Lin Yifei sat alone at the cafeteria with his dinner plate. Katherine and Ivey should have eaten by now.

Someone walked to the opposite side of him and put down the plate.

"It's strange that Chris isn't with you."

"Rex?" Lin Yifei looked up.

"What? Don't wanna eat with me?" Rex deliberately lowered his head in front of Lin Yifei and whispered, "If you don't even have dinner with me, I'll tell everyone that I kissed you."

Lin Yifei sighed. He waved his fork and said, "It doesn't matter. Chris already knows."

"That's not surprising." Rex seemed to think of something, "Fortunately, he can't exert his hand these days. If he comes after me every practice time, I'll be really busy."

"Don't worry. Chris won't do such an annoying thing." Lin Yifei was actually hungry. But when Chris was brought up, he lost his appetite. He ate a couple of bites then left Rex behind.

In the evening, Lin Yifei turned off the computer and went to bed early. He turned his back to Chris and stared at the wall. Chris read the book by the bedside lamp as usual.

"…Can you not be angry with me?"

Finally, Lin Yifei couldn't help but speak first. Their cold war hadn't lasted for three hours.

"I'm not angry." Chris replied flatly.

"But you look very scary this afternoon."

"No next time."

Lin Yifei uncovered the blanket and went to Chris's bed. He laid down by his side.

"Do you know what you have in your head?"

"Huh? Why do you ask me this?" Lin Yifei was stunned and slow to react. He recalled that he mistook Rex for liking Chris.

"Well, what I have in my head is coconut juice…" Lin Yifei craned his neck. He kissed Chris in the ear, then leaned over his shoulder to look at the book in his hand.

Chris snorted softly, but still held out a hand to embrace him.

"You won't go find trouble with Rex, will you?" Knowing that Chris was no longer angry, Lin Yifei dared to ask him with a smile.

"No, I'll just make him look good in the Washington final, if he can enter the final." Chris turned over the page.

"In fact, I really appreciate Rex kissing me."

Sure enough, Chris's brow was raised high. "Rex affirmed your charm. Now you're elated."

"No, this isn't it." Lin Yifei curved up his lips. "He gave me a fright when he kissed me. And I don't like him kissing me at all."

Chris was still just looking at the book.

"Not just any kiss will move me." After Lin Yifei finished speaking, he got out of bed, but Chris turned to embrace him and put the book on the bed.

Lin Yifei was held by Chris. The two faced this side. When Chris's kiss fell, Lin Yifei was already ready. He kissed Lin Yifei's lips and slipped the tip of his tongue through his lips. Instead of rushing deep into his mouth, he asked him in his current posture: "Do you feel moved?"

"Are you an idiot?"

"That isn't enough." Chris moved up and bit Lin Yifei on the nose.

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"I want to say that just looking at you will make me moved."

Two seconds later, Chris turned up the corner of his mouth, which was Lin Yifei's favorite expression.

"Yifei, grow up quickly." Chris leaned toward Lin Yifei and looked at him. His eyes became soft enough to drown him in.

Of course, Lin Yifei understood what Chris meant. When he turned away, his neck was red.

"I don't want to get old so quickly!"

The Girls' Festival passed like this.

Lin Yifei accompanied Chris to the school clinic to remove the bandage. The doctor told him not to scratch the wound even if he felt itchy. Chris had a scab mark on his palm. One could feel the pain of when he was injured.

The next two weeks were a close call. Chris and Rex were going to meet in the final to compete for the first and second place in Washington. The men's sabre team from Ghosn High School beat last year's runner-up to enter the final and would soon face their old rival, Griffith. The pressure on the team was always tense. Chris became even colder every time he met Rex.

Rex was the only one who didn't feel anything. He came up and slung his arm around Lin Yifei's shoulder, "Hey, do you want to have a match later?"

"Ah, good."

Rex's level was very high. It's worth looking forward to practicing with him. Chris's eyes stayed on Lin Yifei back as he took his stance on the preparation line. They weren't cold with jealousy. He's just accompanying Lin Yifei with his eyes.

Coach Smith also came to judge their match in person with great interest. As soon as they started, the match became intense. The attack power was transferred from Lin Yifei's hand to Rex's. With the rhythm changing, Lin Yifei defended and counterattacked.

At a certain move, Lin Yifei stepped on his shoelace when retreating, and his entire body fell backwards.

Rex's sabre was supposed to strike him on the shoulder, but he temporarily stopped it. Instead, he reached out to grab him. Because of his strong pull, Lin Yifei crashed into Rex's arms.

"Oh, thank you!"

Although the two teenagers were separated by masks, Lin Yifei could still detect that Rex seemed to be laughing.

At the end of the game, Lin Yifei won by one point.

"Lin, I think you're getting better and better." Pan gave him a high five, then praised him sincerely.

Rex, who had already walked to the opposite side and was talking with Nova and Lily, tilted his head and smiled gently at Lin Yifei when talking about something with the girls.

Lin Yifei hastily turned away and was about to take off his gloves when Chris tidied up his protective gear and said, "Now that you're all warmup, let's have a match with me."

After Chris said so, members who were going to practice on their own gathered again. Even Katherine from the women's team came to watch.

"Good." Lin Yifei put on his mask again.

"Tie your shoelaces." Chris lightly reminded, then walked to the opposite side of Lin Yifei.

Lin Yifei knew this guy was probably upset that Rex took the opportunity to hug him. When the match started, Chris went all out. Instead of a practice match, it's more like the real competition. In the first minute, Lin Yifei lost two points.

After returning to the preparation line, Chris looked into his eyes and said, "Concentrate."

Lin Yifei took a deep breath. Sure enough, no matter where he was, Chris always gave him a feeling of security.

The next minute, Lin Yifei regained his rhythm. He continued to attack quickly, changing lines and making a surprise attack. Every time the sabre fell, he would not slow down, but launch the second attack. There couldn't be any slacking off in front of Chris.

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At the end of the match, Lin Yifei lost two points to Chris. Everyone was still around. It seemed that the match was over.

"Ha-" Lin Yifei took off his mask and breathed a great sigh of relief. Just as he was about to say something to Chris, there came a proud voice from the crowd.

"Chris! I finally found you!"

Lin Yifei looked back and took a while to react. The girl turned out to be Elizabeth.

He hadn't seen her for a long time. Mr. Osborne sent her to a girl boarding school after the kidnapping. She may not understand why she was alienated by the Osbornes' till now.

Elizabeth was wearing a slightly lower-cut leggings and miniskirt. The makeup on her face was a bit thick, but one could see that she carefully dressed up. After only one year, this girl had changed a lot.

Chris looked at her coldly. The first thing he said was: "Don't you know to wear sneakers in the fencing hall? Your high heels will scratch the floor."

Elizabeth paused and looked down at her high heels with studded crystal. Obviously, she changed into these sparkling shoes just to see Chris, but instead of attracting his eyes, she got a cold comment. The corners of her mouth quivered. "Can't you be kind to me since I come to see you?"

"You're not a Ghosn's student. It's club time now. Did you get permission to come in?"

This was Chris's character. He wouldn't waste any patience on people he didn't care about.

"You…" Elizabeth stepped forward again, then her entire body froze. She didn't know what to say.

"Take off your shoes, or I'll have you carried out." Chris sat down on the side bench.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward. Everyone went to practice. Of course, they still looked at Elizabeth standing there alone from time to time.

"Liz? Do you want me to find a girl to lend you a pair of sneakers?" Lin Yifei came forward.

Elizabeth pushed him away sharply. "Don't bother!"

Two seconds later, the proud lady took off her high heels and walked barefoot on the floor.

He didn't know if it's an illusion, but Lin Yifei felt that Elizabeth's push was filled with hatred. He could understand this hatred. After all, Chris never refused him, not even once. Elizabeth spent a lot of time pestering Chris, while Lin Yifei did nothing but still managed to stay with Chris.

Elizabeth walked up to Chris. She took a deep breath and asked with a smile, "Are you going home for the holiday?"

"Maybe." Chris sat there, surrounded by the crisp sounds of sabres hitting one another. The other members gradually ignored both of them.

"Are you saying that you're not going back? If not, where will you go?"

"It's none of your business."

Lin Yifei looked at them with a sigh.

One didn't know when Rex walked up behind Lin Yifei. He said with a teasing tone: "That girl likes Chris a lot."

"Liz is Chris's cousin."

"Oh…in fact, I really appreciate Chris's character."

"Can you appreciate him? Aren't you always against him?"

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