They must now return to the entrance of the canyon, where the mountain collapsed by half. Laurence only found this path after the mountain collapsed.

The fern field here, which was on the other side of the mountain, also had constant boulders and ice blocks rolling down.

However, this fern field was very broad. Only one of its side bordered the mountain. So, they just needed to avoid the falling boulders and ice blocks there. The canyon on the other side was also surrounded by mountains. Once the exit was blocked, nothing could get out.

A Deinonychus was the fastest and most agile dinosaur. Laurence weighed no less than 500 Jin and was much stronger than an average Deinonychus. Moreover, Deinonychus had extremely strong hind limbs, which were the most suitable body parts for fast running.

Previously, Laurence carried 200-300 Jin Guga. His speed didn't get affected at all. Now, he's only carrying Gulu who's a bit heavier than 100 Jin. It's the same as not having any burden. He ran extremely fast like a gust of wind.

Boulders and ice blocks were continuously falling from the mountain at an extremely fast speed. Their power was comparable to artillery shells.

Laurence ran close to the foot of the mountain. Many boulders and ice blocks flew over their heads and slammed into the fern field, smashing countless deep pits into it.

Gulu thought that Deinonychus was truly worthy of being the most intelligent dinosaur. Laurence actually knew that while passing through a rockfall area, he should run as close to the mountain as possible, to avoid getting hit by the rocks falling down.

Laurence ran very fast. Gulu held Laurence's neck tightly and laid low on his back. His entire upper body was almost completely plastered onto Laurence's back.

Time was really tight. Gulu didn't wear the Yutyrannus's fur coat, but he didn't feel cold at all now. He was actually sweating from nervousness and fear amidst the bitter cold wind since he didn't know what happened to Mungo and Pado inside the canyon.

The Deinonychus's body was very smooth. And as a polar dinosaur, it had a very strong ability to regulate body temperature. Gulu felt that Laurence's body was very warm. So, he didn't feel cold at all.

Suddenly, Gulu saw a huge boulder rolling down the mountainside ahead. According to his visual observation, based on the path of the boulder rolling down and the speed of Laurence's running, they would collide into each other!

However, a Deinonychus who was running at a high speed couldn't quickly decelerate, or it would get thrown over.

Gulu saw Laurence's brown vertical pupil shrank. He was eyeballing the distance then accelerated!

Deinonychus's eyes needed to adapt to hunting at night in the polar region. The longest polar night in polar region could last for half a year. Due to this adaptation, Deinonychus's eyes were very large and had excellent sight. Their visual observation was ten million times more accurate than that of human eyes.

Laurence shouted, "Gulu! Lower your head! Hold on tight!"

Gulu immediately plastered his entire body tightly on Laurence's back and buried his head in his neck.

Gulu heard a loud bang. He partially turned his head. The boulder fell just slightly behind Laurence's tail. If they had just run a bit slower, they would have gotten hit.

Gulu stared at Laurence. He thought that Laurence was too handsome and more domineering than any dinosaur or god in any big movie in the human world!

A Deinonychus was covered in hard scales. Its strong hind legs could run fast and bounce well. It had a sharp reaction and excellent vertical pupil vision.

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Laurence continued to run very fast. He could always avoid every boulder and ice block that rolled down, including the tiniest rock, and completely prevented Gulu from getting bruised.

Along the way, Gulu could vaguely hear the roars of dinosaurs in the canyon, as well as the heavy banging of boulders and ice blocks.

Gulu was anxious. He didn't know how Mungo's and Pado's group were now. He couldn't accept any dinosaur that he knew dying in the canyon.

At the thought of this, Gulu felt really sad. His tears couldn't help flowing out, but because of the speed, all tears were blown away by the wind. He didn't have to wipe them.

Gulu clenched his teeth tightly and glared toward the front. He couldn't allow himself to cry. He tried his best to hold back even though his throat felt as painful as it was cut by a knife.

Dinosaurs inside the canyon were completely at a loss. The exits on both sides were blocked. They ran back and forth to avoid the boulders and ice blocks, but from time to time many dinosaurs were still killed.

Pado ran with Babana and the three cubs. Now the group must spread out to avoid the boulders and ice blocks. Almost all Triceratops' parents were protecting their cubs, while those cubs without parents could only protect themselves.

The adult Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's group had also spread out to avoid these falling boulders and ice blocks. Mungo, Gaya and Munroe protected a young cub each. Gaya directly held Guga with her mouth.

Not only did the ice calving at the top of the mountain show no sign of stopping, it's even moving toward total mountain collapse.

Mungo and Pado had been exposed to "scientific knowledge" by Gulu. If there's another avalanche or anything falling off the mountain, they must run to an open place. If there's no open place, they should at least try to stay away from the higher mountain.

At present, other groups were still running towards the exit, but Pado and Mungo were leading the groups back, because the mountain at the entrance was much lower than the mountain at the exit.

Gulu wasn't a heavenly master either. He didn't know that he would encounter this kind of situation, but whenever he's free, he would tell Mungo and Pado about various escape plans.

Of course, Gulu didn't want them to have to use these plans. In fact, he hoped that they would never use these plans. But if such a day actually came, his scientific knowledge could save lives!

After running to the entrance, one could obviously feel that the falling boulders and ice blocks had decreased a lot. They were far from the danger at the exit.

Of course, dinosaurs were not stupid either. When they saw that there were fewer falling boulders and ice blocks there, more and more dinosaurs came running along.

But there was still no way out once they came back here. They were trapped inside.

Although the danger here was much less, there're still falling boulders and ice blocks falling from time to time. The spirit of every dinosaur was very tense as they readied to avoid dangers at any time. 

There came a loud bang. A large part of the mountain near the exit collapsed and the second one next to them also began to collapse. All dinosaurs who hadn't run back before were buried in it.

The dinosaur who ran back became very crazy and impatient after watching this scene. They knew that this place was also going to collapse soon.

All dinosaurs kept howling with grief for their tragic fate of being buried alive and the despair of not being able to escape.

Mungo also knew that he would die here today, but he didn't regret migrating with Gulu at all. On the contrary, he felt very happy, happy to walk such a long way with Gulu, happy to see Gulu every day and playing with him.

At that moment, Mungo saw Laurence galloping on the mountain with Gulu on his back. They were right in front him. Just looking up, he could see them on top of the mountain!

Mungo shouted, "Gulu!"

Mungo's roar immediately caught the attention of other dinosaurs. They all looked up at the mountain and saw Gulu came running on a very strong Deinonychus.

All dinosaurs here knew that Gulu was truly powerful. Since he's so powerful, he could certainly save them!

Deinonychus ran fast and had excellent balance, even on rugged mountain roads.

Gulu's legs clamped tightly on the back of the Deinonychus. He waved his hands and shouted, "Mungo! Pado! This way! Look at the direction of my hand! This way!"

Mungo, Pado and Gulu had a tacit understanding. Even if Gulu's voice was completely submerged by the sound of landslides and boulders tumbling down, they could still understand Gulu's gestures.

Pado and Mungo immediately ran in the direction of Gulu's fingers with their groups.

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Gulu's fingers didn't show a way out. They were still blocked everywhere, but Pado and Mungo ran there with their group without any hesitation.

There was a path between the first mountain and the second mountain. They needed to turn around and ran past the blocked entrance to see the way out.

Gulu saw that the nearby mountain was collapsing on a large scale, the same one that they just left.

The mountain only needed to collapse in half to bury everything in this small canyon.

Gulu realized that the thick ice on the top of the mountain was usually frozen together with rocks at the bottom. Ice calving would cause the rocks on the mountain to burst together and lead to landslides. Serious ice calving could cause half of the mountain to collapse.

Laurence had been running down the mountain with Gulu. He could always find his way down.

Gulu saw another big ice calving on the largest mountain, accompanied by a strong "black fog", which appeared very terrifying.

(T/N: 黑色雾气,does anyone know the scientific term for this translation? Literal translation is black fog.)

The "black fog" in the ice calving zone proved that the large mountain would collapse soon. The black fog was formed by the "bedrock" of the mountain breaking up. The bedrock under the ice calving zone would cause serious landslides or mountain collapse.

Laurence soon ran down the mountain with Gulu. The collapse of the first mountain had partially filled the deep ditch between the first and second mountain, so dinosaurs could run out through here.

Gulu and Laurence waited at the intersection. Finally, they saw Pado's group coming. Beside Pado's group was Mungo's group. Following them were Long's group, and many, many other dinosaurs…

Laurence immediately ran up. Gulu hurriedly hugged his neck. At the same time, he also looked back since he's afraid of something happening to Pado and Mungo.

Deinonychus were extremely fast. They could run out of this in an instant, but Lawrence was still running because he slowed down to wait for the many dinosaurs behind.

Gulu saw Pado's group, Mungo's group, Long's group…and many, many other dinosaurs coming out from behind. Gradually, the entire fern field was occupied.

Laurence finally stopped. Gulu saw the mountain completely collapsed and immediately filled the entire canyon with thick smoke. Finally, the few dinosaurs that didn't manage to run out were buried alive inside.

Gulu sat on Laurence's back. Tears immediately filled his eyes.

Pado's and Mungo's groups were all running towards Gulu.

Laurence also ran to them with Gulu. Soon they met in the middle of the fern field.

Gulu jumped down from Laurence and hugged Mungo, who was running at the front, then went to hug Gaya, Babana and Pado. Gulu, as a human being, was too short to encircle their stout legs.

As Gulu hugged Pado's stout forelimbs, he felt his waist and thighs got wet.

Gulu looked back and saw what Mungo was doing. Oh, my god! He's too good at finding that place!

Pado glared at Mungo mercilessly, looking like he's trying hard to control himself from hitting Mungo.

Gulu, of course, immediately felt Pado's anger.


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