With the hot summer vacation approaching, Lin Yifei went back to Chen Lin Ji.

Chen Lin Ji resumed business the day after Chris left. Lin Yifei vaguely understood that Chen Lin Ji might be one of the chips that was used to threaten Chris.

The entire summer vacation was uneventful. Occasionally, Lin Yifei would take out his mobile phone and look through the text messages sent by Chris to him. Each one was so short, so 20 to 30 short messages were read through in a couple of minutes. He still kept Chris's smiling photo. His fingers stroked this image and his nose became sour` again.

When will they meet again?

"Xiao Fei! Xiao Fei! You have friends coming!" Mother Lin shouted from the first floor.

It's probably Rex. This guy had a rich family, so he would ask Lin Yifei to practice fencing at the paid fencing hall almost every day. In fact, Lin Yifei was very grateful to him. After every practice, both of them were so exhausted that he could forget the pain in his heart for a moment.

Lin Yifei walked to the door and looked at the graceful figure slowly coming up the stairs. He couldn't help standing there stunned.

The soft hair swayed gently with the pace of the bearer while his elegant expression made it impossible for one to think of the cruel manner in which he cornered his opponent in fencing.

"Kevin…Kevin Phil…" Lin Yifei read out the other's name.

"Why are you so surprised to see me?" Kevin smiled and walked to the front of Lin Yifei. "Won't you let me in?"

"Of course!" Lin Yifei quickly gave up his stand at the door. Suddenly, a burst of joy surged in his heart. "When did you come to the United States?"

Kevin casually pulled out the chair in front of Lin Yifei's desk and looked around his room. "This is the first time I've come to your room. It turns out to be like this."

Lin Yifei was somewhat embarrassed and grabbed his head. "Ha ha, boys' rooms aren't very tidy."

"This is already very clean and tidy. I'm afraid your mother spent a lot of time cleaning it up for you."

"How long will you stay in the United States?"

"Two months. The first half of the month is for vacation. The next one and a half months will be spent with some famous American athletes."

Kevin pointed his finger at the photo on Lin Yifei's desk and asked half-jokingly, "Where is your little boyfriend?"

"You mean Chris? He transferred to New York."

Kevin easily caught the sadness in Lin Yifei's eyes.

"Good, that guy isn't here. No one is looking at you. I can be free with you. In fact, I have come to ask you one thing."

"What is it?"

"Six months from now, the World Junior Fencing Championship will start in Washington, United States. Do you want to join the American junior fencing team? They are now recruiting athletes. At present, the overall level of fencing in the United States is far from many European countries, such as Britain, Italy and France. This time, I think the U.S. Fencing Federation will have some headaches in selecting young fencers."

"Me?" Lin Yifei suddenly became excited when he heard the news.

"Of course, it's you." Kevin held out his index finger to hold Lin Yifei's chin with amusement. Obviously, if other people did this, it would look like frivolousness, but Kevin did it with elegance and gentleness. "I already wrote a recommendation letter to the U.S. fencing team."

"Ha! I love you so much!" Lin Yifei put his arms around Kevin's neck. The other side was slightly stunned. Then he smiled and hugged him.

"Do be too happy early. Even if you're selected for the junior fencing team, you must reach the top two in the team to qualify for the individual competition."

"Thank you anyway!"

"Tidy up your protective gear now and go register with me. There'll be a special coach to test your level."

"So soon?"

"Time waits for no man." Kevin let go of his chin. Lin Yifei reacted immediately and quickly packed his things.

Kevin propped up his chin and watched Lin Yifei busied up and down like a groundhog. He whispered in a voice that only he could hear: "You are so cute, how can he leave you?"

"Okay! Let's go!" Lin Yifei smiled brightly at him, which made Kevin slightly distracted.

"Let's go."

They called for a cab and arrived at the fencing hall where the fencing team was located.

Even though Kevin kept a low profile, his appearance still attracted many people's attention. Lin Yifei followed him. He wasn't accustomed to being stared at by others.

Kevin glanced at Lin Yifei behind him and couldn't help laughing. He took his wrist and pulled him to the open door.

The crunchy clashes of fencing swords sounded from the inside. A pair of athletes were practicing. A tall man had his back against Kevin as he watched the athletes on the court. From time to time, he uttered several shouts: "Reed! How many times have I told you! Keep your rhythm! Rhythm! How many competitions have you competed in? You're still being led by the nose!"

It seemed that the coach had a hot temper.

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It was only at half-time that Kevin shouted out the other's name, "Coach Lippmann."

Lippmann waved his hand and shouted, "I don't have time!"

"Goethe Lippmann, since you're so busy, I'll take Lin to eat first. Then we'll go to the amusement park for a ride and watch a movie. I'll come back with him next month."

Lippmann paused. He looked back and immediately came up with a big hug, "Ah! It's you, Kevin! I thought it was another annoying staff member or fencing coordinator!"

When looking at his back just now, Coach Lippmann made one feel stressed, but at this moment, he appeared more approachable.

His eyes swept across Lin Yifei who stood behind Kevin with examination and made Lin Yifei suddenly feel more pressure.

"Ah, this is Lin? The teenager mentioned in your email?"

"You sound dissatisfied?" Kevin's arm rested on Lin Yifei's shoulder. "After you received my letter, you obviously watched his competition video many times. You also told your staff to quickly find this teenager for you. Now that I have brought him myself, why do you seem unhappy?"

"Kevin, I'm showing off my dignity as a coach." Lippmann touched his half-bald head, then turned back to wave at one of the athletes, "Reed, come here."

Reed trotted up, "What is it, coach?"

"Practice with him. His name is Lin. Kevin introduced him."

Hearing Lippmann said this, Reed gave Lin Yifei a slightly crossover look.

"This is Reed. He is 19 years old this year. He did well in the last World Fencing Championship and reached the top eight." Lippmann was very strict with Reed just now, but one could see that he had great hopes for him.

"Hey, your name is Lin, isn't it?" Reed shook hands with Lin Yifei. "Don't be nervous, we're just trying out and let coach feel your level."

"Okay, thank you."

Lin Yifei went to change into his protective gear. When he entered the fencing hall again, Kevin and Lippmann were already standing on the sidelines.

"I felt that the child looks a little weak when not wearing his protective equipment. I don't know if it's because oriental skeleton is slim."

"Aha," Kevin raised his brows, "Don't be fooled by his appearance. I'm afraid your Reed will have his self-esteem hurt today."

Lippmann motioned with interest for them to begin.

Reed tried to be polite to Lin Yifei, but the two-time world champion Kevin Phil's recommendation inevitably made him more alert. At the very beginning, Reed lunged out to fend off Lin Yifei's sabre and struck him on the shoulder. Almost in an instant, Lin Yifei's body blocked his cutting. Reed, who was surprised by the diversion attack, retreated to defend, followed by two side-to-side attacks. Everything happened so fast. It's inconceivable that this attack came from a 15-or-16-year-old boy. Reed calmly responded. Lin Yifei made a feint, bypassing Reed's sabre tip and hitting him on the shoulder.

"Ah, Lin scored." Kevin whispered.

Lippmann's surprise was more well-contained.

The two continued after returning to the preparation line. Reed naturally didn't dare to underestimate Lin Yifei. All of his attacks were fully deployed. After four or five consecutive sabre attacks, the momentum switched back and ford. Once an attack was blocked, a straight thrust was used. After Lin Yifei made a breathtaking defense, he seized the opportunity to switch to attack. After hitting the sabre twice, he lunged out one and a half times. With his entry into the Olympic Championship's top eight, Reed was certainly not a fuel-efficient lamp. He not only reversed the attack, but also hit Lin Yifei in the arm.

Although Lin Yifei lost this point, his performance was remarkable. Lippmann held his arm and nodded slightly.

A simple tryout suddenly became full of gunpowder. Of course, Reed couldn't tolerate losing points in front of a person who had no experience in any major competition. His attack became fiercer and fiercer.

Lin Yifei calmly responded. He constantly looked for gaps in Reed. He would score again after each loss.

In this way, two sets passed. The score was 11 to 12, with Lin Yifei losing by one point.

Lippmann clapped his hands: "Okay, that's it."

Lin Yifei folded up his sabre and stood outside the preparation line.

Reed looked at him and took off his mask.

Lippmann's reason for calling for a stop was very simple. From these two matches, he found that Lin Yifei's observation was quite sharp. If the first set was warm-up, during the second set, Reed's fatal shortcomings were all dug out by Lin Yifei. This really surprised Lippmann. Lin Yifei acted like an extremely calm veteran on the battlefield.

"Are you still at Ghosn High School?"

"Ah…yes." Lin Yifei fingered his hair that's hanging down.

"Do you have a personal trainer?" Lippmann would like to know who's the coach of this teenager. Although he's young, all his technical movements were very standard. Lippmann couldn't find any defects in the technical level from the two matches just now.

"Not yet." This was the question that Lin Yifei was most afraid of being asked. He knew that his fencing skills should have few rivals among his peers. But he couldn't explain it without a personal trainer. However, he couldn't tell Lippmann that he had been coached by a personal trainer before he was reborn. That's why he knew the technical specifications, including many strategies and tactics even without a personal trainer in this life.

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