Led by Laurence, they arrived at the foot of the mountain by nightfall. Because it's already dark, all groups ate and rested in the forest here.

Gulu wanted to thank Laurence, but Laurence already disappeared.

Laurence was always like this. He showed up when they needed help then left quietly after helping.

That night, all dinosaurs went to bed after eating. They had to get up early tomorrow to continue their way.

On the second day, these dinosaurs woke up early in the morning one by one and ate in the forest.

Gulu was awakened by Babana. After he woke up, he also ate with the group. After he's full, they headed to the Big Glacier.

Gulu became shocked when he walked to the edge of the forest and saw the scene of the Big Glacier.

Not just Gulu, all dinosaurs were shocked.

The Big Glacier had completely frozen up again, but this time with many dinosaurs on its surface. Their expression looked like they're running from death then instantly became frozen.

Some dinosaurs appeared to be swinging their limbs like swimming in the water. Some seemed to be running while others held their young ones in their mouths. Even some Cryolophosaurus and Yutyrannus appeared to be hunting…

Gulu understood that these dinosaurs couldn't have instantly frozen, of course. They should have died in the water long ago. Once the temperature dropped, they were frozen. It's because of the rupture of ice or "differential melting of ice" that they became like this.

All dinosaurs just froze at this scene for a moment then continued walking on the glacier. They had to get out of here as soon as possible.

The frozen dinosaurs on the ice appeared so alive, just like the most exquisite and lifelike ice sculptures.

While walking, Gulu noticed the Triceratops leader had pierce through the Cryolophosaurus's neck with his horn before he died.

He saw that the Triceratops leader seemed to still be alive because his eyes were burning with rage. Even if half of his head had been bitten by the Cryolophosaurus, revealing the bones inside, this Triceratops leader still looked powerful and domineering.

This Triceratops leader was frozen inside a big piece of ice. His two forelimbs were raised while his hind legs stood on the ground. His head raised up high to insert his horn, which made him look like he's holding up the entire suspended body of the Cryolophosaurus.

Gulu felt that it showcased one of the most violent and majestic battle scenes.

After walking for a while, Gulu saw the little Triceratops standing on the big floating ice with the Triceratops Mom pushing it. They were all frozen inside the ice.

The Triceratops Mom's body was under the floating ice, but her head rested on it. The Triceratops cub tightly hugged the Triceratops Mom's head above the floating ice.

Gulu felt that little Triceratops wasn't afraid before he died, because his Mom was always with him.

The little Triceratops leaned tightly against his Mom. His eyes shone with bright light, which was the same light when Gulu and his siblings ate berries and nuts.

Before he died, this little Triceratops must have fantasized that he survived with his parents and ate the most delicious berries and nuts.

The entire glacier was like a huge "ice sculpture exhibition hall". The exhibition was still full of vivid scenes of dinosaurs that appeared too shocking and tragic.

Gulu looked at all these and sighed with emotion. Their lives were all insignificance in front of the terrifying mother nature.

All dinosaurs along the way became very silent. They walked faster, even sometimes running. They felt very afraid, afraid that the glaciers would melt again, and they would also be frozen here.

Many Cryolophosaurus and Yutyrannus were eating on the glacier, eating these frozen preys. These preys just died for a few days and were preserved in a cold environment. They were very fresh, delicious and the easiest food source.

As the result, there was a wonder of countless migrating herbivorous dinosaurs walking on the ice without getting hunted. A lot of Cryolophosaurus and Yutyrannus were eating beside them. They were biting the ice and eating the frozen preys inside it on the glacier.

Mungo's group didn't eat these preys because Gulu stopped them. It's too dangerous on the glacier. It's better to leave as soon as possible.

Ulam was very smart. She also knew that the glacier was too dangerous and didn't stop to eat these easy preys with her cubs.

At noon, they reached the end of the Big Glacier and got out safely.

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Gulu also saw many frozen dinosaurs at the end of the glacier. These dinosaurs were all trying to climb ashore. Some dinosaurs managed to climb up with their two forelimbs, but the rest of their bodies were frozen inside the glacier.

Finally, Pado's group left the big glacier. Gulu looked back. It was such a dangerous journey.

Because they had reached the end of the Big Glacier, Mungo's group started to eat some frozen preys by the shore. Over here, even if the ice broke, they could still swim back to the bank.

After arriving here, Ulam also took her cubs and bit apart the ice to eat these preys. She didn't leave until she's full. There would be no such easy preys after going on land.

Pado's group also ate by the shore. Gulu watched them while eating.

Tyrannosaurus rex ate very fast. By the time Pado's group was full, they already ate enough and rested by the bank.

Once Pado's group continued to move forward, Mungo's group followed them closely.

Gulu knew that after walking out of this Big Glacier, they would leave the polar region. He would never see Laurence again. Deinonychus lived in the polar region. They wouldn't go to other places to live since they didn't need to migrate at all.

After getting out of the polar circle, there was basically no danger, or at least the danger brought by nature was significantly less.

However, as they moved farther away from the polar circle, they were also getting farther from fresh water sources. During the dry season, plants were not nourished by rain. They became drier and drier. It would take them at least five to six months to get to the place with rainy season.

Gulu looked back from time to time. Although he experienced countless dangers in the polar region, he also received a lot of kindness from Laurence and his group. Gulu really wanted to see them again.

In the evening, they arrived at the foot of the last snow mountain. After this, there would be no more snow mountain.

This snow mountain was very short, with a vertical height of only a few tens of meters, but its range was very wide, and its top was full of snow.

The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the white mountain top.

Gulu looked at the snow mountain because he realized that once he left this place, he would never see Laurence and his group again.

Suddenly, Gulu saw a group of Deinonychus galloping on top of the snow mountain in the distance, heading towards them.

As they got closer, Gulu could clearly see them. They're Laurence's group!

More than 30 Deinonychus galloped on the snow. Laurence ran in the front, next to Laurence was Raul and behind Laurence were other Deinonychus. Each Deinonychus looked so strong and powerful as they galloped on top of the mountain like the wind.

Gulu jumped up excitedly and shouted, "Laurence, Raul!"

Laurence could have run down the snow mountain with his group, but he didn't. He just followed Pado's group on the snow mountain.

Gulu knew that Laurence was sending them off.

Raul shouted: "Brother Gulu, Brother Guga, Brother Guji and Brother Gudong, you must remember to come back to see me. I'm waiting for you. You must come back to play with me!…"

Guji, Gudong and Guga stopped. They scampered around in place while shouting, "Raul, Raul!…"

The distance between them was too far. They couldn't hear the other's shouts at all, but they all knew what the other wanted to say.

Pado's and Mungo's groups walked down the mountain, while Laurence's group ran along the top of the mountain and watched them leave.

At last Laurence's group ran to the end of the snow mountain. There's no road left. They stood at the top of the mountain and watched them leave.

Gulu saw that the sky above the snow-capped mountains was filled with strong fire clouds. They reflected the white snow in all colors. A group of extremely powerful Deinonychus stood at the top of the snow-capped mountains. Gulu would never forget this scene.

By nightfall, Pado's and Mungo's had already gone very far. They could only see the top of the snow mountain from a distance and the group of Deinonychus standing there.

After they walked through another coniferous forest, they would never see the snow mountain again.

Gulu didn't feel sad because he knew that Laurence's group would live well in the polar regions. Raul would grow up healthy and become the strongest Deinonychus leader.

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After walking through the coniferous forest, they reached a vast fern field, but the fern field here had no moisture. It was dry and didn't taste delicious.

The migration journey was very hard and dangerous. Even the worst food must be eaten. Only by keeping the strongest body could they survive till reaching the area with the rainy season.

After walking like this for more than half a month, the food started to become less, but the carnivorous dinosaur became more, especially once they entered the territory of Tyrannosaurus rex.

In fact, Tyrannosaurus rex were the most powerful carnivorous dinosaurs on land. They dominated the world, except for the two polar regions. They couldn't be found there.

Gulu used to be a paleontologist. He knew that on ancient earth, Tyrannosaurus rex appeared during the Cretaceous period, after the continent had already divided. It's the oceans that prevented them from dominating the world.

On ancient Earth, Tyrannosaurus rex was only found in the northern hemisphere. The overlords in the southern hemisphere were Mapusaurus and Giganotosaurus.

Nevertheless, scientists generally believe that with Tyrannosaurus rex's strength, they could have dominated the world if not for the breaking up of the continental plates before their time. The creation of oceans stopped their dominance.

However, on the present planet, the mainland had yet to divide. Tyrannosaurus rex indeed dominated the world. They could be found everywhere except in the polar regions.

Where there're a lot Tyrannosaurus rex, the life of herbivorous dinosaurs immediately entered "hell mode".

Of course, life was also more difficult for Mungo and Ulam, mainly because they couldn't avoid getting attacked since they wanted to hunt in other Tyrannosaurus rex's territories.

It's afternoon now. Pado's group was resting on the fern field. There're many carnivorous dinosaurs here and because of the dry season, the herbivorous dinosaurs originally living here had migrated. The carnivorous dinosaurs were short of food and had to rely on the herbivorous dinosaurs migrating from other places to eat a big meal.

This was why carnivorous dinosaurs never needed to migrate, because there're always herbivorous dinosaurs that didn't need to migrate staying here and herbivorous dinosaurs that continuously migrating from other places passing by here to feed them. In addition, carnivorous dinosaurs also preyed on each other.

Pado's group was very strong, so they hadn't been attacked for now and could eat grass leisurely.

Even so, Pado was still very cautious and organized the strongest male Triceratopses to be ready to fight for the protection of the group.

Gulu saw that the Tyrannosaurus rex here were starving and thin due to the shortages of food during the dry season. Their eyes were shining when they saw this batch of new herbivorous dinosaurs passing by.

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