Right at this moment, the dumplings were cooked, so Su Fu took a deep bowl to fish them out.

There were four bowls, two big ones and two small ones on the table.

Tang Sibo took out soy sauce and vinegar before walking over. He smiled and asked, "Xiao Ke told you that I'm divorced?"

Su Fu froze. Upon recalling the conversation from that time, he realized that Xiao Ke only said "I don't have a mother"?

"I may…have misunderstood something?" Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo with uncertainty.

Tang Sibo gave a light smile and replied, "I'm unmarried. Where did you find my ex-wife?"

Unmarried?! Su Fu was surprised. Was Xiao Ke adopted? Impossible. Tang Sibo and him looked too clearly alike. He had also seen big brother Tang before. He could see that Xiao Ke definitely came from the gene of the Tang family.

Did Tang Sibo have Xiao Ke when he was young? The woman's identity wasn't good, so she wasn't recognized by the Tang family. In the end, she took the money, gave birth to the child then left? Su Fu's mind gushed out numerous powerful dramas about the rich. Upon thinking again, this also felt wrong. Tang family didn't behave like the typically rich people. Tang Sibo also didn't like being chauffeured around.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's eyes going round and round. He didn't know what Su Fu was thinking.

Just as Tang Sibo tried to say something, Tang Luoke came down holding Juan Juan's small hand.

"Can we eat yet? Xiao Juan is hungry."

Tang Sibo and Su Fu looked over and saw Juan Juan appearing shy. He held Tang Luoke's hand tightly and looked up at him innocently, as if to say – Older brother Tang, how can you say it so bluntly?

Tang Luoke patted Juan Juan's head and led him to the table. Su Fu bent down to pick up Juan Juan and set him on the chair. He brought him his bowl of dumplings and handed him a spoon.

Tang Sibo also handed over his son's dumplings and asked, "Xiao Ke, did you tell Teacher Su that Dad is divorced?"

Su Fu was embarrassed. He sat down and silently ate his dumplings.

Tang Luoke took a bite of dumpling and thought about what he said to Su Fu before. "No, I said that I don't have a mother. Teacher Su may have misunderstood."

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows. He knew what Su Fu was thinking. He also sat down to eat dumplings with a light smile.

Su Fu felt even more embarrassed. His face turned red. He told his father that Mr. Tang was divorced when they were casually talking…Oh no, Mr. Tang's reputation was ruined by him…

"I'm really sorry. I really misunderstood."

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head, indicating that it was nothing.

Tang Luoke finished eating a dumpling. He looked up at Su Fu and thought that this was an excellent opportunity. So, he said, "Dad has been single. He's not married. I'm a surrogate baby. Dad wants to find a man to spend his life with."

As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Sibo and Su Fu choked and coughed one after another.

Tang Luoke still ate his dumplings calmly, but the frightened Juan Juan had climbed down from his chair. He first ran to Su Fu to pat him on the back, then ran to Tang Sibo to pat him on the back.

Tang Sibo and Su Fu slowly calmed down after drinking some water. They casted a glance at each other while feeling inexplicably embarrassed.

Tang Sibo was startled by his son's sudden remark that he's looking for a man to spend his life with. But on second thought, he understood why his son always stuck to Su Fu and why he said that he's looking for a man. His son wanted Su Fu to be his mother.

In contrast, Su Fu was shocked because he suddenly heard that Tang Sibo was gay. He thought that he was always bothering him by living here every two or three days. He felt nothing before, but now that he knew about this, he felt more embarrassed.

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Tang Sibo held Juan Juan who sat on his legs and fed him dumplings. He cleared his throat and said to Su Fu, "The child isn't sensible. Don't mind him."

Su Fu quickly shook his head and motioned that it didn't matter. He didn't mind if someone wanted to marry a man or a woman. Then he thought again. Since Mr. Tang explained it this way, it should be that he's not looking for a man to live with as insinuated by Xiao Ke.

Tang Luoke was dissatisfied with his father's explanation and added with a small frown: "You're not likely to settle down with a woman. You didn't like any of the prestigious ladies that Grandma introduced to you."

Tang Sibo was somewhat helpless. He thought: You, a little fellow, is crazy about Su Fu, so you just decide to take a red thread to tie me and Su Fu together?

However, Tang Sibo looked up at Su Fu while he was feeding Juan Juan. He didn't reject the other person, but the other person may not necessarily agree to be with him. The feeling of being with Su Fu was quite warm. It's a feeling that he liked. As for gender, it was never a problem. However, Su Fu just experienced a failed relationship. Tang Sibo didn't want to disturb his peace of mind at this time.

Tang Sibo was thinking about his feelings for Su Fu, but Su Fu thought that he was angry with the child and changed the subject at once.

"Is Xiao Ke a surrogate child?" Su Fu at first thought that this topic was a secret. But since Tang Luoke told him, they might not care to hide it, so he asked his doubts.

Tang Sibo came to his senses. He didn't mind letting Su Fu know and nodded, "Big brother is infertile. I have no plans to get married, so I went abroad for surrogacy."

Big brother Tang was infertile?! Su Fu was so shocked that he dared not eat dumplings, for fear that his mouth might accidentally drop open. Big brother Tang being infertile and Xiao Ke being a surrogate child should definitely a big family secret?! But Tang Sibo actually told him so casually?!

Although he was shocked in his heart, Su Fu hurriedly closed his mouth and decided to guard these secrets. These were what Tang Sibo told him as a friend, he couldn't destroy Mr. Tang's reputation again.

As for surrogacy, Su Fu had no prejudice. It's not uncommon in foreign countries. However, he could now understand why Xiao Ke always said that he didn't need a mother, because he knew his origin very well, so he wouldn't think about the one who contributed the egg to him. However, he was still eager to have the love of another parent besides Tang Sibo, so he wanted a "mother."

Thinking of this, Su Fu couldn't help but feel more distressed for Tang Luoke.

"Mr. Tang has no plans to get married?" Su Fu was worried that Xiao Ke might never get a chance to have a "mother."

Tang Sibo smiled and answered: "It's not that I don't intend to. I just attach a lot of importance to meeting two of a kind. If I can meet someone who makes me want to spend a lifetime with, maybe I'll get married."

Su Fu suddenly realized this and nodded. It turned out that Mr. Tang was still a person who pursued true love. It's really admirable.

"Then Mr. Tang, are you…" Su Fu considered his words. He didn't know how to ask them, but he's somewhat curious about Tang Sibo's sexual orientation.

Before he finished asking, Tang Sibo could already understand what he meant. He replied, "I haven't found the person I like yet, so I don't know whether I like a man or woman, but gender doesn't matter."

Haven't found the person he likes yet? So, Mr. Tang never likes someone before? Has he never been in love? Su Fu looked at him and suddenly felt that Mr. Tang was so pure, and inexplicable…lovely…

The atmosphere of the meal stayed somewhat strange because of these questions. Tang Sibo appeared deep in thought while eating dumplings. Su Fu looked distracted too. Only Tang Luoke seemed to be in a good mood. His little face didn't look as serious as usual. Juan Juan was the only one who didn't understand anything after looking at everyone's face for a long time. He only felt that everyone was different than usual.

After dinner, the four of them took the opportunity to digest their meal and went to Jinghe together. Su Fu packed some of his clothes and Juan Juan's. He would stay at the Tang family villa again tonight.

Once they returned to the villa, all four of them took a bath separately. Then they resumed the little talk before going to bed that had been abandoned for a while.  

When lying in bed, Tang Luoke and Juan Juan switched position. Tang Luoke leaned against Su Fu's side while Juan Jaun was held directly in Tang Sibo's arms.  

Tang Luoke looked around and bent up the corners of his mouth with satisfaction.

Tang Sibo looked at his son staying in Su Fu's arms. He raised his brows and looked at Su Fu, who was looking down at the child in his arms. His face appeared very gentle as he pinched Tang Luoke's little face with a slight smile.

The little master Tang, who always disliked being touched, looked very satisfied. He squinted happily, like a fox.

Tang Sibo thought to himself. Teacher Su can really work magic. How long did he take to completely soothe the heart of the most refined and expensive young master in his family? Teacher Su's gentle facial expression and quiet temperament, especially when he didn't speak, felt very comforting. Even the slightly moving hair on his forehead made people feel soft and tickle their hearts.

When Su Fu looked up, he happened to bump into Tang Sibo's eyes. His face turned red.

Tang Sibo was also embarrassed. He thought in his heart that he was really dazed. How can he so impolite to stare at someone else?  

In fact, something like this would have been fine before. But Tang Luoke's sentence today pointed out that Tang Sibo may like men, so Tang Sibo no longer had the image of a straight man. This made the two people sometimes felt uncomfortable. They couldn't be as casual as before.

In order not to embarrass Su Fu, Tang Sibo asked, "Where are we going to play tomorrow?"

Although Tang Sibo had changed from a straight man to unclear sexual orientation, they were still friends after all. Even if he was embarrassed occasionally, there's no need to struggle too much. After all, they were still both men. Unlike a woman, they didn't have to pay too much attention about giving or receiving privately.  

Since Tang Sibo acted so magnanimously, Su Fu also didn't mince his words. He thought for a moment, then said, "There will be a lot of people traveling during the October holiday."

Tang Sibo nodded, "There's no need to crowd with others to the scenic spots. But the famous places in City A seem to be at those scenic spots."

Su Fu also thought about this. There's really no place to go for fun. The weather was getting colder. He wanted to buy some fall and winter clothes for Juan Juan and his parents. But for two big men to take two small steamed buns and stroll through the streets for a day…it didn't seem right?

At this time, Tang Luoke pushed Tang Sibo and suggested: "Let's take Teacher Su and Xiao Juan to the opera in City B. Teacher Su has certainly not seen the play."

Tang Sibo raised his brows and looked at his son, the little fox, to see what bad idea he was playing. But Tang Luoke still showed a magnanimous face, revealing nothing wrong.

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Tang Sibo thought about it. This proposal wasn't bad. Beijing Opera Theater was now a big attraction in City B. They could certainly go there. Judging from Su Fu's gentle and quiet temperament, he would probably like the quintessential feeling of going to the opera.

"Going to the opera? The famous Beijing Opera Theater in City B?" Su Fu didn't know much about City B, but he heard of the Beijing Opera Theater. After all, it was the only opera theater in City B. City A didn't have one.

"Yes, if you don't want to go to the crowded scenic spots, the opera is a good place to cultivate one's morality. I just don't know if Teacher Su likes Beijing Opera?"  

Su Fu held his hand on his side face and smiled: "I've never seen one, but I'm curious about the quintessence of Chinese culture. I can give it a try."

At ordinary times, one could occasionally watch Beijing Opera on TV. But it's quite fresh to go to the Opera Theater to listen to it.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu showing a face of curiosity and smiled, "Let's go to City B tomorrow morning? I'll take you to a crab restaurant. This is the golden season for eating crabs. Their crab meat is tender, yellow, fat, creamy and large. It's a pity to miss it."

As the saying went, "When the autumn wind blows, one itches for crab's feet." This time was indeed the best time to eat crabs. Su Fu's thoughts became a bit greedy.

Without waiting for him to say anything, Juan Juan stared at the size of Tang Sibo's gestures and widened his eyes. "Wow, what a big crab!"

Tang Sibo smiled and pinched Juan Juan's face. "Yes, does Xiao Juan want to eat?"

"Want ~" Juan Juan's small face adoringly looked up at Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo was tickled by his adoration. He pulled Juan Juan into his arms and tickle him, causing him to giggle.  

Su Fu was also enticed by the size of the crabs. He looked at them with a smile. "Then we'll go to City B tomorrow. Juan Juan has never been out of City A much."

Tang Luoke heard them say this and narrowed his eyes again with happiness.

"Yes, we can get up at the same time tomorrow and go to City B after breakfast. It'll be noon by the time we get there. We can have crab for lunch first, then go to the Beijing Theater. After that, we can still stroll around the street and go to a hot spring. I think you're tired lately. It's good to relax and soak in a hot spring." Tang Sibo rubbed Juan Juan's hands and carefully arranged the day's schedule.

"Soak in a spring?" Su Fu opened his eyes wide. He had never been to a hot spring even after growing this old. "Do you want to prepare clothes?"

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "No, the resort will have everything. Don't worry about packing."

Hearing the word "resort", Su Fu blinked. They were really following Mr. Tang to see the world!

Everyone was already looking forward to the trip together tomorrow. They softly chatted in full spirit without drowsiness.

It wasn't until past ten o'clock that Juan Juan became the first one to fall asleep.

Tang Sibo tucked him in. He patted his little body and looked at his son. He still appeared bright eyes and in good spirits.

At eleven o'clock, Tang Sibo saw that his son was still listening to him and Su Fu. He spoke up, "Son, it's eleven o'clock. Time to sleep."

Tang Luoke glanced at him. "I'm not sleepy yet. Let's keep talking."

"It's very late. Dad should go back to his room."

Tang Luoke glanced at him and said, "But I haven't slept yet, so keep talking."

Su Fu sniggered. He took Tang Luoke into his arms and started patting him on the back while saying, "Let's talk for a while longer so you can sleep."

Tang Luoke nodded, so Tang Sibo and Su Fu continued to talk. None of them was bored.

However, at twelve o'clock, Tang Luoke still didn't fall asleep.

At last, Tang Sibo and Su Fu became too sleepy from talking and fell asleep. Tang Luoke glanced around and looked satisfied. He tucked them in and fell asleep in Su Fu's arms.

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