The storm seemed to subside quickly.

Su Jing's heart suddenly fell back down. She felt that although the process was somewhat bumpy, her father did end up letting go.

She didn't pay much attention to her father's words that she was wrongheaded and should learn to reap what she sowed. She only felt that she finally cleared this level in a dangerous way. Now, she just needed to talk to mother He. Once all this was settled, she would have no worries.

Su Fu looked at Su Jing's smiling face and felt especially dazzled. Your mother is still sad, and your father is still angry. Can't you see it? Are you selfish enough to care only about yourself and ignore your parents?

Mother Su was still weeping. Although she got a fright from father Su's roar and slamming of the door, her mind remained clear.

This was a road to darkness for her daughter. However, Su Jing was determined to marry He Shaoqi. She would definitely not agree to abort the baby if they told her to. And if she wasn't allowed to marry, wouldn't she become an unmarried mother? She might not be happy married to the He family. But if they forbid her to marry, she would be dragged down by the child and still might not marry a good family in the future.

Besides, she did everything in her power to destroy her brother's affections for a man. What they thought as her parents would not change her decision at all.

Mother Su looked at Su Fu and Su Jing. Her mind felt uncomfortable. What iniquity did she make?! The same man stole the soul of both her children! In the end, brother and sister became estranged, and a family was no longer a family!

Su Fu felt a twinge of pain when he saw his mother's expression. He held his mother and helped her sit down on the sofa. He hugged her and whispered, "Mom, I'm sorry. I won't make you and Dad angry again. Don't be sad."

After hearing this, mother Su cried again. What did her son do wrong?

She patted her son's hand and nodded. "Mom knows you're a good man. Both Mom and Dad can see it."

When Su Jing saw them comforting each other, she felt a little discomfort in her heart, then became more uncomfortable. Su Fu had been away from home for so many years. Why did her parents forgive him so easily? But hate what she did? Homosexuality should never exist at all. Why should he be forgiven?

At this moment, father Su suddenly opened the door and came out with a bank card in his hand.

"There're still 300,000 yuan in the family saving. Take it as your dowry. Today, since you're so determined to marry into the He family, you will bear all the consequences for yourself. Your mother and I are old. We can no longer stand the ordeal." Father Su said and put the bank card into Su Jing's hand.

Su Jing looked at the bank card in her hand. Her eyes suddenly turned red. She knew how much money there was in the family saving. Besides a small amount of cash, this was all they had. Her father suddenly gave her all of it, which made her suddenly feel uncomfortable. At the same time, her father's words also made her inexplicable panicked.

"Dad, are you driving me out?"

Father Su gave her a look and sighed wearily. The entire person seemed to age a lot in an instant.

"We won't drive you out. When you remember us, you can call to say hello. You don't have keep us update about your daily life. We won't attend your wedding either. You're already an adult. Take care of yourself."

Once he finished saying these, father Su went into the other room again.

He didn't drive Su Jing away, not because he thought what Su Jing did wasn't wrong, but after what happened with Su Fu, the old couple could no longer bear to drive their children away from home. They were old and really couldn't stand the ordeal. Their daughter was already an adult. Let her live her own life and bear the consequences of her rights and wrongs.

Only when Su Jing heard his father saying these words did she realize how serious the consequences were. Although her parents didn't drive her out, they no longer took care of her affairs. In fact, it wasn't much different from breaking up with her since they weren't even willing to attend her wedding.

Although Su Jing felt stabbing pain and panic in her heart, her pride didn't allow her to admit her mistake and beg for their mercy. She was a very competitive person. Since both parents felt that marrying He Shaoqi wouldn't bring her a good ending, and since her father said that she should take responsibility of her own actions, she would live a happy to prove to her parents and to Su Fu that her choice wasn't wrong.  

Su Jing finally left. She probably went to the He family. Su Fu and mother Su might hate and worry about Su Jing, but they didn't say anything to stop her.  

Su Fu accompanied his parents silently and cooked lunch for them at noon.

Father Su's and Mother Su's state weren't too bad, probably because Tang Sibo prepared them early in advance.  

They had been chewing on the information for several days. Today was mainly them venting their emotions.

In truth, no one was in the mood to eat, but they still sat down together.

Su Fu didn't care about his parents giving all their money to Su Jing. He thought that this was also the last thing that they felt obligated to do for their daughter. However, his parents were too old to live without money.

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While giving a chicken leg to one of his parents, Su Fu said, "I saved some retirement money for you over the past few years. You refused it before. But now, please give me a card number to transfer it to you."

Father Su glared at him and retorted, "We'll earn the money ourselves. We don't need it."

Knowing that his father was still angry, Su Fu didn't dare to push him. He only reluctantly urged, "You said yourself. You're getting older. Stop messing around. The small restaurant should only be used as pastime work. Don't work too hard. Your son is still here."

Money was secondary. But Su Fu's sentence of "your son is still here" really poked into his parents' hearts and warmed them.

Fortunately, their son came back, even though they now lost their daughter. Let's just…let's just think of her as going out to gain life experience.

In the afternoon, Su Fu was still not quite at ease with his parents. He stayed with them for a long time and settled their hearts by talking. When five o'clock neared, father Su drove his son away impatiently.

"Stop your annoying chirping! Go back and take care of the radish head!"

So Su Fu was forced out of the apartment by his father again. Mother Su heard that Su Fu adopted a lovely child and let him bring the child to see them when he's free. Su Fu agreed.

Although Su Fu loved his parents very much, he would only have Juan Juan as his child in this life. As for Su Jing, the child in her belly was dirty and his parents didn't like He Shaoqi much. This child was doomed to be an awkward existence in the Su family.

His parents wouldn't be angry with a child, but it's impossible to like the child a lot. Besides, according to mother He's character, she wouldn't let her grandson whom she got with difficulty to get close to them.

Su Fu was distressed that his parents couldn't be as fond of their grandchild as other elderly people, so he decided to be more filial to his parents. Although he couldn't give them a blood related grandson, Juan Juan was so clever and cute. He believed that they would like him. In the future, he would often take Juan Juan to see his parents.

After leaving home, Su Fu went back to the No. 3 Waterside Pavilion.

When he arrived at Tang family villa, the door was left unlocked. Su Fu pushed open the door and went in. There's no one in the living room. If no one was home, the door must be locked. Since the door was left unlocked, they were probably upstairs.

As he thought of this, he heard laughter and playing noises coming from upstairs. Su Fu listened to these sounds. His heart suddenly relaxed after a stressful day. He unconsciously lifted the corners of his mouth and went upstairs.

Following the sounds, he found that they weren't in the study room or bedroom, but in a room that he never entered before.

This door was also left unlocked. Su Fu knocked a few times, then pushed the door and went in. He saw a big boy and a small boy sitting cross-legged on the carpet, holding a game controller in their hands. In front of them was a large screen showing the classic Super Mario…

Su Fu looked around the amenities in this room before he realized that it was a game room.

The game sound of the classic Super Mario resounded through the room, but the volume was not too loud. The three of them played happily and were having a great time. Tang Sibo sat with his legs crossed. Juan Juan sat on his legs and held the controller somewhat awkwardly. Tang Luoke told him to jump up and eat gold coins.

But Juan Juan looked around, then asked Uncle Tang to remind him which key was for jumping again? With such a dazed effort, the turtle crawled up to him. Tang Sibo hurriedly took his small hand and pressed a key. Mario jumped up and stepped on the turtle's back. The turtle fell.

"Great! Uncle Tang is amazing!"

Su Fu stood at the door and watched them play happily without noticing him, then somehow felt a little lonely…

Also, the appearance of Juan Juan being so intimate and dependent in Tang Sibo's arms made him inexplicably have so little jealousy…

This is his son, right?

At this time, Tang Sibo finally noticed Su Fu standing at the door. He raised his eyebrows slightly and pressed the pause button.

Juan Juan froze. He turned his head to look then hurriedly got up and ran past.

"Little Dad! The dumplings have been rolled up! Just waiting for you to eat!"

Su Fu bent down to catch Juan Juan. He picked him up and smilingly asked, "What kind of dumplings are you making?"

"Dumplings for eating! Juan Juan, Uncle Tang and older brother Tang made dumplings together waiting for you to eat! Since you didn't come back at noon, we'll eat at night!"

"Oh ~ Juan Juan can make dumplings! That's great!"

Juan Juan immediately became shy and nodded his little head. "Uncle Tang taught us. Uncle Tang is great at everything!"

"The mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter." Tang Sibo came up with a smile. He took Juan Juan from Su Fu's arms and put him on the ground. "Play with older brother Tang for a while, Uncle Tang and your little Dad will go down and cook dumplings."

"Uh-huh ~ Juan Juan like dumplings ~"

Tang Luoke came over and took Juan Juan's small hand. The two went back to play the game.

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Tang Sibo slightly closed the door for them, then went downstairs with Su Fu.

"Are you okay? Did you stay there for a long time?"

Su Fu nodded. He briefly explained the situation to Tang Sibo. When walking down the last step, he turned to look at him and smiled slightly: "Thank you."

Tang Sibo also slightly raised the corners of his mouth and asked, "What do you want to thank me for? I just put the facts in front of uncle and aunt. I told you, uncle and aunt are wise people. Are you at ease now?"

"Yes, I won't worry about anything else now. I just want to take good care of my parents. As you said before, everything is just rotten past. It's disgusting, but not enough to make me sad." Su Fu replied then exhaled, "It's all over."

Tang Sibo nodded. Seeing that Su Fu finally felt at ease, he also felt relieved and at ease.

The two came into the kitchen, where there's a large tray with dozens of dumplings neatly packed inside.

Su Fu walked by and took a look. Among them were a few dumplings of various sizes. Thinking that they were probably made by Juan Juan, he laughed.

"Juan Juan's ones are so ugly."

Tang Sibo also smiled, but he knocked Su Fu on the head. "The little guy worked hard to learn it. He said that he wants to give them to his little Dad. Isn't it awful for you to make fun of the little boy like this?"

"He's a good boy. I don't dare making fun of him. Don't dare." Su Fu said while the corners of his mouth bent up into a smile. He really wasn't making fun of Juan Juan. He just thought that the little guy was too cute.

As for the other dumplings, most of them were very exquisite. They must have been made by Tang Sibo. Su Fu couldn't help admiring him again. Mr. Tang was really great, just like Juan Juan said. He knew everything and was a meticulous person at first sight.

It was getting late, so they cooked the dumplings.

While cooking dumplings and chatting, Tang Sibo asked, "Shall we go out tomorrow?"

Su Fu wanted to think. He rarely relaxed. Going out and play was also good, so he nodded his head.  

"What about tonight? Do you want to stay here?"

Su Fu was stunned and turned to look at him. "I don't have any clothes. And don't you think that I live here too often?"

"Go back and get them later," Tang Sibo said while shaking his head and chuckled. "You had a hard time and finally dealt with everything. If you don't stay here, Xiao Ke will definitely make an excuse to go to Jinghe to sleep with you. Then I'll be lonely."  

Hearing these words, Su Fu smiled. His mind recalled the loneliness of standing alone by the door and watching them play. He suddenly sympathized with Tang Sibo and hurriedly nodded his head in agreement.  

"Xiao Ke wants a mother. He told me before that you can't give him two parents' love by yourself." Su Fu looked at him and asked, "You're still so young. Don't you ever think about finding another good woman to be Xiao Ke's mother?"

Tang Sibo blinked. "Finding another good woman to be Xiao Ke's mother?"

Su Fu looked at the dumplings in the pan, "Yes…do you still have feelings for your ex-wife? Can't you get back together? I think Xiao Ke still wants a mother."

"Ex-wife?" Tang Sibo blinked again.

Su Fu turned to look at him and blinked, "Aren't you…divorced? Did I say something wrong?"

Both of them stopped talking for a while. He blinked and I blinked, as if something was wrong.

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