Gulu vaguely heard Ling's voice. Ling said that he knew where there's water to drink. Hearing the word water, Gulu's entire body was going crazy. He wanted to drink water. He wanted to drink water so badly.

Even Mungo couldn't carry the one-ton Gulu. Gulu must wake up and walk to the water source by himself.

In fact, Gulu's physical condition was far from as bad as Mila's. It's just that Mila suddenly fainted and Gulu was too anxious. Besides, he just brought Mila to drink blood. He ran too fast and the sun was too big. So he fell down for a while.

Mungo wanted to take Gulu to drink water at once, but Gulu had to wake up first. He desperately stepped on Diplodocus's body with his feet, allowing the blood on Diplodocus's neck to gush out faster.

Just now Gulu couldn't drink because he didn't even have the strength to open his mouth. Now he used all his remaining strength to open his mouth. He must force himself to drink some blood. Only after drinking blood could he support himself to the place where he could drink water.

Blood gurgled into Gulu's mouth. He kept swallowing even though he felt disgusted since herbivorous dinosaurs really didn't like the smell of blood, let alone directly drinking it.

However, Gulu lived in a Tyrannosaurus rex's group as a cub. He ate meat and drank blood with his younger brothers every day, so his rejection of blood wasn't as serious as Mila's. He basically didn't vomit and drank all of it.

After drinking blood, Gulu slowly gained strength to stand up.

By this time, Ling had reached Gulu's side. He said to Gulu and Mungo, "I know where there's water. It's not far from here. I'll take you there."

Gulu looked at his nearby group. Pachi and Dudu were dying of thirst. He asked, "Ling, is there a lot water? Can I take my younger brother and sister with me? They're also very thirsty."

Ling: "There's plenty of water there. If it's your brother and sister, of course you can bring them. But I can't bring any more dinosaurs. This is the water of my group. They'll be angry if we drink too much."

Gulu hurriedly replied, "Only my siblings and me. Just four Triceratopses. Thank you, Ling. Thank you so much."

Ling: "Nothing, you helped me hunt. If it wasn't for you that day, Rhino would be hungry again. I'm not a good older brother since I always make Rhino hungry."

Gulu: "In fact, I just failed to stop my foot that day. I didn't really help you hunt. You're already very strong and a good and powerful older brother. Rhino's lucky to have a brother like you."

Ling: "I don't care. You did help me hunt. Okay, don't say these useless words. You're too thirsty. I'll take you to drink water."

Gulu: "Wait a minute, I'll call my siblings."

At this time, Pachi and Dudu were too thirsty and close to passing out. One of them was leaning against Babana and the other against Pado. Each step was very difficult.

Now, almost all Triceratops parents stayed next to their young cubs, because every young cub was so thirsty. They needed their parents' support to walk through this difficult journey.

Mungo, of course, escorted Gulu back to the group.

Gulu ran up to Pado and Babana, "Mom, Dad, I told you the other day that I met a new friend. His name is Ling. He's a Hypsilophodon. He knows where there's water, but he can't bring too many dinosaurs to drink it. That's the water of his group. I can only take Pachi and Dudu to drink water."

Babana rubbed Gulu's big head and replied: "It's good enough to take Pachi and Dudu to drink water. Mom and Dad have migrated many times. We don't need to drink water yet."

Pado: "Gulu, then you must thank Ling. Also help Dad to thank him."

Gulu kept nodding and agreeing, "I will."

Pachi's and Dudu's eyes lit up when they heard that they could drink water. They looked at Gulu with eyes full of worship, dependence, and belief. This was their big brother who's the best brother. He always thought about them.

Gulu led Pachi and Dudu out of the group with Ling leading the way. Mungo carried Mila, who was still not fully awake, to the water source.

After walking for a while, they saw from a distance a pond reflecting dazzling light in the sun. The sparkling water made the thirsty and crazy little ones emit the same dazzling light in their eyes.

All young ones who were still dying just now started to run. They ran very fast since they wanted to drink water immediately. Hope stimulated the maximum potential of their bodies. Mungo and Ling followed suit.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu jumped into the pond with a splash at the same time. They drank noisily.

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Mila was still in a state of unconsciousness. Mungo didn't put her directly into the water but put her by the shore. Mila was unconsciously drinking water with wide open mouth.

Mila, who had drunk the water, immediately felt refreshed and jumped into the pond with a splash, then drank the water to her heart's content.

Ling stood on the bank and looked at them. He's very happy that he could help Gulu. A few days ago, Gulu helped him hunt. At that time, Rhino had not eaten a piece of good meat for several days. If there was no Gulu, Rhino would starve again. He's worried that he had nothing to pay back Gulu. Unexpectedly, the opportunity came so soon.

Dinosaurs drank water by wetting their bodies as much as possible, thus allowing water to soak into their skin through the scales. Their body could absorb water from their skin. If needed, they could also drink water directly through the skin.

Basically, the weight of dinosaurs was calculated by tons. It's impossible for such a huge animal to supplement their body water by drinking water. Therefore, dinosaurs mostly didn't drink water. Instead, they absorbed water via their skin. Their stomachs were also used to holding leaves and ferns. Only by eating a lot could they maintain the energy needed by their huge bodies.

The moisture on their skin generally either came from rainwater, water accumulated when crossing the river, or the water in the large number of ferns and leaves eaten every day.

During this period of time, fern plants and leaves had little water. They didn't pass through any river, let alone encountering a rain. In fact, there had never been any rain at all. Therefore, they were a lot short of water.

The four cubs swam and drank as much water as they could in the pond. They were very thirsty and drank as much as they could.

Originally, some of their scales was chapped or completely dried up. After soaking in the water, the healing effect was almost immediate.

The cubs drank until their bellies bulged. Every one of them was soaked till their scales looked smooth and bright before they got up from the pond.

Gulu expressed his great thanks to Ling. Pachi, Dudu and Mila also kept thanking Ling.

Ling, however, felt a little guilty and said, "Sorry, Gulu. There's so much water here that our group can't finish drinking it. Our group will follow the migrating dinosaurs tomorrow. This pond won't belong to us then, but I can't let all dinosaurs in your group drink it. Or my leader will be angry. We all need to follow the rules. There aren't many ponds here. If we find a pond, we can't let dinosaurs of other groups drink it. I brought you here secretly."

Gulu knew that the reason why these Hypsilophodon had to follow the migrating dinosaurs was because the migrating dinosaurs had eaten up everything here and not even leaving any plant roots behind. They would starve to death if they didn't also migrate.

However, Hypsilophodon didn't need to migrate far. They could live on plant roots. Once these migrating dinosaurs leave their territory, they would go back to eat the newly grown plant roots.

Gulu: "Ling, don't say that. You already help us a lot. Without you, my siblings and I will die of thirst."

Ling: "Gulu, let me secretly tell you. A few of us Hypsilophodon can smell water. I belong to that kind. So, I look for all water in our group. When I look for water, I'll stick my nose to the ground to smell it. If you see a Hypsilophodon smelling the ground like this, you should follow it, because there must be water to drink. Before the Hypsilophodon group occupies the pond, your group can drink first. This way you'll be able to drink water."

Gulu knew that this was similar to the reason why camels could always find water. Animals that had lived in arid areas for a long time always developed a special function. They could smell the humidity in the soil and air to find water.

In the desert, if the water reserve was seriously insufficient, camels wouldn't be fed with water. When they're thirsty, they could find their own oasis.

But Gulu thought of a question: "In this case, won't other Hypsilophodon find trouble with you if they know you told us this? There must be a Hypsilophodon that see you talking to us."

Ling: "No, we often fight with each other over water sources. If my group leader knows that I leave other Hypsilophodon without water, he'll be happy. Other Hypsilophodon often robs our group of water. They deserve it."

Gulu: "Since you secretly brought us to drink water today, won't you be found by your group leader?"

Ling: "It's okay. Even if my leader knows, he's fine with it. He just can't let too many other dinosaurs in the group know. I'm powerful in the group. Besides the leader, I'm the second boss."

In regard to this, Ling wasn't bragging. He's one of the most powerful Hypsilophodon in the group because he's among the few who could find water. He should have been chosen as the leader, but he had a strange-looking brother. What's more, his brother actually ate meat. The members of the group didn't approve of him being the leader, so he was defeated.

Gulu felt relieved. He knew that Ling's and Rhino's life in the group must be difficult. After all, Ling had a carnivorous dinosaur as a brother. He couldn't make their life worse because of them.

Mungo returned Gulu and his siblings to Pado's group.

When they returned to the group, the water on their surface had dried up, but there's still a lot of water in their skin since they drank a lot of water.

The four cubs had regained their vigor and vitality. They looked completely different from the other thirsty and dying cubs in the group.

Pachi, Dudu and Mila kept rubbing Gulu, "Brother, you're so strong. You know a lot of dinosaurs. Brother, you're the best. When you find something good, you always take us with you. Brother, why were you so good?…"

Gulu was somewhat embarrassed when he was praised. He replied, "You're also good dinosaurs. Don't praise me anymore. Brother is right to be kind to you because I'm my older brother."

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Hearing Gulu's "because I'm your older brother", the tears of the three little cubs were almost coming out. Their older brother was always the best.

Pado and Babana felt very relieved by the good relationship between the cubs and by the fact that they had such a powerful cub.

In the past, Pado felt that Gulu going out and meeting so many dinosaurs wasn't good. Triceratops should only communicate with the dinosaurs of their own group and shouldn't know other dinosaurs. However, Gulu was so happy to meet these dinosaurs. And since Mungo protected Gulu well, Pado didn't stop them.

Now Pado thought that it's not a bad thing to know more dinosaurs, as long as he didn't make friends with dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs.

Perhaps because they drank too much water, the four cubs often wanted to urinate when they're walking. As the best group leader, Pado was always responsible. He let those cubs who were dying of thirst drink the urine of the four cubs.

Although Gulu was a human being, he could still understand the reason behind drinking urine. In the desert, many human beings depended on drinking their own urine to survive under extreme water shortage.

Pado told Gulu that during the previous migration, when these cubs were dying of thirst, they all drank the urine of their parents. This was normal.

In fact, it couldn't be regarded as urine either, because dinosaurs didn't urinate. They just defecated. Since these four cubs ate too little ferns, the excrement they pulled out was basically water mixed with some fern residue, which could be called urine.

The excrement of these four cubs, which could be called urine, had really saved many Triceratops cubs in the group from dying of thirst.

At the same time, Gulu was looking for a Hypsilophodon with its head lowered on the ground to smell the earth. Finding such a Hypsilophodon was basically equivalent to finding water.

In the evening, Gulu finally discovered one!

After Gulu told Pado, Pado's entire group followed the Hypsilophodon not far away. Indeed, soon after, they saw a pond!

Beside the pond, there're also many ferns that had not been eaten. These ferns were very fresh and luxuriant.

Pado's group rushed there at once.

The Hypsilophodon, who had just found the water source, looked puzzled, but it alone couldn't stop so many Triceratopses. Even a group of Hypsilophodon couldn't stop so many Triceratopses, so it had to give up the water source.

Gulu noticed that water sources were really in remote places. No wonder they couldn't find them.

Some of Pado's dinosaurs jumped into the pond to drink water, while others ate ferns on the bank.

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Gulu ate the fern plants quickly and was soon full.

Because he already drank enough water at noon today, he laid aside to rest.

Mungo wandered outside of Pado's group. Pado immediately sent Gulu to Mungo.

Gulu wanted to secretly see if Ling was punished by the dinosaurs in his group for taking them to drink water. Mungo happily took him to see.

Ling's group rested near a pond not far from Pado's group.

In order to thank Ling, Mungo hunted the freshest Triceratops cub and gave it to Rhino in the afternoon.

At this time, Rhino was still holding a large piece of meat to eat with relish.

Ling wasn't at Rhino's side. Several Hypsilophodon walked to the Rhino's side and called out, "Big ugly dinosaur, you're eating disgusting meat again. You're disgusting, big ugly dinosaur!"

Rhino showed his full fangs at these Hypsilophodon and roared: "Get out, you pesky dinosaurs, my brother will come back to beat you!"

Hypsilophodon: "Your brother was taught by the leader, because you nearly killed a dinosaur of the group this afternoon. The leader wants to drive you away. Your brother took the beating to stop you from being driven away. Do you want to go and see?"

Rhino: "I only want to bite him because he wants to rob me of my flesh. Besides, I only scare him. I didn't bite him. Why did the leader punish my brother? You've gone too far!"

Hypsilophodon: "Come with us. We'll show you."

Under the leadership of several Hypsilophodon, Rhino came to a relatively remote place.

A very strong Hypsilophodon was beating Ling. Ling was all wounded.

Rhino roared and rushed toward the leader of the Hypsilophodon.


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