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When Triceratopses and Parasaurolophus that were less than 10 meters tall entered the forest, the other big dinosaurs all felt very strange. Of course, they didn't care. They just looked at them with a kind of expression reserved for those with mental retardation.

Gulu felt that these big dinosaurs seemed to be saying: Little shorty dinosaur, little fatty head dinosaur and little stupid dinosaur. You aren't worthy of entering our "Forest Association". Didn't you see the announcement of our "Forest Association"? The minimum height is 10 meters!

(T/N: Hahaha. Guess which dinosaur each of these three 'little' belong to?)

Mungo's group was composed of Tyrannosaurus rex, but they were all full. Every dinosaur's belly was bulging. The surrounding herbivorous dinosaurs weren't afraid to see a full Tyrannosaurus rex, because a full Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't easily hunt. Hunting consumed too much energy.

Pado knew that when the snowstorm hit later, all dinosaurs would crowd into the forest, which would definitely be very chaotic. He organized the strongest male Triceratopses in the group to the outermost part of the group in advance to prevent the group from being trampled on by the big dinosaurs and so on.

A short while later, they heard the whirring sound of the wind that blew from the fern field side. Cold wave always came from the place where there were no trees.

Next came the heavy footsteps and roars of many herbivorous dinosaurs. All herbivorous dinosaurs rushed to the forest in droves in order to occupy the middle position as soon as possible.

The original dinosaurs that were closer to the edge of the forest also moved closer to the middle.

Gulu saw an Argentinosaurus group coming towards Pado's group. The Argentinosaurus were too big and too fierce. They could trample an adult Triceratops with one foot.

The powerful Triceratopses on the periphery of Pado's group kept roaring, while ramming their 1-meter-long horns into the Argentinosaurus.

Argentinosaurus were also afraid of Triceratopses' horns. Being pierced in the leg by such a long horn was very painful. Even if just being pierced once, in case it hit the hamstring, they may never be able to stand up again.

Therefore, these Argentinosaurus didn't dare to do anything to Pado's group but stopped beside Pado's group.

Soon, the wind and storm spread, but because of the buffer of the huge forest, the wind was much smaller. A large part of the snow was blocked by the thick trees.

Through Gulu's observations, all herbivorous dinosaurs entered the forest, which became densely packed with all kinds of dinosaurs. The different groups stayed close together, with almost no boundary.

The fern field outside the forest had been blown into a mess by the strong wind. Some ferns had even been uprooted. The snow soon fell into a thick layer and covered the fern field with a layer of soft white cotton.

Polar carnivorous dinosaurs were not afraid of snow and wind, so they continued to hunt herbivorous dinosaurs on the edge of the forest. Of course, they dared not enter the forest. The forest was densely packed with various herbivorous dinosaurs. They could be trampled to death just by entering.

Herbivorous dinosaurs on the forest periphery not only suffered the heaviest snow but also were hunted by polar carnivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu knew that when the wind and snow stopped, the herbivorous dinosaur group on the periphery of the forest might be exterminated, either frozen to death or killed. Even if they were not directly frozen to death, how could they resist the attack of carnivorous dinosaurs when they couldn't even stand the cold?

Dinosaurs in the middle of the forest knew that they were safe that night, so they laid down and began to sleep.

Pado also returned to the little cubs and Babana.

Babana and Pado slept on both sides, with the four cubs sleeping between them. Mila and Dudu slept next to Babana while Pachi and Gulu slept next to Pado.

The four cubs buried their heads under their parents' belly. Pado and Babana were very big and their bellies were also very large, just enough to hide the big heads of two cubs each.

The sound of the storm was very loud, just like the miserable roars of herbivorous dinosaurs outside the forest and the roars of carnivorous dinosaurs hunting and eating meat, but the cubs were not afraid at all, as long as there're parents around them.

Gulu stood up. He wanted to see Mungo's group, who wasn't far away from them. They were only separated by Long's Parasaurolophus group.

All adult male Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's group formed a circle tightly next to each other.

Gaya and the three young ones were asleep inside the circle. The thinnest Guga tightly hugged Gaya's belly. Guji and Gudong also clung to Guga tightly. Munroe laid next to Guji and Gudong, blocking the wind chill for them.

Such extreme climate was never seen by Tyrannosaurus rex. As the most powerful terrestrial dinosaurs, they had always lived in the most comfortable areas. They didn't need to migrate or come to the harsh polar regions.

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However, Mungo's group now fully knew how to resist the cold wave in the wild, that was, to squeeze tightly against each other, leaving no gaps and warming each other.

Guga didn't feel the cold at all. He felt that every day after returning to Mungo's group and to Gaya was so beautiful.

Pado knew that Gulu was looking at Mungo's group. He raised his head slightly and told him, "Gulu, sleep. Don't worry."

Gulu rubbed Pado's back and nodded.

Pado said softly, "Be good, hide under Dad's belly and sleep with your head tightly against Dad's belly."

Gulu nodded and said, "Uh-huh, I know, Dad."

Seeing that Mungo's group knew how to resist the cold wave, Gulu was relieved and went back under Pado's belly.

Pado's belly was really warm. Gulu didn't feel cold at all.

Pachi rubbed Gulu's head and asked, "Brother, what were you looking at?"

Gulu rubbed Pachi back and replied: "Nothing. Sleep, Pachi. Rest your feet on Brother's belly. Didn't move, or your feet will freeze."

The two cubs were sleeping opposite each other but close together. Their limbs were tightly attached to the other's bellies. Their bellies were the warmest parts of a Triceratops's body. This way their feet wouldn't freeze.

Pachi nodded and said: "Brother, I won't move. Brother, you don't move too."

The two cubs tightly slept together, which was the best way to resist the cold wave in the wild forest.

It's very noisy. There're terrible sounds everywhere, but the cubs soon fell asleep.

Once didn't know when the snow stopped, or when the polar circle carnivorous dinosaurs finished eating and left. These polar circle carnivorous dinosaurs always liked to hunt at night.

The next morning, there was a vast expanse of whiteness everywhere. Every dinosaur sleeping in the forest was sparsely covered with snow.

Pado and Babana nudged the cubs to wake them up.

Gulu was bleary-eyed and vaguely saw the dinosaurs in the forest walking out slowly. He rubbed his eyes against Pado's stout forelimbs and stood up. After waking up, he dozed off against Pado's belly.

Pachi woke up early. He rubbed against Gulu, "Brother is a sleepy dinosaur. Don't sleep. We have to go on."

Dudu and Mila also came to rub Gulu. With his younger siblings making such noises, Gulu couldn't doze off and walked out of the forest with the group.

The fern field was covered with snow, but the herbivorous dinosaurs still ate with vigor.

While walking and eating, they crossed through this fern field. Each of them felt very satisfied.

After crossing the fern field, they climbed another mountain. At noon, they reached a very open fern field. All herbivorous dinosaurs stopped to eat and rest here.

This piece of fern field allowed them to directly see the opposite big ice wall and the Big Glacier below the mountain.

There was no sign of melting from the big ice wall. Some migratory herbivorous dinosaurs were walking on the Big Glacier.

Gulu looked at the glacier and became lost in thought. He thought that maybe he was wrong this time.

This was the third day. If they walk through the Big Glacier, they could get out of the polar circle as soon as this evening or latest by noon tomorrow. But if they walked up the mountain, they needed to walk at least ten days to get out of the polar circle.

The cold wave hit last night, proving that the big ice wall wouldn't melt and there was no danger to walk below.

Gulu regretted taking the group up the mountain.

Pado came to Gulu, who stood there stunned and said: "Gulu, Dad is the leader. Dad decided to walk on the mountain. It doesn't matter. The mountain is very beautiful. Dad never walked on the mountain with the group. It's also very good to walk on the mountain…"

Gulu rubbed Pado's stout forelimbs and lowered his head. "Dad, I'm sorry."

Pado rubbed Gulu's big head and replied, "Silly Gulu. Dad is the leader. Dad goes wherever he likes, and Dad likes to go up the mountain."

Gulu rubbed back on Pado's neck and felt much better. Pado was always great. He's the best Triceratops Dad!

At this time, Pado and Gulu found that all herbivorous dinosaur groups had gathered around their group at a very fast speed.

Even the experienced Pado didn't know what's going on.

Soon, Pado's group was surrounded by three layers of herbivorous dinosaurs.

Pado brought Gulu to the middle of the group and immediately organized the strongest male Triceratopses of the group to surround the outermost layer.

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The dinosaurs who surrounded Pado's group were very violent and impatient. They kept roaring.

Gulu realized that these dinosaur groups blamed him for "spreading false rumors" and tricked all of them up the mountain. If they were walking on the Big Glacier, they could get out of the polar circle tonight!

The most infuriating one was the sole Argentinosaurus who survived the avalanche after his entire group died.

There're also dinosaur groups that lost many members while sleeping on the edge of the forest last night. They were also very angry.

The giant Argentinosaurus stood next to Pado's group. He shouted angrily, "Pado, hand over Gulu!"

Other herbivorous dinosaurs also roared with anger: "Pado, hand over Gulu!"

The roars of so many dinosaurs were so loud that Gulu felt the ground shaking.

Although Gulu had "spread false rumors" before and let these groups follow them up the mountain because he had selfish motives, he also wanted to save these dinosaurs.

Gulu could understand the anger of these dinosaurs. It's really too dangerous to travel on the mountain. It's far more convenient and faster to walk on the Big Glacier. Ten days later, one wouldn't know how many more dinosaurs would die. They should be angry.

Pado roared back loudly, meaning that he would protect Gulu. Gulu is his cub!

Babana rubbed Gulu's head and said, "Gulu, don't be afraid. Dad will protect you."

Pachi, Dudu and Mila also nuzzled Gulu, "Brother, we aren't afraid. Kill them. These dinosaurs are too bad!"

Gulu estimated that there were a lot of dinosaurs surrounding them, at least tens of thousands of them and each group had strong fighting capacity, plus there were also other Triceratops groups that joined the enemy side.

Besides Pado's Triceratops group, there're about ten other Triceratops groups, with an average of 800 Triceratopses per group. That's 8,000 total, which was more than twice as many as the Pado's group.

Such a fight can't be allowed to happen!

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