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The roar from Pado was completely drowned out by the roar from so many herbivorous dinosaurs.

The Argentinosaurus stopped roaring. The other dinosaurs also stopped. There was silence around them. They were waiting for Pado to hand over Gulu.

Time was very short. The dinosaurs surrounding Pado's group were crazy and impatient. They had little patience left.

Gulu said to Babana: "Mom, let me go to Dad's side. I'll talk to these dinosaurs."

In fact, Gulu could do nothing, but if he didn't go, the consequences would be unimaginable. All of Pado's groups would be trampled to death and killed. He thought that he should at least go and tried to persuade in hope of letting everyone stay alive.

Gulu also knew that it was his mistake. He killed all dinosaurs of that Argentinosaurus's group. He spread misinformation that the ice wall would melt based on his "subjective assumption". Their death was caused by him and he had to bear it himself.

Of course, Gulu didn't want to die either. He wanted to stand out and say, "The ice wall will melt tonight. You'll die if you go down there! If you don't believe me, you can wait until evening to see it!"

In any case, let's solve the present difficulties first. At night, they could run to a further place and stop migrating with these dinosaurs. There was always a way to hide.

Babana stopped Gulu and said, "No! Gulu! Stand here and don't move!"

Gulu told Babana his plan, but Babana still wouldn't let him out.

At this moment, all of Pado's Triceratopses let out loud roars. What they meant was that they would never hand over Gulu!

Gulu didn't expect that the group would be willing to unconditionally defend him like this.

Every one of Pado's Triceratopses knew that it may die here today, but it had not regret.

The dinosaurs surrounding Pado's group were very angry. They stomped on the ground with loud bangs and kept roaring. There was no doubt that they would launch an attack immediately.

Pado's roar was no use. It's completely drowned out.

Mungo's group was far away after coming back from eating. They didn't know what happened, but they saw that Pado's group was surrounded inside.

Of course, Mungo's group soon understood why these dinosaurs surrounded Pado's group.

Gaya immediately said, "Mungo! They're going to trample Gulu to death. Go quickly!"

Mungo rushed out, then Mungo's brothers followed.

Guji, Gudong and Guga also wanted to rush over, but were stopped by Gaya. They were too young and would be trampled to death. Gaya not only couldn't let them go, but also had to take them to a further place. These angry dinosaurs would step on the young ones when they ran away.

The roars of more than a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex opened the way for them. These herbivorous dinosaurs were naturally afraid of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu saw Mungo rushing in with his brothers and he became even sadder. Even Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't beat this many herbivorous dinosaurs no matter how fierce they were. They would be crushed to death!

Mungo took his brothers and stood outside of Pado's group.

Pado's group was already very familiar with Mungo's group. Now they must unite. Therefore, Pado's Triceratopses didn't attack Mungo's group.

The situation was getting more and more complicated.

The arrival of Mungo's group scared the dinosaurs. But they soon calmed down because their numbers were many times larger.

On the contrary, the arrival of Mungo's group had completely angered these dinosaurs. They all knew that Tyrannosaurus rex didn't need to migrate originally. It's because of this Gulu that Mungo's group had been migrating!

Tyrannosaurus rex's group followed the migration. They all became the moving meat for them and would be hunted at any time. How could they not be angry?

All herbivorous dinosaur groups were thinking, let's just take this opportunity to stomp on Mungo's group while everyone's still united. This was the best opportunity.

Gulu had no idea that things would develop into what they were today.

A great battle was imminent.

At this moment, Gulu saw a huge Argentinosaurus walking past with his group. That was Ray!

Ray stood silently beside Pado's group with his group.

At the same time, Blunt and Tudor also led their Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus to Pado's side.

Then Hongdun and Sofu took their Triceratopses to the side of Pado.


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Gulu's eyes were filled with tears. He didn't expect that at this critical moment, all dinosaurs that he knew chose to believe him and help him, even if they faced thousands of dinosaurs, even if they were on the verge of death.

Don't fight, Gulu's heart only had such an idea.

Gulu wanted to appease these dinosaurs. But even if he had grown up and his roars were loud, the current situation was too chaotic. No dinosaur could hear his roars.

At this moment, Gulu noticed the Parasaurolophus next to Pado.

Gulu shouted at Long: "Long! Roar! Roar loudly! Help me!"

One didn't know what's going on. Long seemed to be getting smarter this time. In fact, he didn't hear what Gulu was saying clearly, but he was worried when he saw Gulu. He didn't want Gulu to look so worried.

So Long and his group issued a very sharp and penetrating roar, which spread to just outside Pado's group. Therefore, the dinosaurs near Pado's group didn't feel much pain, but the dinosaurs on the periphery felt very uncomfortable.

Soon, under the terrible roar of Parasaurolophus, the surrounding dinosaurs quieted down.

In fact, these dinosaurs also didn't want to fight. Herbivorous dinosaurs didn't like to fight, but they were terrifying when forced to fight.

Gulu shouted, "I said the ice wall will melt, but I didn't force you to follow me up the mountain! I also said this in order to save you! It's up to you to believe it or not!…"

There're too many dinosaurs here. Of course, many couldn't hear Gulu, but the dinosaurs closest to Pado's group could still hear him.

After listening to Gulu's words, the surviving Argentinosaurus said: "You let our group cross the bridge first. The bridge collapsed. Only then did you step on us with Pado's group. Other dinosaurs didn't see it. But I saw it…"

Gulu couldn't refute this point.

Then another Camptosaurus gave Gulu a fatal blow: "You told us that the ice wall will melt, not to save us. You were afraid that if only Pado's group walk up the mountain, you'll face too many carnivorous dinosaurs and can't survive. You can only survive if we walk with you!"

Only the clever Camptosaurus could think of this.

Gulu felt that this Camptosaurus was a bit familiar. It seemed to be the leader of the Camptosaurus group who was driven out by Pado's group that night to escape the snow in the cave.

The leader of the Camptosaurus didn't die from the Cryolophosaurus hunt that day but survived?!

Gulu speculated that this Camptosaurus might have followed them all along and wanted revenge on Pado's group but didn't find a chance.

However, Gulu also couldn't refute this point. He roared loudly: "I also want to get out of the polar circle as soon as possible and I also didn't want to walk up the mountain. I really think that the ice wall will melt before we can cross. Pado's group also walk up the mountain. Why should I lie to you!"

During this time, the sun was very high and Gulu felt out of breath. With too many dinosaurs surrounding them, the air wasn't circulating. In addition, Gulu was anxious. He felt dizzy and could barely stand on Babana.

Long took the initiative to go to Gulu's side and said, "You say one word, I'll repeat one word."

Gulu was worried that his roar wasn't loud enough. If there was a dinosaur to send the message for him, all dinosaurs in this area could hear it!

Gulu spoke very sincerely: "My name is Gulu. I'm a Triceratops and I know everyone listened to my words before walking up the mountain. I really thought that the ice wall will melt. If the ice wall melt, all of us will die! None of us will escape!"

"If you fight now, how many dinosaurs will be trampled to death once so many dinosaurs fight? Have you thought about it?"

"My Dad's name is Pado. My Dad is the strongest Triceratops leader. My Dad's group is the strongest Triceratops group! You want to trample me to death? Can you beat my Dad?!…"

"Do you still want to stomp on the Tyrannosaurus rex? Mungo is the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in the entire continent of Yukan. Mungo's group is also the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex group in Yukan. You will be killed!…"

"Do you know how many dinosaurs will die in this fight? Many, many, many will die. Those polar circle carnivorous dinosaurs will be able to pick up ready-made food. You'll be injured even if you aren't dead. It'll be easier for them to hunt you if you're injured!"

"There is still such a long way to go. If there're more dead dinosaurs now, have you thought about the danger in the road ahead?…"

In fact, Gulu could understand the anger of these dinosaurs.

In just three days of migration up the mountain, there're two very serious emergencies, avalanches and snowstorms, which killed many dinosaurs.

The death of so many dinosaurs would make any group angry, just like Pado's group would be angry if many of their dinosaurs died.

Suddenly, these dinosaurs found that the ice wall didn't melt at all! If they had just walked through the Big Glacier, nothing would have happened. This contrast made them even angrier.

Just standing where they're at, they could see the Big Glacier below. The dinosaurs walking on the Big Glacier hardly met any danger, which further stimulated them.

Dinosaurs were animals with a simple way of thinking. When they got angry, they wanted to fight, and no one could stop them.

Gulu said so much to appease the dinosaurs, hoping to calm them down. This way, they might not fight.

But it seemed that the effect wasn't obvious.

All dinosaurs were still very angry. A group of Tyrannosaurus rex followed them. They didn't know how many dinosaurs they ate from each group. How could they not be angry?

They listened to Gulu's words and went up the mountain. As the result, they encountered so many dangers and so many dinosaurs died.

After Gulu said all this, all dinosaurs were unmoved and still wanted to fight.

Especially those who slept on the edge of the forest last night and were hunted by carnivourous dinosaurs, they already started rushing toward Pado's group.

The unrest was getting fiercer.

The Camptosaurus was extremely clever and fled to the back after the turmoil. Mungo tried to rush over and kill the Camptosaurus, but it fled before he could.

The Parasaurolophus roared and made extremely high-frequency sounds, which were very harsh, but still couldn't prevent these angry dinosaurs from rushing toward Pado's group.

When Gulu heard the sound of broken ice, he couldn't believe his ears!

Mungo bit off the back of the Argentinosaurus with one bite.

There was a loud bang. All dinosaurs stopped and looked across.

More than 100 meters of ice wall instantly burst from inside. The monstrous flood rushed down with giant ice blocks and thundered down all over the Big Glacier below.

Part of the coniferous forest nearby was also washed away. Some dinosaurs eating in the coniferous forest were all washed into the Big Glacier.

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All dinosaurs on the Big Glacier ran quickly to the mountain where they stood, but they couldn't escape the torrent that poured down.

At the same time, the Big Glacier was also breaking up. Many dinosaurs fell directly into the ice water. They swam desperately to reach the unbroken ice, but they couldn't swim at the speed of the ice breaking!

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