Tang Sibo drove one big and two small ones to Teng Yuan's building. He looked at Su Fu through the rearview mirror and saw him taking care of the children while talking to them. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

He felt that he might need two car seats.

Before Tang Luoke was four years old, his car was equipped with a car seat, but later his son grew up and felt that the car seat was too childish and refused to sit in one. So, Tang Sibo had to drive slower to ensure his safety.

However, at present, it's a little inconvenient for Su Fu to take care of the two children in the back. Mr. Tang felt that since he started to pursue him, he should let Su Fu sit in the front to increase their feelings.  

As for his son, as long as he's told to set an example for Juan Juan, he should compromise.

Mr. Tang secretly nodded. He's ready to move these children out as soon as the car was equipped with car seats.  

The car pulled up to the gate of Teng Yuan and instantly attracted the attention of many people.

This time was rush hour. Teng Yuan only occupied the second and third floors of this building. Other companies and shopping malls took up the remaining floors. Around 8 o'clock every day, there're a lot of workers commuting here to work.  

City B was a big city, and this area was the city center. It's not uncommon to see expensive cars, but it's still rare to see a Rolls-Royce Phantom level of luxury car, especially since this area mainly hosted common office buildings.  

There're also shopping malls and restaurants in this building, but none of them were large. They're mainly there to serve the office workers nearby. It wasn't possible to drive a luxury car to eat or buy things here so early in the morning, let alone go to work.

As a result, some men held a sour` mentality and darkly scolded the luxury car owner for deliberately coming here to show off. In contrast, some women who worshipped money were secretly watching. They're ready to dress up and seduce this local tyrant to marry into a prestigious family.

The people in the car didn't notice the situation outside. Tang Sibo turned to ask Su Fu, "Where do you eat at noon?"

Su Fu was sorting out Juan Juan's clothes and was ready to take him out of the car. Hearing this, he answered, "I usually eat in the restaurant downstairs. There're several restaurants in this building. It's convenient so I don't have to cook."

Tang Sibo nodded noncommittally, then added: "What time do you leave work for lunch?"

"Since I can have a two-day weekend, the daily classes are quite full. I usually leave round 11:30."

Su Fu thought Tang Sibo was just asking casually and didn't think much. Looking at the clock, it's almost time to sort out the lesson plans for class. He's ready to open the door and get off.

Tang Sibo stepped out of the car in advance. He went to the back to help Su Fu open the door. He fished out Juan Juan and tickled him in his arms, causing Juan Juan to giggle.

Su Fu got out of the car with a funny expression. He took Juan Juan and looked at Tang Sibo. "We'll go first. Be careful on the road."

Tang Sibo listened with great comfort. This feeling was really wonderful. It's different from the care of parents and siblings when leaving home normally. How to describe it? Mr. Tang didn't know how to express his inner pleasure at this time since it seemed more intuitive, but this feeling was – sweet!

Although he's very happy, Mr. Tang still acted very reserved. He maintained his elegant image and nodded his head while patting Juan Juan's small head. At first, he wanted to touch Su Fu's cheek, but fearing that it might frighten him, he endured it to avoid creating trouble.

After watching them entering the building, Tang Sibo returned to the car.

Tang Luoke wasn't happy and asked, "Dad, can I not go to kindergarten? I can't learn anything there except listening to crying kids."

Tang Sibo turned his head and looked at his son who's still a child. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Children from other families didn't want to go to kindergarten because they're afraid of strangers or didn't want to leave their parents. His son's reason made people laugh.

"Why can't you learn anything?" Tang Sibo looked at his son and said earnestly, "Dad knows you're very smart. You learn a lot in kindergarten, but you haven't learned one thing."

Tang Luoke frowned slightly and leaned over the back of the driver's seat to ask, "What is it?"

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"To get along with people." Tang Sibo reached over and patted his son on top of his head. "Don't you want to be an excellent successor to the Tang family? It isn't enough to have a smart head. You also can't be isolated from other people. This is a small difficulty that you need to overcome."

Young master Tang had always been committed to becoming an excellent successor to the Tang family. His shortcoming was exposed, so he's somewhat depressed.

"But those kids are really disgusting, crying with snots all day long."

Tang Sibo smiled and asked, "How can you patiently coax Juan Juan when he cries?"

"Xiao Juan is different. I'm his older brother. I want to protect him." Young master Tang spoke with righteousness.

"There're also many younger brothers and sisters in kindergarten. You can try to make friends with them."

Tang Luoke twisted his face and refused, "I don't want those kinds of younger brothers or sisters. I can't talk to them."

Tang Sibo had no choice but to stop arguing with his son about kids' problems. He started the car and said as he drove, "People with real ability won't escape from difficulty. They can create things they're not interested in like finding similar topics to talk about even if they're not interested in them. There're always many unsatisfying things in life. One can't grow by avoiding them."

Tang Luoke listened. He sat back in his seat and reflected with a small frown.

Knowing that his son was smart and could understand everything, Tang Sibo didn't disturb his thinking and just drove steadily to the kindergarten. Next year, he's going to arrange his son to attend elementary school. Children in elementary schools already knew how to form cliques. He didn't want his son to be by himself in kindergarten. Otherwise, once he entered elementary school, wouldn't he end up alone? And isolated? This outcome was certainly not desirable.

Once the car stopped at the gate of the kindergarten, Tang Luoke stood up. He puffed out his chest and said solemnly, "Dad, I know. I have to learn to associate with all kinds of people. Association is a kind of ability and has nothing to do with likes or dislikes. I want to be an excellent successor of the Tang family. I will face all kinds of people in the future. I can't just give priority to my own preferences, but also need to consider many factors, right?"

Tang Sibo looked at his son's serious little face in distress. He just wanted his son to make more friends. Don't be so lonely. He didn't expect his son to think so far…

However, there's nothing wrong with what he said, so Tang Sibo nodded and praised his son's intelligence.

Tang Luoke was finally happy again. He raised his small head and beamed with pride.

Striking the iron while it's hot, and seeing that his son was in high spirits, Tang Sibo went on, "Dad will add two car seats later. One for you and one for Juan Juan.

Sure enough, Tang Luoke's brows wrinkled up again after hearing this.

"Car seat is uncomfortable. I have grown up. I can sit by myself."

Tang Sibo had expected him to say this. He nodded along with him. "Dad knows that you have grown up, but Juan Juan is still small. You're an older brother and should set an example for him. Otherwise, Juan Juan also won't sit in the car seat. But he's so small. What if he falls when the car is braking?"

Tang Luoke frown more tightly. He thought about Juan Juan's small and soft body. It really makes a person worry.

Seeing him wavering, Tang Sibo squinted slightly and added: "If Juan Juan falls in Dad's car, Teacher Su must be very distressed. He'll think that Dad's driving skill is bad and won't ride in Dad's car in the future."

Upon hearing this, Tang Luoke automatically began to think about Teacher Su feeling distressed and refusing to ride in their car. Then he became estranged from his father and no longer liked him. As the result, Teacher Su wouldn't become his mother.

It's absolutely impossible for him to let this happen. He couldn't let Juan Juan's injuries estrange Teacher Su.  

"All right, Dad, two car seats are safer. I'll teach Xiao Juan to sit in one." His son finally gave in according to Tang Sibo's expectation. He praised his son again. Tang Sibo got his wish and dropped off son before driving to buy the car seats.

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