Gulu looked at everything in front of him and couldn't help sighing with wonder that the magic and majesty of nature could actually create such strange landforms.

Mungo also couldn't help saying: "Gulu, can I have one? It looks delicious."

Gulu: "Sure, but Mungo, wait a minute. Let me take a look before you eat."

Today, Gulu just encountered an avalanche. Now he became very cautious in everything he did. He must make sure that he was absolutely safe. He couldn't let Mungo face even a little danger.

This was a huge ice lake, but unlike other ice lakes that were frozen in a "smooth" state, this ice lake seemed to be frozen instantly in a "stormy" situation.

The ice surface of the ice lake presented great "ups and downs". One after another "big waves" were frozen in perfect and vivid shape on the ice surface. Moreover, the shape of the big waves was very round. Through constant melting and freezing, they formed their present appearance.

Gulu knows that this glacial landscape was called "glacier arc".

Glacier arcs, as the name implied, were "arcs" formed by glaciers. These arcs were generally very round, just like valuable arc crystals that have been carefully polished.

These huge arc-shaped waves presented a very beautiful color, both glittering and translucent while being transparent in blue and green color, reflecting a beautiful arc-shaped halo of large waves in the air.

What appeared even more amazing was that all kinds of creatures were frozen in these glacier arcs, including various ammonites, swarms of Enchodus still in swimming formation, prehistoric giant squid being hunted, and more…It's spectacular.

Mungo generally had no interest in such small creatures in the water, but when they were frozen like this, they looked really delicious.

Gulu knew that it couldn't be that all these creatures ran to the "waves" on the water surface and were frozen in an instant. No matter how cold the polar regions were, it didn't have the power to freeze an entire lake in an instant. That could only happen in apocalyptic science fiction movie.

These creatures should be moving underwater when the ice lake was gradually being frozen. They also got frozen. The ice lake had never been completely thawed. Over the years, the ice on the surface melted and evaporated, slowly revealing the ice below. Only then can these frozen creatures appear like this.

Of course, the "glacier arc" wasn't frozen instantly when the lake was "stormy". It's due the result of "differential melting of ice". The ice on this side always melted faster under special circumstances and formed a glacier arc.

Therefore, these fishes must have been frozen for a long time. They were not delicious at all and may cause diarrhea if eaten too much. Of course, eating one or two of them was no problem, just like eating ice cream.

This ice lake was in the middle of the fern field forest. It's visible to the naked eye that the entire lake was frozen. There're no snowy mountains or ice waterfalls beside it. It's very safe.

The ice lake was like a crystal-clear "glistening sapphire" inlaid in the middle of this large fern field forest.

Mungo knew that Gulu must have been frightened by today's avalanche. If Gulu saw such a strange place before, he would have been dragged to play by him, but Gulu behaved more cautiously now.

Gulu finally spoke after he was sure there was no danger: "Mungo, you can eat it, but you can't eat a lot. Just take a little bite. Mungo, let me tell you. In fact, these fish aren't delicious at all…"

Mungo wouldn't eat a lot after hearing this. He wanted Gulu to be happy. If Gulu was happy, then he's happy.

As a Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo didn't know much, but he knew that this kind of ice lake was completely harmless. They had walked through too many ice lakes. This ice lake just looked more beautiful.

He replied: "Gulu, I don't want to eat any more. Shall we play here? We haven't played together for a long time."

Gulu also felt that he might be too tense. He looked at Mungo, then nodded and said, "Yes, Mungo."

The two big dinosaurs sat on the bank together and slid down. The slide happened to be on a relatively large slope. The two dinosaurs could slide very far in one fell swoop…

Gulu tilted his head and wanted to say to Mungo, "Have fun…" but Mungo had already slid off like a gust of wind.

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Mungo was heavier. He slid faster and farther. He suddenly slid to the fourth arch before stopping. Gulu could only slide to the bottom of the second arc.

These ice arcs were big waves that's not steep. They had gentle slope that's not too high. In short, they were really not too tall for all sizes of dinosaurs. The highest ones were less than a quarter of Mungo's long legs.

Gulu stood up and wanted to go to Mungo, but he wasn't tall enough when on four feet. He couldn't climb up the slippery ice arc at all. He slipped down after only two steps.

Mungo's long legs were completely different. He crossed the arc in a few steps and arrived at Gulu's front.

He sat down on the highest arc and said to Gulu with his strong hind legs wide open: "Move in the middle."

Gulu felt that Mungo had become so smart. He obediently stood in the middle. Mungo slipped down and caught him between his strong hind legs. This position was really just right.

They skated and skated. Gulu didn't have to worry about it at all. He would be carried a long way between Mungo's strong hind legs.

Gulu looked up at the sky. Over their head was a dreamy blue arc halo. Through the blue halo, one could see the twinkling stars in the sky and the clearly visible Milky Way.

It wasn't the same as skating on the flat ice. The ups and downs here were more wonderful.

Gulu: "Wow, Mungo, how beautiful. Mungo, I'm so happy…"

Mungo just looked at Gulu.

At last, the two dinosaurs laid together on the bank of the ice lake to rest and watch the stars all over the sky.

Mungo: "Gulu, you're still a young cub. It should be me and Pado who protect you."

Gulu: "You've always protected me."

Mungo: "You had protected us many, many times. Gulu, I want you to be as happy as before."

Gulu understood Mungo's meaning. He did blame himself for the avalanche. Mungo hoped that he wouldn't blame himself but would be as confident and happy as before.

Only then did Gulu realize that human beings sometimes really couldn't stand the test of making a mistake, especially when this mistake almost led to the death of their favorite dinosaur.

However, Gulu had now regained his fighting spirit. It wasn't terrible to make mistakes. What's terrible was to become timid after making mistakes. He stood up excitedly and said, "Mungo, I love you so much!"

Mungo also stood up and kept rubbing on Gulu's neck.

Gulu: "Mungo, don't you want to eat those fish? Just eat less."

Mungo really wanted to eat, because they looked really delicious. He crossed into the ice lake with his long legs and snapped an ice with a crunch and bit out a frozen Enchodus. He ate a few bites crunchily then vomited all over.

Gulu: "Mungo, I told you. These fish aren't delicious at all."

Mungo nodded wildly: "Yes, it's disgusting."

Gulu and Mungo continued to move around, not only to find out possible danger ahead of time, but also for Gulu who liked to look around. They always met beautiful scenery by chance.

While walking, Gulu suddenly felt that the surroundings seemed very quiet. It gave him a strange feeling. Clearly, the surroundings were noisy before.

Because the polar circle carnivorous dinosaurs were everywhere hunting migrating herbivorous dinosaur groups in the forest and fern fields, the roars and fighting between dinosaurs were everywhere.

Although Mungo and Gulu moved far away from the major dinosaur groups, they were still walking by the edge of forest, so they heard all the noisiness. It wasn't quiet at all.

Gulu didn't know how this strange feeling of "quietness" suddenly came about. He stopped and listened carefully. He always felt something was missing.

Mungo, of course, also stopped.

Gulu felt that he might be listening in the wrong position. Why did he suddenly feel very quiet? It's still very noisy all around, so he laid on the ground.

Mungo also unknowingly followed and laid on the ground.

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Then Gulu closed his eyes. Mungo was about to say, "Gulu, you can't sleep here. Pado will be worried. I'll take you back."

At this moment, Gulu suddenly jumped up and shouted, "I know, Mungo! I know why! I know why I feel so quiet!"

Mungo also stood up. Of course, he looked at Gulu blankly.

Gulu finally knew why he felt so quiet. Since they got to the mountain, they could hear the sound of running water underneath the glacier that had not completely frozen and the sound of ice water flowing down from a relatively high place thundering on boulders. Although these sounds weren't loud, they had always been present.

Especially after midnight, when most herbivorous dinosaurs were asleep, the sound became especially loud.

But now all these noises suddenly disappeared!

At first Gulu just felt unaccustomed, but because the surroundings were too noisy, it's impossible to notice the absence immediately.

Gulu could clearly remember that when he and Mungo played together in the lake, there was still this sound. It only slowly disappeared after they left the lake and started wandering around.

From this Gulu can make an educated guess – a cold wave will hit them tonight.

Before the cold wave came, the flowing water under the glacier would slowly freeze, followed by strong winds and snowstorms.

But Gulu had already observed the surroundings. There was no cave to hide in. The only place to hide in was the forest.

Once the cold wave struck, since the migrating dinosaurs couldn't find a cave to hide in, they must hide in the forest. Gulu knew that they must occupy the middle of the forest first, so the big dinosaurs around could shield them from the snow.

So Gulu immediately said to Mungo, "Mungo, the cold wave is coming. We need to go to the forest immediately. We'll stay in the middle of the forest. You should follow Pado's group and not stay too far from us."

Mungo repeatedly nodded and said yes.

Gulu ran to Pado's group. Mungo immediately returned to his group after delivering Gulu to Pado.

There're many herbivorous dinosaur groups around the fern fields and forests. Some were fighting with polar circle carnivorous dinosaurs and some were eating. No group was aware of the impending cold wave.

After Gulu told Pado, Pado immediately organized the group to go to the center of the forest. Of course, Long's Parasaurolophus went with them into the forest, while Mungo's group followed them not far behind.

Other herbivorous dinosaurs on the fern field didn't know why Pado's group went into the forest. They all felt very strange. Why do Triceratopses go into the forest? Triceratopses don't eat high leaves like those tall dinosaurs.

Pado's group occupied the middle of the forest, surrounded by dinosaurs more than 10 meters high, such as Argentinosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Seismosaurus, etc…

For herbivorous dinosaurs who needed to eat in the forest, the height of 10 meters was just "entry level".

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