Lin Yifei opened his mouth wide, but he couldn't cry.

He thought that the most painful thing was to bid Chris farewell in church before his rebirth.

At that time, he felt a lot of regrets. But this time, he really hurt.

Lin Yifei stretched out his hand to hold the ring hanging around his neck. He suddenly felt so cold.

Chris, who was sitting in the car, closed his eyes after looking at the campus that was gradually receding from sight.

George adjusted the position of the rearview mirror and spoke softly: "Young master, if you want to cry, cry."

"Why should I cry?" Chris raised his chin. The corner of his lip curved up sharply. "From today on, I won't cry or shed another tear. I will use all my patience to pay that guy back twice."

George paused. His young master seemed to be different?

Back at the Osbornes' villa, the servants already tidied up Chris's room. All photos with Lin Yifei, the small cabin and the old set of protective equipment that Lin Yifei gave Chris were cleaned up.

Mr. Osborne knocked on Chris's door. "Don't blame me. These are all requested by DeNiro. He will come again tonight, so be prepared."

"I know." Chris sat in front of his desk and picked up the Chinese book. His bookmark was still on that page.

Hold your hand and grow old with you.

"Why didn't you struggle for my mother when you know she's hurting? Or do you actually not love her that much?"

Mr. Osborne responded, "Because I believe that I can definitely let her come back to me. Don't you have this confidence? Chris?"

"But you didn't make my mother happy."

Mr. Osborne lowered his head and showed a self-deprecating expression. "So, you must be happy, Chris."

After dinner, DeNiro came to the Osbornes' house with his cane.

He motioned to talk to Chris alone.

Two people came to the study and sat on opposite sides of the table. The atmosphere was tense, as if the books on the shelf would fall down at any moment.

"Have you sorted out your mood?" DeNiro asked with a smile.

"How should I sort it out? By taking away all my things? Or are you going to find a hypnotist to hypnotize me?"

"Time will swallow everything, your memory, your impulse, and those firm resolutions." DeNiro smiled.

"I'm ready to leave Washington for New York. I hope you will keep your promise and don't touch him again."

"That depends on whether you can meet the three conditions I ask for."

"Go ahead."

"First, you can't take initiative to meet that boy in the future. You can't contact him, including via cell phones, e-mails, or letters, or invite others to bring him along. What's more, you can't support him financially or in other ways."

"Second, you will be engaged to Elizabeth to strengthen the relationship between the Osbornes and the Taylors."

"Third, I don't object to your fencing practice, but you have to start running the family business and learn from your father."

Chris looked at DeNiro coldly. "Then I have two conditions."

"Oh? Let's hear it." DeNiro raised his hand.

"First, don't use any excuse to endanger the life, career and study of the Lin's family and friends. I can avoid contact with him, but that doesn't mean I can tolerate you doing things where I can't see."

"This condition is fair. I can promise. As long as you don't have any contact with him, then I won't bother to disturb the life of a Chinese boy."

"Second, if I see him in fencing, I will compete fairly with him."

"Yes, if you want to succeed in any field, you must have excellent opponents. But don't make any extra contact with him through the competition."

"Of course."

"Then I have reached a consensus with you." DeNiro held out his hand to shake hands with Chris.

However, the other party just stood up with his hands on the table and leaned forward to look at DeNiro.

Chris curled up his lips. His eyes looked very cruel.

"Don't let me know that you secretly move your hands and feet. Anyway, there isn't a thing in this family that I love dearly. I can destroy myself. You can find other stupid pigs to be the heir to the Osbornes' family, and watch them squander away the family wealth while getting eaten up by moths."

DeNiro clapped, "Yes, yes, you know exactly where your chips are and what I see in you."

"If I can, I will try my best to never let you see something in me." With this sentence, Chris got up and walked out of the study.

Back in the room, the servants already began to pack Chris's luggage. Chris would leave for New York tomorrow.

After the servants left, Chris sat in the slightly empty room. His eyes unconsciously scanned the places where pictures of Lin Yifei were placed, as well as the pervious small cabin by the bed.

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At this time, George came in and stood in front of Chris.

"Master, I think you will need this."

George sent Chris an old scarf made of wool. It was the one that Lin Yifei wound around his neck in the winter. He brought it home later.

"In New York, when winter comes, you can be surrounded by him."

This was the only thing of Lin Yifei that had not been taken away by DeNiro's people. George must have taken it out of the room in advance.

"Thank you." Chris stretched out his hand to take it, as if Lin Yifei's temperature was still in the thick wool.

With Chris's departure, Lin Yifei's entire life became dull. Jenny who's in the same class knew that Lin Yifei was sad because of his best friend's departure. She would sit by his side during class and after class. Although she couldn't say anything useful, she still stayed close to him.

Two days later, Ivey moved to Lin Yifei's dorm. He put on his trademark baby-faced smile. Even Katherine came to help him moved his luggage.

Lin Yifei knew that Ivey must have specifically applied to live with him. Both he and Katherine were afraid that Lin Yifei would be lonely.

"Fortunately, I applied quickly, otherwise Rex would have moved here first!" Katherine said triumphantly as she helped Ivey organize his bookshelves.

"Since I moved here first, Rex said that he would make me 'look good' during club practice…" Ivey looked worried.

"So what? He can't really kill you with his sabre! Think about it, if Rex moves to this room and harasses Lin every day, can Lin still sleep?"

Hearing Katherine said this, Lin Yifei who was depressed let out a loud laugh.

Life for Lin Yifei went on. But something was also changing.

In the morning, he stopped lying in bed. He got up on time at 6:40 and ran. He gave up online games and went to bed at 11 o'clock every night. And he practiced very hard during club time, as if to burn out all his energy.

On Chris's first weekend away, Lin Yifei came to the fencing hall to practice basic moves. When there's no competition on the weekends, many club members would practice here. Rex was also present. He had always been proud and arrogant because of his talent, but Lin Yifei knew that talent didn't determine everything. Rex's current level also came from his diligence.

Especially now, it's already 8 o'clock in the evening but Rex was still practicing his basic moves alone.

Lin Yifei discovered the light in the fencing hall, so he came to look. After Rex repeated the thrusting action nearly 50 times, Lin Yifei finally spoke.

"Isn't this practice very boring? It's not air that stands opposite you on the court. I'll be your opponent."

Rex slowly turned his head and smiled. "I thought that with Chris gone, you'll be immersed in the sadness of being dumped for a long time. I'm still thinking about how to take advantage of this, but it doesn't seem to matter now."

Lin Yifei put on his mask and walked up to him before taking a preparation stance.

"Rex, my heart really hurts. If possible, I hope that practicing with you can make me forget everything." Lin Yifei's sabre pointed at him, with a provocative meaning.

Rex also stood opposite him. "I bet Chris told you not to be with me. I'm a dangerous man."

After these words just fell, Lin Yifei's sabre flew into a thrust. Its speed pierced through the air.

Rex was stabbed and took two steps back. "Hey! You haven't called for start yet! You're breaking the rule!"

"It's already starting!"

Lin Yifei's attack was calm and sharp. Rex realized for the first time that Lin Yifei was undergoing a transformation. This excited him. Every attack made him have to concentrate. As long as such attacks continued, he too would to be able to go to a higher place.

The two fought tirelessly. Lin Yifei had never been this crazy except with Chris.

When the guard knocked on the door at 10 pm to remind them to leave, the seemingly endless contest finally stopped.

Two people hastily changed clothes and carried their protective equipment back to their dorms.  

Rex looked up at the stars in the night sky and spoke slowly. "In truth, you are a bomb. Chris is your ignitor. He set you off as soon as he left."

Lin Yifei smiled softly, "I finally forgot him for a while. Why did you mention him again?"

"…Because I can't control myself not to envy him. Even after he left so decisively, you still can't give up on him."

The two teenagers walked along the road and came to the door of the dormitory.

"Become stronger, Lin." Rex said softly, "Be dazzling and bright. Let Chris that jerk have to look at you."

"Thank you." Lin Yifei waved at him then seemed to blend into the night.

"Lin! –" Rex shouted at him.

"What's the matter?" Lin Yifei turned back.

"…Nothing, good night." Rex turned around and breathed out a sigh of relief. For a brief moment, he had an illusion that Lin Yifei would completely disappear.

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