"Rex, I admire your fencing. You know what? No matter how a person talks and does things at ordinary times, only when holding a sabre can one see his deepest character. For example, your sabre has a certain degree of advance and retreat. When attacking, there's no room for maneuvering. When defending, there's no holes. When I compete with you, my nerves are always tense, but when I can score points from you, I feel very happy."

"Thank you, I take these as a compliment to me."

"I believe you feel the same way about me. You appreciate my fencing. You think you have found someone who can understand you, so your heart longs for contact with me." Lin Yifei turned his head and avoided Rex's eyes. "But this is different from liking."

"Do you want to convince me that I only admire you?" Rex smiled and his hair moved. "Admiration won't make my heart beats so fast. Admiration won't make my eyes subconsciously chase your expression and your actions. Admiration won't make me jealous of Chris."

Lin Yifei just stood there. He didn't understand. He never had a single relationship before his rebirth. Why after his rebirth, it became doubled?

"I understand that I won't get the same response every time I like another person. But I have French blood, and I will declare it when I like someone." Rex jumped down from the lab bench and ran his finger across Lin Yifei's chin. "Don't be upset over there. I'm not bothered. What are you upset about?"

Looking at Rex's back, Lin Yifei suddenly understood his magnanimity. This guy just liked someone. Whether the other person liked him back wasn't important to him.

After leaving the chemistry lab, Lin Yifei took out his cell phone and saw Katherine's reply. She only came in third place and couldn't save Chris.

Another text message was sent to Chris: Where are you?

A few seconds later, the other party replied: On the bench in front of the library.

Lin Yifei walked quickly and saw Chris sitting on the bench when he was about to arrive. Next to him was a lovely girl with freckles on her nose. Lin Yifei deliberately didn't approach, but stood under the tree and watched the picture in front of him.

Chris had no facial expression and didn't seem to want to talk to the girl. The girl prepared a box of snacks and handed one to Chris, who just shook his head.

Lin Yifei sighed. Can't this guy make others happy occasionally? Even if you really don't like the other, the corresponding respect can still be done.

The girl lowered her head and looked at her snack box. There was an awkward silence between them.

Lin Yifei waved to Chris: "Hey, Chris."

Chris tried to stand up when he saw Lin Yifei, but Lin Yifei pressed down his shoulder and looked at the girl next to him while laughingly asked: "What's your name? I seem to have seen you at Katherine Berman's class."

"Yes, I'm in the same class with her. I often heard Katherine mention you! Saying that your fencing is as good as Chris." The girl paused and laughed. "I forgot to say my name is Vicky."

"Hello, Vicky. Did you make this snack?"

"No, my mother did it. When she heard that there's a Girls' Festival at the school, she made these snacks and asked me to bring them to share with people." Vicky said here and glanced at Chris.

"That little yellow cake, can I try one? It looks really delicious."

"No problem!" Vicky happily opened the lid and let Lin Yifei grab it.

"Nice…" Lin Yifei closed his eyes and enjoyed it, "Soft, but not sweet or greasy. It's really delicious!"

Then he took another one and sent it to Chris's lips. The other party turned away. It seemed that he was dissatisfied with how much Lin Yifei talked to Vicky.

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"Try one, I like it a lot! Don't you want to know what it tastes like?"

Lin Yifei pushed the cake to Chris's lips again. Vicky smiled and said, "Forget it, maybe Chris doesn't like snacks."

But at the same time, Chris held the cake in his mouth and chewed it slowly.

Vicky stared at Chris's face as if worried that he would find it disagreeable.

"How, isn't it good? Just like the taste of Breadtop!"

Only Lin Yifei knew that Chris licked his fingertip when he was holding the cake. It was definitely intentional.

Lin Yifei and Vicky talked again, but Chris got up.

"Hey, Chris, where are you going?" Lin Yifei asked.

"Back to the dorm."

Looking at his receding back, Vicky sighed.

"In fact, you worked hard to win the fun competition, why don't you choose an interesting guy to date? Chris isn't the right guy to fall in love with." Lin Yifei and Vicky walked side by side on the way back to the dorm area.

"Because…I don't know why…he has a kind of temperament that is very noticeable."

Vicky's words made Lin Yifei smile, Yes…When I first saw Chris, I always looked at him subconsciously and often.

"Well, Vicky, I'm very happy to eat your mom's snack. I'm going back to the dorm."

After saying goodbye to Vicky, Lin Yifei returned to the dorm. Chris was sitting at the computer desk to check the stock trend. This guy was getting more and more Osborne-like. It's also because of this that Lin Yifei remembered Rex's words to him that the Osbornes' would not allow the two of them to be together.

"In fact, that girl just wants to sit on the bench with you and eat snack after she works so hard to win the fun competition. Why are you so cold to her?" Lin Yifei stood behind him. Chris didn't answer him. Lin Yifei stuck his finger on the other's back.

"If you don't like someone, don't give the other person any hope."


Lin Yifei knew that there would be no result in discussing this with Chris, because they had different ways of doing things. Turning on the computer, Lin Yifei sat down to continue playing online games. This time, Chris actually left the computer desk and sat down beside Lin Yifei. He held down Lin Yifei's speeding finger on the keyboard.

"Hey! I'll lose points this way!" As soon as Lin Yifei turned around, he saw Chris's slightly cold face.

Usually, when he showed such an expression in front of Lin Yifei, it meant that he's angry.

"Hey…I didn't speak that long to Vicky, okay?"

Chris raised Lin Yifei's chin with his finger. He swiped his lower lip with his index finger, and whispered, "I don't remember kissing you today."

"…Why do you suddenly ask?" Lin Yifei's heartstrings quivered. He's wondering if Chris knew that Rex had kissed him in the lab. It couldn't be? He should be with Vicky. How could he see things in the lab?

"Your lips are a little red."

"…Nothing. I bit myself." Lin Yifei turned his head and forced himself to focus on the game.

"Lair." Chris covered the monitor directly.

"Hey! Can you please stop doing this!" Lin Yifei shouted.

"Then tell me who did it. Not Jenny, you would push her away, so she doesn't have a chance to kiss you so hard." Chris's inference embarrassed Lin Yifei.

"No one kissed me! There're many reasons why the lips turn red. Lips will turn red after eating chili…"

In the next second, Lin Yifei's lips were sealed. This was a slightly punitive kiss. Lin Yifei's head was held by the other's hands and he couldn't avoid.

After a long time, Chris stepped back slightly. His nose was tip to tip with Lin Yifei as he looked straight into his eyes.

"Your mouth doesn't smell of chili, and our school doesn't have such spicy food." Chris's palm went down as he hugged Lin Yifei. This encircling posture made Lin Yifei somewhat unhappy.

"I told you. It's nothing. Can you not be so stubborn?"

After the words fell, Lin Yifei saw Chris's eyes had turned cold. He subconsciously thought not good.

"I'm sorry, Chris."

Suddenly, Chris turned him over and pressed him on the bed. Lin Yifei nearly bit his tongue when his head hit the mattress.

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"Hey! What're you doing? Chris, let me up!" Lin Yifei struggled to get up, but Chris held his head down with one hand and neatly unbuttoned Lin Yifei's pants with the other, tearing it down vigorously.

"Let me go! Stop it!" Lin Yifei was scared. Chris hadn't been so aggressive. His hands were kneading Lin Yifei's hip flap. The heat in his palm seemed to burn even his blood.

"Tell me who kissed you."

"No one!"

Of course, Lin Yifei wouldn't be stupid enough to name Rex. Everyone was in the same fencing team. In case Chris ran to fight Rex and everyone knew about this, he really didn't know how to live.

"Even if you don't say, I know who it was. Rex Gray." Chris bowed his head and whispered in Lin Yifei's ear. His voice was not loud, but it somehow oppressed Lin Yifei's nerves.

Lin Yifei suddenly struggled up. He got off the bed and stood at a relatively safe distance while lifting up his pants.

"I told you not to be alone with Rex." Chris was still sitting on Lin Yifei's bed, looking at Lin Yifei with his head slightly tilted back.

Even though he was clearly standing, Lin Yifei still felt a lot shorter in front of Chris.

The two were silent. After more than ten seconds, Chris got up and returned to his computer desk to continue watching the financial news.

Lin Yifei turned on his screen and formed his own team to fight the monster. Since he hadn't responded for half a day, he had been abandoned by his teammates.

At seven o'clock, Lin Yifei's stomach was so hungry that it growled. He turned his head and looked at Chris's back, but he didn't dare to ask to go to dinner together. So he went to the door and said, "I'm going to dinner." Lin Yifei deliberately shut the door slowly, but still didn't see Chris get up.


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