Seeing that Rhino was about to be pushed down, Ling jumped down in a hurry.

Rhino's head and upper body were already suspended in the air, but he roared and turned against the force. He supported his body with his strong hind legs and instantly pressed the Hypsilophodon leader under him to bite the leader's neck.

Poof, blood gushed out. Rhino's big head and upper body instantly became blood red.

Rhino, even as a cub, had a weight of 200-300 Jin, which was twice the weight of the Hypsilophodon leader. After killing the leader, Rhino pushed half of the leader's body out of the rock. Because the leader's neck was half cut, his head now dangled back and forth in the air.

Then Rhino quickly ran up to rejoin the battle. Ling also ran up with Rhino.

Rhino's weight was more than twice that of all Hypsilophodon. Besides, he had sharp teeth and could even "fly across the cliff" like the rest of the Hypsilophodon. He soon became the main force of the battle and the entire audience's "Big V`".

Once the leader was dead, the Hypsilophodon that followed him lost their cohesion in an instant. Those who could escape already scattered while those who couldn't were fighting desperately for a chance to escape.

Rhino could fight one against three. As long as it's a Hypsilophodon who followed Ling that're in danger, he would run to save them regardless.

Although Rhino was a carnivorous dinosaur, he had deep feelings for the Hypsilophodon who followed Ling. They were very kind to Ling and him. No matter what they did, these Hypsilophodon always helped them and stood on their side.

Gulu felt his blood boiling. This was probably what all men or male dinosaurs yearn for, to fight on the battlefield, to kill the enemy courageously, and to die without regret!

After the leader died, the battle quickly entered the final stage. Ling and Rhino wouldn't let go of any Hypsilophodon who followed the leader. If they were let go off today, tomorrow they would bring back disaster to them.

However, there're too many Hypsilophodon who followed the leader. Some of them had already run away. They could only kill the rest before they escaped.

In the end, all Hypsilophodon who followed the leader either escaped or were killed.

At the end of the battle, the victorious party stood on the high cliff. Ling and Rhino were surrounded in the middle by the remaining one hundred Hypsilophodon who lined up on both sides of them. All dinosaurs raised their heads and issued a loud and lasting roar to the sky.

Gulu's eyes filled with tears. Each dinosaur on the high cliff was the fiercest god of war who fought with their blood. Each of them was covered in blood. Their golden armor was stained red with blood and their bodies were continuously dripping with blood. The afternoon sun was as hot as their flaming spirit.

Almost the entire cliff top was covered red in blood, which looked dazzling. The area below the cliff also had blood everywhere. Each big rock that protruded out held a dead Hypsilophodon. The leader Xun was lying on a large rock in the middle. His head that was barely attached to his neck swayed in the air like a fallen flag to declare the end of a bloody war.

Gulu, as a human being, had seen many big war movies, but he had never felt such a strong impact like today. This battle was thrilling, majestic, heroic and got his blood boiling

Gulu: It's flaming hot!

One didn't know how long these Hypsilophodon stood on the cliff to roar. Gulu and Mungo had been watching them with endless surging passion in their hearts.

Mungo wanted to rush out find some other Tyrannosaurus rex to fight with. This battle had a large impact on him. The smell of blood stimulated the innate desire that's hidden in his blood, which was brutal, bloodthirsty, and manic.  

Ling and Rhino ran down from the cliff to find Gulu and Mungo.

Gulu: "Ling, Rhino, I'm sorry. Mungo and I couldn't help you."

Ling: "It doesn't matter. This was originally a civil strife within our group. You shouldn't be involved. In fact, I knew long ago that the leader was dissatisfied with me. I should have overthrown his rule earlier."

Gulu: "You're too hard on yourself. It's too dangerous to fight. You can't guarantee victory. Besides, Rhino is still young. He can't live without you."

Ling: "Gulu, how did you know our group was fighting?"

However, on second thought, their group was the largest Hypsilophodon group in the area. Such a serious civil war among them must have spread all over this area long ago. Gulu and Mungo should have arrived after hearing about it.

Ling was very touched. Gulu and Mungo were so kind that they must have come to help them. He simply didn't know how to thank them.

Gulu: "I originally wanted to see how you hunt for Rhino. After watching you hunt, I followed you back to the group…but I couldn't help you."

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Ling: "Gulu, you and Mungo already did enough. We fought on such a high cliff that you can't climb up. Even if we had fought below, there's no need to help us…You and Mungo have done enough. I don't know how to thank you."

Gulu: "Ling, you and Rhino are so strong. I saw you hunting. Your skill is so strong, and your fighting is also powerful…Ling, something just happened to your group. Go and lead your group. You're the leader now."

Ling: "Alright, Gulu. I'll go back to the group first. With so many Hypsilophodon dead here, it'll soon attract many carnivorous dinosaurs. I have to take the group to another place."

Gulu: "Go quickly. Mungo and I will leave too. If you need any help, you can come to us at any time."

Ling nodded and agreed. He then brought Rhino back to the group.

Mungo took Gulu back to the Triceratops. Gulu was talking to Mungo all way about how great the battle was and how powerful Ling and Rhino were. Mungo kept echoing him.

Gulu believed that Ling would definitely clean up his group and turned it into the leading group among Hypsilophodon.

At present, only the Hypsilophodon that could accept Ling and Rhino was left in Ling's group. If Ling wanted to expand his group, he could only let Hypsilophodon who accepted Rhino joined. This way, no more dinosaurs would bully Rhino.

Thinking like this, Gulu became very happy.

Pado's group continued to migrate. Gulu hadn't seen Ling's group for many days.

These days, herbivorous dinosaurs found less and less food. They basically only ate dry fern roots, dry leaves and branches, endless rocks, and sand gravels.

Hypsilophodon was such a magical dinosaur. They could survive and reproduce in such a harsh environment without needing to migrate.

Because this place was so barren, carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't come here to hunt if no migrating herbivorous dinosaurs had been passing through. Yet, these Hypsilophodon managed to thrive here after overcoming the test in this harsh natural environment. Now they enjoyed the advantage of not being hunted by carnivorous dinosaurs.

Of course, because it's currently the time for herbivorous dinosaurs to migrate through here, there're carnivorous dinosaurs everywhere nearby. All carnivorous dinosaurs that didn't normally come here had arrived.

These carnivorous dinosaurs didn't need to hunt at all. They just had to follow the migrating herbivorous dinosaur groups while waiting for some to starve to death or fall to the ground from thirst. Then they could rush to enjoy the feast. There's no easier way to get food than this.

There was too little food here, especially for some large herbivorous dinosaurs who would die if they're hungry for one day. Now all dinosaurs would fill their stomachs first, whether from tree trunks, bark roots, or even crushed stones. Basically, everything that could enter their stomach would be eaten.

Even so, Gulu still saw all kinds of big dinosaurs falling to the ground from time to time. The number of dead cubs was even more numerous. As long as these dinosaurs fell, carnivorous dinosaurs would immediately gather around to grab their meat to eat.

There're many difficulties along the way of migration. Many dinosaurs would die. This was how nature struck its balance.

Herbivorous dinosaurs had much stronger fertility than carnivorous dinosaurs. Large herbivorous dinosaurs laid hundreds of eggs at a time while small and medium-sized herbivorous dinosaurs laid dozens of eggs at a time. Except for the harsh rearing method of Diplodocus, most other herbivorous dinosaurs had a survival rate of more than 15 eggs per batch, which was a lot higher than carnivorous dinosaurs. The survival rate of carnivorous dinosaurs was less than 10 eggs per batch.

Without migration to kill many herbivorous dinosaurs, all ferns and leaves would completely be eaten up.

Gulu already felt hungry and dizzy. If it wasn't for finding a pond by using Ling's method last time where he ate some fresh ferns and drank water, he would have been dead by now. But it's still too difficult to hold on.

Even if Gulu had eaten fresh fern plants and drunk water midway, he felt that he could only hold on for two more days at most. If he couldn't leave this place in two days, he would die. He would definitely die. He's too hungry.

Pado's group was much better than other groups. At least no adult Triceratops in Pado's group had died of hunger and thirst so far, but more than a dozen Triceratops cubs without parents had been starved to death.

Gulu saw a Triceratops cub fall to the ground. This Triceratops cub was about the same size as Mila. He had no parents or siblings and lived under the protection of the group. He had survived all this way through tenacious willpower. However, he finally could no longer hold on.

Pado also couldn't tell when he would be able to get out of this particularly dry stretch with severe food shortages. Although he had migrated many times, the route of each migration was always different, and everything changed after two or three years.

At least for this section of the road, it had changed too much. According to his previous migration experience, they should have met a small river a day ago. Both sides of the river were rich in ferns, but Pado found that this river had already dried up.

Pado saw that many small Triceratopses in the group were almost unable to hold on. Some were already lying on the ground. Other members of the group had no choice but to bypass them.

Triceratops cubs with parents were lucky. Their parents would rub against them and encourage them to stand up and continue walking. They wouldn't give up until the cub was sure to die.

Pado walked out of the group. He began to run back and forth around the periphery of the group, shouting: "Young cubs, stand up and continue to walk. I stake my reputation as the most powerful Triceratops leader in Yukan that we will definitely get out of here after one day and one night! There're the most luxuriant and freshest ferns outside. Their taste will explode in your mouth when chewed them. Get up. Stand up and continue to walk!…"

The group heard Pado's words, and their enthusiasm soared instantly. The dying dinosaurs burst into fighting spirit and accelerated their pace a lot.

As for those young cubs who fell to the ground, originally their parents thought that they were hopeless and couldn't wake up. After hearing Pado's words, they all miraculously stood up and walked on. The parents of these Triceratops cubs all looked at Pado, who was the greatest and most powerful Triceratops leader. He could always save the group. Always.

In fact, all adult Triceratopses in the group knew that Pado wasn't sure when they would get out of here. Pado's words were mainly for Triceratops cubs who lost hope and couldn't walk.

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