It was probably because they slept late that they never woke up till morning.  

At half past seven the next day, Tang Sibo woke up first. He looked at the ceiling and sensed that something was wrong. He glanced around only to find that he was sleeping in the guest room last night.

When he turned to the side, he saw that Su Fu also woke up. The two looked at each other and felt inexplicably embarrassed.

They then turned to watch the two little guys sleeping in the middle. Both of them were still asleep. Juan Juan had rolled inside the blanket.

Tang Sibo smiled. He lightly lifted the quilt and pulled Juan Juan up.

"I'll make breakfast," Su Fu said softly as he recalled their travel plan for today.

Tang Sibo nodded. While Su Fu went to make breakfast, he would be responsible for waiting on the two little guys to get up.

Today, both Juan Juan and Tang Luoke were in a very good mood. They got up without complaint and washed. Tang Sibo led both of them downstairs, one on his left and one on his right. Su Fu happened to have just prepared breakfast. The four of them ate warmly around the table. They also talked about crabs, which made Su Fu and Juan Juan couldn't wait to eat them.

After the meal, they each packed a set of clothes for changing. Tang Sibo said that if it got too late, they might stay in City B for the night.

At nine o'clock, all four of them set out.

Tang Sibo drove while Su Fu and the two little guys sat in the back seat.

Juan Juan was playing Juice Splash with Tang Luoke. He asked curiously: "Is the crab spicy?"

Tang Luoke nodded and replied: "Yes, and you can order whatever size you want. Older brother will give you the biggest one."

Juan Juan smiled shyly and happily. This provoked Su Fu to keep rubbing his head.

Tang Sibo concentrated on driving. He occasionally took a look in the rearview mirror, and involuntarily raised the corners of his mouth.

Su Fu feared that Tang Sibo would be bored sitting alone in the front, so he talked with him from time to time.

"Beijing Opera Theater in City B is quite famous. There should be many people going to the opera for the holiday, right? Will there be any tickets left?"

"No." Tang Sibo glanced at the rearview mirror and smiled.

"Shouldn't we rush to get tickets?"

"Beijing Opera Theater is ours." Tang Luoke looked up and chimed in after finishing a game.

Su Fu was surprised and widened his eyes. On second thought, given Tang family's position in City B, it's not surprising that they owned such a popular Beijing Opera Theater.

Seeing his curiosity, Tang Sibo explained: "The old man in our family and the old man in the Li family like go to the opera, so they just built one themselves. We have a box all year round, so we don't need to buy tickets."

Su Fu nodded.

At this moment, Tang Sibo's cell phone rang. He answered the call with headphones then hung up after saying a few words.

Su Fu heard him say "not busy" and "going back now." Thinking that Tang Sibo had something important to do, he asked, "Is there something at home? Why don't I just play with Juan Juan?"

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "It's okay. A friend asks me to go back and get together. He often spends time at the Beijing Opera. We'll see him later, but we may have to eat crabs there."

"It doesn't matter." Su Fu smiled and thought that it was interesting to eat crabs while attending the opera.

So they didn't go to the crab restaurant, but went directly to the Beijing Opera Theater.

There's a large parking lot in front of the Beijing Opera Theater, which existed in the form of antique pavilions. Each of the pavilions could hold four or five cars.

After the car was parked, Tang Sibo opened the back door. He wanted to pick up his son, but Juan Juan was sitting closer to the door, so he scooped up Juan Juan into his arms.

Su Fu alighted from the other side and held Tang Luoke's hand.

From the outside, the Beijing Opera Theater looked very grand and magnificent. It's three stories high and built on a lake. But the lake wasn't big. It should be an artificial lake. The style of the building was archaic, so its magnificence still reflected a traditional simplicity.

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The artificial lake encircled the entire Beijing Opera Theater in the middle. Walking forward from the parking lot, there're three mahogany bridges that were parallel then diverged into different directions. After crossing the mahogany bridge, the Beijing Opera Theater was in front of them. A plaque hung above the entrance. The three characters "Beijing Opera Theater" were written in calligraphy.  

Tang Sibo introduced that these characters were written by a friend of old man Tang. The old gentleman was also a famous calligrapher and painter. He just moved a pen and wrote out such beautiful calligraphy that's also in line with old man Tang's wishes.

Su Fu was amazed. He always thought that the famous Beijing Opera Theater in City B was just a place for troupe to sing Beijing Opera, but its appearance looked so outstanding.

Tang Sibo didn't directly lead them to the opera but took them around the Theater. After walking along, Su Fu found that there's more than one building. Another smaller building was behind it. They had to pass through a water corridor to get there.

Su Fu felt as if he's walking in ancient times. If he slept and woke up here, he might feel that he had transmigrated.

The small building behind wasn't used to entertain guests. It's a residence in the form of an antique villa. There're some important personnel of the Theater staying here, such as the famous old man Jiang Yiqing, who lived here now, and his close disciple Liu An. There're many rooms in the small building. If they played late, they would stay overnight here.

After entering the gate of the small building, they saw a man in military uniform lying in a rocking chair snoring without any image.

Tang Sibo frowned and kicked the rocking chair. The rocking chair shook hard and woke up the person sleeping with a shout.

"Why are you wearing the green skin?"

The man in the rocking chair caught a glimpse of Tang Sibo. He stood up and adjusted his military uniform, "What do you know? This is called uniform temptation! Lao Zi won't allow Liu An to take off his costume tonight before doing him."

On hearing this loud voice, Su Fu recognized the man with the straight military uniform and vigorous bearing. He's the one who scolded the doctor at City B hospital that day.

Li Chao didn't recognize Su Fu. He didn't pay attention to the people around him at that time. Right now, he saw Tang Sibo holding a little fellow in his arms. Li Chao's eyes narrowed.

"No, the last time I saw my big nephew he's not like this?! How did he change and shrink?!"

Tang Luoke poked Li Chao on his thigh as he looked up. "Uncle Li, I'm here."

"Yo, Uncle Li's legs are too high up to see you, big nephew!" Li Chao said. He walked over to pick up Tang Luoke. He threw him up and stretched out an arm to catch him, then let him sit on his arm.  

If this was any other child, he would either cry in fear or giggle playfully. Tang Luoke, however, had a smelly face and rejected this childish method of teasing a child.

"Then who is this milk doll? Second Tang, you can hide it. There's someone outside?"

Li Chao stretched out his hand to pinch Juan Juan's face. But Juan Juan thought that this uncle's voice was so loud and he threw people up and down so terrifyingly! He hurriedly twisted his head around Tang Sibo's neck to avoid the pinch.

Tang Sibo pushed aside Li Chao's hand and took a step back to introduce Su Fu to them.

Upon hearing the introduction, Su Fu realized that this was the oldest son of the Li family, one of the two overlord families in City B, and said hello politely.

Li Chao indifferently waved his hand. While staring at Su Fu, he lewdly laughed.

"Family teacher? Huh? Sure, ha ha ha!"

Su Fu was so horrified by his stare that he turned to glance at Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo pulled Su Fu behind him and patted Li Chao helplessly. "Liu An is still on stage? Let's go to the balcony?"

"Let's go. His performance is almost over. It's time for the crab restaurant to send crabs. I haven't eaten them for a long time." Once finishing saying this, Li Chao held Tang Luoke and swaggered out in front of them.  

Su Fu breathed out a sigh of relief. This character was a bit terrifying!

Tang Sibo smiled lightly and said, "Don't be afraid, he's a two fool`."

Fool? Doesn't look like it. He looks very handsome. His face also shows a smart appearance?

When he turned to look at Tang Sibo, the other already left smiling.

Su Fu smiled helplessly and followed him. Tang Sibo obviously just spoke ill of his friend.

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"Two fools? Is Mr. Tang the second fool? Mr. Li called you Second Tang just now."

"Does Teacher Su mean that I'm a fool?" Tang Sibo turned to look at him. His eyes slightly narrowed.

Su Fu hurriedly smiled and motioned with his hand, "No, no, no, Mr. Tang is a double clever wiseman."

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and chuckled. They happened to reach the gate of the theater at this moment. There's a lobby on the first floor that's full of people. To prevent their group from getting lost in the crowd, Tang Sibo held Juan Juan in one hand and used his other hand to grab Su Fu's hand to take him to the balcony on the second floor.

Just as Su Fu was laughing at Tang Sibo, his hand was suddenly pulled. Su Fu felt a quiver through his body. The smile on his face froze. He looked at Tang Sibo walking in front of him and couldn't return to absolute being for a long time.

He didn't know how he came to the second floor, until they reached the door of a theater box. Only when Tang Sibo loosened his hand and pushed the door to go in did Su Fu finally return to absolute being.

It's all Xiao Ke's fault! He said that his father might like men, which almost scared him to death. At this moment, when he came back to his mind, Su Fu smiled slightly outside while darkly scolding himself for making a fuss in his heart. Mr. Tang was a gentle and elegant gentleman. He led him only for fear of losing him. Mr. Tang was frank and open. Why was he so shock?

The box was quite large and elegantly decorated. It faced the stage downstairs. Although there're three floors on this building, the box on the second floor had the best view. The side facing the stage had a large glass window that could be covered when resting. The sound insulation effect was also strong. When enjoying the opera, one could open it and hear the performance clearly.

Li Chao arrived with Tang Luoke in his arms before them. He's now sitting by the large window. There's a wall-mounted bar counter in front of the large window. It's really a special kind of enjoyment to drink a little wine or tea, eat some snacks and listen to the opera.

After entering the box, Tang Sibo put Juan Juan on the sofa facing the window. Tang Luoke was also on it.

The two children played together.

"Have the crabs been ordered?" Tang Sibo asked as he walked toward the inner corner.

Li Chao, who was admiring the performance on the stage, nodded absentmindedly, "Yes, it'll take ten minutes."

Tang Sibo nodded. He reached for Su Fu and beckoned him over.

Su Fu walked in and finally believed that this must be the box that belonged to them all year round. There's a triangle wine cabinet in the corner. It's fully stocked with all kinds of famous wines. He was dumbfounded and thought that these young masters really knew how to enjoy themselves.

Tang Sibo swept through the rows of white wine and said to Su Fu, "When eating crabs, drinking some white wine makes it more delicious."

Su Fu nodded after being told.

"Which bottle would you like to drink?"

Su Fu glanced at them. Although he knew some famous brands, he couldn't distinguish which one was actually good. After all he didn't have the spare money to taste them all one by one.  

"You can choose whatever. I don't know anything about this."

Tang Sibo smiled and picked up a bottle of Burgundy.

The two men walked back to the window. Tang Sibo put the wine on the table in the middle of the box.

Su Fu barely heard a few words of the performance on stage before it's finished. He was still immersed in the wonderful performance.

Li Chao turned his head and saw Su Fu's admiration. He said happily, "Isn't Lao Zi's wife very good?"

His wife must be the young man he met at the hospital before. At that time, Su Fu felt that he could dress up as a female without anyone finding out. His face was suitable for male and female. Now, it turned out he's a Beijing Opera danjiao. No wonder.

"Yes, he's great!"

When hearing someone praising Liu An, Li Chao's mouth widened. Ha, ha, ha, he laughed. The booming laughter was somewhat shocking. Su Fu blinked. He somehow felt a little scary.

Before long, the box door was knocked several times. They thought that the crabs were here, but once opened, it turned out to be Liu An.  

One didn't know if he and Li Chao had an agreement. Liu An really didn't change out of his costume. He just removed his makeup but still wore a red wedding dress. It looked very beautiful. Su Fu was amazed.

"Hey, wife, come here." Li Chao walked over with mirth. He pulled Liu An into his arms and nibbled him a few times.

Liu An blushed with shame at the sight of other people present. He hurriedly pushed Li Chao away. "There's people here. Be careful!"

"I have nothing to hide with my wife." Despite saying this, Li Chao still listened to Liu An's words and restrained himself a little, but his hands never left its hold on Liu An's waist.

Su Fu was dumbfounded. This…is really open enough…

He subconsciously twisted his head to look at Tang Sibo. He saw him smiling slightly like there's nothing wrong, as if he's already accustomed to it. Su Fu thought to himself, Mr. Tang really doesn't know about his sexual orientation after seeing this?

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