This hit was extremely heavy. Just listening to the shriek from Su Jing, one would know how painful it was. When Su Fu opened his eyes again, he saw that half of Su Jing's face had swollen up quickly. It made Su Fu feel slightly painful.

After all, this was a little sister whom he cared about since childhood. Why did all this happened just because he fell in love with someone? Su Fu felt a slight pain in his heart, but he didn't come forward to comfort Su Jing. She really deserved it.

Mother Su also rushed up from the sofa but chose not to stop it in the end. She only stood there watching with red eyes.

"Dad…why did you hit me?" Su Jing was stunned. She didn't expect her father to hit her. He didn't even scold her when he became angry before.

"Why did I hit you?! You know what shameless thing you did yourself!" Father Su was short of breath as he roared loudly. Moreover, his anger this time wasn't the same as that of his previous scolding to Su Fu. It sounded even more terrifying.

Su Jing was stunned. She used one hand to hold her swollen face and another to touch her lower abdomen, "Because I got pregnant before marriage? But He family has come to propose marriage! We can get married soon! Dad, you can forgive brother for being gay. Why can't you forgive me? You will soon have a grandson!"

"Then how can you fall in love with a homosexual? When you can't accept your brother's sexuality?!" Father Su roared loudly. His eyes, in addition to anger, also added disappointment and love.

Su Jing's face was burning with pain. She turned to look at Su Fu, who stood on one side in silence.

Her eyes were dazed, then soon turned into disgust.

"Brother Shaoqi is willing to marry me! It means that he has corrected himself! When he corrects himself, I'll accept him!" Su Jing suddenly put down the hand covering her face and pointed angrily at Su Fu. She glared at Su Fu and asked, "Dad! Didn't you also say that homosexuality is against the world?! Didn't you also say that he can't come back until he change himself?! What's going on now? He's justified! But now everything becomes my fault?! If it wasn't for him, will I know Brother Shaoqi?! If it wasn't for him, will I be pregnant before marriage?! And if it wasn't for him, will our family become like this?!"

Father Su stood for a while in front of Su Jing and listened to her questioning. In the beginning, he was also thinking about whether his stubborn thoughts had influenced his daughter, which led her to dislike homosexuality and her own brother. Father Su blamed himself. He shouldn't have bitten his son to death for the sake of his own face. In the future, he should show his improved attitude to his daughter, which may prevent brother and sister from separating.

However, once he heard Su Jing blaming all her mistakes on Su Fu, his eyes suddenly turned sharp again. Another slap came down. Su Fu and mother Su had no time to stop him before the crisp sound of the slap resounded through the living room.

"What right do you have to say such a thing?! Did Xiao Fu force you to know the surname He? Did Xiao Fu force you to get your feelings involved?! Did Xiao Fu force you to give birth to a child for the surname He?! Did Xiao Fu force you to do everything possible to marry a homosexual?! That's your brother! Even if you hate him, you can't do such shameless things?! Has your upbringing been eaten by the dog?!"

Father Su scolded even as his eyes gradually reddened.

At first, when he learned about this matter, he also complained about his son. If Su Fu hadn't come out for the sake of He Shaoqi, there wouldn't be so many things.

But then he digested it and calmed down. He thought again, what did his son do wrong? It's just that his sexual orientation was different. He loved a person quietly but could only silently watch his parents drove him out of their home and secretly supplement money to his only sister. In the end, his lover cheated, his parents were indifferent, and his sister inserted her foot in.

Father Su sometimes had second thoughts. If Su Fu wasn't a son but a daughter, and he was well married to He Shaoqi, only to have Su Jing insert her foot into their marriage, would he still blame Su Fu? No, Su Fu did nothing wrong.

He couldn't blame him and would even sympathize with him. If he hadn't been so stuffy and learned more about the gay community and accepted his son sooner, maybe there wouldn't be so many things.

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Now that they gradually accepted homosexuality, for father Su and mother Su, what their son did just make them feel unacceptable, irritating and absurd, but what their daughter did was completely beyond their moral bottom line! No matter how much they increased their acceptance, they couldn't tolerate such mistake!

Su Fu stood stiffly on one side. His eyes reddened at first because his heart was stabbed by Su Jing's disgust. Now, his eyes were red because of his father's words and protection.

He always thought that his parents would hate him once things broke out. Hating that his sexual orientation had brought a series of hardships to the family. Hating that because he met He Shaoqi, it destroyed their baby daughter. Hating that he didn't stop Su Jing from making such a mistake after finding out.

Unexpectedly, his father didn't think so at all. He really considered the matter from Su Fu's point of view. Su Fu could feel the love in his father's words. He hadn't felt his father's love for a long time. Tears filled his eyes in an instant.

Su Fu didn't think about how his father knew these things at this time.

And Su Jing, who had a slap on each side of her face, looked swollen and flustered, but she soon reacted. Her father knew everything she did! She felt that Su Fu must have told her parents. Her eyes became red with anger!

"Dad! Don't listen to his nonsense. I didn't insert myself between them! He broke up with Brother Shaoqi before we got together!"

Seeing that his daughter had no intention of repenting, Su Fu shook his head disappointedly. He went into another room, took a paper bag and threw it to Su Jing.

Su Jing's heart suddenly panicked. She opened the bag and saw a thick stack of information. It detailed when she met He Shaoqi, when she started having feelings for him, when she started contacting him frequently, when she fell in love with him, when she had the idea of inserting herself, and when she became pregnant. Everything was in there.

Besides these, there're also many chat records between her and He Shaoqi, including some of her ambiguous remarks, as well as her initiative to have a child.

In addition, there's a recording pen. With a pale face, Su Jing listened to it. It recorded the dialogue between her and Su Fu that day at the park in City B…

The evidence was too complete to give her a chance to defend herself. Su Jing's face was pale and the hand holding the bag was shaking. These things couldn't have been brought by Su Fu. He, a teacher of a small educational institution, didn't have the ability!

During this moment, Su Jing suddenly remembered Tang Sibo who accompanied Su Fu that night. It must be him! At that time, she felt that the man's eyes were terrifying, as if he could see through her!

Su Fu didn't look at the materials. He only heard a recording, but he also immediately thought of Tang Sibo. No wonder he had reassured him that nothing would happen. It turned out that he had made a lot of preparations in advance. Su Fu couldn't express what it's like in his heart. He just felt very warm. His heart was throbbing slightly, but he didn't notice it.

In fact, this was really what Tang Sibo did. After they came back from City B that night, he arranged the bodyguards to go out and contact people to do these things. Tang family was a century old family. They had traveled all over the world and had many friends who were full of talents. Su Jing's events were nothing more than lifting a finger to them. Even finding out how many meals she ate a day, or how many grains of rice she had in one meal was barely a challenge for them.  

As for the recording, Tang Sibo left behind an eye that night. A bodyguard took the recording pen and hid away to record it. This was more convincing than the rest of the materials.

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All of these things were sent to father Su by Tang Sibo. In terms of seizing initiative, Tang Sibo knew the importance of preconceptions. He first disclosed the matter to father Su from their own perspective, which could make father Su think from Su Fu's perspective.

Let's not talk about this right now. When father Su saw his daughter like this, he knew that everything was completely true. The last hope in his heart shattered.

Mother Su, who had been weeping silently, was afraid that the old man would hit her daughter again and went over to stop him.

Father Su looked at his daughter's belly. He sighed and asked, "Do you still want to marry the surname He?"

Su Jing was stunned. The bag in her hand fell to the ground. After a long time, she answered, "I love him, and I already have his child. I know what I did was wrong, but my brother had broken up with him."

Father Su lightly snorted then nodded his head.

While Su Jing failed to understand her father's meaning, she heard mother Su's urgent voice: "No way! How can Xiao Jing marry a homosexual? He can even cheat on Xiao Fu! Xiao Jing won't have a good life if she marries him."

Mother Su saw everything clearly. She also hated what her daughter did, but she didn't want her daughter to be unhappy all her life.

Su Fu also couldn't stand mother Su's sadness and wanted to add a few words, but was interrupted by his father who waved his hand.

"Let her marry!" Father Su roared harshly, "Since you're so wrongheaded, you must learn to reap what you sow!"

After saying this, father Su made a cold humph then walked alone to the other room and shut the door with a "bang".

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