Hypsilophodon: "Gulu, my name is Ling and my brother's name is Rhino. It's nice to meet you. Thank you for helping me hunt. My brother has to eat a lot. I'm afraid that he won't have enough."

(T/N: Ling = Spirit. I chose to keep the Pinyin. Xi = Rhinoceros. I shortened Rhinoceros to Rhino.)

Gulu: "Ling, listen to me. Your brother is a Carnotaurus. It's true. Where did you find him?"

At present, this Carnotaurus was still in the state of a cub, but it's already bigger than the Hypsilophodon, weighing about 200-300 Jin.

When this Carnotaurus came of age, it would need to hunt on its own. But without knowledge from its kind and living among a group of herbivorous dinosaurs, it's impossible have enough meat. This Carnotaurus would surely starve to death.

Ling: "Gulu, I know my brother is a little different from us. That's because he eats more than us. Of course, the bigger a dinosaur is, the better. Gulu, have you ever seen a Carnotaurus? I heard that the dinosaur is especially terrifying. My brother is definitely not a Carnotaurus."

Rhino: "Yes, brother, how can I be a Carnotaurus? It's said that this terrifying dinosaur really like to eat herbivorous dinosaurs like us. Brother, I'm scare."

After saying this, the Carnotaurus curled up and hid behind the less than 100 Jin Hypsilophodon.

Gulu: Emmm………Hello, did you misunderstand your size? You're a dinosaur weighing 200-300 Jin. But you're hiding behind a dinosaur weighing less than 100 Jin. Are you not bashful?!

Ling rubbed his little head against the sharp horns on Rhino's head and said, "Don't be scare. Don't be scare. Brother will protect you."

Gulu was still kind enough to remind: "Ling, I'm serious with you. Your brother will grow to 3 or 4 tons in the future, which is four to five times heavier than a Camptosaurus. If he can't hunt by himself then, he'll starve to death."

Rhino was immediately stimulated: "No, no, I'm not a Carnotaurus. You're lying to us. I'm a Hypsilophodon, the same Hypsilophodon as my brother!"

In fact, Ling had long felt strange. If his younger brother was really a Hypsilophodon and Hypsilophodon ate ferns, why did his younger brother want to eat meat. He always had an uncontrollable urge to eat meat. In the past, his parents went to find meat for his younger brother. In the absence of his parents, he was the one who found meat for him.

Rhino himself also felt strange. All dinosaurs in the group ate ferns, only he ate meat and didn't like eating ferns, but he still firmly believed that he's a Hypsilophodon.

Ling: "Gulu, thank you. My brother is a Hypsilophodon."

Gulu couldn't say anything else besides: "I've seen a Carnotaurus, which looks exactly the same as your brother. Go back and think about it carefully. Where did you find your brother? You better send him back to the Carnotaurus group, otherwise, your brother will starve to death."

Carnotaurus lived in groups, just like Mapusaurus. The full name of Mapusaurus was Mapusaurus roseae, which mainly fed on Argentinosaurus. Carnotaurus fed on Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus and Argentinosaurus were very large dinosaurs that required a group to hunt.

On second thought, even if Ling really wanted to send his brother back, the carnivorous dinosaur group wouldn't accept a young cub who's not from their own group unless Rhino's biological parents were found. But the difficulty coefficient was too large.

Rhino ate the Camptosaurus and said: "Brother, this Triceratops brother is very strange. Why did he say that I'm a Carnotaurus? I'm not such a terrible dinosaur…"

Ling rubbed against Rhino's body and replied, "It's okay. Our Rhino is not a Carnotaurus. Our Rhino is a Hypsilophodon."

Gulu walked back while thinking.  Rhino didn't yet know the value of a Carnotaurus. Crowds of Carnotaurus in a group were the dinosaurs that make Tyrannosaurus rex stay away. They dominated one-sidedly and were especially terrifying.

It's just that Gulu didn't know where these Carnotaurus lived, just as he didn't know where to find the famous Giganotosaurus.

However, Gulu was very happy to see the amazing Hypsilophodon today.

Gulu and Mungo hadn't gone far when they heard a roar behind them. It's the roar of Giganotosaurus.

Looking back, Gulu saw that both Ling and Rhino had climbed up a tree at a very fast speed while holding a large piece of meat in their mouths.

Gulu was shocked: Carnotaurus can't climb trees!

But it seemed that Rhino learned it from living with a group of Hypsilophodon when he's young. Gulu didn't pay attention just now. However, a Carnotaurus that could climb trees must have grown powerful claws.

On the other hand, Hypsilophodon could climb trees quickly because of their hands, especially their grip. Their hands were very long and had five fingers. And these fingers had very strong grip. They could hold their foods with them.  

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The fact that a Carnotaurus could climb tree so quickly proved that his body may have undergone certain changes due to long-term living with Hypsilophodon. However, as the weight of the Carnotaurus became heavier, it would no longer be possible for him to climb tree, especially once he's past 500 Jin.

There're too many carnivorous dinosaurs here. Ling and Rhino had mastered the trick for a long time. After hunting food, Rhino would eat quickly after Ling quickly divided the prey. If other carnivorous dinosaurs came to rob, they would take all the meat they could to the trees to eat.

Gulu stood and looked at them. He saw both of them put the meat on the trunk. While Rhino's hind legs gripped the trunk tightly, Ling held the meat in his hand and fed it to Rhino bit by bit.

Because like Tyrannosaurus rex, the forelimbs of Carnotaurus were very short. Rhino couldn't eat meat by himself. If he lowered his head to eat meat, his body would fall out of balance, so he could only be fed by Ling.

Rhino was very happy when eating meat and kept shaking his head and said: "Wow, brother, the meat is really delicious. Why don't you like eating meat? Meat is so delicious!…"

Ling: "Eat more if you like. Brother will hunt more for you tomorrow."

Gulu saw several Giganotosaurus under the tree where Ling and Rhino were on. They finished eating the rest of the meat on the ground in an instant. After eating, they looked up at the meat on the tree and drooled wildly.

Ling and Rhino took a lot of meat and put it on the tree. They couldn't finish it for a while. After putting it on the trunk, the meat kept dripping blood.

A few Giganotosaurus growled under the tree in constant hunger, as if to say: Little dinosaurs, send your meat down to our boss, otherwise, I'll eat you alive!"

Ling wasn't afraid of these Giganotosaurus. His climbing skills were 666. He roared toward the bottom, as if to say: "If you have the skills, why don't you climb the tree? Having no skills but still want to eat me, lue lue lue…"

Gulu believed that as a small herbivorous dinosaur, the reason why Ling managed to feed a Carnivorous was probably due to his incomparable climbing skills.

It's really a bug to be able to climb trees because carnivorous dinosaurs in the dinosaur age were basically unable to climb trees. Herbivorous dinosaurs that could climb trees had a lot of survival advantage.

Mungo and Gulu continued to walk back. After a while, Ling and Rhino caught up with them again. The only difference was that Ling and Rhino travelled on the trees while they walked on the ground.

Rhino ran in front while Ling followed him and shouted, "Rhino, slow down, wait for brother, you're running too fast."

For the first time, Gulu saw a Carnotaurus that could run on a tree. It's 666.

Rhino looked at Gulu below and said, "Brother Gulu, look, I can climb trees and run on trees, so I'm a Hypsilophodon."

Gulu was helpless: "Hmmm, you're a Hypsilophodon, you're a Hypsilophodon."

Mungo sent Gulu back to Pado's group. The Hypsilophodon brothers had long since disappeared.

Shortly after Gulu's return, Pado's group began to march again.

All of the fern fields and forests that this group of migrating herbivorous dinosaurs passed by were basically eaten up. Now it's dry season, ferns and leaves grew very slowly. Some even stopped growing. They must find available food first and eat more before moving on.

The drought had become more and more serious. There was no rain. Ferns everywhere became withered, including the fern fields and forests they just passed through.

In the evening, they came to another fern field, which couldn't even be called a fern field. It's full of gravel and weeds, together with sparse trees and no water.

Next to this fern field was a steep cliff and vertical rocks that's full of leaping Hypsilophodon.

Gulu found out that this was the place where most Hypsilophodon were found.

Crowds of Hypsilophodon ran at full speed and skipped across the cliff. The cliff looked so vertical and Gulu feared they would slide down. But obviously, their technique was very good.

Gulu also saw Ling and Rhino, because Rhino, as a Carnotaurus, looked really conspicuous among a group of Hypsilophodon. Gulu couldn't miss him.

After several days of observation, Gulu found that there're about 500 Hypsilophodon living with Ling and Rhino. These Hypsilophodon seemed to dislike Rhino a lot and bully him. Ling often fought with these Hypsilophodon for Rhino.

This area was really too dry and short of water. The fern plants were too brittle to swallow. All the leaves had basically withered. But they couldn't backtrack. They already ate up all the fern plants and forests where they passed through. They still had no food even if they were to go back.

Dinosaurs who migrated many times knew that as long as they stick to this path, there would be abundant ferns and leaves ahead.

However, this section of the road was really difficult. From time to time, dinosaurs fell to the ground, not only because they had no food, but because they were too thirsty.

All dinosaurs' scales basically became chapped, because the body needed water so all water in the skin were absorbed.

Dinosaurs drank very little water. As long as their bodies had enough water, they didn't need to drink because they could draw water from their skin.

But now there's no water on the skin and there's no external source of water. These dinosaurs died because their bodies were extremely short of water.

Mungo's group got very lucky. They basically didn't need to hunt. Just eating these thirsty and starving herbivorous dinosaurs was enough.

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Ulam's cubs were also growing fast because of the abundance of food these days.

Of course, the carnivorous dinosaurs around here also good lucky. They could eat fresh meat that fell to the ground every day.

Gulu was also very thirsty. He so thirsty, thirsty to death.

The Hypsilophodon group nearby was different. They didn't seem thirsty at all. They ate well and didn't worry about anything.

Gulu even saw that the young Hypsilophodon who couldn't find fern to eat were eating crushed stones mixed with rotten roots. They ate them with relish.

Gulu knew that common herbivorous dinosaurs ate ferns or leaves. Hypsilophodon were different. They could eat tree roots, bark, and crushed stones. Hypsilophodon's mouth was a blender. They could eat anything because their mouths had thick skin that could tolerate the materials they're chewing. That's why they're able to chew crushed stones casually. If they ate less stones, the skin around their mouth might become overgrown.

Mungo was frantically looking for water every day. He knew that Gulu must drink some water. He couldn't go on like this, but Mungo couldn't find any water and was worried every day.

Mila was too much younger than Gulu. She could only endure a day or two. She's almost unable to support herself now.

Gulu asked Babana, "Mom, how long will it take us to get out?"

Babana could only reply, "Soon, soon, hold on."

With a thud, Mila fell to the ground. Gulu and Babana rubbed her and shouted: "Mila, Mila, wake up!…"

At this time, Pado also came running. He knew that Mila was dying. Several cubs about the same size as Mila had died, but he had no solution.

Gulu looked around anxiously. After seeing Mungo, he immediately thought of a way. He said to Pado, "I'll make Mungo take Mila to drink some blood. It's the only way."

Pado nodded repeatedly. Mila was too thin to go on starving. Gulu picked her up and ran to Mungo.

Mungo, of course, immediately took Mila to drink blood. Not far away, a Diplodocus had just fallen down. No carnivorous dinosaurs had eaten it.

Mungo first let his brothers guard the prey then led Mila there with Gulu.

Gulu saw Mungo bit the Diplodocus's neck. Blood quickly gushed out. Mila heard the sound of running water and opened her mouth on her own initiative. However, the smell of blood was disliked by herbivorous dinosaurs. She vomited after drinking a little, but she was too thirsty to stop. She had to half drink and half vomit at the same time.

The sun was too high. Gulu also wanted to drink, but before he could reach out his mouth, he fell to the ground with a thump. He's too thirsty and tired. It's an ordeal just to stand.

Mungo was so anxious that he immediately sent the Diplodocus's neck to Gulu's mouth, but Gulu couldn't drink it.

At this moment, Mungo heard the roar of a Hypsilophodon: "Mungo, Mungo, I know where there's water!"

Mungo looked back and saw the Hypsilophodon named Ling.

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