Although the current situation was very urgent, Gulu must keep a clear head or they would all die.

In fact, this couldn't be blamed on Gulu. The snow mountain was far away from them. They even bypassed the snow mountain and walked to this valley.

Gulu had no idea that the roar would cause an avalanche.

In the distance, thick smoke billowed from the high snow-capped mountains, proving that a large amount of snow was rushing down. Such a large amount of snow rushing down would create a powerful air current.

This powerful air current was the most dangerous. It could destroy everything it met and suffocate any living creature.

At the same time, this powerful air current was followed by a million ton of snow rolling down at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. It's a deadly white killer that could bury everything on its path. It would only slow down and stop once it reached the plains or once it encountered a large resistance.

Gulu couldn't think of any way to prevent such a large avalanche and could only escape as soon as possible.

Pado's group became very chaotic. They were all waiting for Pado to order them to cross the ice bridge.

Gulu stood next to Pado. He also wanted to order them to cross the bridge immediately, but even if only half of the bridge collapsed, they would still become "stepping stones" for others.

At the same time, Gulu communicated with Mungo using his eyes. As soon as Pado's group crossed the bridge, Mungo should cross the bridge immediately.

This bridge was very broad, two or three hundred Triceratopses could pass at a time. But Triceratopses were too heavy and may collapse the bridge.

(T/N: OMG, 200-300 Triceratops can pass at a time? How ginormous is this bridge?! I think there might be an extra 0 somewhere.)

There was no time to hesitate anymore. Gulu ran around in circle. Seeing the Argentinosaurus nearby, he said to Pado, "Drive these dinosaurs over first, Pado, hurry!"

This was their only chance to escape. The Argentinosaurus were very heavy. The bridge would collapse once they walked through it. The bodies of these big dinosaurs could also fill up the large gap and allow them to run over faster.

Pado never wanted to put great pressure like the survival of the group on such a young cub as Gulu. He's the leader of the group and should bear all consequences.

Gulu saw Pado's eyes. Pado said: "Gulu, Dad is the leader. Whether the group can escape or not, Dad will bear the responsibility."

At the same time, Pado and his group began to drive over the Argentinosaurus.

The Argentinosaurus were not Parasaurolophus. They were not stupid at all. They knew that the bridge may collapse and were waiting for Pado's group to pass first. But they couldn't hold their horses. Avalanches were really terrifying. They wanted to escape immediately.

Before Pado could drive them over, the Argentinosaurus rushed onto the bridge. These Argentinosaurus were too big and fill up the entire bridge.

Gulu prayed: Bridge must collapse, must collapse…Please collapse quickly!

There was a loud bang and the bridge collapsed.

The bridge originally just hovered above the ground. The opening under the bridge was very small, which meant the bridge was basically very "solid". That's why the Parasaurolophus's roar couldn't collapse it. It could also bear heavy weight.

But this was, after all, an ice bridge, not a solid road surface. It would collapse sooner or later. As long as the bridge collapsed, it would fill this gap.

More than 20 Argentinosaurus all fell into gap following the collapsed of the bridge. Strictly speaking, it wasn't a long drop down. The bridge was too solid, but once the bridge collapsed, they couldn't walk steadily and naturally fell down.

Every dinosaur in Pado's group was choked by the dust that blotted out the sun and couldn't open its eyes.

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The fallen Argentinosaurus uttered shrieks, accompanied by loud bangs on the frozen and hardened earth.

These Argentinosaurus filled a long gap with their bodies and the road was much more spacious.

Pado's group ran first, through the thick smoke and dust, stepping on the bodies of the Argentinosaurus.

As the road across the bridge widened a lot, Pado's group crossed almost instantly.

Mungo's group and Long's Parasaurolophus group followed closely and immediately ran after them.

All dinosaurs ran desperately towards the other side of the valley. As long as they ran out of the valley, they would be safe. The valley would stop the avalanche.

The rumble was getting louder and louder. The snow was getting closer and closer. Because the snow mountain was very high, the snow rushing down from such a high altitude was really too deadly.

All dinosaurs couldn't wait to run across desperately.

Fortunately, the valley wasn't very large. Pado's group quickly reached the other side, but they didn't dare to stop and continue running.

Gulu ran and looked back out of the corner of his eye. Mungo's and Long's groups also crossed over!

Behind the dinosaur group was another Argentinosaurus group. Gulu saw that the snow had completely flooded the valley. There was a loud bang. It's the sound of heavy snow steamrolling down, leading to white air and smoke blotting out the sun.

The fastest Argentinosaurus ran out of the valley, but none of his group members ran out and all died in it.

Argentinosaurus were very tall, but they still couldn't resist such a large avalanche.

Gulu saw the Argentinosaurus that were more than ten meters high fall down under the impact of strong air current. Behind these huge Argentinosaurus were many, many Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus, Hadrosaurus, etc., all of which disappeared amidst the air current and snow.

The escaped Argentinosaurus looked back and saw the members of his group fall one by one.

After a loud bang, the avalanche stopped.

All dinosaurs that ran out stood at a distance and looked at the valley filled with snow. Some of the snow flowed out of the valley mouth and pushed some dead dinosaur bodies out.

Gulu knew that about 100 dinosaurs died in this avalanche. Because the valley was actually very narrow, Pado's group and several Argentinosaurus groups occupied a large part of the position and many dinosaur groups behind couldn't cross the valley.

Dinosaurs who couldn't cross the valley but still managed to escape the avalanche would have to detour to other places to come back. One didn't know how many days it would take.

In fact, there're not many dinosaur groups running in front of Pado's group. They included a Hadrosaurus group, an Argentinosaurus group, a Diplodocus group composed of more than a dozen members, a Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus group and several Parasaurolophus groups.

In fact, many dinosaurs were very smart. They knew that they shouldn't cross first because of their heavy weight. They might collapse the bridge. It would be very dangerous to fall down.

The Argentinosaurus group was the first to pass. These dinosaurs were afraid that the bridge would be more likely to collapse if they waited behind.

After the first Argentinosaurus group passed through, the second Argentinosaurus group didn't dare to go. It wasn't until an avalanche occurred that they ran past in a panic. As a result, the bridge collapsed, and they became "stepping stones" for other dinosaurs.

These intelligent dinosaurs knew their weight well in their hearts.

Of course, the Parasaurolophus that passed through first never considered whether the bridge would collapse. They just wanted to pass.

Gulu looked at the smoke-filled valley and felt very ashamed as he said to Pado: "Pado, it's all my fault. I caused the avalanche. I let the Parasaurolophus roar to collapse the bridge, but the bridge didn't collapse. Instead the avalanche came."

Pado rubbed Gulu and comforted him: "Gulu, you have done very well. You're still a young cub. How can you be blamed even if someone needs to take responsibility? Besides, our group is all right. Even if the groups had an accident, it's also Dad who's the leader."

Gulu was very sad: "But so many dinosaurs died."

Pado: "Those dinosaurs have nothing to do with us. Gulu, remember, you're still a young cub. Dad will be responsible for whatever happens to the group. When you become the leader, you will protect your group. Don't care about other groups. As long as your group can live."

Gulu understood this truth. The dinosaur world was very cruel. He couldn't control everything. It's most important for his group to survive.

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Pado continued, "You know the bridge will collapse, so you won't let us cross, but other dinosaurs can cause the bridge to collapse too. Still, you want those dinosaurs to fall down and fill up the gap, right?"

Gulu nodded his head. He did think so. In extreme cases, it's enough to protect one's own group. Other groups could survive on their own. It's impossible to control everything and ensure everyone's survival.

In a word, Gulu's principle was that he wouldn't accept any accident happening to dinosaurs that he cared about. He wouldn't deliberately harm other dinosaurs. They chose to cross the bridge. This couldn't be blamed on him. He could only comfort himself in this way.

Pado: "Gulu, you did a good job. For Dad, whether other dinosaurs are dead or alive, it's fine as long as you live…"

Gulu felt much better after hearing Pado's words.

Pado gave a roar and the group continued their progress.

They arrived at a large fern fields with forests nearby. The dinosaurs who survived ate to their heart's content.

Gulu no longer felt sad when eating, but he knew that he must be more careful when making decisions. It was really too dangerous just now.

In the evening, Gulu saw groups of herbivorous dinosaurs coming out of the forest. It's the herbivorous dinosaurs that didn't enter the valley. They came around from other places!

In fact, Gulu knew that there must be other ways to get around, not just crossing the bridge, but it would take more time.

On the journey of migration, all dinosaurs followed the goal of getting out of the polar circle as soon as possible. The polar circle was too dangerous. They would rather take a shortcut.

No dinosaur thought that the small valley would be the grave of so many large dinosaurs.

Through this avalanche, Gulu understood that sometimes he really should rather spend more time detouring than taking any shortcut.

This fern field became very lively.

At the same time, Gulu also saw Ulam hunting in the forest with her four young cubs. He also saw the Argentinosaurus whose entire group was killed joined the first Argentinosaurus group that crossed…

Gulu watched as more and more herbivorous dinosaurs came to the fern field to eat. He's very happy and the haze of the avalanche was swept away.

Now everything on the mountain was very dangerous. Gulu wanted to scout around again. If he knew the danger earlier, he could defend earlier.

Of course, only Mungo could take him.

Gulu saw a strange place where the fern field met the forest. There was a huge arc of light shining in the air. It's very beautiful.

But Gulu, who had experienced an avalanche, felt very nervous. Gulu realized that everything here was beautiful, but the more beautiful the scenery, the more dangerous it was.

When they walked to the front of the arc-shaped light, Gulu froze.

Mungo issued a faint roar. This was the sound of a Tyrannosaurus expressing its interest in food.


T/N: In case anyone is confused, basically when the dinosaurs reached the gap, a few groups followed Gulu to the ice bridge, but the rest went to look for another way around. The second group managed to avoid the avalanche that way. The two groups met back up at the forest.

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