Long hurriedly coaxed the cub. Mother and son or Dad and son started having fun in the water.

After a while, Long suddenly recalled that he seemed very sad just now. However, he couldn't remember exactly what he was sad about. He only knew that he might not see Gulu for a long time, but he wasn't sad because Gulu wanted him to be happy. He remembered this.

Gulu could of course recognize that the roar came from Fruity. Fruity seemed to be saying to him, "Dad, we're destined to meet again in the future."

However, in truth, Fruity just unconsciously sneezed and choked on water.

Gulu tearfully said to Pado, "Dad, I'm so sad."

Pado: "Gulu, it doesn't matter. They're very strong dinosaurs. They can live happily and well. You'll see them again in the future. Long said that he wants you to be happy every day. Since he listens to you, you should also listen to him."

Gulu nodded heavily and agreed, "Good."

Gulu: Why do I feel like I'm a big love rat who abandons his wife and cub? The type of big love rat who would get strongly condemned!

Gulu seemed to forget that as a dinosaur, he's just a cub. And Long was just the same as other dinosaurs who helped him. He's just a good friend, not his real wife, just as Fruity wasn't his real cub.

However, Gulu was bewitched by Long's divine manipulation and really thought of himself as "Dad".

Soon, Gulu and Pado caught up with their group. Since Pado had been accompanying Gulu a lot more, Paton and Tutan now shared a lot of his management work. This way, Pado wouldn't be too busy to accompany Babana and the young ones.

Gulu felt much better after walking for a while. He realized that Long was just his good friend, not his real wife. Of course, it's normal for good friends to be sad when they separated.

Human beings encountered both joys and sorrows. Dinosaurs were the same. The separation this time was for a better meeting next time.

Once he thought this way, Gulu felt much better.

After drinking water, Pado's group would be able to make it out of this arid land even if they couldn't find another pond.

Many other groups hadn't found any water to drink from beginning to end. They must persist in this difficult journey.

The sun was so strong. At noon the next day, Pado's group rested in a dry fern field.

Although the ferns here were very difficult to eat, they still had to find ways to feed themselves.

Gulu didn't see Ling's group all day yesterday. Only now did he see Ling's leader and his group appearing near the distant rocks. Each Hypsilophodon ran happily on rocks and looked just like they're flying.

Gulu didn't know what happened to these Hypsilophodon. There was a good road to walk on. But they didn't go there. Instead, they had to run along the cliff walls.

However, he didn't see Ling or Rhino in the group. So, he speculated that they might have gone out hunting.

Gulu felt really strange. In the dry season, even Tyrannosaurus rex parents had a hard time raising their young. How could Ling, this small herbivorous dinosaur, feed a young Carnotaurus?! It should be impossible.

Last time, Ling suddenly jumped down from the tree to blind the Camptosaurus's eyes. However, few Camptosaurus were left alone. And if Gulu had not stepped on the Camptosaurus that day, Ling might not have been able to successfully hunt it.

Because even if dinosaurs were blind, they could still escape and survive by their keen sense of smell and hearing.

Gulu asked Mungo to show him around, just to see if he could find Ling and Rhino.

The best hunting place for Ling and Rhino should be under the cliff or in the forest. There's no dense forest here. Gulu looked along the cliff wall. Sure enough, he soon found them.

Gulu didn't want to disturb their hunt. Even if Mungo could help them, he and Mungo would soon leave this area. They could only help for a while, but not forever. Rhino still had a long way to go before he grew up. Without extraordinary hunting skills, he wouldn't survive.

Mungo and Gulu hid behind a big rock to watch the hunt without being found. Mungo wouldn't need to help them as long as there's no danger.

Not far below the rock wall were five or six Giganotosaurus eating an adult Stegosaurus that died from thirst, with blood and flesh flying everywhere.

Ling and Rhino stood on a narrow and steep rock. They watched the group of Giganotosaurus eating.

Gulu was so hot that he felt almost baked. The rocks that Ling and Rhino stood on must also be extremely hot. One didn't know how long they had been standing on them, but they must have stood there for a long time. It's really difficult for them to hunt.

All of a sudden, Gulu felt a gust of wind blowing behind him. How could there be any wind in such a hot day? Looking back, he saw Mungo walking up with several cycad leaves in his mouth. These cycad leaves were extremely large. They're also very wide and hard, which were just right to flap wind.

Mungo put one cycad leaf on a big stone, which could basically block most of the sunlight. Then he bit another piece and stood beside Gulu. This just completely blocked the sunlight for him.  

Gulu: "Mungo, you don't need to do this. I'm not hot."

Mungo couldn't speak, so he expressed his intention with his eyes: Even if you don't want to accept it, you have to accept it.

Then Gulu saw Munroe and Moluo coming up with two pieces of cycad leaves in their mouths to stand behind him. They slowly nodded with their heads to fan a strong cooling breeze.

This time, Mungo and Gulu were followed by Munroe and Moluo, because there're too many Giganotosaurus and other Tyrannosaurus rex here. Every time Mungo came out with Gulu, he would bring two more Tyrannosaurus rex together to avoid accidents.

Gulu hurriedly spoke: "You don't have to do this. I'm not hot. What's wrong with you?…"

Munroe and Moluo gave Mungo a look, which meant that this evil tyrant forced us.

Gulu: "Mungo, why're you doing this? I don't want to look anymore. We'll go back. You can't bully them."

Mungo replied with his eyes: I'm the boss. They have to do whatever I want them to do.

Gulu: …Mungo is so bossy! Tyrants, tyrants! Beware of losing the hearts and minds of the people! On the day they finally rebel, you can just wait to be the king of national subjugation. So pathetic ah

However, since there're sunshades and fans, it felt much cooler. Gulu felt that it's no different from being in an air-conditioned room, except that it's all natural wind.

Munroe and Moluo started out with a loveless face and lazily moved their head up and down, but even so, the wind was strong.

Soon Munroe and Moluo actually found it very interesting. It's fun to fan the wind. Moving a little bit harder and faster would make the wind very strong. They could control the wind and had fun…it's much more fun than just standing there waiting to dry.

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Gulu didn't know how Mungo thought of using cycad leaves to fan the wind. Dinosaurs didn't know the concept of a fan. They knew cycad leaves could shade the sun, but they shouldn't think about using them to fan the wind at all.

At the thought of this, Gulu felt suddenly moved. Although Mungo was a dinosaur, a dinosaur that didn't have a lot of knowledge, he always managed to think of ways to make him comfortable and happy.

Gulu realized that this was probably what was meant by: I instinctively want to give you the best.

Mungo was really good to him. Gulu thought in his heart.

Gulu saw Munroe and Moluo were also having a good time, so he continued to watch the hunting of Ling and Rhino.

Ling said: "Wait here. Don't follow me down. This next move is easy for me but difficult for you. Just stand here and don't move."

Rhino repeatedly nodded, "Okay, Brother, I know."

Ling: "What you want to judge is the size of the meat that you can hold…See that piece of meat? There's still a little skin attached to it. Once you pull it and it comes off, quickly run away with it. If it doesn't come off then don't bother. It's more important to save your life. This must be done quickly. These big guys have powerful mouths and can bite half of us in one bite…"

Rhino: "Uh-huh, Brother, I know."

Ling: "Stand still and wait for me to come back up."

After saying this, Ling instantly jumped down the rock wall. In a flash, he grabbed a large piece of meat and ran back up the rock.

The Giganotosaurus who were eating only saw two black shadows passing by in front of the prey but didn't see clearly what they were.

When Ling returned to the rock and saw a large piece of meat in Rhino's mouth, he was shocked. He didn't even see Rhino jumping down!

Now wasn't the time to teach the young one. They quickly jumped onto another wide rock. There's an overhanging rock on this one that acted as a shade, so this place wasn't too hot or windy. It's a perfect place to eat.  

After putting down the meat, Ling got very angry: "Rhino, didn't I tell you to stay? When did you go down? You frighten me. What if you're bitten? I have to beat you once we go back today!"

When it came to robbing meat from the mouth of a dangerous carnivorous dinosaur, Ling never let Rhino do it. He would only let Rhino stay on the sidelines. In case one day he missed, at least Rhino could survive.

Only when there's no carnivorous dinosaur around and safety was guaranteed would Ling let Rhino participate in the hunting.

Before finished eating, Ling wouldn't beat Rhino. Even if Rhino made a big mistake, this food was hard-earned and must be eaten quickly.

Rhino: "Brother, I'm already very strong. Really. I can run faster than you. I can hunt by myself."

Ling: "No, no means no! Eat quickly! When you finish, we'll go back to the group. I'll clean you up!"

Gulu was stunned. Ling and Rhino were really strong. They actually grabbed meat from under so many Giganotosaurus's mouths. It's really awesome!

Ling and Rhino were just like the wind. They ran so fast and jumped on the rock immediately after they grabbed the meat. Rhino also displayed a powerful climbing skill as a Carnotaurus.

Moreover, Rhino, as a Carnotaurus, was known as "Cretaceous cheetah" and could run faster than Ling on flat ground. This survival skill was simply incredible.

Gulu felt that if this was a live broadcast on survival of Carnotaurus cub, he wouldn't be able to control his gift-giving hand and type out a long string of 666 666…

The group of Giganotosaurus ate then walked around to find out what took their meat, but they didn't look up at the rocks and finally couldn't find them.

There wasn't much meat, but it's enough for Rhino to eat.

Although Ling was a small herbivorous dinosaur, he almost never let Rhino starve. He fought with his life. He would observe first and only started work if he thought that he had a chance. He would just grab enough and bring it back for Rhino to eat.

A carnivorous dinosaur could afford not to eat for a few days. For a cub, not eating for few days wouldn't make it starve, but it would be very thin and hungry. Therefore, when there's an opportunity, Ling would definitely hunt. That's why Rhino managed to grow strong.

Giganotosaurus and Carnotaurus were called Tyrannosaurus rex's brothers, so they ate really fast. Rhino soon finished.

Ling returned to the group with Rhino. Along the way, Rhino was very scared and nervous. This time, his brother must be very angry. He didn't dare to play coquetry with him.

Gulu and Mungo followed them, but Ling and Rhino walked faster on rocks. When they reached Ling's group, both Ling and Rhino had come back for a long time.

Mungo and Gulu hid nearby to watch.

Ling was called to the highest rock by the group leader. They seemed to be having some confidential conversation.

Rhino was still scared. After they came back, his brother was called away by the leader before he could teach him a lesson. He didn't know how to get rid of his brother's anger.

All of a sudden, the leader of the group slammed into Ling and Ling fell from a very high rock.

Rhino fiercely stood up and ran to the nearby cliff wall while shouting: "Brother!"

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