Today's temperature was quite high, so the night wind wasn't cold. The Tang father and his son couldn't wait in the car. They came out to be blown by the wind.

After Su Fu came out and saw them, he became shocked on the spot. He remembered that Tang Sibo was still in the middle of negotiating a difficult contract. How did he suddenly return to City B? And also come here?

Tang Sibo waved at them. Su Fu hadn't reacted until Juan Juan excitedly let go of his hand.  

They barely walked down three steps before Juan Juan dadada jumped over there. Due to his excitement, he missed a step and suddenly fell down.  

Su Fu was still immersed in his surprise. So, it's too late for him to grab Juan Juan.

At this moment, Tang Sibo who was walking over hurriedly ran over and caught Juan Juan's small body. He conveniently scooped him up and held him in his arms.

This small accident frightened Su Fu and Tang Luoke who followed behind Tang Sibo. They all ran over to see if Juan Juan had fallen.

Juan Juan was startled by the fall, but with uncle Tang holding him, he soon forgot everything.

Tang Sibo still patted him on the back and coaxed, "Not scared. Only a pig is scared."

Juan Juan listened and giggled happily while hugging Tang Sibo's neck and playing coquetry.

"Little rascal, you scared the life out of little Dad. Don't run so fast in the future." Su Fu eased his mind and slapped Juan Juan's little butts gently.

Juan Juan twisted his body and cleverly nodded.

"Why are you here?" Su Fu voiced his doubts to Tang Sibo after putting Juan Juan back on the ground and letting him play with Tang Luoke.

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu. He just decided to pursue him last night. Now that they met, he felt itchy and nervous. His current mood was completely different from that of the past.

"Everything in City A is fine, so I came back. What about you? Are you used to working here on your first day?"

Although his heart felt itchy and nervous, Mr. Tang was still the elegant and modest Mr. Tang on the surface. He spoke neither fast nor slow in a gentle and polite tone, with a low magnetic voice.

Su Fu wasn't surprised that Tang Sibo suddenly solved his work in City A. He's actually happy to see them come back.

"It's a bit difficult. The environment is different. Fortunately, my colleagues and students are quite good."

Tang Sibo nodded. "That's good. We're back. Come and see us if there's anything."

Su Fu smiled. His uncomfortable feeling from coming to a strange new place suddenly calmed down. He sighed and smiled in his heart: Is this the feeling of having a backer?

The two big and two small ones went out together. Tang Sibo smiled and asked, "Do you want to eat hot pot together? We already bought everything."

Hearing of the word hot pot, Juan Juan blinked his big eyes. He hugged Su Fu's leg and looked up at him.

Knowing that he wanted to eat, Su Fu rubbed the shy Juan Juan's head with amusement and replied to Tang Sibo, "Okay, where're we going?"

"Let's go to Teacher Su's and Xiao Juan's apartment." Tang Luoke suggested. Although he would like to take Teacher Su and Xiao Juan back to the Tang family's main residence, he knew that this wasn't the right time. He also made this decision to find out where Teacher Su lived now. Moreover, he hoped that his father could spend more alone time with Teacher Su. If they went to the main residence, there would be a lot of trouble.

Su Fu certainly wouldn't refuse, but he's somewhat embarrassed. "My apartment doesn't have a hot pot. Why don't we buy one now?"

Tang Luoke hurriedly replied: "Teacher Su, Dad already bought it."

Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo in surprise and thought that he came so well prepared?

"I bought it for my own use. Now it comes in handy," Tang Sibo answered while feeling helpless about his son in his heart.

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Su Fu didn't suspect him. So, two big and two small ones drove to Shenyuan apartment respectively.

Once they arrived at the small apartment, Su Fu first led the Tang father and his son to look around. Tang Sibo secretly nodded. This small apartment was a little small, but it's well decorated and felt very warm.

After touring the small apartment, Tang Luoke and Juan Juan sat on the sofa playing games and watching TV. Su Fu and Tang Sibo washed the pot and ingredients. They cooked the mandarin duck soup and prepared dinner.

Tang Luoke, while playing with his mobile phone, stared at his father from time to time. Seeing his father and Teacher Su laughing and saying some irrelevant words, his little heart felt very anxious. Didn't Dad agree last night to let Teacher Su be his mother? Why didn't Dad say it? What's he doing?

Young master Tang was very anxious, so he resentfully looked at his father with a layer of ice in his little eyes.

Juan Juan originally had a good time playing games, but while playing, he felt that older brother Tang was absentminded. His mind wasn't on the game at all. He just answered him in a perfunctory way.

Older brother Tang was never like this before! Xiao Juan thought that older brother Tang no longer liked him. He felt very wronged. So, he gave Tang Luoke his mobile phone back before taking off his shoes and hugged a pillow while squatting on the sofa to watch TV. His small figure looked inexplicably lonely.

Tang Luoke was puzzled. He put down his cell phone and leaned over to see him.

"What's wrong with Xiao Juan. Do you feel uncomfortable?" After saying this, he followed the behavior of an adult and stretched out a hand to touch Juan Juan's head.

With this touch, Juan Juan felt even more wronged. His mouth went flat while small tears swirled around his big eyes.

Tang Luoke got anxious and finally stopped taking care of his father's and Teacher Su's progress.

He sat down beside Juan Juan and rubbed his head.

"Xiao Juan, what's the matter? Did any kid bully you today?"

Juan Juan's mouth was still flat. He used the pillow to cover his little face and only revealed his two big eyes. He asked in a low voice: "Juan Juan's only here for a day. Does older brother Tang have a new playmate and doesn't like Juan Juan anymore?"

Tang Luoke actually didn't like a child who easily cried, but Juan Juan was an exception. Probably because Juan Juan was younger than him. It made him feel the responsibility of an older brother. It might also be because Juan Juan was Teacher Su's child, so Tang Luoke was extremely patient with him. Seeing his grievances, his first thought wasn't annoyance, but love.

After realizing that Juan Juan weren't bullied by others, Tang Luoke breathed a sigh of relief. He touched Juan Juan's hair. "Why won't older brother like Xiao Juan? Older brother only likes Xiao Juan. I don't like any other children."

Hearing this, Juan Juan blinked and accidentally let out two drops of small tears. He hastily buried his face on the pillow to wipe them off. He looked up at Tang Luoke, and asked in a low voice, "Really?"

"Of course, those children from older brother's relatives are disgusting. Xiao Juan is the loveliest." Tang Luoke smiled and took out his mobile phone to open the game interface. He sat with Juan Juan and played the game with him.

With this, Juan Juan became happy again. He took the phone to play games.

Not long after playing, Su Fu called them over for dinner.

Tang Luoke took Juan Juan's hand and led him to the dining table.  

Catching sight of the hot pot, Juan Juan automatically sat down beside Tang Sibo. He wanted to follow Uncle Tang to eat spicy food.

Su Fu helplessly watched Tang Sibo happily held Juan Juan to his side. But he didn't stop them.  Tang Luoke happily sat down beside Su Fu.

Tang Sibo knew that Su Fu was also very greedy for spicy flavor. It's just that he couldn't tolerate it well. The first thing Tang Sibo did after sitting down was to scoop some spicy soup into a bowl, put some balls in it and pass it to Su Fu.

Su Fu was just about to do the same when he saw that Tang Sibo already did it for him. He smiled and took the bowl over. He didn't know why, but he always felt the Mr. Tang was different than his usual self today. But what's different? He couldn't tell.

Juan Juan was very greedy for Su Fu's way of eating. It's delicious but not too spicy. Seeing that Uncle Tang got it for little Dad, he hugged Tang Sibo's arm and blinked his big eyes at him.

Tang Sibo didn't react, but Su Fu was very familiar with all kinds of Juan Juan's expressions. He took a bowl and got one for him while feeling amused.

"Thank you little Dad ~" Juan Juan let go of Tang Sibo arm and contentedly held his bowl to eat.

Tang Sibo was distressingly amused and rubbed Juan Juan's head.

The weather was getting colder and colder. It's really a kind of enjoyment to eat hot pot at this time, especially with people you liked.

Everyone was enjoying this hot pot moment. Tang Luoke ate his balls while glancing at his father. He didn't understand why his father hadn't mentioned the matter till now! He's slowly dying! That's his mother! How can his father still not lay hand on him!

Tang Sibo was chatting with Su Fu about unimportant things. Suddenly, Tang Luoke, who had been silent, spoke.

"Teacher Su, Dad has something to say to you."

Hearing this, Tang Sibo who was about to eat his food paused. Thankfully, he hadn't eaten, otherwise he would definitely choke again. His heart felt extremely helpless. How crazy did his son want a mother? Why's he in a hurry like this?!

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