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The amount of lunch that Tang Sibo let chubby aunt prepared wasn't too much or too little. It's just right. The taste was also very delicious. Su Fu and Juan Juan, one large and one small, ate everything while smiling. They ate till nothing was left in the food box besides a mouthful of soup and a few grains of rice. Juan Juan was still smacking his lips and looked like he still wanted more.  

Fan Yao actually hadn't had lunch yet. He sat there smelling the fragrance and suffered a lot. He secretly decided that he must eat before delivering the meals tomorrow!

Since Fan Yao specially ran a trip to send them lunch, Su Fu was naturally embarrassed to let him help them clean up. He finished eating and started to restack the food box neatly into the bag that Fan Yao brought.  

At present, this person was no longer an ordinary tutor. He's the future Boss's wife. Fan Yao watched Su Fu tidy up while feeling flattered and assiduously said, "I'll do it, I'll do it", but Su Fu was very industrious and quickly tidied up everything for him.

After Fan Yao was thanked again, he finally left with the bag in his hand. He couldn't wait to run to a restaurant to eat his foods.

After Fan Yao left, Su Fu wiped his desk. He looked at the three small steamed buns that hadn't been eaten and touched his stomach. It's bulging out. He could only eat them in the afternoon. He felt really sorry for the three steamed buns.

He picked up the bag of steamed buns and put it on another desk. Juan Juan climbed up to sit on his chair.

He turned his head to look at his little Dad who's still cleaning the table.

"Little Dad, your face is red again."

Juan Juan clasped his hands and looked at the central air conditioner above their head. Although it wasn't very hot today, teachers in the office already turned on the air conditioner. So, it's relatively cool. Did it get hot now?

Su Fu who was wiping the table felt ashamed to be seen through by a child.

After throwing the dirty paper towel into the garbage can, Su Fu cleared his throat and answered, "Little Dad is a bit hot."

Su Fu looked up at the central air conditioner and felt helpless. They turned on the air conditioner in this weather. What should they do when winter came? Wrapping themselves in an electric blanket?

The air didn't feel good with the window closed. In order to hide his embarrassment, Su Fu went to the back window and opened a window. Real wind hit his face and made him feel much more comfortable.

Juan Juan tilted his head sideway. He stretched out his small hands to touch his face while thinking. Since the office was a little hot, was his face also red?

After lunch, the time was just after 12 o'clock. Classes started at 1:30 p.m. Su Fu sat in his cubicle with Juan Juan. Juan Juan took out his copybooks to draw pinyin and numbers. He also asked his little Dad to teach him how to read.

Su Fu was delighted to see his little baby working hard and rubbed his head to praise him. "Juan Juan is a good hardworking boy."

As soon as Juan Juan was praised, he was little shy. He held his pen while saying: "Older brother Tang can do a lot of things when he's three years old ~ Juan Juan also wants to be a smart child ~"

Tang Luoke's IQ was higher than other children of the same age. It wouldn't be easy to surpass him.

However, Su Fu didn't dampen Juan Juan's enthusiasm. He continued to praise and encourage him.

The more Juan Juan listened, the happier he was. He turned around to look at Su Fu while holding out his two hands. "Dad, Juan Juan can count to ten."  

At this point, he began to read off his fingers: "1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 7, 8…"

Su Fu burst out laughing. He held Juan Juan's small hands and taught him how to count correctly.

Generally, many three-year-old children could do simple count, but Juan Juan was different. He stayed in the orphanage before he's two years old. Of course, he wasn't taught there. Later, when he arrived at the He family, he usually followed mother He who only saw him as a toy. She naturally wouldn't think of guiding him to learn anything.

It wasn't until he followed Su Fu that Su Fu slowly guided him to learn. However, children were forgetful. They only remembered random things. Su Fu naturally wouldn't force Juan Juan. Instead, he slowly and patiently taught him. Juan Juan was still young. He shouldn't be forced to grow up too fast.

While father and son were earnestly learning to count, Su Fu's cell phone rang. After picking it up, he saw that it was Mr. Tang.

When Su Fu saw this name, his heart that was calmly teaching his child how to count before suddenly started beating hard. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Su Fu stared at his cell phone. He took a deep breath then took the call.

"Mr. Tang?" Su Fu asked softly.

Tang Sibo smiled over there and asked, "It's me. Have you had lunch?"

"Yes, thank you." Su Fu answered. He reached out to hold Juan Juan's small hand and started kneading it as he added: "Juan Juan likes it a lot."

Tang Sibo smiled again then suddenly asked very gently, "Juan Juan likes it a lot. What about you?"

Su Fu felt a throb in his heart. He rubbed Juan Juan's hands hard to keep calm. He also smiled in reply, "I like it too."

Juan Juan whose other hand was holding a pen looked at little Dad smiling with a red face while kneading on his hand. Juan Juan tilted his head and thought: The windows are open. How is little Dad hot again? Why does he keep kneading my small hands?  

Su Fu didn't know what his son was thinking. When listening to Mr. Tang's voice, he rubbed Juan Juan's hands to hide the embarrassment in his heart as he waited for the opposite Mr. Tang to speak again.  

Tang Sibo sounded very happy over there, "It's good that both of you like it. I was afraid that it doesn't suit your taste and Juan Juan's."

"No, it's delicious. It's just somewhat troublesome for chubby aunt and Assistant Fan."

"Don't worry, chubby aunt likes cooking delicious food. Usually when it's not mealtime, she would be thinking about new recipes. As for Fan Yao, he just quarrels with Shi Chen when he's free anyway."

Su Fu wanted to praise chubby aunt for her good cooking. After hearing what Tang Sibo said, he suddenly laughed and asked, "Did they quarrel again?"

Tang Sibo also felt funny, but he already got used to it. He replied, "It'll be over in a few days. This time it seems that Shi Chen let his cat get on the bed but not Fan Yao's dog, so they fought again."

Su Fu was amused. Shi Chen and Fan Yao, a cat lover and a dog lover, were also two different types of people. It's no wonder that they fought every two to three days without end. Every day of their life was an exciting day.

As the two people continued chatting, the atmosphere became warmer. Su Fu gradually relaxed and naturally chatted. He also loosened Juan Juan's hands.

Juan Juan looked at his small hand that was rubbed into a red meat dumpling. His mouth turned flat with grievance as he silently used his other small hand to pat it.

At this time, other teachers in the office also came back one after another, so Su Fu stopped talking. It's his basic habit not to talk on the phone in shared spaces, especially in quiet shared spaces.  

When he was in love with He Shaoqi during college, Su Fu was always careful not to talk on the phone in his dorm. This good habit had always been maintained. After all, others may need the quietness. It's discourteous to affect them.  

Tang Sibo also guessed that there might be other people there. His voice became lower and his heart felt soft. He silently praised Su Fu's character and was ready to end their conversation.

"What time do you get off work at night? I'll pick you up. We'll go back to the apartment together."

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Su Fu didn't refuse either. He promised to have dinner together later and said, "It's still five o'clock. If you're busy, I'll just go back with Juan Juan. It's not that far."

"No, it's more important to pick you up. Wait for me after work. I'll come over after I pick up Xiao Ke."

From time to time, Mr. Tang always uttered a kind of love word that wasn't explicit. Su Fu's face, which had a difficult time returning to normal, was 'rubbed' red again. Since there're others in the office now, he didn't say much and just agreed to wait.

After hanging up the phone, Su Fu silently breathed a sigh of relief. When he received a phone call from Mr. Tang before, he didn't feel anything. Why would his heart beat so fast now?

When Juan Juan saw that his little Dad had finished the call, he showed him his little red hand.

Su Fu was pulled by Juan Juan and turned around to see his hand. He was surprised and hurriedly held it in his hand while asking, "What's wrong with Juan Juan's small hand? Did something bite you?"

Juan Juan pouted, "It's little Dad who rubbed it."

Su Fu paused and recalled for a moment. He became very embarrassed. Fortunately, it's only a little red after rubbing for a long time.

"I'm sorry. Little Dad didn't pay attention while talking. I'll blow on it." Su Fu held Juan Juan's hand up and blew on it.

"Was that uncle Tang? Juan Juan heard his voice."

Su Fu smiled and caressed Juan Juan's small hand. "Yes, uncle Tang asked if lunch was good."

"Was little Dad thinking about uncle Tang? That's why you rubbed Juan Juan's hands?"

"Er…" Looking at Juan Juan's innocent face, Su Fu smiled awkwardly but didn't know what to say. He continued to teach him how to count and changed the subject.

After work at night, Su Fu tidied up his things and took Juan Juan downstairs. When he saw Tang Sibo's car waiting at the door. Su Fu was a little surprised. He looked at the time. It wasn't long after five o'clock. Mr. Tang arrived so early.

Seeing Su Fu and Juan Juan coming out the gate through the car window, Tang Sibo got off, followed by Tang Luoke.

"Uncle Tang ~" Juan Juan ran to hug him.

Tang Sibo smiled and bent down to pick him up. He held him in his arms and rubbed him.

Tang Luoke looked at Juan Juan. He then turned around and ran to hug the coming Su Fu.

Su Fu was in distress. What happened to the two children? But he also picked up Tang Luoke and walked to the car with him.

Before he could speak, there was suddenly an enchanting figure beside him. It was Teacher Huang from Su Fu's office.

Teacher Huang's car was parked near Tang Sibo's car. She was preparing to go home. Seeing Tang Sibo, she still felt unwilling and decided to come down to try. What if the handsome man wasn't satisfied with his wife and was preparing to change spouse?

"Teacher Su, is this your friend?" Teacher Huang took off her sunglasses and came up to befriend them.

Su Fu twitched his lips and awkwardly nodded.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's helpless face but didn't know what was wrong. He looked at Teacher Huang and replied politely, "Hello, are you a colleague of Teacher Su?"

Ah! Ah! Ah! Teacher Huang was so happy. Her face was full of spring colors as she hurriedly reached out as she spoke, "Hello, I'm Teacher Su's colleague. I didn't expect Teacher Su's friend to be so handsome. And married?"

Tang Sibo looked at the hand held out by Teacher Huang. For the sake of being Su Fu's colleague, he decided to give her face. He reached out and shook it lightly then let go.


Teacher Huang's eyes glowed instantly! Is the son that Teacher Su mentioned just a B*stard? She doesn't mind! Just as she was thinking about how to hook up with this handsome man, she heard Tang Sibo added with a smile.

"But I already have a sweetheart whom I'm pursuing."

Su Fu who stood on the side had a red face again. Afraid of being seen, he hurriedly held up Tang Luoke to block his face.

On the opposite side, Teacher Huang once again angrily cursed in her heart that heaven was blind and unjust. However, she still politely returned to her car and drove away.

After Teacher Huang left, Su Fu finally lowered Tang Luoke. Tang Luoke was a lot heavier than Juan Juan. Holding him for a long time was quite tiring.

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu's red face. He endured not to show his smile and pretended to ask, "Why is your face so red? Is Xiao Ke too heavy?"

Su Fu helplessly shook his head. In order to hide his embarrassment, he opened the rear door and was ready to move the child in. However, as soon as the car door opened, Su Fu froze. This back seat looked different.

"I bought two car seats this morning so that the children can sit more securely," Tang Sibo said.

Su Fu nodded. In his heart, he praised Tang Sibo for being careful. He himself hadn't considered this before.

After putting the two children in the car seats and fastened their seat belt, Tang Sibo led Su Fu to the front passenger seat and opened the door for him.

Su Fu smiled. He didn't refuse and sat in the front passenger seat.

Tang Sibo returned to the driver's seat. He looked back at the children sitting in the car seats then at Su Fu sitting beside him. He suddenly felt both physically and mentally at ease. Is this what it feels like to be a family of four?

While starting the car, Tang Sibo found a topic to talk about.

"Do you know that colleague very well?"

Su Fu shook his head and smiled: "She came mainly to befriend you. Doesn't Mr. Tang know that he's a hot cake? I don't know how many people you attract by parking here."

Tang Sibo raised his brows, "Hot cake? Do you want to eat it?"

Su Fu choked again and became embarrassed. He didn't know how to answer, so he just cleared his throat and turned to look out of the window.

Tang Sibo laughed when he saw him like this, but he stopped teasing him and instead said, "Then I'll park farther tomorrow and keep a low profile."

Su Fu smiled and nodded.

"What do you want eat at night?" Tang Sibo asked.

Su Fu looked back at the children and asked what they wanted to eat.

Tang Luoke answered, "I want to eat the steak cooked by Teacher Su."

Juan Juan also liked western-style food a lot and nodded in agreement.

In this way, Tang Sibo and Su Fu glanced at each other. They smiled and drove to the supermarket to buy steak.


T/N: I don't get the part about the air conditioner. Here's the raw in case anyone knows Chinese. 说着,苏复抬头看中央空调,也是无奈,这什么天气就开空调,等入冬了准备怎么办?身上裹一条电热毯吗?

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