These days, although Su Fu still felt uneasy, he had a very satisfied life. What happened to Su Jing wasn't exposed, and He Shaoqi didn't provoke him again. He and Juan Juan were still shuffling between home, Teng Yuan and the Tang family's villa, making these three points their connected line of life.

Tomorrow was October 1st National Day. Teng Yuan gave three days off. That night, Tang Sibo asked Su Fu to eat hot pot. Taking advantage of the holiday, he decided to rest and relax.

Su Fu took Juan Juan to the supermarket to buy food on his way after work. He remembered that Tang Sibo could eat spicy food and specially chose a spicy soup base, but Tang Luoke, like him, didn't like spicy food, so he also took a (regular) seafood soup base.

Juan Juan took the spicy one and held it in his arms. Su Fu smiled and shook his head helplessly. The taste of this little guy was quite similar to that of Tang Sibo. He wasn't afraid of spicy food.

After the last time that he didn't watch Juan Juan, which enabled He Shaoqi to rob him, Su Fu now paid special attention to the child's safety. Fearing that the little fellow would be abducted by bad guys when walking beside him, Su Fu put him in the cart.

Juan Juan sat in the cart and watched Su Fu put in something then touched it happily.

When he walked to the snack area, Juan Juan's eyes lit up, but he was always shy. He was generally too embarrassed to tell Su Fu what he wanted. He just gave looks of expectations to Su Fu.

Su Fu looked at his adorable little face and wanted to smile. He touched his head and pushed him to the snack shelf.

Knowing that he was shy, Su Fu said softly: "Is there a shortage of snacks at home? It's time to stock them up. Juan Juan can buy some for Xiao Ke. Do you know what older brother Tang likes to eat?"

Juan Juan scrunched up his face. Older brother Tang always gave him snacks to eat. But he didn't even know what older brother Tang liked to eat.

Su Fu smiled. While waiting for him to think, he added some snacks that Juan Juan liked to eat at ordinary times.

At this moment, someone suddenly stood in front of them.

Su Fu put down the snacks, then looked up and frowned. It was He Shaoqi.

He Shaoqi also frowned, staring at Su Fu, looking infatuated like crazy. He had been looking for Su Fu recently and even went to Teng Yuan to wait for him to leave work, but he couldn't get close to him. As soon as he got close, two men in black blocked his way.

The two men in black still looked familiar to He Shaoqi. They were among those who beat him up that day at the park in City B. Since he didn't want to provoke these barbarians, He Shaoqi left every time and didn't go up to play hardball with them. However, the supermarket was a good place with many people and many eyes. He Shaoqi followed Su Fu and wanted to say something to him.

Su Fu didn't want to listen to He Shaoqi's words. No matter whether it was a deliberate or accidental meeting, he was on guard and turned the cart around to leave.

"Xiao Fu! Can you listen to me?"

Su Fu didn't look back. He pushed Juan Juan to a crowded place and estimated that He Shaoqi also didn't dare to do anything.

The cart was moving very fast. When Juan Juan saw He Shaoqi's, he feared being caught again. His face turned white. He grabbed the edge of the cart with his small hand and turned to look at Su Fu.

"Little Dad, Juan Juan's scared."

Su Fu only wanted to hide from He Shaoqi. At this moment, when he looked at Juan Juan, the tears in his big eyes were moving. It immediately broke Su Fu's heart. He took Juan Juan out of the cart and patted him in his arms.

"Not scare, not scare, little Dad is here."

Juan Juan put his arms around Su Fu's neck, and refused to let go.

Su Fu looked back and saw that He Shaoqi had mysteriously disappeared and didn't follow them. What just happened?

In any case, Su Fu was relieved and pushed Juan Juan to check out. He decided to go to the supermarket by the gate of No. 3 Waterside Pavilion district to buy the rest of the snacks for the children.

Su Fu didn't know, but when he turned and walked towards the crowd, He Shaoqi wanted to chase him, but before he chased a few steps, he was suddenly taken away by a black suit person. As to why he was taken, no one knew whether that person was coaxing him or punching him.

After buying food and snacks, Su Fu and Juan Juan went to the Tang family's villa.

Tang Sibo had already taken out the mandarin duck pot. Previously, there're still some ingredients in the refrigerator, which were completely destroyed today.

Tang family's villa was safe. Su Fu felt relieved to hold a food bag in one hand and a snack bag in the other, while letting Juan Juan pulling his clothes and running around.

After entering the door, they saw Tang Sibo setting up the mandarin duck pot on the table. Juan Juan suddenly loosened his hold and dadada ran over to hold Tang Sibo's legs.  

"Uncle Tang, I was scared to death. I met a bad man with little Dad."

Tang Sibo was suddenly held by Juan Juan. He ha ha smiled, then bent over and picked up the little guy. He listened to him say how they met He Shaoqi, but since there're two bodyguards following, he wasn't worried.

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"Did the bad man scare you?" Tang Sibo pretended to be surprised and asked.

Juan Juan nodded, showing a face of terror: "Scare. Juan Juan wants to cry."

With a smile, Tang Sibo patted Juan Juan's back and coaxed, "Don't be afraid. Uncle Tang will find someone to beat up the man."

Juan Juan nodded seriously and worshipped him: "Hmm! Uncle Tang is really strong!"

Su Fu, who came in with the things, listened to their conversation and felt very helpless. He put the snacks on the sofa and the ingredients on the table.

Tang Sibo coaxed Juan Juan then let him go with Tang Luoke to unpack snacks. He turned to look at Su Fu and asked, "Are you all right?"

Su Fu took some plates and bowls from the kitchen. He sorted out some hot pot balls, then took out some vegetables for washing first.

"No, I met him then suddenly there's no one."

Knowing that He Shaoqi was forcibly taken away by the bodyguards, Tang Sibo nodded, but didn't tell Su Fu. Su Fu was an ordinary person. He shouldn't let him know lest he felt uncomfortable.

While unpacking the vegetables to be washed, Su Fu looked at the time. He felt a little strange and asked, "Didn't you say that Fan Yao and Shi Chen are coming?"

"They were supposed to come, but then there seems to be another fight. Shi Chen said that they won't come till Fan Yao is taught a good lesson tonight."

Hearing this, Su Fu burst out laughing, "How can they make so much noise?"

"Fan Yao didn't go back to his apartment for three days."

Su Fu showed surprised, "Really beating? Shi Chen looks very gentle, but domestic violence?"

"Not that kind of lesson, it's the other kind, you know." Tang Sibo smiled gently and took the prepared dish to the kitchen for cleaning.

Su Fu who was holding a Chinese cabbage, started to think. He suddenly reacted and his face turned red. He quickly turned to see Tang Sibo going back to the kitchen – Ah, Tang Sibo this straight man, why would he say such a thing…

Of course, it was impossible for Su Fu to ask Tang Sibo such a thing. The two washed the vegetables together, cooked the soup base, then called the two children over for dinner. Juan Juan liked spicy feeling. He made a good plan. He first ran to the table, then held Tang Sibo's thigh, wanting to sit with him.  

Tang Sibo didn't know what the little guy was up to, but he was still very happy to take him to the seat where Tang Luoke was originally sitting.

Tang Luoke naturally wouldn't dispute with Juan Juan. He ran around and sat near Su Fu.

Su Fu was putting balls into the pot. Seeing Juan Juan's big eyes staring at the spicy soup, he knew what the little guy wanted to do and smiled to him. The little guy had been getting smarter recently.

"No spicy food is allowed for Juan Juan." Su Fu said slightly seriously.

Juan Juan's little face immediately drooped. Uncle Tang would eat spicy food. He even sat beside Uncle Tang especially.

"Can Juan Juan just eat a little, little Dad?" Juan Juan picked up his bowl and showed it to Su Fu with a spoon.

Su Fu's heart melted when he looked at his little face. Tang Sibo spoke up in due course: "It's okay to eat a little. I'll watch."

Su Fu had no choice but to nod. "Only a little, not too spicy, understand?"

"Uh-huh! Little Dad is was the best!"

What a sweet mouth. Su Fu found that since Juan Juan left the He family, especially after frequent contact with the Tang father and his son, he wasn't as quiet as before, but became more clever and sweet-mouthed, which was an improvement.

During dinner, Tang Sibo took care of Juan Juan while Su Fu took care of Tang Luoke. It was warm and harmonious.

The evening tutoring was resumed a few days ago, but tomorrow would be October 1st. They agreed to relax tonight. The tutoring was cancelled naturally. The four of them sat on the sofa after meal and watched TV to help digestion.

Juan Juan was sitting in Tang Sibo's arms. At first, he was very energetic and played with Tang Luoke. After a while, he felt sleepy. At this moment, his little head was nodding off bit by bit.

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Tang Sibo looked at him nodding off bit by bit and found it very cute and interesting. Then he turned to look at his son sitting next to Su Fu, playing his game with a serious face. Tang Sibo started to think. His son did make a little progress. At least after meal he would play games with Juan Juan instead of holding a book to read.

At this moment, Su Fu's cell phone suddenly rang.

Seeing that Juan Juan was falling asleep, Su Fu hurriedly turned his mobile phone to mute before looking at the incoming call. It was a number that he didn't know.

He was about to get up to talk when he heard the familiar voice from the phone.

"Xiao Fu, I have something to tell you."

It was He Shaoqi. Su Fu immediately frowned. He was really haunted. After He Shaoqi robbed Juan Juan, Su Fu had already blacklisted He Shaoqi's number. He didn't think that he would change the number.

No matter what He Shaoqi wanted to say, Su Fu wasn't interested in listening. He quickly hung up the phone then sat back on the sofa, just as if nothing happened and continued to hug Tang Luoke while watching TV.

Seeing Su Fu's expression, Tang Sibo could guess who it was. Since Su Fu said nothing, he also didn't ask more. He put his arm around Juan Juan, then took a blanket to cover him.

Tang Luoke saw Su Fu answered the phone then suddenly hung up. It was strange, but seeing that Su Fu said nothing, he continued to lower his head and play games. His little head leaned against Su Fu's arms, resting comfortably and heavily relying in him.

He Shaoqi didn't call again, but he didn't stop there. After watching TV for a while, Su Fu received a short message. He opened it and frowned.

The text message was sent by the mobile phone number just now, and there wasn't much on it.

[Xiao Fu, your sister suddenly wants to marry me, do you care? She and my mother are now united to force me to marry her. Do you really want to see this?]

Su Fu frowned. After reading this, his heart wasn't happy. He suddenly hissed, then turned off his cell phone and didn't reply.

Su Jing took this step, why should Su Fu care? Someone wanted to marry He Shaoqi, why did he come and ask him? Wasn't this funny? Would he still come and ask him if he should do that with Su Jing after the two of them got married?  

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's frown and asked, "What's the matter?"

Su Fu looked at him and didn't hide. "He said that Su Jing and mother He are forcing him to marry Su Jing. He wants to let me take care of it."

It's really the most shameless thing in the world. Tang Sibo almost laughed. Was this really something a man should do?

"Don't be soft-hearted. It's not your responsibility." Tang Sibo softly reminded.

Su Fu nodded then frowned with worry: "I'm just afraid that things will break out. My parents will certainly know and worry."

"It's okay, uncle and aunt are wise people."

Tang Sibo relieved Su Fu. His expression no longer looked worried. He seemed to have found some answers. Su Fu still had some doubts, but he believed Tang Sibo's words very much and nodded. His heart felt somehow calmer once he believed that everything would be all right.

Later in the night, Tang Sibo saw that Juan Juan had fallen asleep. Now the weather was getting colder at night. He didn't want to let the child catch a cold, so he let Su Fu stay at the villa for the night. It was also mainly because he's worried that things would break out. He Shaoqi might start a fire`, and hurt Su Fu and Juan Juan.

That night, Su Fu slept with the two children in the guest room, while Tang Sibo slept alone in the master bedroom. He felt more and more that he was the lonely one…

The next day, because it was a holiday, Su Fu stayed in bed late. The children woke up one by one after seven o'clock, one on his left and one on his right, rubbing their eyes on Su Fu's arms.

The children didn't mean to get up either. They stayed with Su Fu in bed, playing games on their cell phones.

Sometimes, one would forget time when playing games. At half past eight, Su Fu and the children still didn't mean to get up. Tang Sibo knocked on the door helplessly. He came in to see them and motioned to have breakfast before playing again.

Su Fu looked at the time. It was so late! Fearing that the children would be hungry, they hurriedly waited on the two steamed buns to get up and eat.

After breakfast, they were discussing whether they should go somewhere to play today. Su Fu's cell phone suddenly rang. One look showed that it was father Su.

At this moment, Su Fu's heart leapt up as he accepted the call. From the other side came father Su's roar:

"Come home right now!"

The phone was then immediately hung up. Su Fu held his mobile phone rigidly. The good mood just now disappeared without a trace. He knew that things had finally broken out.

Tang Sibo also heard the loud roar. He patted Su Fu on the shoulder and soothed him, "It's okay, go."

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