No matter how much he didn't want to face it, Su Fu still drove home in fear.

Tang Sibo was an outsider. He couldn't take much care of other people's family affairs. So, he didn't follow and took care of the two children at home.

Juan Juan didn't know what happened, but he felt that little Dad had a very ugly expression. He asked Tang Sibo: "Uncle Tang, what happened?"

Tang Sibo smiled and rubbed Juan Juan's head. "It's going to be fine. Let's go buy meat and dumpling wrappers to make dumplings together, then wait for your little Dad to come back to eat, okay?"

Knowing that little Dad was ok, Juan Juan loosened his little face.

"Okay ~ Juan Juan likes dumplings ~"

Hearing this talk, Tang Luoke came and held Juan Juan's hands, and with his father on the right, he took Juan Juan back through the door.

On the other side, Su Fu, with an uneasy heart, pulled up at the side of the road where his parents lived. He used to look at the third-floor window, but today the window was closed. He couldn't see anything.

Su Fu got out of the car and took a deep breath. Sooner or later, he had to face it. He had to cheer himself up before he could comfort his parents.

He Shaoqi's car was also parked at the side of the road. He saw it as soon as he walked to the door of building 2.

Su Fu frowned. Su Jing was too ridiculous. She knew that their parents would be angry, but she still incredibly came with He Shaoqi. Wouldn't this grieve their parents even more?!

Just as Su Fu was thinking, he heard a roar from the stairs, followed by hurried footsteps. A broom flew first from the third floor to the first floor.

Hearing his father's voice, Su Fu got a fright and immediately ran upstairs.

He just arrived at the door of the unit and heard the hurried footsteps getting closer and closer. When he looked up, he saw He Shaoqi and his mother ran downstairs in a mess.

This incident really pissed father Su off. He drove everyone outside swinging a broom. One didn't know what happened to He Shaoqi, his hair had broomstick debris. He was also rubbing his arms, which showed that he probably got hit a few times.

Mother He was in even more of a mess. If her old legs were not agile enough, she might have fallen again. Originally, she came here today to ask for matchmaking. She dressed up gorgeously and looked like a distinguished lady. There's also a fashionable beaded hairpin to hold her hair. At this time, her hair was in a mess. The fashionable hairpin hung precariously by her ear. The silk stockings that she wore even tore a big hole.

With the harried movement of running down the stairs, the hairpin shook and fell at the last step, which was followed by a sudden snap. Mother He had stepped on it with one foot. She slipped on it and finally fell.

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He Shaoqi saw Su Fu and was briefly stunned. Because of this brief stun, he failed to catch mother He in time and only heard the sound of 'dong!'. Mother He's head hit the last step!

Su Fu got a big fright. Regardless of the feud with the He family, this old lady was thrown out by his father and fell down. It's hard to say what would happen to them if she got injured here!

He Shaoqi was also greatly frightened. The sound of the impact rang loudly! He no longer cared about Su Fu and hurriedly rushed over to see mother He!

Su Fu hesitated whether to take a look at it too. Then he saw mother He jumped up and began to scold: "What kind of family is this? There's no quality at all! What a rotten place! The stairs are so narrow! There isn't even an elevator! Ouch, killing people! Killing people to death!"

Mother He started to take stock of her clothes while she was swearing, for fear that she might get dirty and not look good.

He Shaoqi stood nearby and checked mother He's head for fear that she might have injuries.

Su Fu secretly glanced at the step. There's no blood or anything. Then he looked at mother He's angry swearing. It was probably nothing, so he stopped taking more care of them and bypassed them to go upstairs.

Seeing that Su Fu didn't care at all after seeing mother He's fall, He Shaoqi heart was cold. According to his preliminary exam, besides a little swollen bruise, there's nothing else. This temporarily reassured him, so he turned his head to watch Su Fu going upstairs.

"Xiao Fu, is this what you want to see?" He Shaoqi asked softly.

Su Fu continued moving forward and didn't look back. He only replied, "I don't want to see it, but you made it happen."

While saying this, Su Fu didn't stop. He was a little worried about his parents, so hurriedly ran home.

He Shaoqi stood there and closed his eyes dejectedly.

Only then did mother He notice that it was Su Fu who just passed by them. She began to scold: "Really the same family! Exactly alike! There's no quality! People don't know right or wrong! Shaoqi, you must keep my good grandson!"

He Shaoqi was hurt by Su Fu's words. Hearing mother He's voice chirping sharply, he felt annoyed and didn't answer. He just frowned and held mother He to the hospital for exam.

The door of the apartment was wide open. Su Fu ran to the door. But when he got close, the speed dropped, and he stepped in slowly.

The situation inside the apartment was much better than Su Fu imagined. His father didn't smash anything. It could be seen that his father was angry and drove the He family away, but he didn't really beat them hard.

His mother was sitting on the sofa weeping silently at this moment. When Su Fu looked at her, he felt extremely painful.

Father Su stood on one side. His eyes were like burning fire, showing that his anger was not light. But he still stood straight, despite panting. He probably just recovered from the previous exertion.

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Su Jing, who was sitting next to a wooden chair, looked a little pale. She was probably frightened by her father's anger just now and didn't dare to say a word at this time.

Su Fu went in and opened his mouth, but he didn't know how to comfort his parents. He looked at Su Jing. His eyes no longer had the care and love of the past, only indifference and blame.

Su Jing saw Su Fu, who quietly stood there. Suddenly, her eyes became sharp. Today, she originally brought mother He to propose marriage. Although her father was rigid, she also knew that he's actually very soft-hearted. Now that she's pregnant, the best way was, of course, to get married before the baby was born.

She thought, in front of outsiders, her father should give her some face. At least for the sake of her pregnancy, he shouldn't punish too hard. She planned to stabilize the He family first by marrying. As for her parents, they could wait until the child was born. After hugging the child to coax them, the old man's anger should disappear once he saw his grandson.

Originally, Su Jing wanted to come alone. However, father Su and mother Su only met He Shaoqi once when Su Fu came out. They had never seen mother He before. Su Jing then had the idea that maybe his parents didn't remember He Shaoqi at all. Even if there's still an impression, He Shaoqi and Su Fu also broke up. As long as Su Fu didn't interfere, she could say that they got together after He Shaoqi broke up with Su Fu. He Shaoqi was actually bisexual. They fell in love by mistake. On the premise that she was pregnant, all past stories should disappear like the cloud.

Su Jing didn't naively think that she would easily pass the clearance, but she felt that since the other party was sincere in proposing and taking responsibility, her parents might also reconsider their anger. However, she never expected that her parents' faces were extremely ugly when she entered the door. As soon as the He family's proposal was announced, her father called Su Fu first, then quarreled with the He family. He finally beat people and drove them away directly!

Even after the He family was beaten away, her parents didn't speak to her. Su Jing realized that the situation was wrong. She was too scared to speak. But she had already decided in her heart that it must be what Su Fu told her parents! She hadn't been home for a long time and always thought that Su Fu had broken away from the family. She didn't know that the relationship between her parents and him had eased. So, she was caught off guard!

She had threatened Su Fu before not to interfere in this matter, or she would put all the blame on him. Of course, this wasn't just for pretense. Now that her parents had taken this attitude and beaten the He family away, the threat could no longer be just a pretense, but a necessity.

As the result, before Su Fu could speak, Su Jing took the first step: "What did you say to my parents? You and Brother Shaoqi broke up! Can't you let us go? We really love each other! You don't want to lead a normal life, but still want to stop us from leading a normal life?"

Su Fu frowned. He wanted to say that he didn't tell their parents anything, but he suddenly saw his father coming toward them angrily. Su Fu froze. He thought that his father was going to beat him because of He Shaoqi's problems and subconsciously closed his eyes. It was his fault for knowing He Shaoqi, the scum, and to leave home for him. He deserved the beating.

Unexpectedly, father Su didn't come close to him. Su Fu stupidly stood there and heard a loud slap of "pa", accompanied by a loud scream from Su Jing.


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