While holding Juan Juan in his arms, Tang Sibo said to Su Fu, "Fan Yao's face was redder than Teacher Su."

Su Fu glanced at him and replied, "It can be seen that lawyer Shi's face is much more expensive than Mr. Tang's."

Tang Sibo chuckled aloud. He didn't resist and stretched out his hand to pinch Su Fu's earlobe that's beginning to turn red.

Su Fu didn't hide. He only felt that his heart was beating really fast. He didn't dare to look back at Tang Sibo and had to pretend to be calm as he pushed the cart forward.

Tang Sibo slightly smiled. His heart became both soft and hot. He didn't dare to push his luck and frighten Su Fu. So, he could only happily kiss Juan Juan's face in his arms.

Juan Juan froze. He held his little face while looking shy. He glanced sweetly back Uncle Tang.  

Two big ones and two smaller ones happily bought steak and went back to the small apartment together. Su Fu took the ingredients to the kitchen to clean them up and cook.

Tang Sibo let the two children play by themselves and followed Su Fu to the kitchen to help.

Su Fu stared at him and inexplicably thought of when they were in City A. They often cooked and helped one another, but now it's different from before.

Two people crowded inside a small kitchen. The atmosphere became ambiguous.

Tang Sibo no longer teased him but seriously lend his hand. Su Fu felt a little embarrassed at first then gradually let go. The two of them started chatting. Their conversation was natural. They didn't always need to talk about everything related to their feelings.  

In the small living room outside, Tang Luoke and Juan Juan were sitting on the sofa watching TV with a super-large snack bag in between them.

Juan Juan was holding a carton of Weiquan. He's very attached to Weiquan because when he first met Tang Luoke, Tang Luoke took the only carton of Weiquan from his snack bag since it's the largest drink. At that time, Juan Juan felt really painful. As a result, every time he went to the supermarket now, he had to buy more Weiquan.

Tang Luoke looked at him. He took his Weiquan and put it on the table. "It's too cold since we just take it out of the fridge. Let's put it aside and drink it later, or you'll have diarrhea."

Juan Juan cleverly nodded. He pulled open the bag and look at the lots of delicious snacks inside with his big eyes shining.  

However, Uncle Tang paid for all of them before, so there's also older brother Tang's share. Juan Juan touched each one of them and wondered if older brother Tang would take half of what he liked to eat later. He couldn't bear it.

Tang Luoke saw him touch this and that for a while. He pulled the bag open a little and asked, "Which one does Juan Juan like to eat? Older brother will tear it open for you."

With big twinkles in his eyes, Juan Juan took out a bag of potato chips and handed it to Tang Luoke. He asked in a low voice: "Older brother Tang, which ones do you want to take when you go back at night? I like this potato chip a lot."

Tang Luoke teared the bag apart and handed it to him. He looked at the snacks in the bag then at Juan Juan's eyes that showed he couldn't bear to part with them. Tang Luoke generously said, "Older brother won't take them. Juan Juan can have them all."

"Promise?" Juan Juan's big eyes suddenly sparkled. He took out a piece of potato chips from the bag and fed it to Tang Luoke's mouth.

Tang Luoke opened his mouth to eat it. He nodded then touched Juan Juan's hair. "I promise. When older brother comes here in the evening, we can share them."

Juan Juan hurried nodded, "Juan Juan will share delicious foods with older brother Tang."

Tang Luoke was also very happy. The way he spoiled Juan Juan now was different from before. He used to think that since Juan Juan was younger than him, he should protect him like a big brother. But now, since Teacher Su and Juan Juan would soon be his family, and Juan Juan would become his real younger brother, he's even more attentive to him.

The two of them shared a bag of potato chips together. Juan Juan suddenly remembered that he hadn't seen older brother Tang all day. He asked, "Older brother Tang, did you go to work with uncle Tang today?"

"No, I went to kindergarten." Speaking of kindergartens, Tang Luoke still felt very disgusted.

Although he tried his best to change his attitude and accept other children, those children were really not cute.

When Juan Juan heard about the kindergarten, his big eyes blinked. When his grandmother used to take him out to show off, he heard other grandmothers said that their children went to kindergarten. They also mentioned a lot of interesting things there. Therefore, Juan Juan longed to go to kindergarten.

"Is going there like going to school?" Juan Juan thought that Tang Luoke was so smart because he went to school.

Tang Luoke thought about it for a while before nodding his head.

Juan Juan put down the potato chip bag. He squatted down on the sofa and asked, "Is kindergarten fun? Are there a lot of children? When can I go there?"

"Do you want to go to kindergarten?" Tang Luoke widened his eyes in surprise, then some small thoughts came to his mind.

Juan Juan nodded with eyes full of expectation.

Tang Luoke smiled, "Is Juan Juan okay with going to kindergarten with older brother? There're a lot of children there. But older brother can protect you."

"Protect? Can I go to kindergarten now?"

Tang Luoke narrowed his eyes slightly. It was of course possible to attend kindergarten at the age of 3. Besides, Tang family stood behind this kindergarten. He only needed one word to get Juan Juan in. But this needed to be agreed by his father and Teacher Su.

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"I'll talk to my father and Teacher Su later. Do you want to cooperate with older brother?"

With a twinkle in his eyes, Juan Juan cocked his head, "How do we cooperate?"

Tang Luoke touched Juan Juan's curly hair and answered: "When older brother brings it up, if Teacher Su hesitates, you can act pitiful. Start with my father. My father likes you a lot and will certainly help you."

Juan Juan wrote his words down one by one. He nodded cleverly then pinched his little hands since he felt a little nervous.

At this time, the two people with ambiguous atmosphere in the kitchen didn't know that they had been calculated by the two little guys.

Su Fu grilled the steak very carefully. The two children were still young. He wanted to grill them well for them.

"I don't know much about western food. I wonder if Xiao Ke will like it."

Tang Sibo smiled slightly and replied: "Even if Teacher Su doesn't have enough talent to cook in a western restaurant, Xiao Ke will still like it."

Su Fu looked at him and smiled.

Tang Sibo thought, taste isn't the most important. The key is the person making the food. Even if the steak is grilled as hard as a stone, the little guy will still chew it. While imagining this, Tang Sibo felt that he too would chew on it.

After a long time, Su Fu felt that the two children's steak should be well done. He turned it over and looked at it. He gently cut off a small piece with a knife and blew it before eating to see if it's fully cooked.

Tang Sibo stared at him acting so careful. His heart itched. He moved close to him and kissed him on his mouth.

Su Fu was stunned. Before his face could blush with embarrassment, he laughed and funnily fed the steak to Tang Sibo's mouth.

Tang Sibo squinted, looking at ease. "Well done, it's delicious. It's probably the best steak I've ever had."

"How can I compare with Mr. Tang's senior chef level?" Su Fu smiled and put the two steaks on separate plates. He decorated them with brightly colored vegetables that had just been specially roasted then cut the steaks into small pieces for the children with a knife.

Tang Sibo smiled. He took a fork, inserted a piece, and sent it to Su Fu's mouth who was bending down to cut the steak.

Su Fu froze. This time he could no longer laughed but blushed with embarrassment.

"If I can have Teacher Su to accompany me to cook, there's no need for any senior level chef skill for every dish to taste full of sweetness."

One didn't know if Su Fu recognized the meaning behind Tang Sibo's words. Although he blushed a little, he still opened his mouth and ate the steak.

Was it sweet? Of course, it's really sweet.

Tang Sibo was afraid that Su Fu might accidentally cut himself during his embarrassment, so he hurriedly took over the cutting.

Su Fu chewed the steak and stood behind Tang Sibo while watching him carefully cut them into pieces. He didn't know why, but he could really taste the sweetness.

Perhaps this steak came sweet like this, Su Fu thought with a blush.


T/N: Literal translation is 'frying the steak'. But I changed it to grill since that's how most steaks are cooked. But maybe Su Fu did fry it since most Asian dishes are cooked on a pan đŸ€”

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