Mungo was so excited that he forgot himself. Of course, Pado was still nearby.

Pado wanted to ram into Mungo, but Gulu hugged his stout forelimbs. So Pado didn't dare to move, for fear of accidentally hurting the human form Gulu.

Gulu stood on tiptoe and spoke loudly, "Pado, Mungo didn't mean it. He must have subconsciously thought that I was still in my Triceratops's body. Don't be angry."

Pado issued a loud roar to Mungo. This was a stern warning. Subconsciously or not, if they hadn't narrowly escaped and weren't completely out of danger right now, he would severely beat Mungo. Let's write down this account first!

Mungo took a step back and bowed his head.

Gulu looked back at Mungo and thought that the wronged Mungo looked really cute.

Mungo was the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan. Any dinosaur on land would avoid him. He could only look wronged in front of Pado, at least after Gulu returned to Pado's group.

Gulu thought that Mungo's expression could become a vivid gif: Tyrannosaurus rex is wronged.jpg

One couldn't blame Pado for getting angry, because Gulu had told Pado's and Mungo's group that human body was different from the dinosaur's body. Some important parts of the human body couldn't be rubbed by outsiders. Even related dinosaurs shouldn't touch them.

Pado, of course, firmly remembered this. In order to take better care of Gulu's two bodies, he asked a lot about the human body. Gulu also explained to Pado very carefully. Parents could only touch certain parts of the human body when they were young. Once they grew up, even parents couldn't touch them, only "partners" could.

That's why Pado was so angry when he saw what Mungo did to Gulu.

Mungo also didn't know what was wrong. Even though he knew that Gulu's human body could only be touched by "partners", he just couldn't control himself.

In fact, Gulu wondered how this happened. A Tyrannosaurus rex's tongue was so large, yet it touched exactly such a small area by using only the tip of the tongue. This was a test of real skill.

Mungo's tongue was so big that it could wrap around the entire body of the 1.92-meter-tall Gulu. Moreover, a Tyrannosaurus rex's tongue was very rough and had barbs, but Mungo was careful and put all barbs away.

Although there's no barb, the tongue surface was still very rough. But the rougher it was on that part, the more painfully exciting it would be.

Of course, Gulu had to admit that he liked it. Who made his human body an adult?

Most of the time Gulu felt that his human body was really out of his control. He clearly regarded Mungo as an "old Dad" and Mungo was also a Tyrannosaurus rex. They were clearly different species.

Gulu really didn't understand his own human body. He wanted to say to his human body: My human body, it's nice that you have your own ideas, but can you please behave based on the occasion? Being like this with so many dinosaurs around, it makes me very embarrassed. Aren't you a little too sensitive? Please have a little self-control!

Gaya hurriedly pushed Mungo aside and whispered, "Mungo, what're you doing? Have you forgotten that Gulu is now in a human body? You can't behave in such a way!"

Mungo kept nodding.

Gulu hurriedly whispered to Pado and Babana: "I didn't tell Mungo. Don't be angry. Mungo really doesn't know. After I can become a human, I return to the Triceratops. Mungo doesn't know…"

The main reason for his lie was because he's afraid that Pado wouldn't let Mungo take him out to play in the future.

Gulu explained it for a long time before Pado and Babana believed it.

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Pado: "Gulu, you have to tell Mungo and you have to tell every Tyrannosaurus rex in the Mungo's group not to let them behave in such a way, okay?…"

Gulu nodded repeatedly to show that he understood.

Afterward, Gulu carefully examined Pado, Babana and his three younger siblings. They all had injuries, but they were minor injuries caused by small rocks. Every Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group also had these minor injuries. This was already the best outcome.

Pado and Mungo went to Laurence at the same time to expression their deep gratitude.

Gulu also kept rubbing on Laurence's neck and said: "Laurence, I really don't know what to do without you. Laurence, you save all dinosaurs that I love. I don't know how to thank you…"

Laurence: "Gulu, don't thank me. It's very simple for me. Mungo saved my cub. I don't even know how to thank you…"

Gulu's eyes were filled with tears. Laurence really "thanked them for their kindness".

Moke almost killed them before. Without Laurence's help, they would have been killed. No matter how many Deinonychus there were, they wouldn't be able to beat the Tyrannosaurus rex. Laurence gambled his life and the life of his entire group to save them.

Laurence followed them all way through the polar circle while always helping them at critical moments.

Gulu looked at the mountain where the ice was calving. The scope of the ice calving was extremely large. As long as there was any frozen ice on the surrounding mountain, ice calving basically occurred, which proved that the temperature on the mountain had become higher.

The temperature of this entire mountain should have increased. But the part below stopped melting after the cold wave struck. So, the temperature difference between the two places were exactly opposite. 

In a cold environment, neither humans nor dinosaurs could accurately feel the temperature change, because whether the temperature increased or decreased, it's still very cold in general, but phenomena such as ice calving or glacier melting showed evidence of these changes.

Gulu knew that such a large-scale ice calving was definitely not due a single day's change in temperature. This increase in temperature should have lasted for several days. Then the cold wave struck, and the part below was completely frozen again even though the part above continued to melt.

They could no longer go through the mountain. Otherwise, they wouldn't know how many more ice avalanches or ice calving they would encounter. It's too dangerous to go through the mountain.

They should backtrack to the big glacier below. Of course, it's impossible to completely go back. It's better if they could find a way down the mountain to the glacier ahead. That way, they could leave the polar circle by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Gulu said to Laurence, "Laurence, I think we better go down to the Big Glacier. Do you know a way down?"

Laurence: "Gulu, I've already observed it yesterday. The Big Glacier below is frozen again. It's very safe. You can go below. I know the way. I'll take you down."

Gulu really didn't know how to thank Laurence. Laurence really broke his heart and mind in order to get them out of the polar circle.

Gulu rubbed Laurence's neck: "Laurence, it's very kind of you."

Laurence rubbed Gulu back, "Let's go. I'll show you the way."

Previously, some of the dinosaurs in Pado's group managed to run out of the canyon before the collapse. Laurence led them back to the road just past the place where the dinosaurs ran out.

Before long, Pado's group was reunited. Since they were forced to separate before, they thought that they would never see their families again. Now that they met again, these Triceratops rubbed against each other and roared excitedly.

Gulu looked at this scene. Before he knew it, tears blurred his vision. He was the only one who ran out. Pado and Mungo couldn't run out. He really felt like he would go mad.

He could imagine how sad these Triceratopses were when they were forced to separate from their families while thinking that their cubs or parents had died in the canyon.

Seeing this scene, all of Pado's Triceratopses suddenly started cheering, "Gulu! Gulu! Pado! Pado! Gulu Gulu!…"

Gulu looked at the group, then at the small canyon that was buried not too far away. His tears flowed down uncontrollably.

Pado rubbed Gulu's big head and consoled: "Don't cry. Dad's silly Gulu. Now you're the leader of the group like Dad. Leaders don't cry…"

Gulu buried his big head against Pado's belly and rubbed hard. He then raised his head and said to Pado, "I'm not crying, humph."

Pado didn't let the group continue to roar and be excited for long. They all needed to rush down the mountain. They would be even happier to completely leave the polar circle.

So Pado gave a loud roar to the group. The group instantly quieted down.

Pado told Gulu, "Grow up and be like Dad."

Gulu and Pado stood in front of the group. Before them stood more than 3,000 Triceratopses. The huge Triceratops group looked at them with trust and worship.

Pado once again demonstrated to Gulu how to issue orders. He roared loudly to the group.

Gulu, following Pado's appearance, raised his head slightly to the group and let out a loud roar to the sky.

Pado looked at Gulu and nodded slightly.

Gulu felt that Pado's roar was very loud and penetrating, making the ground tremble. Although his roar was loud, it didn't have any momentum, just sounded young. He's too small to roar out Pado's momentum.

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Pado's roar was truly domineering while Gulu's roar was the cuter version. Well, it's like: dinosaur roaring super fierce uwu.jpg.

However, all Triceratopses in the group felt very proud and immediately responded to Pado and Gulu. More than 3,000 Triceratopses returned a very uniform roar.

Gulu's three younger siblings were in the center of their group with Babana. They also responded to Gulu.

Babana looked at her little cub and felt extremely proud.

Pachi: "Wow, Brother is so strong. I'll always follow Brother, always follow Brother!"

Dudu: "Me too, me too!"

Mila: "I want to be a Triceratops leader as powerful as my Dad and Brother."

All Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group also looked at Gulu.

Gaya, like Babana, looked at her little cub with pride.

Guji, Gudong and Guga said: "Our brother is the best. Our brother will become the strongest Triceratops leader in Yukan, better than Pado!…"

Pado's group continued to march. Gulu and Pado headed the group while Laurence led the way.

Gulu didn't bother telling the other dinosaurs this time, but they still automatically followed them to the big glacier below.

Nevertheless, all of these dinosaur groups felt very puzzled. Why did Pado's group go down the mountain? The glacier below was obviously very dangerous. They all saw it that day when many dinosaurs died.

But Gulu's decision had always been correct. During a few short days, he'd saved them twice!

All dinosaurs believed that following Gulu and Pado's group would surely get them out of the polar circle smoothly.

Laurence seemed extremely familiar with the terrain in this area. The path that he led them down the mountain was very broad and easy to walk. It wasn't steep at all.

Munroe said to Mungo, "Brother, Gulu is so powerful. Wow, brother, I think Gulu is much more powerful than you. Brother, why don't you talk? You say it quickly, say that Gulu is really strong and powerful…"

Mungo glared at Munroe who didn't dare bother Mungo anymore. He ran to the other male Tyrannosaurus rex and repeat the same words to the three cubs and Gaya…

Munroe felt that just doing this wasn't enough. He bellowed before and after running with a loud voice: "Gulu is so strong! Gulu is so powerful! He's the strongest Triceratops. Ahhh, why don't you say it with me!…"

Gulu could hear his roar while walking up front. However, the content of his praise was really embarrassing. Gulu wanted to head back and let him stop talking, but it's more important to hurry out of this place.

Gulu always knew that Munroe was his number one fan brother, but this number one fan brother was too crazy that it gave him a headache.


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