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Just after 7 o'clock in the morning on the next day, Tang Sining hurriedly ran downstairs in her pajamas and slippers.

Father Tang and mother Tang were having breakfast in the dining room. Both of them felt helpless when they saw their daughter's appearance. Why were the daughters in other prestigious families gentle and refined, but theirs behaved so carelessly like a man?

When mother Tang socialized with the wives from other prestigious families, she often laughed and said that their family was supposed to have four sons, but heaven made a mistake and sent them a daughter.

"Big news! Big news!" Tang Sining rushed to mother Tang's side excitedly. But first, she grabbed a delicate small steamed bun from mother Tang's plate and stuffed it into her mouth.

Father Tang couldn't watch any more. After eating the last bite, he's ready to go to the living room to watch the news.

Mother Tang paid more attention to the behavior of her child and solemnly admonished, "Did you even wash before coming down? What a scandal!"

Tang Sining hurriedly swallowed the small steamed bun and rushed to hold her father who's going to the living room. She ignored her mother's scolding and said with a smile, "Mom, Dad, big news! I just woke up to see what the weather is like outside. When I pull the curtains open, guess what I saw!"

Father Tang and mother Tang glanced at her but didn't respond. They were waiting for her to continue.

Tang Sining curled her lips and answered herself, "I saw second brother!"

"Sibo always get up in the morning to run. This is his normal time to come back. Why're you making a fuss?" Mother Tang helplessly poked her head with her fingers.

Father Tang also felt very boring. He lost interest and wanted to go watch the news.

Tang Sining hurriedly took hold of his arm and mysteriously said, "Second brother's morning run isn't strange, but it's strange that he held back a big bouquet of red roses! I watched him go to the garage!"

Red roses? Oh ho, there's a situation! Their second child never bought flowers. Even when visiting people at the hospital, he just directly bought fruits or supplements. He believed that flowers had no practical value since they couldn't be preserved for long. They were practically useless. Now he bought a bouquet of red roses? He's either in love or possessed!

As a result, father Tang's and mother Tang's mood suddenly became better. Mother Tang felt that she's too wise to make an appointment with Bernard last night. Father Tang also thought that he would finally have a daughter-in-law, which meant that their family was finally going to have more people. There would be more liveliness. This was good.

Tang Sining saw her parents in a cheerful mood and was about to take credit when Tang Sibo came in.

Three people turned to look at him. Tang Sibo frowned slightly since he didn't know the reason.

It's rare to show some signs. Of course, Tang parents didn't want to disturb their son's love.

They tacitly didn't mention it. Tang Sining also stood obediently and didn't say anything.

Tang Sibo thought that his family was very strange, especially since last night.

"Sibo, have breakfast. Today, chubby aunt made your favorite bun." Mother Tang looked at her second son with tenderness. Her eyes showed unspeakable love.

Tang Sibo looked at them again. Since he couldn't figure out what's strange about them, he stopped thinking about it.  

"No, I'll take Xiao Ke out to eat."

Going out to eat? Father Tang exchanges glances with mother Tang. Both of them got each other's message. None of them stopped him and instead nodded their head.

Tang Sibo went upstairs to wake up his son.

Tang Luoke had already gotten up and washed himself. Tang Sibo went back to his bedroom to take a bath and change his clothes, then led his son downstairs.

By this time, Tang Sining had finished eating in the dining room. Mother Tang sat beside her and was talking to her. Father Tang was watching TV in the living room.

Seeing them coming down, Tang Sining turned to look. She swallowed a small steamed bun and smiled, "Is Xiao Ke in such a good mood today?"

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Tang Luoke held his head high. When he had a little talk with his father before going to bed last night, his father said that he should get up early today because they would go to Teacher Su's apartment for breakfast, so he's in a great mood early in the morning.

Mother Tang saw how lovely her grandson looked and smiled happily. She called him to come over and asked, "Are you hungry, Xiao Ke? Eat a small steamed bun before you go."

Tang Luoke was very filial and seldom went against the wishes of his elders. He would satisfy them when he could. So, he went over and bit half of the steamed bun with his mouth.

Mother Tang was so happy that she couldn't help reaching out and touching her grandson's little face. Her eyes were full of spoil.

Tang Luoke squinted slightly. Today's steamed bun was eight-treasured steamed bun.

After finishing the remaining half, Tang Luoke asked, "Are there still steamed buns left?"

"Yes, I thought that you and your father will eat them. There're two more pots in the kitchen." Mother Tang answered with a smile while thinking that her little grandson was greedy for food.

Tang Luoke nodded and walked over to his father. He said in a small voice, "Can we take the eight-treasured steamed buns to Teacher Su and Xiao Juan?"

Tang Sibo chuckled. He nodded and led his son to the kitchen to pack the remaining two pots of hot eight-treasured steamed buns. He came out to talk with his family then went out together with Tang Luoke.

Tang Sining, who was still eating, smiled evilly as she took mother Tang's hand and said, "Mom, look at second brother! He must be taking them to his sweetheart. There're roses and breakfast. No stranger outside has eaten our eight-treasured steamed buns."

The so-called "eight-treasured steamed bun" meant that the skin and stuffing of the bun were specially made with eight secret kinds of food materials. When mixed up together, they became extremely delicious. They're not good to eat too often. After all, delicious foods weren't always good for one's health. This bun was created by chubby aunt for the Tang family. It wasn't sold outside.

Mother Tang naturally saw it too. If Tang Sibo said that these buns were just for normal friends, she wouldn't believe it. However, mother Tang was very pleased to see her little golden grandson protecting that one.

If Tang Sibo had someone he liked, her greatest fear was that Xiao Ke would be wronged. Since Xiao Ke liked that person so much, she certainly needn't worry. Mother Tang felt very pleased in her heart. Although she hadn't seen this prospective wife, she had basically accepted this person in her heart and was waiting for her son to bring the person back.

Tang Sining saw that her mother's thoughts were all on her second brother, she's so happy! Finally, she could have a quiet day without a blind date. Second brother was simply too good! She hoped that after second brother succeeded, it would be big brother's turn! This way, she could play for a few more years, Bahahaha ~

The small thoughts of every Tang family's member wouldn't be mentioned more for the time being. On the other side, Tang Sibo drove his son to Shenyuan apartment.

Tang Luoke looked at the large bouquet of red roses with delicate packaging on the front passenger seat. His face was flushed with joy. He saw on TV how the male lead sent red roses to the female lead, then the two got together. Although Teacher Su was male, it should be the same, right?

Tang Luoke's mood was simply indescribable when he thought that Teacher Su would soon be his own family.

Tang Sibo looked at his son's rare big smiling face in the rearview mirror and was amused. He warned: "When you arrive at Teacher Su's apartment later, don't talk too much and frighten Teacher Su. Dad will pursue him himself, understand?"

Tang Luoke nodded obediently. Although he thought that he's more intelligent than his peers, he still didn't know anything about falling in love. Let his father do it himself.

The Tang family's main residence situated far from the downtown area for the sake of quietness. It took 20 minutes to drive to Shenyang. Thanks to Tang Luoke's own initiative to get up early today, it was only 7:40 when the father and son arrived at Su Fu's apartment. Tang Sibo calculated that since Su Fu went to work at 8:30, he should be having breakfast at this time.

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