Ulam's mouth was wide open. Her saliva flowed down Tata's back. Tata seemed to realize something immediately and frantically ran forward. Ulam bit at air.

Tata ran behind Ulam from the side. He's trembling all over. He knew that Mom wanted to eat him not just once or twice these days. He had to be on guard at all time. He still wanted to live one more day, even just one more day.

The fact that his Mom used him as a "grain reserve" wasn't the saddest thing for Tata. What saddened him most was that the smallest cub wasn't him now, but Luta. However, Mom still wanted to eat him without hesitation.

During the dry season, the smallest cub would be eaten. This was a normal law of Tyrannosaurus rex's survival. Therefore, if Tata was the smallest cub, he wouldn't complain about this unfairness or partiality, but he was no longer the smallest cub. He had suffered so much and suffered so many crimes, but still couldn't earn a chance to survive.

Gulu saw that after Ulam bit empty air and Tata ran behind her, she didn't turn around to continue biting Tata. However, Gulu recognized that Ulam would definitely kill Tata within today.

A Tyrannosaurus rex that wanted to kill its cubs for food would definitely bite them to death while the cubs were completely unaware. This was probably the last tenderness that the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex could give these cubs.

Compared with having the cubs watch their parents biting them to death, this kind of sudden death was considered much gentler.

Gulu even felt a little relieved. Although Ulam hated Tata so much that she still wanted to eat him despite him no longer being the weakest cub, she at least didn't chase Tata to bite him to death. She still wanted Tata to die unaware and not in pain.

This was probably the last bit of maternal love that Ulam had for Tata.

In truth, it wasn't easy for a single Mom like Ulam to raise four cubs. The Tyrannosaurus rex couple raised three cubs on their own territory without having to migrate, yet during the dry season, they still ended up facing such a severe test.

Ulam had to raise four young cubs while migrating. She must have encountered countless dangers. She was driven away and gnawed by many Tyrannosaurus rex. One didn't know how many hardships she had experienced.

It could be said that among these four cubs, if Ulam could just successfully feed two, that already made her a great Tyrannosaurus rex Mom.

Gaya could easily support her three young cubs because she had the "world number one" Mungo as her brother and Mungo's brothers also helped her raise them. Unfortunately, Ulam didn't have such a good brother.

Even if Gulu knew that Ulam really wanted to eat Tata, he could do nothing. He's Triceratops, not a Tyrannosaurus rex. Even if he was Tyrannosaurus rex, Tyrannosaurus rex never cared about the lives of cubs from other groups.

Moreover, among Tyrannosaurus rex, it's regarded as a "natural" thing to eat the smallest and most difficult-to-survive cub during the dry season. They wouldn't be criticized in the dinosaur world.

Just like this Tyrannosaurus rex couple. They loved their little cubs so much, yet they still had a very strong desire to kill the smallest cub when there's a shortage of food during the dry season. Although they thought about it, they didn't really do so in the end. However, if no prey could be found within the next two days, they would certainly do so.

Nevertheless, Ulam was really unfair to Tata. Now Tata wasn't the smallest cub and shouldn't have been killed.

Ulam rested not far away with her four cubs. She also saw the Triceratops group next to Pado's group, but she was too hungry and weak to hunt them.

Tata laid far away in the fern bush, hiding from Ulam. His eyes were full of fear and timidity. He knew that he would soon be killed. He probably wouldn't survive this sunset.

Even knowing that he would be killed by his own Mom, Tata didn't dare to flee, because he would die faster if he left Ulam. There're too many carnivorous dinosaurs here. Without Ulam's protection, he would be eaten by other dinosaurs in a minute.

Pado's group ate and rested in this fern field until morning of the next day.

Gulu was already full. He saw that Mungo's group was also full. Such a big Triceratops was eaten by Mungo's group until not even bones were left.

Tyrannosaurus rex ate bones and meat together. Unlike other carnivorous dinosaurs that couldn't chew through bones, Tyrannosaurus rex was a famous bone crusher. The way they ate their food was very brutal. It's like storming wind and cloud. They ate bones together with meat. Their prey would lose most of its leg with on bite.

After Mungo's group had eaten enough, they went to the side to rest. There's no meat left on the remaining bones and skins. They didn't have to watch after these remains once they're full.

Guji, Gudong and Guga were the luckiest to live in Mungo's group. Other Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were all hungry with just skin and bones. In contrast, the three of them lived very well and had never been hungry.

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Guga was as thin as a newborn cub when he returned to Mungo's group. When he first met Raul's group, Guga was only about 200-300 Jin. Only a few months after, Guga was close to catching up with Guji's and Gudong's plump bodies. Only cubs who ate well could grow wildly during the dry season.

Gulu noticed that after Mungo's group left to rest nearby, Ulam took her cubs to eat the remaining skin and bones. Although there was no meat, it's also good to eat some residues and blood.

Ulam and the three cubs ate the rest of the skin and bones. Tata could only eat a little bit of ground residues and bloody fern plants after they finished eating. In Tata's eyes, fern plants were still really delicious as long as they smelled of blood.

Mungo ate then ran to the outside of Pado's group.

Gulu wanted to go out to see Tata, even if he could only look at him from a distance. He immediately went to Pado for permission.

Pado looked at Mungo outside the group and promised a little more hesitantly than before. He warned, "Gulu, come back early. Don't go to sleep in Mungo's group at night, okay?"

Gulu hurriedly answered: "I know, I'll definitely come back early. Dad, what's the matter with you? Let me tell you ah. Mungo won't do that. He won't, I promise."

Since the last time Mungo did something to Gulu that made Pado very angry, Pado no longer trusted Mungo as before and would always feel a little uneasy.

But this kind of worry, even Pado himself couldn't say. He's not afraid that Mungo would hurt Gulu. Pado knew that Mungo would never hurt Gulu, but other aspects still worried him. Pado also didn't know what's wrong with him.

Pado: "I don't need your promise. Dad already beats up Mungo. He won't dare to do so again."

Gulu realized that Pado really beat Mungo up because of the last incident. He felt very distressed: "When did it happen? Why didn't I know?! Pado, how can you be so unreasonable? I told you ah. Mungo didn't know. I didn't tell him…"

Pado got a little angry. Why did his cub speak up for other dinosaur everywhere: "When does Dad need to tell you when beating up Mungo? When Dad want to beat you up, I also won't need to tell you! If you come back late, see how I'll beat you!"

Gulu hit Pado's belly lightly with his own head and retorted angrily: "Pado is a tyrant. He only knows how to hit people. Er, he only knows how to hit dinosaurs. He's annoying!"

Pado no longer disputed with his young cub. He only said, "Do you want to go out with Mungo? If you behave like this again, you won't be allowed to go out for three days!"

Gulu felt that he should forgive Pado for the time being. Seeing that Mungo had no obvious injuries, he was sure that Pado only taught Mungo a little lesson. He hurriedly replied, "Don't! Pado is the most reasonable! And the best Dad!"

Gulu kept rubbing on Pado's soft belly with his big head.

Pado liked Gulu playing coquetry with him most. Gulu was different from other cubs. Other cubs played coquetry with him a lot, but the more sensible Gulu didn't often do so with him. That's why every time Gulu played coquetry with him, he's very happy.

The cheerful Pado immediately sent Gulu to Mungo.

Pado glared at Mungo with habitual warning. Mungo immediately bowed his head and showed great obedience. Pado was satisfied and turned back to the group.

Gulu saw Pado leave and immediately asked, "Mungo, did Pado hit you? Where did he hit you? Quickly show me. When did you get hit? How come I didn't know?…"

Mungo rubbed Gulu's neck and told him: "It's okay, Gulu. It didn't hurt at all. It's been many days. The small injury has gotten better."

Gulu didn't go out to play with Mungo these days. It's normal not to know that Mungo was injured. But how come he never saw Pado beat Mungo?

Gulu now recalled that Pado went out alone for a period of time five days ago. That might have been the time. Since the injury had already healed, it should be light.

Since they're migrating, Gulu believed that Pado wouldn't really hurt Mungo. Pado laid hands on him with discretion. Migration was too dangerous. Mungo needed to hunt and protect his group. So, Pado wouldn't really hurt him.

Gulu knew, however, that Pado always kept accounts. Before, when he made mistakes, Pado just criticized him when the time wasn't suitable. But when it became suitable for him to be taught, Pado would calculate the old and new accounts together, causing his butts to ache for many days.

Therefore, even someone as smart and strong as Gulu, never dared to annoy Pado. Pado was a really fierce tyrant.

Gulu: "Mungo, let's walk around."

Mungo nodded. Gulu walked in front while Mungo followed closely behind.

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Gulu didn't tell Pado or Mungo that he's worried about Tata. He couldn't even let Pado or Mungo see it. He's worried about Tata, but Pado and Mungo wouldn't allow him to contact other Tyrannosaurus rex besides Mungo's group.

Fortunately, Mungo was much more tolerant than Pado and often turned a blind eye. He wouldn't care as long as Gulu didn't go too far.

Gulu walked into the fern bush not far from Ulam's resting place and stopped behind her back. There're many huge cycads and Alsophila trees blocking them. Ulam and her four young ones would never notice them.

After Ulam ate those bones and bloody skins, she regained some energy. She crazily wanted to eat meat, regardless of the type. She was too hungry.

If she couldn't successfully hunt today, she would survive at most three days, but the cubs may starve to death. They would at most survive for one more day. She must hunt today.

However, she was too weak to hunt due to excessive hunger and lack of strength. It's tantamount to death to try. She must first eat some meat to fill her stomach.

Gulu saw Ulam heading for Tata.

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