Rhino was like a whirlwind as he instantly ran to the cliff wall and rapidly climbed it. Tears blurred his line of sight. He trembled while shouting, "Brother! Brother!…"

Gulu and Mungo also rushed out to stand directly under the cliff. However, they couldn't climb up because their heavy weight didn't allow them to complete movements like rock climbing. So, they could only roar anxiously below.  

Since the Hypsilophodon leader knocked Ling down on the other side of wall, Gulu and Mungo couldn't see what happened to him.

This cliff wall was so long that one couldn't see the end of it. It would take them half a day to go around if they were to rushed back and forth below the wall.  

Because Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex, all Hypsilophodon were afraid of him. Originally, there were some Hypsilophodon on the ground. After they saw Mungo, they all ran up the cliff. Once a Tyrannosaurus rex appeared, only staying in high places made them feel safe.

Rhino needed to cross to the other side of the cliff to see Ling. He desperately ran and jumped across the cliff rocks. He felt very scared, scared to see that Ling had fallen to the ground. But he knew that no matter how fast he ran, it couldn't be faster than the rate of Ling falling down.

Soon, Rhino was already standing on the top of the high cliff wall. Looking around, he didn't see Ling, not on the ground and not on the cliff. It's as if Ling had suddenly disappeared.

The huge fear caused Rhino to run back and forth on the cliff. His body was shaking violently, and his voice trembled as he kept on crying and shouting: "Brother! Brother! Where are you? Brother!…"

Rhino jumped down to another rock. He hoped to find Ling faster but was also afraid of finding him. If Ling wasn't found, there's possibility of him surviving. If Ling was found and he saw him lying on a big rock dead…Rhino didn't dare to think further.

Gulu didn't know what happened to Ling. He could only believe that with his powerful climbing skills, Ling would find a way to survive…But the cliff wall was so high that once falling down…Gulu didn't dare to think anymore.

Rhino had jumped down so many times, but he still hadn't found Ling. He's going crazy. The more he had to keep going down, the heavier Ling's fall would have been.

He kept shouting in his heart: Brother, don't leave Rhino behind! Brother, you said you'll always be with me…Brother, I didn't listen to you today. You said you'll beat me when you come back. You haven't beaten me yet…Brother, I'll never make you angry again. Brother, I will listen to you in the future. Please, don't leave me, Brother!…

Rhino kept running till he almost reached the ground, but he still hadn't found Ling. He's going crazier and kept shouting, "Brother! Where are you? Brother, Brother, please, please don't leave me! Brother!…"

Rhino's voice spread far, far away. Even the Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex in the distance could feel his overwhelming and heart-breaking grief, the kind that any living creature could sympathize with.

At this moment, Ling's voice came from a higher rock: "Rhino, I'm here. Hurry."

Ling got up from the rock with difficulty. He was knocked down from a high place. If it wasn't for his climbing skills, he would have never survived.

He seized the only chance to survive by trying to land on a protruding rock. But when he was knocked down, his body was in free fall mode where the orientation couldn't be controlled. He used his tail and balance skills to continuously rotate his body until he abruptly landed on this rock without any cushion. Although one of his feet was seriously sprained, his life was saved.  

Rhino saw Ling on a high rock. The afternoon sun shone brightly against his body. He seemed to have seen a Hypsilophodon god. Ling was his Hypsilophodon god because he's everything to him.

While staring at the shining Ling, Rhino ran up as fast as he could.

Ling wanted to run down to pick up Rhino, but Rhino shouted, "Brother, don't move. I can run up there soon."

Rhino knew that his brother must have been injured. He had been searching for so long, but his brother never came to him. Because Ling was blocked by a large stone, it caused him not to be found before.

Soon, Rhino ran to Ling's side. He saw that one of his feet was slightly raised and couldn't touch the ground. He felt very distressed. Without saying a word, his tears already started gushing down like spring.  

Ling rubbed the horn on Rhino's head and said: "Rhino, don't cry. For brother, this little injury will heal in a few days."

"Brother, wu wu, Brother…" Rhino was just too scared and sad. Even if he saw Ling now, he still couldn't say a complete word. His voice trembled badly.

Ling took a glance at Xun, who stood high above the ground. Xun couldn't see Ling from his vintage point. He's still looking for Ling's body.

A big fight between them was inevitable. Ling looked at his brother and said, "Rhino, be good. Go to the ground and wait for Brother. I'll come down to find you soon."

Rhino looked up at the group leader. His eyes were full of hatred and cruelty. He gritted his teeth and said slowly through his teeth: "Brother, I have grown up. From today on, let me protect you. I will kill him!"

Before he finished, Rhino already started running up an extremely fast speed. He said to Ling as he ran: "Brother, don't worry. I know how to protect myself. Wait for me here. Hide, don't let them find you."  

Ling immediately chased after him. Although one of his feet was injured, his climbing ability was so strong that he could run very fast even with only three feet.

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Rhino went around to the rear of the group leader. There're too many other Hypsilophodon beside the leader. He needed the element of surprise to ensure that he could bite the leader to death with just one bite.

Gulu and Mungo had been running and roaring under the cliff. They were in a hurry, but they couldn't climb rocks and grew even more anxious.

At this time, Gulu saw Rhino running to the rear of the Hypsilophodon leader at an extremely fast speed. Before other Hypsilophodon could react, he bit the back of the leader. His speed was extremely fast and truly worthy of why Carnotaurus was nicknamed the "Cretaceous cheetah".

Originally, Rhino aimed for a fatal bite on the leader's neck. But this leader wasn't an easy opponent. His reaction was very swift. He didn't hide but try to hit Rhino off the cliff. But Rhino maintained his balance and bit the leader's back instead.

Gulu was really scared that Rhino had come up to kill the leader because he saw Ling dead. At the thought of this, Gulu couldn't help shivering. Ling was so strong. How did he die?

Then Gulu saw Ling running up. At this moment, the entire world seemed to be going up in flame. Gulu almost wanted to cheer. Ling isn't dead! Hurray!

However, Gulu soon noticed that one of Ling's feet was injured and it's quite serious. The injured foot couldn't reach the ground. He could only rely on his remaining forelimbs and one hind leg to jump.

Rhino bit the back of the group leader. The leader dragged Rhino to sprint across the rock in order to survive. This was the leader Xun's best skill. He wanted to survive by relying on it.

Other Hypsilophodon saw that their leader was attacked and rushed up to attack Rhino. Rhino's back was already covered with blood, but he seemed not to feel the pain. He hung on with his bite and insisted on killing the leader.

Ling roared and rushed at them. He tore them off one by one from Rhino's back and threw them down the cliff.

However, more Hypsilophodon came to protect the leader and to surround the fighting Ling and Rhino.

Gulu and Mungo anxiously looked on below. They wanted to help Ling and Rhino, but they couldn't go up such a high cliff!

If this continued, Ling and Rhino would die!

At this moment, Gulu saw another group of Hypsilophodon rushing up. They weren't here to protect the leader, but to join Ling's side. This group of Hypsilophodon soon fought with the one protecting the leader.

More and more Hypsilophodon fell from the high cliff wall. There were many banging sounds with brains spilling everywhere.

Gulu and Mungo stepped back since they couldn't help because they're too heavy to climb up such a high cliff wall.

With the addition of this group of Hypsilophodon, the battle situation was greatly reversed, from a crushing victory by the leader to a close match between the two sides.

At noon, the sun was at its highest point. It shone on the entire cliff with brilliant white light and coated the rocks in golden yellow glow.

Hypsilophodon changed the color of their bodies according to the surrounding environment. Each Hypsilophodon also turned golden yellow, looking just like a dinosaur that's covered with golden armor. Every one of them shone brightly in the sun.

Gulu had never seen such a majestic and breathtaking battle. One careless move and they would fall off the cliff. More than 500 golden dinosaurs were battling with raging flame surrounding the entire battlefield.

Even if Ling hurt one foot, he was still the strongest of all Hypsilophodon. He swept away three Hypsilophodon with one paw. They either got scratched, blinded, or fell down unsteadily.

In any group, all members should unconditionally protect the leader. That's why Ling was so grateful to every dinosaur who's willing to stand by him. He's trying to protect every Hypsilophodon that supported him.

A Hypsilophodon pounced on Stone, who was Ling's and Rhino's best friend since young. No matter what happened, Stone would unconditionally support them.

Seeing that Stone was about to fall to death, Ling frenziedly rushed at the dinosaur. He hugged the dinosaur tightly with his long arm and a turn abruptly to pull the dinosaur off Stone.

Ling fell with the dinosaur in his arms. Stone cried out, "Ling!"

Rhino let go of the leader. At this time, there was no intact meat left on the leader's back. He turned and ran in the direction of Ling while shouting, "Brother!"

Gulu also shouted: "Ling!"

Then he saw Ling turned his body over in the air. He let himself be the one on top and used one claw to blind the other dinosaur's eyes while using his tail to maintain balance. His hind leg that had no injury fiercely pushed down. The dinosaur fell screaming while Ling firmly landed on a big rock below.  

Gulu looked stunned: This… this is too awesome, Ling!

Without the slightest pause, Ling immediately ran up again and quickly rejoined the fiery battle. He tried running back to Rhino side, but other Hypsilophodon kept blocking him.

Rhino turned around and continued to fiercely attack the leader.

Xun was bitten a lot on the back. He knew that he must killed Rhino immediately or he'd soon be dead.

So Xun stopped running away. He ran into Rhino then used his long forelimbs to hug him. The two dinosaurs fell down the high cliff together.

Ling shouted "Rhino" and rushed down regardless.

Gulu's nervous four paws made deep grooves on the ground. Rhino was still a cub. A cub that had just broken his shell for less than half a year. In other carnivorous dinosaur groups, he should still be playing in his parents' arms.

However, Rhino's eyes held not the slightest bit of fear, only malicious hatred and bloodthirst.

Rhino didn't have the unique skill of being able to turn in the air like Ling, but he knew that the Hypsilophodon leader would never fall to death with him. All he needed to do was to tightly bite the meat on this leader's belly.

There was a loud bang. Rhino landed on a huge rock with the Hypsilophodon leader and was pressed down.

The Hypsilophodon leader kept pushing Rhino down the cliff. Rhino sank his teeth into a large piece of meat on his belly. The leader shouted in pain and pushed Rhino harder at the same time.

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