The two of them carried out the steak together. At the same time, the little guys who smelled the fragrance hurriedly put down the snacks in their hands. They jumped off the sofa and ran to the table.

Juan Juan put his hands on the table. He looked at the steak with big bright eyes while drooling.

Tang Luoke stood beside him. He poked him gently and gave him a wink.

Juan Juan looked back at him, but he didn't understand. So, he twisted his head back to stare at the steak. Young master Tang got very frustrated. However, he could only sit down reluctantly in his seat first. 

Tang Sibo didn't miss his son's little eyes. His gaze slightly narrowed. What idea is this guy playing?

He bent down to place Juan Juan on his chair, then gave him a fork. He rubbed Juan Juan's hair and smiled, "Be careful of getting scald."

"Uh-huh, Juan Juan will blow." Juan Juan held the fork and forked up a piece of steak. He held it in front of his small mouth to blow on it.

Tang Sibo watched his cute action. As he sat down in his seat, he looked at his son sitting on the side and said, "Xiao Ke, blow on it too. It's a little hot right now."

Young master Tang was watching Juan Juan carefully blowing on the steak while ignoring his winks. He felt very anxious. What if Juan Juan forgot their cooperation?

Young master Tang, who was thinking, heard his father's words and subconsciously forked a piece of steak. He really pursed his mouth and blew on it.

Tang Sibo almost burst out laughing. His son hadn't done this little trick for a long time. It's really cute.

However, Tang Sibo refrained from laughing in order not to make his son angry from embarrassment. However, Su Fu couldn't refrain his laughter. He seldom saw Tang Luoke's lovely side. As soon as he sat down and picked up his knife and fork, he laughed.

Tang Luoke just came back to his mind. His face turned red, and he felt humiliated in front of Teacher Su. He's very unhappy. He bit off the steak and chewed hard. Of course, he couldn't be angry with Teacher Su. As he chewed, he glared at his father, whom he believed to be the culprit.

Tang Sibo ignored his small eyes of resentment. He gracefully cut off a piece of steak and ate it then spoke admiring again: "The steak cooked by Teacher Su is really the best in the world."

When Tang Luoke heard this, he stopped worrying about "him making a fool of himself" and quickly agreed, "Yes, it's better than all the ones made by chubby aunt and Grandma at home. Teacher Su is great."

Su Fu chewed the steak in his mouth and confirmed several times that it's the same normal flavor. The amount of praises for this steak almost made him feel ashamed.

Juan Juan also happily chewed on the steak. His eyes narrowed with happiness. After he ate a few pieces, he saw that everyone was busy eating and didn't speak. He's a little nervous. He looked at Tang Luoke on the opposite side. Why hasn't older brother Tang mention the kindergarten? How can he cooperate?

Tang Luoke was conquered by Teacher Su's craftsmanship. In fact, as Tang Sibo said, how delicious a food was depended entirely on who made it. Tang Luoke kept eating to express his love to Teacher Su.

In truth, he's also thinking in his heart. How can he casually ask about the kindergarten? Now that everyone is eating, will be seem strange to suddenly talk about this?

At this time, Juan Juan waited left and right for Tang Luoke to speak. He's afraid that the other had forgotten, which meant that he couldn't go to kindergarten. So, Juan Juan forked up a piece of steak to put in his mouth and stretched out his small tongue to lick it before saying: "Little Dad, older brother Tang said that Juan Juan can go to kindergarten. Can I go there with older brother Tang?"

The other three people who were eating paused at the same time.

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Tang Luoke's face reddened again. He thought that there're a lot of "him making a fool of himself today". However, looking at Juan Juan's innocent face, he couldn't blame him and had to silently figure out a way to answer this question.

Tang Sibo slowly resumed eating. He had seen through his son's little thoughts. His son didn't like going to kindergarten, so he's going to take Juan Juan with him to keep company. Generally speaking, it wasn't necessary for Juan Juan to go to kindergarten.

Su Fu hadn't carefully thought about this matter. He always believed that Juan Juan was too small and too sticky to him. So, he didn't feel at ease letting the child go to kindergarten at such a small age. What if such a soft little fellow was bullied?  

Juan Juan looked around and saw that no one was talking. He saw that his little Dad had a disagreeing expression and showed his grievance. He no longer talked but ate his steak with falling tears.

Tang Luoke saw Juan Juan like this and hurriedly spoke: "Teacher Su, a child as old as Juan Juan can go to kindergarten. Juan Juan needs to grow up in a broader environment. Besides, it's not convenient for Teacher Su to take Juan Juan all the time since you're busy."

Su Fu also felt distressed when he saw the pitiful appearance of Juan Juan. He always thought that the sticky little guy might not adapt well in the kindergarten environment. However, Juan Juan's expression right now showed that he really looked forward to going there.

"Do you want to go to kindergarten?" Su Fu touched Juan Juan's head and asked softly.

Juan Juan stared at him and nodded his little head.

Su Fu added: "But when Juan Juan goes to kindergarten, you'll be away from little Dad all day. There're many other children in kindergarten. Will Juan Juan be scared?"

Juan Juan thought about it for a while. Yes, it's terrible to leave little Dad for an entire day, so Juan Juan hesitated.

Tang Luoke hurriedly assured him: "Juan Juan won't be scared. I'll go to kindergarten with Juan Juan and keep him company. No one can bully him."

Juan Juan thought it over once more. Yes, with older brother Tang, it shouldn't be too terrible? So, he looked with hope at Su Fu again.

Su Fu saw his hesitation and realized that Juan Juan didn't have much concept of kindergarten. He's a bit worried, but the child still needed to go to school one day. It's not a good idea to keep him by his side all the time.

At this moment, Tang Sibo, who had been eating steak in silence, finally spoke up, "It's okay. Don't worry. The kindergarten has many Tang family members who can take care of Juan Juan. It's a good thing to let the child get used to school."

Tang Sibo believed that it's a good idea for the two children to accompany each other. First of all, both of them could adapt to kindergarten life. Second, they could meet and learn how to interact with more children. This way, who could bully them?

Tang Luoke also struck while the iron was hot and added: "A child shouldn't be kept locked up. Otherwise, he can't grow."

Seeing the father and son taking turns to persuade him and looking at Juan Juan blinking his big eyes next to him, Su Fu could hardly hold his ground. Besides, he also wanted to plan for Juan Juan's future. Juan Juan should be exposed to a broader environment and contact more people. He's too shy. Keeping him locked up all the time wasn't conducive to his growth.

"Is Xiao Ke's kindergarten suitable for Juan Juan?"

Su Fu had another worry, which was the choice of kindergarten. Tang Luoke was Tang family's little golden grandson. The kindergarten that he attended should be one for the wealthy class. There must be many children from rich families. He felt that it might not be suitable for Juan Juan to study there.

Tang Sibo understood Su Fu's concerns. Tang Luoke's kindergarten was really a prestigious kindergarten. As a matter of fact, Tang family started this school in the beginning for their own children to learn. Later, with the change of time, it gradually turned into a kindergarten that allowed others to enter.

Besides Tang family's children, there're also children from other well-known families. It could be called an aristocratic kindergarten. There're also many children from ordinary families enrolled there, as long as they could afford the tuition fees and could keep up with the progress. The threshold to enter wasn't too high.

Many parents, in order to let their own children make friends with children from prestigious families at an early age, tried their best to send them there regardless of the cost. According to them, their children must win at the starting line.

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