Tata had been on alert. He immediately stood up and ran. Ulam chased him up.

Gulu knew that Ulam had no maternal love for Tata. She couldn't wait to kill Tata when he's not paying attention. She wanted to eat Tata now.

Soon Tata's tail was trampled by Ulam. He couldn't run away.

Tata turned around and looked at Ulam while angrily shouting: "Mom, I'm not the smallest cub anymore. Why do you still want to eat me?! Why?!…"

Ulam wasn't a mother at this time. She was just a ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex in extreme hunger.

Tata trembled and plead: "Mom, don't eat Tata, please. Tata can grow this big without care. Don't eat me, please…"

Ulam opened her mouth to reveal her fangs.

Tata cried and said, "Mom, you don't even call me by my name. My name is Tata. Call be Tata before you eat me, Mom…"

Gulu didn't know how desperate and sad Tata was at this time. Other Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were all killed when they're unaware, but he had to face the fate of being killed by his own Mom face to face.

Besides, Tata was no longer the smallest and weakest cub. He shouldn't have died. He struggled so hard to survive, but he was defeated by his mother's partiality.

Gulu could no longer endure this psychological torture. He knew that he couldn't ask Mungo to save Tata, but he still couldn't help speaking up. This wasn't under his control: "Mungo, can you please save Tata? Don't let Ulam eat him, please, Mungo…"

Mungo looked completely indifferent.

Gulu tried to rush out but was blocked by Mungo. Mungo became a little angry: "Gulu! Don't think I won't beat you now!"

Gulu plead: "Mungo, I know I'm a Triceratops. I shouldn't save a Tyrannosaurus rex. I won't save another Tyrannosaurus rex. I only want to save Tata. Please, Mungo, help me save him. After saving him, whether he can live or not depends on him. I won't help him any more…"

Mungo: "No way! No means no!"

At that moment, Gulu saw Tata broke free from Ulam's step by cutting off the tail that she stepped on with Ulam's sharp claws. Although the tail was small, it's still painful to break it!

Then Gulu saw Tata rushing toward Luta and threw him to the ground at an unimaginable speed.

After Tata threw himself at Luta, both of them rolled into the luxuriant fern bushes.

Gulu stared at them unblinkingly. Soon, he saw Tata who was covered in blood walked out of the fern bush with the dead Luta in his mouth.

Tata was covered in red blood. Gulu saw the cruel look in his eyes that's the same as Mungo when he's fighting.

Luta's neck was bitten out with a big hole. Blood was still continuously gushing out, just like it couldn't finish spraying.

Since Tata bit Luta's neck, the blood was sprayed on Tata's head, neck, body and even his eyes. Tata's golden vertical pupil turned blood red. His eyes didn't blink, but blood still seemed to be gushing out of them.

Ulam was stunned. She didn't expect that the weakest of her cubs could do such a cruel and tyrannical thing.

Tata took Luta to Ulam and put him down.

A lot of Luta's blood was sprayed into Tata's mouth. After putting down Luta, he swallowed the blood. His throat gurgled while his eyes looked like they're bleeding incessantly. Being covered in red blood, he appeared just like a beast returning from hell.

Gulu was extremely worried. He's afraid that Ulam would be even more angry with Tata and bit him to death.

But to Gulu's surprise, Ulam actually rubbed Tata's neck. This was Ulam's gentleness to Tata that he never had before.

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Tata no longer needed Ulam's intimacy. He quickly retreated aside, as if afraid that Ulam would rub him again.

Ulam ate Luta with great gusto. In a short time, the little cub was left with no residue left.

Tata and his two remaining siblings jumped up after Ulam finished eating and licked the blood on the fern plant. Even if it's only a little blood and there wasn't even any meat residue, they still ate crazily and swallowed the fern plant together.

To be honest, Gulu was happy for Tata. He didn't know Ulam's other cubs. The death of those cubs had nothing to do with him. He only wanted Tata to live well, regardless of how Tata kept himself alive.

Gulu suddenly seemed to have a little understanding of Ulam's thought process.

Ulam's judgment on whether a young cub could grow up better and become a very powerful Tyrannosaurus rex when he grew up was based on the courage and ferocity of the young cub, rather than the size.

Before, although Tata was similar in size to Luta and even looked a little stronger than Luta, he was still bullied by his brothers and sisters from an early age because of cowardice. Ulam concluded since Tata was small that he didn't have any of the bloodthirsty and cruel mentality that Tyrannosaurus rex needed to survive.

Now Tata suddenly became cruel enough to cut off his tail, then ran to bite his brother who used to bully him before. It showed that he dared to resist. This was the real growth of Tata and in Ulam's view.

So Ulam had to reassess Tata.

However, Tata's crisis was still very serious. He still had two siblings who're much bigger than him. These two siblings were not someone he could kill. On the other hand, it's very easy for them to kill him.

If Ulam was really unable to hunt and prepare to eat another cub next time, Tata's situation would be very dangerous.

Gulu felt a little sorry for Tata's tail. Dinosaurs had strong self-healing ability. When bones were broken, they could grow back slowly. When meat was bitten off, they could grow back as well. Only when the tail was cut off, no new tail would grow.

Although Tata's tail was only a little broken at the tip and wouldn't have any great influence, it still affected his appearance.

Tyrannosaurus rex's tail played a very important role and was an important body structure to maintain balance.

Gulu used to dig up a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil as a paleontologist whose tail was cut off from the middle to the top. In theory, it's no longer possible to maintain the body balance. It's impossible for the Tyrannosaurus rex to stand up again and it would surely die. However, research data showed that this Tyrannosaurus rex survived for many years after its tail was cut off. It could even lead a normal hunting life.

From this, it could be seen that dinosaur's adaptability and self-healing ability were really strong.

Tata's broken tail was nothing at all, but Gulu still felt distressed.

Gulu asked: "Mungo, Tata is very strong. He can survive, right?"

Mungo didn't speak. In the dry season, Tyrannosaurus rex with territory may not be able to feed three cubs. What's more, Ulam didn't even have a territory or a male Tyrannosaurus rex to help her raise the cubs together. In addition, she had to follow them to migrate and sustained a lot of injuries.

Gulu didn't care. He believed that Tata would survive.

Tata had long discovered the smell of Brother Gulu hiding in the fern bushes. Even far away, Tata could smell it. It's the smell of sunshine, the taste of love and warmth that he never received.

The wind was always good. It brought the taste of Brother Gulu. No matter how far away, as long as there was wind, or even just a little breeze, it would bring the smell of Brother Gulu to him. This was the only light that kept him alive.

During the migration through the polar circle, Ulam never stopped the wind and snow for him. His siblings all slept under Ulam's belly, where it's the warmest. He could only sleep behind Ulam's back. He was still afraid to lean on it for fear of getting a beating.

It was so cold. Most of the time, he thought that he would freeze to death.

Whenever he felt that he was going to freeze to death, he would think of that day when he was playing in the water with Brother Gulu and catching shrimps to eat. He thought of that day when he laid on Mungo's body with Brother Gulu to bask in the sun. They had a good time. The sun was so warm that day. It's so warm
After thinking about this, he wouldn't be as cold and managed to walk out of the polar circle.

If someone asked Tata, was he grateful to Ulam? After all, Ulam had raised him. Or at least, she didn't abandon him. Tata would say that the only thing he thanked Ulam for was that she followed Gulu to migrate.

He realized that Ulam didn't abandon him because he was treated as a grain reserve, not because she was reluctant to leave him behind.

Tata knew that Brother Gulu must be begging Mungo to save him, but how could Mungo save him? Brother was too naive. He thought that he must grow up as soon as possible and stop making Brother Gulu worry about him.

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Gulu found out that Ulam had finished eating her cub and took a look at the Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

During Ulam's "family civil war", the Tyrannosaurus rex couple hunted another adolescent Triceratops that made Ulam drool.

Obviously, a hungry skinny cub couldn't satisfy Ulam's appetite. It only gave her the strength to hunt or rob food. Ulam knew that the cubs couldn't go hungry anymore.

For Ulam today, it's safer and faster rob from the Tyrannosaurus rex couple than to hunt. Triceratopses were very strong herbivorous dinosaurs that could kill her if she's a little careless. Besides, it's even more dangerous to hunt a Triceratops inside a group.

Ulam was a very powerful Tyrannosaurus rex. She boasted that she could defeat this Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

Gulu saw Ulam hid the cubs far away in the fern bushes then rushed to the Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

Although Gulu disliked Ulam a lot because of Tata, he sincerely hoped that Ulam would win. If Ulam died, what would Tata do?

Ulam really deserved to be the "dream dinosaur" of all male Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan. She was really strong. When faced against the two Tyrannosaurus rex, she wasn't at a disadvantage at all.

Gradually, Ulam even gained the upper hand. She bit on the back of the female Tyrannosaurus rex. The male Tyrannosaurus rex attacked her from behind but was thrown over by her tail. The male Tyrannosaurus rex's painful eyes and mouth were foaming.

The outcome of a Tyrannosaurus rex fight came very fast. Because the one at disadvantage would give up. Obviously, Ulam's strength was still higher than the Tyrannosaurus rex couple.

Ulam knew that if she didn't get the prey this time, her three cubs would starve to death. This was the result that she absolutely couldn't accept. She took the cubs all this way. She wouldn't accept not even a single one staying alive.

At the thought of this, Ulam desperately attacked the Tyrannosaurus rex couple. Gradually Ulam was covered in blood while Tyrannosaurus rex couple was also covered in blood.

In the end, the Tyrannosaurus rex couple abandoned their prey.

Gulu was very happy. Ulam won, so Tata had food!

The male Tyrannosaurus rex still didn't want to give up, but he was bitten by Ulam on the neck and couldn't fight any more. If he fought again, he might die. The female Tyrannosaurus rex stopped him and licked the wound on the neck of the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu felt that the female Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to be saying to the male Tyrannosaurus rex: "Forget it, this female dinosaur is too cruel. Can we afford the consequences after winnning?"

The male Tyrannosaurus rex gave a loud roar to Ulam, as if to say: You stinking b*tch, wait for Lao Zi. Other male dinosaurs are afraid of you but Lao Zi is not afraid of you, just wait!…

After getting the prey, Ulam didn't immediately call the young cubs to come and eat. She gulped down the food to fill her stomach. Only after that did she send out a roar, meaning that the young cubs should come to eat quickly.

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