Tang Sibo was right. Su Fu had just finished preparing breakfast and was serving it.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Tang Sibo didn't inform Su Fu in advance and wanted to surprise him. So, Su Fu felt a little strange. They're new here. Who would come visit them so early?

He placed Juan Juan on his highchair to let him eat his scrambled eggs with porridge, then placed a bottle of powdered milk on the side.

"Is it uncle Tang and older brother Tang?" Juan Juan picked up his bottle and took two sips before tilting his head and stared with blinking eyes.

"I don't know. Little Dad will open the door. Eat first and be careful about scalding."

Su Fu reminded then went to the door with doubts. He opened the door and saw a bouquet of red roses.

What! Su Fu suddenly opened his eyes wide. He got a fright and hurriedly took a step back to look carefully again. This time he noticed the legs of Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke behind the red roses.

Su Fu, who had just been frightened by a large bouquet of flowers, instantly blushed and looked at the flowers with his mouth open. He didn't know how to behave to look more natural.

All his expressions fell into Tang Sibo's eyes. Tang Sibo couldn't help but became softer. "Good morning."

Tang Sibo's low gentle magnetic voice flew into Su Fu's ear. He finally moved and looked at Tang Sibo as he accepted the flowers from his hand awkwardly.

How many flowers do you need to make such a big bouquet?

Su Fu looked down at the flowers and couldn't concentrate to count the number of roses. He just felt an unspeakable taste in his heart, which was hot enough to burst.

This was something that Su Fu had never experienced before. He always thought that such things only happened on TV and not in real life.

He remembered that when he's in college, He Shaoqi pursued him with common college students' move, which was to deliver breakfast. At that time, he felt very warm, but not this kind of surprise and shock.

Su Fu thought, wasn't this a way to chase girls? At present, it's popular in universities to place love announcements with flowers or candles under girls' dormitories and then send roses or something. What did Mr. Tang want to do? Romance? Was he this serious about his pursuit?

While Su Fu was holding flowers and wondering if he should learn from the TV female lead to say "Wow, it's beautiful," Tang Sibo smiled and asked, "Do you mind having breakfast together?"

Su Fu's eyes moved away from the flowers and looked at the big and small ones in front of him.

Suddenly he laughed. They came to rob breakfast.

"Come on in. I'll make you some more."

With this laugh, Su Fu no longer felt embarrassed. He held the flowers and placed them on the sofa in the living room. He himself went back to the kitchen to make breakfast for the father and son.

"Wow ~ what beautiful flowers ~" Juan Juan saw the flowers on the sofa. He climbed down the chairs and dadada ran over to look.

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Tang Luoke took his small hand. They squatted beside the sofa to watch the flowers and count how many there were.

Su Fu was smiling all the time. He was preparing to do something in the kitchen when he realized that today he only fried an egg to eat with porridge.

He leaned out of the kitchen and asked, "Do you want scrambled eggs? Or should I boil eggs for you?"

Tang Sibo looked at the plate of golden yellow scrambled eggs on the table with some scallions on it. It looked very common and simple, but it made him suddenly have an appetite.

"Just scrambled eggs. We also brought two boxes of steamed buns. It's enough to eat."

Su Fu nodded and went into the kitchen to scrambled eggs for them.

Tang Sibo took out the two small boxes of eight-treasured steamed bun and opened them. While they're still hot, he called Tang Luoke and Juan Juan to come up.

Juan Juan didn't know how to count the flowers. So, he lost interest after a while. He dadada ran back to Tang Sibo and looked up at him

Tang Sibo placed him back on the highchair and gave him an eight-treasured steamed bun. It's no longer as hot as before and just right for eating.

Juan Juan stared at the delicate steamed bun with his eyes wide open and said happily, "Wow, what a beautiful and lovely little steamed bun!"

Tang Sibo smiled and fed him. "This is an eight-treasured steamed bun," he told him.

Juan Juan blinked his big eyes and insisted on saying, "little steamed bun ~"

Tang Sibo laughed heartily. He rubbed Juan Juan's head with his free hand and smiled. "You're the little steamed bun`!"

Juan Juan squinted and smiled. He's very happy. He asked for a small steamed bun and gave it to Tang Luoke to eat.

Not long after, Su Fu brought over two bowls of porridge and a plate of scrambled eggs right out of the pan. He handed them to the Tang father and his son.

"Teacher Su, eat eight-treasured steamed bun. Our family makes them by ourselves. You can't buy them outside. They're delicious." Tang Luoke sat next to Su Fu and handed him a small box.

"Thank you, Xiao Ke." With a smile, Su Fu picked one up with his chopsticks. He took a bite, chewed then slightly raised his eyebrows. It's really delicious. It's the best steamed bun he had ever eaten.

However, without waiting for his praise, Tang Luoke ate the scrambled eggs one bite at a time and praised first, "Teacher Su's scrambled eggs are delicious. They're the best scrambled eggs I've ever eaten."

Su Fu laughed at his praise. He touched his little face and replied softly, "Eat more if you like."

Tang Luoke nodded. He took another bite and asked: "So delicious, can Teacher Su make scramble eggs for my father and me all our life?"

Su Fu was stunned and choked on the steamed bun.

Tang Sibo saw this and hurriedly went to give him water to drink. In his mind, he felt very helpless. When they drove over this morning, didn't he reach an agreement with his son. Don't say anything to frighten Teacher Su. How can my son say something so startling again? At this critical moment, where is his son's seriousness and restraint?

Su Fu took several sips of water before he recovered. He looked at Tang Sibo while also feeling both helpless and funny.

At this time, he didn't why. Although they obviously hadn't been together formally, Su Fu still felt a familiar feeling.  It's very subtle, just like something was gently tapping on his heart.

Tang Luoke knew that he had scared Teacher Su again. He secretly scolded himself for doing bad deeds and hurriedly remedied: "Don't take it to heart, Teacher Su, I just asked casually."

"It's all right, let's eat." Su Fu, of course, wouldn't care. He smiled and gave him scrambled eggs.

After the meal, there're still a few steamed buns left to eat. Juan Juan looked at them as he drank the rest of the milk powder in the bottle. He said to Su Fu, "There're still three little steamed buns."

Su Fu rubbed Juan Juan's head and knew what he wanted. He followed along: "Should we wrap them up and eat them later for snacks? The office has a microwave to warm them up."

Juan Juan immediately nodded, and haha smiled.

After washing their bowls, all of them were ready to go out.

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Shenyuan apartment was very close to Teng Yuan. It took only five minutes to walk. Of course, it's faster to drive, but there's no point in driving normally since it's so close. However, today Tang Sibo wanted to send them there before dropping off Tang Luoke at his kindergarten afterward.

Su Fu thought for a moment then went to pack up his things for work.

On the way out, he saw the flowers on the sofa and touched them. "They're really beautiful. Unfortunately, they won't last long."

Hearing his praise, Tang Sibo was in a very good mood: "I used to think that since flowers don't live long after they're picked, it's useless to send them. Now I find that it's worth it to send flowers to a special person even though their life is fleeting."  

Su Fu turned to look at him and happened to meet his affectionate eyes. The throbbing in his heart became uncontrollable in an instant. He couldn't help thinking that Mr. Tang's love words were clearly not explicit, but it still caused the hearts of the listener to throb hard.

Su Fu didn't know how to respond to this sentence, so he just smiled slightly before bending down to pick up Juan Juan and left first.

Tang Sibo and his son walked behind them. They looked at each other in extremely good mood.  


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