Tang Sibo took them to the large shopping plaza that he usually went to. Two men led a child each into the supermarket together, which attracted many people's attention.

Tang Luoke pretended to hold Su Fu's hand very seriously, but his heart was extremely happy. A family of four went to the supermarket together. It made the young master feel the warmth of a small family.

As for Juan Juan, he naturally held Tang Sibo's hand and skipped around with a smile on his small face that was much more brilliant than Tang Luoke's.

The people nearby looked at them curiously and felt that the group of four appeared a bit strange.

Some people thought that these two men were so pitiful. They're probably abandoned by their women and had to take care of their children alone. Some people believed that these two men were very good family men. They helped their wives to take care of their children. Of course, there were also people with discerning who saw the truth at a glance. Ah, this family of four was adorable.

The four of them didn't go directly to buy steak but went to the snack area first to buy snacks for the two little guys. Taking children to the supermarket without visiting the snack area was impossible for parents.

Tang Luoke didn't need many snacks at ordinary times. The snacks that he usually ate in his family were all imported. Occasionally, he went to the supermarket with his grandmother and aunt to buy some snacks. Both of them were his elders who thought that all children liked to eat snacks, so they threw a lot into the cart. In truth, Tang Luoke didn't like to eat most of these snacks.

But today was different. He went to the supermarket with Teacher Su. Young master Tang was in a very good mood. Besides, he hadn't eaten dinner yet, so he had bigger appetite and felt good about every food.

Tang Sibo loosened Juan Juan's hands and patted his small body to let him go with his older brother to get the snacks that he liked.

So, the two little guys held hands and walked in front while talking about what's delicious and what's not.

Tang Sibo pushed a cart and followed behind them with Su Fu. The two of them watched their children threw bags of snacks into the cart. For snacks that's too high, one of the Dads would help to grab them.

Su Fu looked at the two cheerful little guys in front of him then secretly glanced at Mr. Tang, who was smiling softly next to him. There're no words to describe how soft his heart was at this moment. Such a life for him was simply incredible.

This kind of life was exactly what Su Fu had been pursuing for many years.

He suddenly remembered that one day at the Tang villa. Mr. Tang made breakfast in the morning and asked him to wake up the two children. At that time, he felt that it was exactly the ordinary life that he wanted. He even envied the future other half of Mr. Tang. Unexpectedly, in a short period of one month, he became the object of Mr. Tang's pursuit.

Su Fu walked in a daze and didn't pay attention to the shopper in front of him. Fortunately, Tang Sibo pulled him to his side in time.

"What are you thinking about? So distracted?" Tang Sibo smiled and gently squeezed Su Fu's small earlobe.

His hand ah. Su Fu didn't know if it's because the supermarket was warm, but he felt that his hands felt really hot. Hot enough to make the apex of his heart quiver. His soul jumped up and came back down in an instant. He turned his head to look at Tang Sibo. Before his fact turned red, his ears got red first.  

At the same time, Tang Sibo was recalling the soft touch of Su Fu's earlobe. He felt that his fingertips were hot, and his heart was itchy.

Looking at Su Fu's red ears, Tang Sibo smiled softly. He pulled him into the aisle and asked in a low voice, "Why is Teacher Su so easily embarrassed? I'm a 30-year-old man who's never been in love once, but I'm more open than Teacher Su."

Hearing this, Su Fu's blush spread from his ears to his face. He felt a bit stuffy and unwilling. His heart thought, Mr. Tang never talked about love till he's 30s, but why was he so experienced at using provocative words?  

As a matter of fact, Mr. Tang was also very innocent. He had never really been in love because he's too fastidious and never met the person he liked. He's often chased by others and gradually learned their provocative methods. Besides, when Li Chao and Shi Chen chased their lovers at the beginning, Mr. Tang saw all of their tactics with his eyes.

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At that time, Mr. Tang disliked them a lot, thinking that they really had thick skins and could do anything. Now that it's his turn. His heart changed, for a smile from his sweetheart, he could do whatever it takes. What's wrong with this?

"Perhaps Mr. Tang's skin is more expensive." Although Su Fu blushed, he wasn't melodramatic. He joked and pushed the cart in Mr. Tang's hand to chase after the two little guys who had run away.

Tang Sibo stood there as he pondered over Su Fu's sentence. He smiled and helplessly shook his head. Doesn't he just mean that I have thick skin? He describes it so tactfully.

Seeing snacks piling up on the shopping cart, the two little guys were really happy. One of them walked on the left of Su Fu while the other walked on his right as they went to the refrigerator aisle.

Tang Sibo followed them by himself and felt an inexplicable loneliness…But the two little guys clung so tightly to Su Fu that Mr. Tang couldn't find a chance to get in.

Looking at the three of them walking in front while chattering, Tang Sibo finally felt unwilling to stay by himself. He reached forward and casually picked up Juan Juan. He held Juan Juan in his arms and finally managed to walk alongside Su Fu.

Juan Juan who was suddenly lifted up got a fright. After seeing clearly that it was Uncle Tang, he put his small arms around Uncle Tang's neck with joy.  

The four of them walked to the refrigerator aisle and heard a familiar quarrel nearby.

Not far from the refrigerator aisle was the pet aisle. At this time, in the pet food area, two people were quarrelling. These two people were no strangers to them. They were Shi Chen and Fan Yao.

Tang Sibo and Su Fu looked over and saw Shi Chen acting careless and lazy as he teased Fan Yao until his neck turned red with anger.  

"Why can you buy so much cat food? But only this much to my Darling?!!" Fan Yao pointed to the five bags of cat food and one bag of dog food in the cart as he glared at Shi Chen and questioned him. Then Fan Yao continued to take the dog food from the shelf and put it into the cart.

Shi Chen watched Fan Yao put the dog food into the cart. He calmly reached for it and put it back on the shelf. "That stupid dog is eating too much and got fat. It should lose weight."

"You speak nonsense! Clearly your bad cat is so much fatter than my Darling! Darling was bullied and lost several times!"

"Cats are more noble. They more they eat, the smarter they are. Your silly dog is so stupid. It'll just get sillier the more it eats."

"Fudge! Every time I go home, Darling comes out to welcome me. What else can that bad cat of yours do except look at people with arrogance?!"

"So my cat is more noble. Your stupid dog looks like a slave."

"Ahhh!!!!! Go away! I'll spend my own money! I don't need you to bother!"

"No, my wife should spend my money. I like to see you spending my money."

For such a small matter, the two of them quarreled endlessly in the pet food aisle. Fan Yao kept picking up the dog food while Shi Chen leisurely returned each bag one by one.

Su Fu felt funny looking at them. Shi Chen was too fond of teasing Fan Yao.

"Didn't you say that they had a fight? Why did they come to the supermarket together?"

Tang Sibo smiled as he replied, "It's just a little noise between them, not to the point of daily break-up."

The words "daily break-up" was very subtle…Su Fu felt that both of them must be living a life of chicken flying and dog jumping these days. They're happier than Jin Jian. (T/N: no clue what this cultural reference is)

At this moment, Shi Chen over there saw them and waved hello with a smile.

Tang Sibo and Su Fu nodded in response. When Fan Yao also seemed to want to look back, Shi Chen suddenly stretched out his slender arms to lock Fan Yao's neck and pull him into his arms.

From this angle, Su Fu couldn't clearly see what they did, but Shi Chen probably kissed Fan Yao and coaxed him with some unknown words. After he let go, Fan Yao's body was burning up. His face turned completely red. He threw a few bags of dog foods into the cart, then with a red face, he pushed the cart forward.

Shi Chen showed a doting smile that completely described a fallen man. He waved to them and drily went after Fan Yao.

This way of getting along was actually quite interesting. Su Fu and Tang Sibo smiled at each other. They shook their heads with a sigh and continued to walk towards the refrigerator aisle.

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