Liu An shyly pushed Li Chao aside then noticed Su Fu. After staring for a while, he suddenly widened his eyes and said excitedly, "Aren't you the one I met at the hospital that day?"

Su Fu naturally recognized Liu An. But when the hospital was mentioned, he wasn't as happy as Liu An. After all, it wasn't a good memory for him.

Su Fu smiled and nodded. Just when he was about to introduce himself, Tang Sibo spoke up and made the introduction for them.

After hearing how they met, Tang Sibo wasn't surprised. Back then Tang Sining mentioned that Liu An also went to the hospital and Li Chao even lost his temper there.

"This is Su Fu, my friend and Xiao Ke's English teacher." As he said this, Tang Sibo pointed to Juan Juan on the sofa and smiled, "That little fellow is Teacher Su's adopted son."

Liu An nodded and replied, "My name is Liu An and I sing opera here."

Li Chao took Liu An into his arms and added, "Lao Zi's wife."

Liu An blushed and glanced at him helplessly.

Su Fu's mouth twitched. This Li Chao's temperament
is really terrible…

Tang Sibo also slightly twitched the corners of his mouth. He rarely took Su Fu to meet his friend, but only to lose his face…

At this time, the box door was rung again. Tang Sibo went to open the door. It was the deliveryman from the crab restaurant.

The crab restaurant wasn't far from here. The takeout was packaged in a special take-out box that's well insulated. When the deliveryman opened the take-out box, they could still see hot air coming out and accompanied by a tangy flavor, which was very appetizing.

Tang Sibo and the deliveryman placed the plates and bowls from the crab restaurant on the table one by one.

Su Fu felt that these big crabs were asking him to use the pliers on them.

While everything was being placed over there, Li Chao also fiddled with the crabs to see if they were big enough.

Liu An took the opportunity to walk to Su Fu's side and asked mysteriously.

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"Teacher Su, did you do that research later?" Liu An's face looked a little red and his voice sounded very interested.

Su Fu felt somewhat surprised. It looked like Liu An really wanted to do the research? "No, I failed the physical exam. Do you want to do it?"

Before Liu An could answer, Li Chao suddenly came up and put his arms around him. His face was ugly as he said, "Why are you asking? You still want to? Didn't Lao Zi speak clearly enough?"

Liu An's face became redder and looked a little chagrin. He hugged Li Chao's arm and whispered, "I'm just curious. I didn't think about it, really!"

Li Chao narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Liu An.

Su Fu felt a little uneasy in his heart. The other party didn't look good. He's not going to witness a domestic violence here, was he?

Suddenly, Li Chao leaned forward and nibbled on Liu An's mouth while saying, "If you think about it again, see how I'll take care of you."

Having said that, he hugged Liu An and went to the table to sit down and eat crabs. Liu An's face was redder. He didn't dare to look sideways when he passed Su Fu.

Su Fu stood still and wanted to cover his eyes with his hand. He really didn't want to see it. For the first time, he felt how terrifying a show of love was!

Tang Sibo also saw this scene just now. After taking care of the crabs and some appetizers, he saw Su Fu still standing there with an awkward expression on his face.

He shook his head funnily and went over to Su Fu. He asked in a low voice, "Spicy eyes?"

Su Fu turned to look at Tang Sibo and burst out laughing. "It's super spicy. It's the first time I've seen a show of love like this."

"It's better to get used to it. Li Chao has a rather domineering character and a hot temper. Liu An is his treasure that no one can touch. He wishes to carry him in his pocket every day."

Su Fu listened and involuntarily smiled. He glanced at the table. Don't look at how bad temper Li Chao was, he took care of Liu An in all aspect. Love don't just relay on the mouth to speak. It's also shown in every action.  

"That's great." Su Fu whispered.

Tang Sibo froze. He saw Su Fu looking with some enviousness in his eyes. He didn't know why but his mind inexplicable felt pity.

"You'll meet a better one." Tang Sibo patted Su Fu to comfort him, then added: "Go eat crabs. They're not good to eat when cold."

Su Fu was stunned but didn't pay much attention. He smiled and nodded before going with him to bring Juan Juan over to eat crabs together.

Juan Juan was too small to open the crabs by himself. Su Fu had to take care of him while eating. Tang Sibo saw that he couldn't eat well, so he placed Juan Juan on his lap to let Su Fu eat while he took care of Juan Juan.

Tang Luoke also fulfilled what he promised. He really picked out the biggest crab and gave it to Juan Juan. Juan Juan were so happy that his mouth couldn't stop laughing. His mouth kept chewing all the time and made munching sound, which made Tang Sibo smiled.

Liu An also liked the appearance of the child very much. He took some crab meats that's taken out by Li Chao and gave them to Juan Juan. Juan Juan thought that uncle Tang really knew a lot of good people who liked him. He's so happy.

Li Chao didn't care much about the radish head. He concentrated on dismantling crabs for Liu An and occasionally said a few words to Tang Sibo.

After eating crabs, the deliveryman from the crab restaurant came to clean up the plates and also tidied up the table in passing.

Their several people sat on the sofa to help digestion. It took a long time for them to eat crabs while chatting. It's almost 1:30 p.m. now. The afternoon session of the Beijing Opera Theater had begun.

The sound of the opera coming through the window caught Juan Juan's attention. He's not tall enough, so Su Fu took off his shoes and let him stand on the swivel chair by the bar.

"Wow ~ So nice to hear ~ Beautiful ~" Juan Juan clapped his hands in admiration.

Su Fu couldn't help laughing and pinched his little face. "Do you understand?"

Juan Juan's little face turned to look at him, "Juan Juan doesn't understand, but it sounds good."

Liu An looked at him and felt lovely. He came over and hugged Juan Juan. They watched the performance on the stage downstairs while Liu An explained to him. Su Fu felt very happy when he saw Juan Juan's happiness.

On the back sofa, Li Chao was talking to Tang Sibo. Tang Luoke felt bored and went to play the mobile phone games alone.

"The welfare of teachers is so good these days? Their child can also follow out to play?" Li Chao's sitting posture looked also very heroic. He took out a cigarette and light it.

Tang Sibo caught a glimpse of the cigarette and doused it. "There're children here. You have to go to the toilet."

Li Chao tsk but didn't insist.

"Nice looking, huh?"

Tang Sibo didn't understand. He turned to look and saw Li Chao pointing at Su Fu by the front window.

Before he could say anything, Tang Luoke, who was playing a game nearby, interjected, "Teacher Su is a gentle person."

Li Chao heard this speech and raised his brows to gossip with Tang Sibo, "Gentle? How gentle?"

"Compared to you, who isn't gentle?" Tang Sibo snorted. He ignored the meaning behind Li Chao's words. They're nothing serious anyway.

Later, he looked at his son who continued to play games near him. It's really amazing. He acted like he's possessed when he heard someone praising his Teacher Su.

When Li Chao saw that Tang Sibo couldn't be set up, he felt bored and fell asleep on the sofa.

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After listening to the play for a while, Tang Sibo felt that the children would be bored if they stayed longer, so he's ready to take Su Fu and leave.

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