body. When he was a child, Li Ji didn't eat well, and he passed away. What is there to eat or not, how can it be managed or not?

I have been enjoying the blessing for more than ten years now, but those who have fallen a few years ago are still looking for it.

"Then it will work." Li Ji also breathed a sigh of relief. It's not a serious illness. Although the decoction is bitter, it is good for the body, and Li Ji can drink more.

As long as there is nothing wrong, you can live a few more years. He also wants to grow old with Er Gouzi.

I gave Er Gouzi's pulse again. In fact, there are some minor problems, but the effect is not big. I also prescribed medicine and used some precious herbs. When the time comes, grab more, and the two of them will take them back and insist on drinking.

At that time, people boiled two bowls of medicine, and Shen Tianzhan watched the two drink them.

"You two are alive and kicking on weekdays. This diagnosis almost left me. When you two go back, don't think it's okay if there is nothing wrong. Let the doctor show you that you are getting older and older, so you can't be sloppy at all."

Speaking of being afraid of old age and disease, Shen Tianzhan is more afraid than them. Now I am afraid of old age, and I am afraid that the white-haired person will send the black-haired person. I left, I was afraid that no one would take care of my children and grandchildren would be bumpy. The children and grandchildren are going first, even more heart-digging.

Everyone has such a time, no matter how much they think, it just adds to the mind.

After drinking the bitter soup, Er Gouzi's face was deeper than Li Ji. But when I heard that this thing is good for the body, I can live and study for a few more years, and I can drink it simply.

After staying for a few days, Li Ji and Er Gouzi should also go home. The county magistrate prepared a lot of things for the two and sent them home. A carriage was in front and behind, and the rest followed, twelve carriages in a row. Li Ji is not surprised, only saying that he will send home things back when he is free.

When leaving, Shen Tianzhan took his grandchildren and daughter-in-law to stand at the door, and Zhang Xue followed. At this moment, Zhang Xue has changed into girl clothes, and the clothes are made of good fabrics. Zhang Xue has been in the theater for many years, has learned a lot of figure, and looks good when standing there.

Li Ji and Zhang Xue asked if they wanted to go back to their hometown together. Zhang Xue only said that she was reluctant to let her sister go, so she stayed longer. Li Ji looked at Zhang Xue and his eyebrows weren't pure. He didn't say anything, only winked at Shen Tianzhan, and went home with Li Ji.

Zhang Xue's calculations have nothing to do with Li Ji right now. Although Yingzi is emotional, he is not foolish to take advantage of others.

At the beginning, Xiaotudou was good, and Yingzi would also be Xiaotudou's wife. Zhang Baihu tried to resist not coming home. Later, he couldn't help but cheeky and found Li Ji, saying that he wanted a girl, and wanted a family of four to visit the capital together. By the way, let him help the brothers find a way to make ends meet, so that even the wives in the village can't get married.

Zhang Baihu's family has two sons and two daughters. Both daughters are sold, and they live by guarding their two sons. In the early years, he had a wealth of money from selling his daughters, and he loved his two sons. It's a pity that the boss is too lazy, the boss is so lazy, and the second is lazy and greedy.

In addition, Shili Bacun had heard that his family had sold her girls who were not good at them, and they refused to marry the girls and be treated harshly. Turning over now, there are many boys and girls, and some girls are picked by their in-laws. Seeing that the first children in the village are all married, the eldest of Zhang Baihu's family is 30 years old and never married.

Before Shen Tianzhan entered Beijing as a high-ranking official, Zhang Baihu refused to put down his face and never said a word about Yingzi. Nowadays, because my son has no daughter-in-law, he can only come to the door cheeky after being afraid of it.

At that time, Yingzi refused, saying only that his surname was Libu and Zhang, so he personally sent it away.

Studying is not for nothing, and after spending a few years with Shen Tianzhan in Beijing, she is no longer the only little girl who was only a promise.

Later, in the rumor that Yingzi was not qualified to be a concubine for Xiao Tudou, her biological parents also had a contribution. Now that Yingzi is married, there is no part of his biological parents at all. It can be seen that Yingzi is also quick to cut the mess in this respect.

This is the case for my parents, not to mention the older sister who was sold within a few years of remembering. If Zhang Xue's mind is clean, the sisters are the sisters' business. If they really have different ideas, Yingzi can solve it by himself.

"Go home. I miss home every day for the past two days. I can't bear to go here anymore." Li Ji opened the window, and the wind could come in for a little bit more.

"Both are good, one is home, and the other is family." Er Gouzi gave a good summary.

Li Ji nodded and looked at Er Gouzi's neck. There was nothing on it. The jade pendant that had been hung on Er Gouzi's neck for 35 years now belongs to Xiaotuo. Li Ji couldn't bear it for Er Gouzi.

"Well tomorrow, let's buy a piece of jade to be a jade pendant, and make a pair, we are each one of us."

"Yeah." After a pause, Er Gouzi grabbed Li Ji's hand and put it on his neck: "You are the same as Yupei. Very important. But Yupei can give people, you can never do it."

The jade pendant is worn around his neck, and Li Ji is carrying it in his heart. 

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