Tang Luoke stood next to Su Fu and eagerly asked him if he's his mother.

Su Fu glanced around and didn't know how to answer him. The little guy's expectant eyes made him not have the heart to deny it.

Su Fu remembered that when he helped Tang Luoke take a bath that day, Tang Luoke said that he felt like a mother. Now, in retrospect, Xiao Ke had hoped that he was his mother at that time. He also remembered that Xiao Ke wanted a mother very much. The little guy's loneliness and persistence made his heart ached.  

Su Fu turned to Tang Sibo asking for help. He didn't want to hurt Xiao Ke, but he and Mr. Tang had just started. Oh, no, they hadn't even started yet. How could he respond to the little guy and become his "mother?" Besides, he's still a man.

Tang Sibo was also very helpless. His son had always been as calm as an adult, but he's too anxious and persistent when asking Su Fu to be his mother.

Just as he's trying to help Su Fu say something, Juan Juan suddenly ran to the other side of Su Fu. He hugged his arm, looked at Tang Luoke and asked, "How is he your mother? Little Dad is my father."

Tang Luoke wasn't completely attached to the term "mother." Anyway, as long as Su Fu's with his father and became part of his family, he would be happy.

"Xiao Juan is right, then is Teacher Su my father now?"

Su Fu was first relieved that he's no longer being called mother, then became distressed after hearing the little guy calling him father instead.

However, before Su Fu could explain anything, Juan Juan suddenly held his arm tightly and turned around. The little fellow had a flat mouth and his eyes were full of tears. Su Fu was shocked and wondered what happened to the child.

This appearance of being wronged not only frightened Su Fu, but also Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke.

Tang Luoke asked: "Xiao Juan, what's wrong with you?"

Juan Juan still had a flat mouth. He tried hard not to let his tears fall down as he spoke in a hoarse voice: "But…but little Dad is Juan Juan's father!"

After saying this, he hugged Su Fu's arm even tighter and his tears started to fall. The little fellow felt that he could give older brother Tang anything he liked, but not his little Dad! He only had his little Dad!

Juan Juan's cry made Su Fu feel heartbroken for him. But his reason for crying also put him in distress. He hurriedly picked up the little guy and placed him on his leg. He hugged him and patted his small back to calm him down.  

"Don't cry, Juan Juan. Of course, little Dad is Juan Juan's father. No one can take little Dad away."

Juan Juan looked up at Su Fu with his wronged face and asked in a low voice, "It's true?"

Tang Sibo chuckled as he listened to them. He took Juan Juan from Su Fu's arms and wiped his tears with a tissue.

"Xiao Juan misunderstood what your older brother Tang meant. Older brother Tang won't rob your little Dad."

Tang Luoke realized that he made Juan Juan cry and felt very guilty. He went up to rub Juan Juan's head and explained: "Xiao Juan, once my Dad and your little Dad are together, Teacher Su will be my little Dad. But my Dad will also be your father. Older brother won't rob you of your little Dad. We're a family."

Juan Juan blinked his big eyes. He was still confused and didn't fully understand. But as long as little Dad is still his little Dad! What does it matter if Uncle Tang become his father?

At this thought, Juan Juan suddenly became happy again and asked Tang Sibo, "Is Uncle Tang going to become Juan Juan's father?"

It's Tang Sibo's turn to not know how to answer. He exchanged glances with Su Fu. They looked very helpless.

Originally, the two people were just starting to talk about their feelings, but they got confused after being muddled by the two little guys. The two people choked up and didn't know how to answer.

Tang Sibo held Xiao Juan in his arms and patted him affectionately. He felt that the culprit was still his son. He looked up at Tang Luoke and spoke with a little more seriousness: "Xiao Ke, don't frighten Teacher Su. Teacher Su has his own considerations."

Tang Luoke's happy face instantly sank down. It's not a done deal? Didn't you hug him just now? Why haven't you gotten him yet? Did you just want to eat Teacher Su's tofu`?

Seeing Tang Luoke unhappy, Su Fu felt a little distressed and pulled him into his arms. He coaxed, "Xiao Ke, falling in love is a process. You can't be impatient."

Tang Luoke held Su Fu's arm in silence and quieted down.

Juan Juan poked his head out of Tang Sibo's arms and asked curiously, "What is love? Will uncle Tang become Juan Juan's father when he's in love? Then little Dad and uncle Tang needs to fall in love quickly."

Su Fu and Tang Sibo looked at each other, forget it, they can't explain clearly anymore…

Later, the Tang father and his son had to go back. Su Fu went downstairs with Juan Juan to send them off.

Downstairs, Juan Juan ran to say something with Tang Luoke with a smile. Tang Sibo stood by the door of his car. He looked at the two little guys and smiled. He turned to look at Su Fu standing beside him.

"Can Xiao Ke's tutoring be continued?"

Su Fu also looked at Tang Luoke who didn't pay attention to them and nodded, "Yes, we can continue tomorrow. Do you want to come here?"

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The Tang father and son must live in the Tang family's main residence at ordinary times. But there're too many people there, and all of them were valuable figures, so Su Fu was a little uncomfortable.

Tang Sibo also considered this point. His parents liked to have their grandson around them, so he and his son usually lived at the main residence. He's afraid that it would make Su Fu uncomfortable, so he didn't refuse.

"Good, I'll send Xiao Ke here in the evening."

Su Fu thought about it. The tutoring started at six o'clock. Wouldn't it be too rushed for them to come here right after having dinner at the Tang mansion? So, he suggested, "Let's eat dinner here?"

Seeing Su Fu taking the initiative, Tang Sibo was naturally happy. He gently smiled and nodded in agreement.

After that, the two became relatively quiet.

Seeing that the two children had finished talking to each other, Tang Sibo glanced at Su Fu. He suddenly reached out for one of Su Fu's hand and bent down to kiss the back of it, then gave a gentleman's salute.

"Good night, sweat dream."

Su Fu almost jumped up when he was kissed. Although Mr. Tang did say that he wanted to pursue him, the matter hadn't sunk into him yet. Now because of this kiss, Su Fu's little heart started beating with countless thump, thump, thump.  

"Well, good night." Su Fu responded softly.

Tang Sibo thought, why did his heart feel so warm and soft? And his mood, so happy?

The Tang father and son finally left. Su Fu looked at their car leaving. He couldn't help shaking his hand and touched the kiss on its back. It still felt so hot.

His heart was still jumping uncontrollably, and his face felt hot. Su Fu lambasted himself in his heart. Hadn't he been pursued before? Why was he so excited? He's already this old! Really worthless!

However, despite these ideas, Su Fu still couldn't controlled the fast beating of his heart. He thought, that's Mr. Tang, the perfect Mr. Tang! How can he like him?! How?!

Even though he just experienced a failed relationship, even though he's not at the same social standing as the Tang family, even though Mr. Tang was too perfect for him, even though

Even though there's so many obstacles, Su Fu had to admit that his heart still vaguely and secretly had some expectations.

He thought, with Mr. Tang, things would definitely be different.

Su Fu patted his chest and breathed a long sigh of relief. He shook his head and stopped thinking.

Looking down at his legs, he saw Juan Juan looking up at him. He smiled and bent down to pick him up. They went back home together.

After they walked upstairs, Juan Juan turned his head and looked at Su Fu's red face. He asked in bewilderment, "Little Dad, your face is red. It's so red."

Su Fu was embarrassed and thought, fortunately, the child is still young and doesn't know anything.

"Dad is too hot."

Juan Juan tilted his head and touched his small hands. It was so cold outside, his small hands were frozen.

The father and son went to bed after washing themselves. Juan Juan fell asleep with snoring bubbles. However, Su Fu was so overwhelmed by tonight's events that his mind was still full of Tang Sibo. He couldn't sleep over and over again.

As soon as the Tang father and son returned to the Tang family's main residence, they were besieged by their family.

When they got home, it was almost nine o'clock. In the living room, father Tang, mother Tang and Tang Sining were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Father Tang and mother Tang then stood up and looked like they were about to go upstairs to sleep.

Seeing them coming back, all three of them looked over. Their eyes slightly narrowed.

At the Tang family's main residence, they had the rule of having dinner together. If you had to eat out, you needed to say it in advance. Tang Sibo only mentioned that he would take Xiao Ke to a friend's apartment for dinner, but he didn't give much details. Father Tang, mother Tang and younger sister Tang didn't pay much attention at first, but when they came back at this time, it felt somewhat subtle.

In the past, when Tang Sibo went out to attend parties, banquets, and other events, he and his friends would usually have a lively time together. He often came back later and seldom took his son with him. Today, not only did he take his son with him, but he also came back not too early or late. It always felt a little different.

Tang Sibo ignored the look in his family's eyes and said to them, "I won't come back to eat tomorrow night. Xiao Ke is going to catch up on his English grammar. Please eat without us."

After saying this, he went upstairs to take a shower.

Father Tang looked at mother Tang while mother Tang looked at Tang Sining. Tang Sining turned to Tang Luoke.

"Xiao Ke, tell aunt, where are you going for tutoring? Is it at a private school or with a private tutor? If it's with a tutor, why didn't you bring the tutor home?"

Tang Sining smilingly hugged Tang Luoke. She hugged him to the sofa and began to question him.

Tang Luoke looked at his aunt, grandma and grandpa and saw their eyes glistening.

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This was also them being helpless. The oldest son was 31, and the youngest son was a senior in university. However, after so many years, the Tang family's main residence had never welcomed any of their children's love interest, let alone a wedding. Although father Tang and mother Tang were very open-minded, they're also anxious. If it wasn't for already having a very good and clever little golden grandson, Tang parents would have forced their children to marry one by one.

Now, seeing that the second son seemed a little different. They one by one looked on the bright side, is he in love?

Tang Luoke was often surrounded by his grandparents. He knew their little thoughts and what they're thinking of just looking at their eyes. However, Teacher Su was somewhat shy. He also said today that falling in love was a process. One couldn't be impatient. Tang Luoke felt that he shouldn't frighten Teacher Su, so he didn't confess all of it.

However, Teacher Su was so good that he should disclose a little so that everyone in the family knew something about him.

As a result, Tang Luoke puffed out his small chest and said proudly, "We went to Teacher Su's apartment for tutoring. Teacher Su is gentle and will cook dinner for my father and me at night. The food cooked by Teacher Su is delicious."

When Father Tang heard that there're signs of affections. He happily sat back to eat nuts and watch TV. Looking at the shrewd appearance of his lovely grandson, he knew that the kid wouldn't say anything more.

Mother Tang and Tang Sining looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"Xiao Ke, is your father in love?" Tang Sining pinched his nephew's face and asked in a gossiping way.

Mother Tang tried hard to keep her dignified manner, but she couldn't help listening in.

Unfortunately, little master Tang was little master Tang. He only revealed as much as he wanted to and didn't talk about anything else.

Tang Luoke opened his aunt's arms and jumped off the sofa. He said good night to them then went upstairs with his head held high.

Tang Sining shook her legs while laughing hahaha without image. She said to mother Tang, "Mom, I think it's probably true. If it's just for tutoring, why eat at somebody else's apartment? It's all excuses!"

Mother Tang gave her a look and stared at her sitting with her arms akimbo. Where did she look like a lady from a prestigious family?

Tang Sining quickly stood up. She hugged her mother's arm and asked, "That person is a teacher, isn't it?"

Mother Tang thought for a moment and nodded. "If it's a teacher, the character should be good. Otherwise, your second brother won't take a fancy to it. Sibo has a critical eye. Since he takes a fancy to it, the matter should be settled."

Tang mother patted her daughter's hand and went upstairs alone. She calculated the time difference. It should be afternoon in France. She needed to make an appointment with old Mr. Bernard, a senior designer in the French design circle.

Bernard's time was precious. Although they had some friendship, she still needed to make an appointment.

Otherwise, it might be too late to talk about the wedding dress design after her daughter-in-law arrived.

Tang Sining turned her head. She looked at her father who was watching TV and eating nuts. She shook her head and hurried to her study. She needed to print out a set of love guides for second brother. Once second brother has a lover, her mother will have something to worry about, so she should no longer worry about her blind date? Bahahaha ~ ~ ~ ~

As a result, when Tang Sibo came out of his bath, he saw a thick stacks of printed paper lying on his bed. The first page had impressively bolded characters that read "Tailored Made Love Guide for Second Tang."

Tang Sibo couldn't help twitching his mouth. Just seeing this, he knew it's his sister making ghost.  

However, although he disliked it, Mr. Tang still opened it after drying his hair.

What chance encounter, what hero saves beauty, what accidental kiss…

Tang Sibo snorted and threw it away. The old and thick treasure book "plopped" into the trash can.

Remembering Su Fu's shyness when he kissed the back of his hand tonight, Tang Sibo couldn't help laughing slightly. How could he use such a crazy pursuit on such a shy person?

Mr. Tang had his own set of plans.


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