"Where does 'that place' mean?" Chris clearly knew what he was saying but still asked, which was really bad.

"You better wash than talk! Anyway, it's not me who has cleanliness!" Lin Yifei threatened to rinse him, but Chris grabbed him with his left hand and forced his hand to cover it.

"But I just want you to help me wash it."

Lin Yifei's face was so hot that it was going to smoke. He wanted to withdraw his hand, but the other side had great strength.

Just as he looked up to glare, Chris's lips blocked his mouth with a gentle kiss and a hint of temptation. Lin Yifei was caught off guard by this kiss. The other's hand grabbed him and caressed him. The gentle kiss became impatient and unbearable under the dense water flow. Lin Yifei couldn't help retreating, but Chris followed up and stuck him on the ceramic tile wall.

A few minutes later, Chris came out wrapped in a towel, while Lin Yifei washed his hands in the bathroom with a gloomy face.

A few days later, it was the so-called Girls' Festival. The school was surrounded by pink all Tuesday afternoon.

There was no class on Tuesday afternoon. As soon as school was over at noon, Lin Yifei was stopped by Jenny.

"Hey, Lin! Can you show me around the school's surprise market this afternoon?"

Surprise market was a special part of the "Girls' Festival". Many people would design stalls in the school playground and opened space to buy and sell some things. Of course, most of these things were for girls.

"…If it's a 'surprise market', it's better to go and play with your friends. You know, it's all girls' stuff, a little boring…"

"Lin, today is an event for girls. I will be sad if you refuse me like this." Jenny said half-jokingly.

"Or do you want to take part in the fun competition together?" Lin Yifei suggested, after all, Chris was the 'prize' of the fun competition. If he took part in the fun competition, on the one hand, he could accompany Jenny, on the other hand, he could save Chris after he's 'won' by a girl. This guy didn't like being with girls very much.

"Yes, that's good. But if you're the 'prize' of the fun competition, I will be more eager to try!" Jenny nodded, at least this wasn't a rejection to her. "I'll see you at the library gate at 1:30 p.m. then!"

"Hmm!" Lin Yifei waved at her. Chris had already gotten up and walked to the door. Lin Yifei trotted after him. He knew that the guy was a little unhappy that he agreed with Jenny.

The cafeteria at noon today looked very lively, and everyone was talking about the Girls' Festival this afternoon. Even the cafeteria gave girls a great discount, that was, each girl could get a yellow peach pudding.

Katherine sat next to Lin Yifei with her dinner plate and placed the yellow peach pudding at his hand. She muttered, "What the hell, do you have to send pudding? It's better to send a meal set!"

Lin Yifei replied laughingly, "Your Majesty, do you think every girl has the same stomach as you?"

Ivey also sat up, looking worried: "What should I do? This afternoon I'm the 'prize' of the fun competition. I'm really afraid of meeting terrifying girls…"

Lin Yifei looked at Ivey and gloated, "That's not untrue! Do you think the girl who can climb a two-meter high wall, then come down and jump through a ten-meter hurdle to win the ranking will be of the innocent girl type?"

Ivey halfcocked his head, looking like he had entered the imagination mode.

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Rex's voice came not far away.

"Ah, I have so much worry. Why choose me as a 'prize'? Am I the kind of person who can be treated as a 'prize'?"

With a slight curve of his eyes, the charm instantly came to him.

"That's because you're handsome. How can girls choose you if you aren't handsome?" Lily comforted him.

Rex was still holding his head to his side, as if he wanted others to continue comforting him.

"It doesn't matter Rex. Big deal, Lily and I will take part in that messy competition. After winning, we will choose you as our prize, and then we can do whatever we like."

"Nova, you are the best for me –"

At this point, Lin Yifei and Katherine have a full face of black lines.

"Rex is really popular!" Only Ivey was still sighing in confusion.

Lin Yifei looked up and glanced at Chris in front of him. He was just eating quietly. The steak on the plate was a bit too large. Chris couldn't hold the fork in his right hand. He could only fork it with his left hand and bite it. The tip of his tongue pressed against the steak before his lips closed to bite it. Just seeing this simple act, Lin Yifei always subconsciously wanted to swallow saliva.

"Let me help you!" Lin Yifei stretched his arm and cut Chris's steak into small pieces.

When Katherine lowered her head, she saw the chain hanging from Lin Yifei's pocket. "Hey! Lin! Did you finally come out of the Stone Age and buy a mobile phone?"

"Yes! What's so strange?"

"Let me take a look! Ah…save my cell phone number and Ivey's!" Katherine couldn't wait to take Lin Yifei's cell phone directly. She not only saved her own number, but also smiled sweetly at the camera and took a picture.

After flipping through Lin Yifei's cell phone casually, Katherine shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, I guess the first photo in your cell phone must be Chris's!"

Lin Yifei didn't stop Katherine from turning over his photos, because the more he stopped, the more she wanted to see them.

"Ah…this, oh my god, Chris is smiling?" Katherine looked at the picture then at Chris. She sighed and said, "The only person in the world who can make Chris smile is you."

Not far away, Rex's eyes swept over them, and his frivolous gaze gradually cooled down.

"Rex! What're you thinking?" Lily gave him a push on the shoulder.

"Thinking about how I want to survive this afternoon."

Lin Yifei and Katherine grinned together. When the afternoon comes, you will naturally know how you won't survive.

At half past one in the afternoon, Lin Yifei and Chris came to the door of the library where Jenny was already waiting.

"Lin, you really don't act like a gentleman. Every time, you made a girl wait for you." Jenny said half-jokingly. Today's sun was very good. It let Lin Yifei see that Jenny had applied a layer of light foundation. Another careful observation showed her fine eyelashes and eyeliner. She was dressed up carefully, perhaps for the Girls' Festival or for Lin Yifei.

If the latter was the case, Lin Yifei thought that he should find a chance to make it clear to Jenny that he only saw her as a good friend. As for the most important position, Lin Yifei had already given it to another. It's impossible to give it to her.

Chris walked to the front while they were still exchanging pleasantries.

They had just walked into the football field of Ghosn High School, but the sight before them was stunning. One didn't know who built the two-meter high climbing wall. Clearly, he didn't see it when he passed the playground this morning. The trampoline was also ready. Some people wanted to try it on their stomach. Their falling postures were really hilarious. Originally, when talking about the 10-meter obstacle course, Lin Yifei thought about hurdles, but he didn't think that the so-called obstacle in the Girls' Festival was a pile of water polo filled with pigment. If one accidentally stepped on any of them during the race, the person would be wiped out.

The end of the competition venue had a balcony about two-meter high. It's covered by a sunshade with more than a dozen seats. One didn't know where the organizers rented the seats. Every seat looked exaggerated. Some looked like the thrones in fairy tales, while others looked like the seats of demons.

All the 'prize' boys whose names had been pronounced would go up.

Ivey had already gone up and was arranged to sit on a cake-like seat. Lin Yifei looked at him and laughed, but this cute look was very in line with Ivey's style.

Rex was also named. He walked up with a helpless look. The host chose a gorgeous seat for him.

When Chris's name was pronounced, this guy walked up slowly. His seat was somewhat special. The Gothic style was not just gorgeous but also had a sense of dignity. When Chris sat down, he caused many girls present to blush. Chris slightly lowered his eyes. A wind swept by his cheek, lifting his hair. He was like a king in the wilderness. Loneliness was his wall.

A few seconds later, Chris received a text message on his cell phone.

-Hey, how does it feel to sit up there?

Chris's finger pressed quickly on the keyboard: They're all very noisy.

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Lin Yifei snickered and continued to text: You look very handsome sitting there.

Chris typed back immediately: I can't see you at this distance.

Jenny, who was standing beside Lin Yifei, looked round curiously. "Who are you texting? You don't have a girlfriend that you didn't tell me, right?"

"Secret." Lin Yifei smiled and put his cell phone in his pocket. "This fun competition looks quite interesting. Aren't you going to take part?"

"If you also sit up there, I'll definitely take part and win." Jenny's eyes sparkled like the sun. Lin Yifei suddenly got a blinding flash.

At the same time, Katherine pushed her way through the crowd and patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder.

"Hey Lin!"

"What's the matter? Aren't you going to take part in that competition?"

Katherine made an apologetic gesture to Jenny. She took Lin Yifei out of the crowd and whispered, "I'd like to, but this afternoon I'm cleaning up the chemistry lab."

"You can find other boys to help you do it! Isn't this the Girls' Festival? Today you have the privilege." Lin Yifei said funnily.

"All the boys have run away! Lin, help me clean! I'll take part in that competition and promise to win!"

"What good will it do me if you win?" Lin Yifei asked with a bad smile. He knew that the winner of the competition could get a ticket to a 4D cinema in addition to dating the 'prize' boy she liked. Katherine wanted to see the 'Magic Circus' for a long time.

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