"The best way is to let the people of Merlin High School know that such tricks shouldn't be played on the court." Lin Yifei's expression turned completely cold. He had never despised an opponent so much in his life.

When everyone went to lunch at noon, Coach Smith found Chris's injury on the palm of his hand. After asking the reason, he showed a thoughtful expression on his face.

"This matter will be discussed after the match. I hope your mood will not be affected. Victory is the best revenge for a despicable opponent."

"Actually, my mood is very good now." Rex's words attracted everyone's attention.

"If you need to put a blade in your opponent's glove, it means that you have no confidence in your strength. It seems that Merlin's standard should be very poor."

Rex's smile was as proud as ever. But for the first time, Lin Yifei thought that he smiled so well.

All of a sudden, every teammate began looking forward to the match this afternoon. They had to crush Merlin High School.

During the match, Lin Yifei confirmed that his opponent was Leiden.

Pan still played in the first round. The opponent had some level and was difficult to deal with. Pan was originally an attack type, but the other side was good at defending and counterattacking, so Pan was unable to take advantage for a while. At the end of the first round, he was one point behind his opponent.

Before Lin Yifei went on stage, Rex coolly said behind him, "Hey, think about Chris's palm, and remember to be tough when you lay your hands on him to avenge Chris."

"You don't have to say it." Lin Yifei stood up. His fingertips gripped his sabre as he calmly walked to the preparation line.

From the beginning, Lin Yifei's feet showed a burst of accelerated attack. The pace was frantic but the sabre in his hand was wielded with great skill. In the first four seconds, Lin Yifei cut the other side's arm and stole the show.

"Aha!" Rex, who was not far away, couldn't help admiring it. In four seconds, Lin Yifei did at least four cuts, one feint and two stabs at his opponent. The speed was indeed an eye-opener.

After a series of attacks, Leiden became the one who tried his best to defend. All he could do was to not lose too badly here with Lin Yifei.

"He!" Another sabre struck the other side in the chest. Lin Yifei clenched his fist but didn't indulge in the victory of that point. Because opponents like Leiden weren't strong enough to make Lin Yifei feel that he deserved the joy of victory.

No matter how bad the opponent was, Lin Yifei would never look down upon him, because in his heart, the person holding the sabre was someone who dared to face crisis and challenges, and a person who was worthy of respect. But the teenager in front of him made his sabre feel polluted.

Fast, ruthless and accurate. The pace of this match round was very fast. Lin Yifei had mastered the situation completely, just like the king who was in a commanding position. Leiden didn't even have the power to crawl out.

Lin Yifei even scored five points and took back Pan's losing points.

He looked disdainful when he left the field.

Rex leaned against his seat and said lazily, "I don't like your expression."

"What's the matter?" Lin Yifei sat down beside him and tidied up his gloves.

"Too much like Chris Osborne." Rex proudly got up. He put on his mask and stood in front of the preparation line.

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Because of Lin Yifei's outstanding performance, Merlin's fencer in the third round felt heavy pressure. Rex's strong momentum further left him in a disorderly position. The entire match became one-sided.

When Lin Yifei appeared again in the second set, Leiden was still adjusting his breathing. It seemed that he was afraid.

Lin Yifei laughed coldly. I will destroy your confidence and make you unable to hold the sabre again, because you are unworthy.

From the beginning of the set, Leiden took a defensive stance and completely transferred the initiative. But Lin Yifei showed no mercy. His sabre kept cutting as if Lyden was just a worm under his blade. He even followed the way Chris treated the big guy before by slashing his sabre on Leiden's mask. Leiden staggered back two steps, and his sabre fell off.

But Lin Yifei's fingertips were hot. For the first time, he understood that the hand holding this sabre wasn't just him, but also Chris.  

Ghosn High School entered the top eight without any doubt.

When the two teams shook hands, Leiden looked at Lin Yifei with a guilty face.

"You're lucky your opponent is Lin. If it was me, I would have cut off your head with my sword." Rex looked at Leiden and smiled contemptuously. When those romantic eyes became sharp, they were quite powerful. Lin Yifei felt chilly when he looked at them.

After the match, Coach Smith complained to the organizing Committee about blades being placed in contestants' gloves. Although there's no evidence that Merlin High School did it, at least it would made them settle down a lot in the future.

The school bus sent a crowd of people back to school, but Lin Yifei accompanied Chris to a nearby hospital first. Although it was not a serious injury, the doctor still told him not to touch the water and not to put pressure his palm. Although his hand was not wrapped like a mummy, the dressing should be changed on time because the wound was deep.

"Do you feel itchy when the doctor said that you? As a cleanliness fanatic who can't wash your right hand?" Lin Yifei asked with amusement.

"This means you have to help me wash and feed me." Chris curved up his lips with suggestions that Lin Yifei couldn't fail to see.

"Humph! What a beautiful dream! I want to see you struggling to eat with your left hand!"

The two didn't return to school immediately. Instead, they wondered aimlessly on the street.

When passing a mobile phone store, Lin Yifei cheerfully pulled Chris in.

"You see, there're so many new models coming out now!" Lin Yifei looked like a child who saw treasure. His nose was almost printed on the glass. Then he suddenly thought of something and looked at Chris with his head turned around. "Why don't you have a cell phone? Katherine has one."

"I don't need it because you don't have one."

Chris's reply stunned Lin Yifei. Then Lin Yifei returned to his usual posture and pointed to a black mobile phone while asking the salesperson to take it out.

As long as one could pay the corresponding phone bill every month, it's possible to buy it. The most important thing was that Lin Yifei could afford the bill with his pocket money every month.

"I want this." Lin Yifei looked at Chris.

"Good, I'll buy it for you."

"Hello! Can you stop talking like I'm a gigolo kept by a rich woman! I can buy this one myself!" Lin Yifei's finger pointed to another milky white phone of the same model under the glass, "I want to say that you can buy this, so we can both have cell phones."

"Good." Chris smiled gently, and his expression, which seemed not easy to approach, suddenly became tender. Even the young salesperson were stunned.

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While carrying their cell phones along the road, the two teenagers found a McDonald's to sit in.

There was still half a battery in Lin Yifei's cell phone. He excitedly took a picture of Chris with his cell phone or took picture with both their two heads together.

At first Chris was still cold, but Lin Yifei kept fiddling with his cell phone.

"Can't you smile a little? I want to take a better picture to make your cell phone's portrait."

Chris turned away, but Lin Yifei pressed the key at that moment. Although there were a few smears, it was obvious that Chris, who was holding his chin, just smiled.

"Ha ha, good good! If only this cell phone can react faster, the picture just now would have been perfect!"

Chris had a wound on his palm, so he couldn't play with his cell phone. Instead, Lin Yifei took out his cell phone very actively and saved his number.

The thought of cell phones made Lin Yifei's eyes ache. He remembered that before he was reborn, he once replaced his cell phone in college with a new one. When he borrowed Chris's cell phone, he found that the other was still using the earliest Nokia.

"Hey, it's the iPhone era now. It's time for you to update."

At that time, Chris only glanced at Lin Yifei's new cell phone lightly. "Good, I'll buy a new one this afternoon."

Then he bought the same series and color as Lin Yifei. So on one occasion, Lin Yifei took Chris's cell phone by mistake. When he opened the contact inside, he realized that only his name was there.

A few years later, Chris left unexpectedly. What he saw in his bedroom was still the same phone, and when he pressed the contact, the only name was still 'Yifei'.

At this moment, Lin Yifei's lips naturally tilted upward, but his heart was aching.

When the two returned to school, Coach Smith personally visited Chris in the dorm and told him not to practice for the time being this week.

When taking a bath at night, Lin Yifei disregarded his earlier words and helped Chris take a bath. He wrapped Chris's hand in a fresh-keeping bag and the two people stood in the bathroom.

Chris still cleanly stripped off his clothes, revealing an enviable figure. He stood under the spray head and lifted his injured hand. Like a waterfall, the water ran across his shoulder, down his back, and his long strong legs.

Lin Yifei looked at the scene and couldn't help gulping down his saliva.

With his hands on his trousers, Lin Yifei was somewhat embarrassed to say that he was embarrassed since everything's been seen by the other party. While he was standing there in his underpants, Chris said flatly: "Do you know that when the underpants are soaked and pasted on the body, they become sexier than taking off?"

Lin Yifei was stunned.

"I don't need you to take care of it!"

He squeezed the shampoo on his palm and gently kneaded Chris's hair. His hair was very soft and felt very comfortable. When rinsing, Lin Yifei was also careful, afraid that bubbles would fall into his ears. When the body wash was applied, Lin Yifei's heartbeat really accelerated. He had never touched Chris's body like this, his shoulder, his chest, and every movement made Lin Yifei hold his breath.

When he reached the area between Chris's legs, Lin Yifei couldn't help turning his head and said angrily, "Wash that place yourself!"

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