Over there, Su Fu also took Juan Juan to Teng Yuan's office. He just put Juan Juan's small backpack on his desk when an enchanting woman came along.

"Teacher Su, who's the man who sent you just now?"

The woman speaking was also a teacher in this office. Her surname was Huang. Although they only spent one day together yesterday, Su Fu was deeply impressed by her. Because Teacher Huang had a special characteristic. She really worshipped money. Her dream was to marry into a wealthy family. So, she always dressed up enchantingly regardless of the occasion to attract men's attention.

Upon hearing this, Su Fu knew that Tang Sibo was being targeted. He somehow felt a little funny. Mr. Tang was indeed a hot cake and was eyed by people as soon as he casually showed up. However, even though Mr. Tang was pursuing him, Su Fu didn't feel jealous. He didn't know why, but he strongly believed in Mr. Tang.

As a matter of fact, there're still many people who shared Teacher Huang's thoughts. Among the many women who saw Tang Sibo getting off the car just now, there're always a few who moved their mind. Such a wealthy and handsome man, who didn't want to give a try?

However, some people thought that he already had a child. Today, he asked his friend to take care of his child and sent him here. At the thought of this, many people stopped trying.

However, Teacher Huang was different. Those people actually didn't see Tang Luoke in the car. They only saw Juan Juan. Teacher Huang knew that Juan Juan was Teacher Su's son, so the handsome man was definitely single.

Of course, Teacher Huang would never think that the handsome man liked Teacher Su in front of her. Su Fu only said that Juan Juan was his son, not his adopted son. Everyone thought that Juan Juan was biologically his own. That's why Teacher Huang would never think of a married heterosexual man and a rich handsome man being a pair.

After listening to Teacher Huang's question, Su Fu smiled. of course, he didn't say "Oh, he's my suitor". Mr. Tang was too eye-catching. Su Fu wanted to keep a low profile, so he just replied: "He's a friend of mine. Knowing that I've come to City B, he took a little care of me."

"oh ~ ~ ~" Friend, this relationship was close enough. Teacher Huang was very happy. She twisted her arms around Su Fu's desk and continued to ask: "Is that handsome man ~ single?"

Su Fu was in distress. Some people wanted to rob his suitor. What expression should he make?

"He…he has a son." Su Fu said this, instead of answering whether or not Tang Sibo was single. His reply also indirectly revealed that Tang Sibo wasn't single.

Teacher Huang frowned. She felt the pain in her heart and liver like getting robbed. She didn't think much about it. She just thought that having a son meant already having a wife. She complained that heaven was blind and unfair, then went back to her office.

At this time, teachers working in the office came in one after another.

The office here was different from Teng Yuan's in City A. It was a large office with six people and three desks arranged in two rows against the wall, one to the left and the other to the right. It's still the kind of cubicle desk.

The partition was comprehensive on the front, back and right side. The left side only had half a partition. The empty half was an exit, which was equivalent to a door. The office desk inside was an inverted L-shaped. The space between each compartment was quite large. The design of the cubicle left more or less a little private space for each teacher. Su Fu was assigned the first position in the row after entering the door.  

Su Fu liked this kind of workspace a lot. He brought a chair for Juan Juan to sit in and play by himself. The smaller office desk on the side became Juan Juan's space. It's quiet and comfortable. Su Fu considered when to buy a relaxing sofa chair for Juan Juan, preferably one with adjustable back, so that when Juan Juan was sleepy, he could sleep comfortably in it.

As he thought about this, a man came in with a yawn. This was the only male teacher in this office aside from Su Fu. His name was Cheng Changyang. He's about as old as Su Fu and a well-known homosexual. He's also the subject of a lot of flirting in the office.

Su Fu had already experienced the details yesterday, so he continued to arrange his lesson plans and prepared to go to class.

"Yo ~ Little shou Changyang ~ Didn't you sleep well last night?" Teacher Huang liked to flirt with him the most and asked with a smile when he walked up.

With a wave of his hand, Teacher Cheng spread out on the seat and replied: "Forget it, the car crashed last night. That dead man was so fierce that he almost killed me."

"Dead man? Your husband, the professor? So fierce?" Teacher Huang leaned over to squint at him.

The two of them went on talking about the details of the car crash` last night.

Su Fu took his lesson plan and picked up Juan Juan before leaving. This kind of remark was too explicit for a child to listen to.

However, before Su Fu left, Lin Lin, the teacher who came with him to City B, walked by on high heels. She looked at Su Fu in the eye then made a vomiting expressing before dadada took the lead in leaving.  

Su Fu chuckled. Lin Lin was straightforward and occasionally somewhat cynical. She probably despised this kind of dialogue and couldn't stand it, so she went out first.

The topic over there was still going on. From the car crash to the body position. Su Fu said nothing, but he also left the office holding Juan Juan.

At noon, Su Fu returned to the office after class and asked Juan Juan what he wanted to eat at noon.

Juan Jaun wrote a lot of pinyin and numbers on the back of his small backpack. He showed them to Su Fu as if showing off. Juan Juan was praised by his little Dad and became very happy and proud.

After listening to Su Fu's question about what to eat, Juan Juan found himself a little hungry. He didn't eat all of the steamed buns he brought this morning.

"There're still small steamed buns. Juan Juan wants to eat small steamed buns ~"

Su Fu smiled and nodded. He's ready to go back to the office to help Juan Juan warm up the small steamed bun, then go to the restaurant for lunch.

When he entered the office, all of the other teachers had already left for lunch, but there's a man standing in the office while yawning and looking very tired.

Su Fu saw him and became stunned.

"Assistant Fan? Why are you here?"

Juan Juan also saw Fan Yao. He sensibly called out, "Uncle Fan ~"

Fan Yao stretched then walked over smiling. He rubbed Juan Juan's hair.  

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"I've come to deliver food. These days, being an assistant isn't good. Being a senior assistant is even worse. It's all about running errands!" Fan Yao complained and opened the two food boxes that he brought to Su Fu's desk. The hot air and fragrance drifted out in an instant.

"Wow ~ it smells good ~" Juan Juan hurriedly ran to see.

Su Fu also looked at it by the way and saw Fan Yao taking out four dishes layer by layer from a food box`. There're also two layers of rice. Each layer was exquisite and had good color, aroma, and taste. The other box was a thermal container that contained pork trotter soup with very strong color and taste.

"This…" Su Fu was too surprised to say more and just stared at Fan Yao.

Fan Yao shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands. "Boss asks me to send them. They're made by the chubby aunt in the Tang family's main residence. You can't eat them outside. I had to go to the Tang family's residence first to pick them up then ran here. It's absolutely exhausting. Boss doesn't take me as a human being!"

Fan Yao chirped and complained there, but Su Fu didn't listen to a word. All he knew was that Tang Sibo had let the kitchen auntie cook these foods and specially asked Fan Yao to send them over. His heart felt very hot! It's hot and throbbing. Su Fu felt that he could no longer control the speed of his heart, again.

However, since these were taken from the Tang family's main residence, wouldn't his family wonder about it? Su Fu was first excited, then got worried. His emotions couldn't stop changing for a moment.

"Little Dad, uncle Tang brought us foods ~ Juan Juan eats ~"

Juan Juan's voice brought Su Fu back to his mind. He held Juan Juan and placed him in his chair before saying to Fan Yao, "Has Assistant Fan eaten? Why don't you have some with us?"

"No, no, I've eaten." Fan Yao hurriedly shook his head. His heart thought, no way, that's the precious food from the Tang family, how could he eat them? Boss wanted to give these foods to his sweetheart. If he dared to lick it, he'd get beaten!

Su Fu was embarrassed, but he's also hungry, so he wasn't polite. He took the chopsticks and spoons inserted at the edge of the thermal container and the layer with rice then started to eat this delicious food.  

Fan Yao sat watching while sighing in his heart. Ah, it's just a few days later and Teacher Su suddenly became Boss's sweetheart! Indeed, as expected, what he said in the beginning about Boss's wife was right!

Su Fu was embarrassed by him and looked up. "Assistant Fan, go do your own thing. I'll clean them up later."

Fan Yao shook his head and motioned with his hand. "No, no, no, I'm waiting to pack them up and take them back. It's Boss's command."

Su Fu was helpless and had to continue eating with his head lowered. Although it was strange to be watched while eating, he felt the sincerity of Tang Sibo's heart that reached his own heart and made it very warm and comfortable.


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