Beside Pado's group was another Triceratops group, which had just over 500 Triceratopses.

Mungo's group was hunting the Triceratops's group next to Pado. Soon, they caught an adult male Triceratops and began to enjoy a big meal. The male Triceratops was large enough for Mungo's entire group to eat.

Not long after, Gulu saw two particularly strong Tyrannosaurus rex hunting Triceratopses next to Pado.

These two particularly strong Tyrannosaurus rexes should be owners of the territory here. They were male and female, so they must be a couple.

Gulu saw that these two Tyrannosaurus rex cooperated very well when hunting. They shouldn't be "newlyweds", which proved that they might have little Tyrannosaurus rex to feed.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple saw Mungo's group hunting and eating in their own territory. They only looked a few times but didn't attack Mungo's group.

Mungo's group was really too large, plus the Tyrannosaurus rex couple had heard of Mungo. Mungo's reputation was very loud even on the other side of the polar region. They had self-knowledge and wouldn't provoke a fight that they had no confidence in winning.

Mungo's group followed Gulu's group to migrate. Tyrannosaurus rex following herbivorous dinosaurs to migrate was originally explosive news. There's no dinosaur in the entire continent of Yukan who hadn't heard about it.

Along the way, Mungo's group passed through many Tyrannosaurus rex's territories. Of course, some relatively younger Tyrannosaurus rex attacked Mungo's group. Without exception, they were all killed or lost at least one member.

Now without absolute strength, basically no Tyrannosaurus rex dared to attack Mungo's group. More so when Mungo acted so cruelly. He would kill a Tyrannosaurus rex and ate it on the spot, which was really cruel.

For this Tyrannosaurus rex couple, they still wanted to raise their small cubs. They couldn't afford to die, so they didn't dare to gamble and attack Mungo's group.

Only other adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex's group would challenge Mungo's group, because these adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex didn't have "family ties". They were also "hot-blooded" and eager to prove their strength.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple had first-class hunting skills and soon caught a large adult female Triceratops. Even when they needed feed a family of five, this was enough for them to eat for a week. It's really a big harvest.

Triceratopses were not easy to handle, especially a group of Triceratopses. In order to hunt this Triceratops, the Tyrannosaurus rex couple were both injured. Their bellies and backs were cut by horns.

However, these were only a minor injuries to them. It's worth the tradeoff to hunt such a large prey.

Gulu found that the Tyrannosaurus rex couple were preparing to call their cubs out to eat, but appeared to see something and suddenly became alarmed.

In fact, Gulu had already seen the young ones of the Tyrannosaurus rex couple hiding in a fern bush not far away. They were three particularly lovely Tyrannosaurus rex that should be about the size of Tata.

These three cubs were very smart and sensible. Even though, their Dad and Mom had already hunted the food, since they didn't call them, they obediently hid in the fern bush to avoid adding chaos to them.

Gulu realized that since the Tyrannosaurus rex's parents didn't call their cubs over, there must be some other powerful carnivorous dinosaurs to rob the meat.

But Gulu couldn't think of any carnivorous dinosaur that dared to rob Tyrannosaurus rex of their prey.

Following the eyes of this Tyrannosaurus rex couple, Gulu saw a particularly large carnivorous dinosaur that looked bigger than a Tyrannosaurus rex, with a mouth full fangs and, above all, a terrifying big head!

Although this dinosaur was still not as big as Mungo, it's definitely larger than many Tyrannosaurus rex, especially its terrifying big head.

When this carnivorous dinosaur entered, Gulu recognized it as a Giganotosaurus.

Giganotosaurus, also known as the Southern Giant Dinosaur, had an average body length of 14 meters, a height of 5 meters and a weight of 11 tons. These were all average figures. They didn't account for the outliers.

In the place where they used to live, there was no Giganotosaurus.

Gulu knew that Giganotosaurus lived in South America on ancient Earth, while Tyrannosaurus rex lived in North America. Both of them existed in the same period.

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In paleontology, there's no evidence that Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex had lived in the same area, just as there's no evidence that Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex had fought.

And by rights, Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex shouldn't meet.

However, when they met this Giganotosaurus, Gulu wasn't surprised at all. After all, there're all kinds of dinosaurs from Jurassic, Cretaceous and Triassic period on this planet. They still lived together.

For these two powerful overlords, many people could argue all day about their strength. If Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus fought, who would win?

To be honest, Gulu didn't know. Although Gulu was a "Tyrannosaurus rex's iron powder fan", he was really not sure about who would win. This still depended on the individuals fighting.

The main reason for his certainty was because Giganotosaurus appeared generally larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. Giganotosaurus was also the biggest carnivorous dinosaur with the largest head. Tyrannosaurus rex's head was about 1.5 meters long, but Giganotosaurus's head was about 1.92 meters long. It looked really scary.

Although a Giganotosaurus looked bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex, its average weight wasn't as heavy as a Tyrannosaurus rex, which meant that it should have less force.

If one checked the bite force of a Giganotosaurus, it's not as good as a Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth were hard to break while Giganotosaurus's teeth were more brittle.

In the "paleontology circle", the most frequently debated topic was probably the combat effectiveness of various dinosaurs.

For example, "Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Triceratops" who's more powerful? The supporter of Triceratops would say that it's stronger while the Tyrannosaurus rex fans would rebut: Is your Dad a Triceratops, why do you speak up for it so much!

Triceratops fans: Triceratops is the best! I don't accept any refutation!

Tyrannosaurus rex fans: I'll recognize Tyrannosaurus rex as my Dad. Triceratops is weak!

Triceratops fans: Tyrannosaurus rex is weak! It can't even beat a Giganotosaurus!

On the topic of "Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Giganotosaurus", the debate became even fiercer.

Giganotosaurus fans: My Giganotosaurus's head is 1.92 meters, but yours is only 1.5 meters. How can you compare?

Tyrannosaurus rex fans: Tyrannosaurus rex's bite force is the strongest the world!

Giganotosaurus fans: Our Giganotosaurus's leg muscle is 10,000 times stronger than yours. It can slam the brakes at any time, even during the 5th gear

Tyrannosaurus rex fans: Tyrannosaurus rex's bite force is the strongest the world!


In any case, Tyrannosaurus rex's bite force was superior to the others.

Because Tyrannosaurus rex had the strongest bite force, regardless of which carnivorous dinosaur, once it's deemed superior, it would be taken out to compare with Tyrannosaurus rex.

For example, when the fossil of Spinosaurus was first discovered, because the fossil was extremely large, much larger than Tyrannosaurus rex.

In an instant, all voices were saying: Spinosaurus must be a stronger carnivore than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Tyrannosaurus rex's number one position was terribly shaken.

After many fans of Tyrannosaurus rex's "domination" turned to Spinosaurus, they were sorry to find out that Spinosaurus was actually a fish eater. Its bite force was far lower than a Tyrannosaurus rex.

The fans who had always believed Tyrannosaurus rex was the best in the world instantly got high. The tide was surging. They were mocking those who supported Spinosaurus as the strongest. They were very ruthless: Ha, ha, ha. You said that Spinosaurus is stronger. Spinosaurus is just a fish eater!

Gulu saw the Giganotosaurus walking to the front of the two Tyrannosaurus rex couples. It seemed that it wanted to rob their prey.

Mungo's group was also eating nearby, but because there're too many Tyrannosaurus rex in his group and Mungo himself was also powerful, this Giganotosaurus absolutely didn't dare to rob the prey in his group. Compared to them, this Tyrannosaurus rex couple looked much less aggressive.

But the Tyrannosaurus rex couple wasn't easy to handle. It's just a Giganotosaurus, even dare to rob their prey. Time to die.

Almost in an instant, the Tyrannosaurus rex couple and the Giganotosaurus launched a fierce battle.

Gulu already had enough to eat. He didn't have to divide his attention to watch the scene of bustle and looked very focused.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple flanked the Giganotosaurus from both sides. The Giganotosaurus really deserved to be called "breaking at 5th gear" and instantly rushed behind the male Tyrannosaurus rex. The female Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't bite it.

Then Gulu saw this Giganotosaurus running at a high speed suddenly slammed on the brake and made another 360-degree turn to attack the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

Giganotosaurus's leg kung fu was really good, because its leg muscles and Achilles tendon were all connected muscle groups that allowed it to stop and turned quickly at any angle.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple pounced on the Giganotosaurus together. The Giganotosaurus moved in a beautiful "S" shape to avoid damage perfectly, then bit the back of the male Tyrannosaurus rex.

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The powerful Tyrannosaurus rex turned around and bit the Giganotosaurus's back. The female Tyrannosaurus rex also bit its back.

The disadvantage of a Giganotosaurus was that its teeth were too brittle. Although they were 20 cm to 30 cm long, they were just like thin blades. Biting a Tyrannosaurus rex costed it a lot of teeth.

Only Gulu saw it. This bite costed the Giganotosaurus a dozen teeth.

For a Giganotosaurus, fighting wasn't a big deal. It's just a matter of losing teeth.

Tyrannosaurus rex's bite force and teeth were very terrifying. The couple bite off a large piece of meat from the Giganotosaurus.

The Giganotosaurus turned its head and ran. It started in the fifth gear as usual and quickly disappeared.

After this, the Tyrannosaurus rex couple called out their little cubs to eat together.

Gulu thought that it's over, but he was still too naive.

Not long after, the Giganotosaurus brought back seven or eight other Giganotosaurus, each one bigger than the other.

Gulu remembered that Giganotosaurus lived in groups. Although they were as strong as Tyrannosaurus rex, they still lived in groups.

Probably because fighting wasted too much of their teeth, they lived in group and battled together to save as much teeth as possible.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple knew that they wouldn't be able to beat so many Giganotosaurus. Besides, their cubs were also here. So, they could only give up the food.

Unfortunately, the Tyrannosaurus rex couple and their cubs had hardly eaten before their prey was taken away.

Gulu saw that the couple was very angry, but they couldn't help it. They kept roaring, as if to say: So angry! So angry! If you're capable, fight one on one! See how I'll kill you!

At this time, Gulu realized that the couple should have been robbed of food by these Giganotosaurus many times. They hadn't eaten for at least five to six days.

The couple's three cubs were also very hungry. Each one was just skin and bones.

After this, the couple and their cubs didn't go far. They just laid down and rest nearby, presumably to see if these Giganotosaurus would leave anything behind after eating.

However, there're so many Giganotosaurus. One prey wasn't even enough for all of them to eat.

Then Gulu saw that the male Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to want to kill the weakest Tyrannosaurus rex cub many times. After killing and eating the cub, the couple would have the strength to hunt, but they never made up their mind.

Gulu had been paying close attention to this family whose cub didn't even know that it was in danger from its parents. He didn't have the heart to sleep.

Fortunately, this Tyrannosaurus rex couple loved their cubs and didn't have the heart to kill the thinnest Tyrannosaurus rex in the end.

Gulu also saw Ulam with her four little cubs appearing in this fern field from a distance.

Gulu hadn't seen Ulam for a long time. Ulam had lost a lot of weight. The young cubs were also very thin and hungry. It must be more difficult for them to hunt. They would be driven away by other Tyrannosaurus rex and robbed of meat by Giganotosaurus. Life was extremely difficult.

At that moment, Gulu saw Ulam open her big mouth in front of Tata. Tata seemed to know nothing about it.

Gulu was frightened to stand up.

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