"But what I'm thinking of now is beer."

Lin Yifei had learned this guy's stubbornness. On second thoughts, he hadn't seen Chelsea drink these days while teaching him.

"What brand of beer do you drink?"

"Bulls." The cheapest beer.

"How many do you want?"

"How much can you and Kevin get?" Chelsea's fingers hit the floor like some kind of drum. He even timed the rhythm.

"You'll drink yourself to death." Lin Yifei put down his mask and sabre before going out. Kevin followed him with amusement.

They really went two blocks from the fencing club and brought back two cases of bulls. Kevin also specially bought a can of coke.

"You aren't an adult. The Coke is yours."

When they returned to the fencing room, Chelsea was still lying on the ground and seemed to have fallen asleep.

"Get up! Here comes your beer, drink it!" Lin Yifei didn't speak to him with good spirit.

"Why is there no ice?" Chelsea turned over lazily.

"Then you can buy it yourself."

"Are you always so disrespectful to your coach?"

The sound of beer top being popped off was especially loud in this quiet space.

"Accompany me to drink a little. Think of it as the tuition fee after I have taught you for so long." Chelsea handed over half a can of beer that he had drunk.

Lin Yifei pushed his hand away grumpily. "Sorry, I'm not old enough to drink."

"When is there an age where you can't drink?" Chelsea gave a sneer. He provoked a glance at Kevin with his brow, and joked, "He's old enough to have S*x, but he can't drink?"

"Leave him alone." Kevin handed the Coke to Lin Yifei. His eyes and brow looked full of spoil.

Lin Yifei gulped down the Coke in the end. Perhaps the exercise just now was too tiring. The carbonated drinks felt very refreshing.

The three men never spoke again. One only saw beer cans piling up.

The smell of alcohol was spreading in the air. Chelsea wobbled and stood up, "I'm going back, you clean up here…"

"Ah? Don't we have to send you?" Lin Yifei was a little worried.

"No." Chelsea motioned with his hand, "This alcohol isn't enough to make me confused and can't find direction or doing something like walking through red lights and getting run over by a car."

After getting along these days, Lin Yifei knew that Chelsea would lose his temper if he insisted on sending him back, so he decided to just clean the beer cans with Kevin.

When he turned his head, Lin Yifei could see Kevin's handsome face. He didn't know if Kevin drank too much beer, but his cheeks flushed a little. His soft and elegant eyelashes quivered slightly when breathing.

Lin Yifei turned his face away. It didn't seem good to keep staring at the same S*x like this.

But Kevin chuckled and asked, "Why don't you continue to stare?"

Lin Yifei paused and replied casually, "I'm sorry for staring."

Kevin suddenly stopped his action. He stretched out his hand and pulled Lin Yifei by his collar. The unguarded Lin Yifei crashed into Kevin's arms.

"I want you to look at me now and look at me well."

Kevin's voice was very light, like coaxing a child, but it's also full of some kind of temptation.

Lin Yifei's hands propped himself up on the ground. His waist was held by Kevin, and his body was between Kevin's legs. Bewitched, Lin Yifei looked into Kevin's eyes. His gentle eyes were actually bottomless, dragging in Lin Yifei's line of sight.

When he reacted, Kevin had turned his head and kissed his lips.

He licked Lin Yifei's lip with the tip of his tongue, and then sucked hard. It was an adult kiss, full of irresistible force, licking and stirring.

On one side, the back of Lin Yifei's head was held down on the ground. Kevin kissed him without any hint of rudeness or coercion, but he easily took control of Lin Yifei.


Lin Yifei pushed hard. But the other side's strength and weight made him gasp for breath. Kevin's hand reached into Lin Yifei's T-shirt and stroked it as if he was waiting to touch his body for centuries. He left Lin Yifei's lips and kissed his chin with an eager desire for every inch of his neck and skin.

His normal leisurely temperament had long faded away. His kiss became anxious.

Lin Yifei finally recovered.

"Kevin! Kevin! Let me go! What's wrong with you!"

When Kevin kissed the ring on Lin Yifei's neck, the cold sting woke him up suddenly. He released Lin Yifei and sat there gasping for air.

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"I'm sorry." Kevin stretched out his hand and lowered down his eyes somewhat awkwardly.

Lin Yifei was really scared. What did the polite Kevin do to him just now?

"I'm a little drunk." Kevin wobbled and went to the bathroom to wet his face.

Lin Yifei slowly got up and adjusted his thoughts. It seemed that the reasons behind all of the care and gentleness that Kevin Phil gave him was explained just now.

Chris once said that Kevin Phil liked him, but Lin Yifei took it as a joke.

But now?

Lin Yifei walked to the bathroom step by step. Kevin's hands were propped up on the sink with his head hanging down. There was still water flowing out of the faucet.

"Why…did you do something like that to me just now?" Lin Yifei asked. Although it may be better not to ask for answer clearly, self-deception wouldn't necessarily make one feel better.

"Impulse." Kevin took a deep breath but still didn't look up. He seemed to be trying to suppress something.

"…What impulse?" Lin Yifei swallowed saliva.

"Lin Yifei, there should be a lot of people who falls in love with you? I bet Chris isn't the only one." Kevin turned around with his back against the sink and a self-deprecating smile on his lips.

"Why do you ask?"

"All you have to do is answer whether I'm right." Kevin suddenly remembered something, "Ah, that one called Rex Gray, the red-haired boy should like you."

"…How do you know?"

"Because I like you too. The way he looks at you makes me feel very familiar." Kevin pressed his forehead, "At least I'm not the only one captivated by you. It's enough to comfort myself."

Lin Yifei couldn't move his steps. He just stood there. He didn't understand Kevin Phil, but he saw the struggle in his eyes.

Kevin stretched out his hand and rubbed Lin Yifei's lower lip with his fingers.

"The first time I saw you, I was attracted by the way you fence. Not because you're stronger than children of your age, but because you seem to hit me right in the eye with your every move. I looked at you like I was addicted." Kevin slowly lowered his hand and closed his eyes.

"Every time I see you growing up, I have a lot of expectations."

"Because it's too lonely after reaching the highest point." Lin Yifei spoke lightly. Kevin had said this to him before he was reborn.

"Chris is a perfect choice if one is only looking forward to a future opponent." Kevin stretched out his hand and brushed his hair. "I even have a hunch that one day it will be him who will compete with me for that position. But you're different, Lin Yifei. You aren't only an exciting opponent. You are the one who set off waves in my heart."

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"Kevin…" Lin Yifei frowned.

"Don't be in a hurry to refuse me or hate me." Kevin opened his eyes, and the chaos in them dispersed. His eyes became clear, "I hope you can face me directly."

Lin Yifei looked at Kevin who returned to his former elegance and personable manner. He was a rational person. Perhaps he was once swayed by his impulse, but in his heart, he was a real gentleman.

"I won't run away." Lin Yifei spoke each world clearly.

Facing those who gave favors because they liked him was also the way to grow up.

"Yes, it's an honor for Kevin Phil to fall in love with you." Kevin chuckled and joked. The original awkward atmosphere suddenly became lively.

Soon, the intensive training of the junior fencing team began.

Chris took a special bus from New York to Washington.

Besides George, he was also accompanied by Elizabeth. Her purpose was very simple. She wanted to make sure that Chris didn't have any intersection with Lin Yifei.

During the three hours ride by car, Chris looked at the financial newspaper in his hand. Occasionally, he would answer one or two phone calls, all of them related to the family business. He fulfilled his agreement with DeNiro and set foot into the family business. The Osbornes' had a wide range of investments, from crude oil to real estate and from transportation to tourism. Chris, in addition to practicing his fencing, spent a lot of time reading books. Elizabeth had no interest in these books on business and finance. All she cared about was when their engagement ceremony would be held.

After returning to the Osbornes' villa, Chris went back to his room without saying a word while carrying his luggage. He treated Elizabeth like air.

"What's the matter, looking forward to seeing Lin?" Elizabeth hugged her arms.

Chris, who was about to open the door, turned around and leaned on the railing of the stairs. "Don't you know? Yifei is also included in the junior fencing team?"

Elizabeth's eyes widened.

"This is premeditation! You just want to see him, don't you?"

"You know DeNiro's phone number. Call if you want." Chris gave her a mocking look then walked back into his room.

Elizabeth angrily grabbed the phone in the living room. She knew that if she complained to DeNiro at this time, it would only make DeNiro more disgusted with her. Moreover, DeNiro had long said that if Lin Yifei and Chris met because of fencing, and there was no extra communication between them, it wouldn't constitute a violation.

"Good, I'll see if you can resist." Elizabeth snorted coldly.

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