"Look at Chris and how lonely he's sitting there. He's like a cake being divided up by others. As long as I win, I'll choose him as my prize, which is better than being chosen by others!" Katherine's tone was exaggerated, as if she was helping Lin Yifei a lot.

"But I promise to watch this with Jenny." Lin Yifei expressed regret.

"Are you saying that Jenny is more important than Chris?" Katherine shook her head. "Good, when the Girls' Festival is over, I'll tell Chris the sad news."

Lin Yifei was really in distress situation. However, subconsciously he knew that he should do something that would not hurt Jenny too much but would disappoint her.

"All right, all right, I'll talk to Jenny." Lin Yifei sighed. He walked over to Jenny and said many apologies to her.

Jenny was disappointed. At that moment, she at least felt that Katherine was more important to Lin Yifei than herself. This was exactly what Lin Yifei wanted.

A text message was sent to Chris. Lin Yifei left the competition site and went to the chemistry lab.

Katherine happened to have a chemistry experiment in her class this morning.

Lin Yifei checked test tubes and other containers one by one to see if they were washed clean. If not, he would have to wash them again carefully and then put all the test tubes and beakers in the corresponding places for counting. After all this was done, he started to bring buckets to clean up the ground. Miss Sullivan, the chemistry teacher, was a very strict person. If she came to check later and found that the floor and all the countertops weren't shiny, Katherine would probably have an uncomfortable week.

Halfway through the wash, Lin Yifei straightened up and looked at his watch. Ah…The fun competition should have finished by now. I don't know if Katherine won or lost.

Only after he took out his cell phone did he find that there was only half a grid of battery. Lin Yifei sent Katherine a text message then continued to wipe the floor.

There came a girl's shout full of eagerness outside the laboratory, "Rex! Rex! Where are you? You can't disobey the rules of the competition like this!"

Lin Yifei turned his head and saw Rex leaning against the door. He seemed to be hiding from the girl outside.

At this point, Rex also turned around and saw Lin Yifei. He paused for a moment, then curved up his lips. The meaning in his smile was unknown. He held up a finger to Lin Yifei and made a silent gesture.

Rex! You really have no gentlemanly manner! Is it so difficult for you to accompany a girl to eat ice cream in the cafeteria?

Lin Yifei recognized the voice. She's a tall girl in grade 11 who looked fierce on normal days. But Lin Yifei felt that although others thought of her as being fierce, perhaps she was just straightforward. He had long been annoyed by Rex's usual triumphant appearance. Now he finally had a chance to fight back. How could he let it go?

Lin Yifei laughed badly.

Rex understood the meaning of his smile. He reached Lin Yifei in two or three steps. Lin Yifei didn't have time to shout before his mouth was covered.


Rex held Lin Yifei tightly in his arms and pulled him under the lab table.

"Rex! You clown!" It seemed that the girl was going to enter the lab.

Under the lab table, Rex held Lin Yifei tightly and covered his mouth with his hand. The two were very crowded. One could smell Rex's faint shower gel.

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Lin Yifei looked up and saw Rex's smile with a hint of banter. His heart grew even angrier.

The mop was leaning against the test bench nearby, and Lin Yifei stretched his leg to trip it, so that the girl could notice them.

Rex, of course, discovered his intention. His leg reached under Lin Yifei's knee. He lifted Lin Yifei's leg up and held it at the top of the lab table.

The postures of both of them became extremely distorted. Lin Yifei's cheeks were red.

At this time, Miss Sullivan's voice came from outside the lab.

"I don't think a lady should shout outside the lab?"

"I'm sorry Miss Sullivan. I'm just looking for Rex Gray."

"I believe that Rex Gray escape to the chemistry lab to avoid you. There's no point in waiting for him."

Lin Yifei naturally refused to give up. He had never been so humiliated in his life, being held hostage under the lab table with his mouth covered.

Miss Sullivan was still teaching the girl, while Lin Yifei beat Rex on the arms. His strength was getting weaker and weaker, and then he stopped. Two seconds later, Rex was obviously frightened. He took off his palm and pulled up Lin Yifei's head to see what was wrong with him. Lin Yifei immediately opened his mouth to shout.

The next second Rex kissed him.

Lin Yifei froze there. In his life, he hadn't been kissed by anyone except Chris, not to mention the tongue of the other party constantly tugging at him.

Miss Sullivan came in. The sound of her high heels stepped on Lin Yifei's heart.

Rex seemed to be excited by this tension. He sucked at Lin Yifei with great strength. The fear that followed made Lin Yifei struggle.

"Today's children always do things like this without heads or tails." Miss Sullivan picked up the mop and went out while closing the laboratory door.

At this point, the entire space only had the two of them. Rex became more brazen. His palm stroked Lin Yifei's body through his clothes, while Lin Yifei kept kicking and twisting his head. Rex grabbed his hand directly and seemed to wring his wrist with such force. But these only made Lin Yifei's resistance more severe.

Rex left Lin Yifei's lips and breathed out a slight sigh of relief, spraying it on Lin Yifei's lips.

"F**k! Let…"Lin Yifei haven't roar out. Rex again contained his lips. Different from the invasion that left no room just now, this time it became gentle.

However, Lin Yifei didn't buy it. If he found the chance, he would bite it hard. Rex pulled out at a dangerous moment and looked into Lin Yifei's eyes.

"I'm sorry I scared you." He smiled, but his eyes didn't have the usual romantic meaning.

Lin Yifei tried to move. Rex covered him directly with his knee slightly lifting Lin Yifei's left leg. Lin Yifei knew what this movement meant, because Chris sometimes did the same to him.

"Let me go, Rex." Lin Yifei's expression had completely cooled down.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist." Rex didn't let go, but his strength was much smaller. "For the first time, I'm so close to you. Your eyes, your eyelashes and the radian of your ears are all so close."

"So?" Lin Yifei glared at him. He suddenly couldn't understand Rex's almost gentle expression on his face.

"So I did what I always wanted to do." This time Rex really let go and slowly got up from Lin Yifei and sat on the lab bench.

Lin Yifei came out from under the lab table and stood right in front of Rex.

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"The first time I saw you, it wasn't in Ghosn." Rex smiled wryly, his calf hanging in mid-air, looking slender and lonely.

"But I don't remember seeing you before I came to Ghosn." Lin Yifei knew that this guy wasn't very sorry about what he did just now. Although he wanted to hit Rex in the face with a beaker, he looked at each other's expression and his anger subsided inexplicably.

"At that time, I just moved to Washington. The first match that I entered the fencing hall to watch was yours." Rex looked at Lin Yifei and talked to himself, "Your posture was very beautiful and tense. I looked forward to seeing you take off your mask when the competition was over. You lifted up your head, took a deep breath, and smiled calmly, as if victory was not so important to you."

"…I…never thought…when I first came to Ghosn, you were not friendly to me." Lin Yifei suddenly felt somewhat at a loss.

"Maybe I hid my happiness too well."

"I…I thought you liked Chris…"

"Chris?" Rex's eyebrows were raised, and his voice sounded inconceivable. "What makes you have such absurd ideas?"

"You…always provoke him and trouble him…plus Pan said that you like boys more than girls, and he also said that Chris should be careful of you…so I thought you like him and want to get his attention…"

Rex snickered and laughed.

"I don't like the fact that he looks like a rich guy a thousand miles away, and he's always with you."

"Ah…" Lin Yifei also felt very absurd at this time.

"I like you. That's the truth."

"…I'm sorry." Lin Yifei bowed his head. He could try to avoid Jenny's liking, but when Rex said it straight out, he didn't even know how to refuse tactfully.

"Because of Chris?" Rex turned his face, as if to see Lin Yifei's expression clearly. His red hair hung down like a dying fire.

"Yes, because Chris."

"Do you like him very much?" Rex asked softly.

"I like him more than you think."

"Do you know that he comes from a wealthy family and his family will not allow you two to be together?"

"Then Chris will leave that family or change that family." Lin Yifei's answer was firm.

"I don't understand why you believe him so much."

"I don't know." Lin Yifei looked at Rex in the eyes. Suddenly he realized that those cynical gestures were always to hide his inner loneliness.

His parents divorced. He had been to many countries. His eagerness to seek feelings was rather like the branches of the green leaves that had fallen yellow.

"But I still like you, there's no way to control it." Rex said this sentence without any resignation, but he seemed to accept the fact that Lin Yifei didn't return his feelings.  

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