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On the first day of Teacher Su's departure, the Tang father and his son always felt something was wrong.

Tang Sibo was having a little talk with his son before going to bed, but his son didn't pay any attention to him. His little face collapsed, showing his unhappy mood.

"What's the matter, son, miss Teacher Su so soon?" Tang Sibo pinched his son's little face.

Tang Luoke pried his father's hand open. He turned over and pointed his small back and little butts at him. He looked out of the window and ignored his talk.

Tang Sibo wasn't angry either, but looked at him with interest while thinking, son, how much do you want a mother? So sticky? And still feel so dejected! How old are you?

"When we return to City B, Dad will ask Teacher Su to give you supplementary lessons, ok?" Tang Sibo smiled gently and patted his son on the back.

After hearing what his father said, Tang Luoke finally showed some reaction. He turned around to look at my father and asked, "Dad, when can we go back to City A?"

Tang Sibo smiled and replied, "Do you want to go back now? Who didn't want to go to kindergarten and had to follow Dad here?"

Hearing such unsatisfied answer, Tang Luoke showed a smelly face. He turned over again and continued to face his father with his small back and little butts. He's angry.

Yo-ho, the little temper was getting bigger and bigger. Tang Sibo patted his son little butts, and laid next to him while looking at the ceiling.

Although he was making fun of his son sticking to Su Fu and found it amusing, Tang Sibo also didn't know why he felt something was scratching his heart and liver. For some reason, since he knew that Su Fu wasn't in City A, he's not feeling well all over. He always felt that something was missing.

Looking back on this more than a month of getting along, Tang Sibo felt a little dazed. He suddenly remembered that one night, he went to a dinner party and came back very late. Su Fu fell asleep waiting for him on the sofa in his pajamas.

Until now, he remembered the feeling of that moment. It's very warmhearted. It's the feeling of coming home. Tang Sibo always felt comfortable with Su Fu around. As a result, Su Fu left and he felt uncomfortable all over.

"Xiao Ke, why do you like Teacher Su so much?" Tang Sibo looked at the ceiling and asked softly.

Tang Luoke froze. He turned to look at his father. He thought for a moment and answered, "Because Teacher Su is very gentle, just like a mother."

Tang Sibo turned to look at him. He suddenly smiled, "Teacher Su is a man, how can he be a mother? Do you know what a mother feels like?"

When the young master heard this, he wasn't happy again. His face became serious and he replied solemnly, "Mother has nothing to do with gender! Mother is a warm feeling of love, just like when Teacher Su takes care of Xiao Juan. I like this feeling. It's very warm and comfortable. It's something that father, grandpa, grandma, big uncle, aunt and little uncle can't give to me."

Tang Sibo looked at his son's serious expression of repressed injustice while listening to his explanation, but he understood what he meant.

His son still needed a mother's love, which his family couldn't give him. His love for him was a father's love. The love given by his parents was an elder's love with more doting and spoiling. His oldest brother also gave more of a fatherly love, while his younger sister and younger brother were still childish and couldn't give his son the feeling that he wanted.

His son's so-called mother's warm feeling of love didn't mean maternal love in the traditional sense, but Su Fu's gentle and careful warmth, which was just right for this little guy's heart. It made him feel that he needed a mother like Su Fu.  

As a matter of fact, Tang Sibo also felt a familiar feeling from Su Fu. His gentleness and carefulness made people feel comfortable all over. The only difference was that Tang Luoke felt that if he had a mother, the person should be like Su Fu, while Tang Sibo felt that if he had a lover, the person should be like Su Fu.


Tang Sibo looked at the ceiling. His eyes narrowed slightly. He might have understood something.

Tang Luoke saw that his father ignored his remarks. His heart was very angry. His face looked serious and smelly. He turned over and once again pointed his small back and little butts at Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo came back to himself once he heard the movement next to him. He turned to see his son behaving angrily again. He chuckled and pulled his son into his arms and patted him on the back in a soothing way.

The young master was still angry and wouldn't yield so easily! So, he struggled and twisted to glare at his father with angry eyes.

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Tang Sibo patted him on the butts with a smile and said softly: "Since Xiao Ke said so, should Dad let Teacher Su be your mother?"

The struggling young master stopped his action instantly. He stared at his father and asked, "Really?"

"When did Dad cheat you?" Tang Sibo smiled more tenderly when he saw the brightness in his son's eyes.

Tang Luoke shriveled his mouth. Suddenly, he rolled to the side and pulled the blanket over his head. A small form laughed inside the blanket.

Tang Sibo looked at the shaking blanket and shook his head helplessly. His heart thought, this awkward little guy, let your mother take care of you later.

After a while, Tang Luoke came out of the blanket and changed into a serious little expression. But he's obviously in a good mood.

"Dad, when can we go back to City B?"

Tang Sibo rubbed his head and said, "We have to wait until the cooperation project here is finished."

Tang Luoke became unhappy, "That'll take a long time? I don't think it's easy to deal with that cold Mr. Duan. It's not the best way to deal with him. City B is full of talented people. What if Teacher Su is abducted by other men?"

Hearing this, Tang Sibo's eyes narrowed slightly. It was indeed a worry. Why not start first? Moreover, it's true that Su Fu was no longer here. Their father and son didn't feel well all over, and their life was very uncomfortable.

"But this project has to be done well. It's of great benefit to our Group*."

Tang Luoke thought about it. Then his small eyes flashed to his father's side, "Why don't you and big uncle change jobs? Let big uncle come and talk with that Mr. Duan. Both of them have facial paralysis. Perhaps they'll get along better when talking?"

Tang Sibo thought about this. Then the two foxes looked at each other and felt very reasonable.

So, Tang Sibo made a phone call to his oldest brother Tang Sihuan, saying only that Duan Qiqian was troublesome and asked him to take charge.

Tang Sihuan was a little confused. He knew his second brother very well. His second brother was definitely a person who faced challenges to overcome them. How was it possible to let him go because Duan Qiqian wasn't easy? But big brother Tang didn't ask much either. He knew that his second brother must have his own reasons for doing everything. Big brother Tang was very protective of his family. Without further words, his maintained his facial paralysis and agreed. The matter was thus settled.

The next day, big brother Tang came to replace him.

After the handover, the Tang father and his son hurriedly packed up and returned to City B.

On the evening of the same day, Su Fu just finished his first day at Teng Yuan in City B. He's still not used to it. Once work was over, he came out of Teng Yuan's gate with some tiredness while holding Juan Juan's hand.

After walking a few steps, he saw a familiar Rolls-Royce parked by the gate. A modest and elegant man leaned against the car and looked at a newspaper. Beside him, a boy was also leaning against the car while playing with his mobile phone.

The evening breeze in early October slightly swayed this large and small pair's hair, which was covered by a hazy golden afterglow from the sunset.

Seeing Su Fu coming out, Tang Sibo put down the newspaper and waved to him with a gentle smile.

At this time, Su Fu was somewhat dazed. He didn't understand why the Tang father and his son were here. However, many years later, when he thought back to this moment, Su Fu still remembered his pounding heart.

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