After dinner, big brother Tang returned to City B. He had something to deal with at the head office. Tang Sibo knew his oldest brother's temper and didn't try to retain much.

However, Fan Yao was obviously in a bad mood. Shi Chen came with big brother Tang. They must leave together. He felt a little uncomfortable. The break-up was too long. It's been more than a month. It used to be a week at most! What did this mean? Could there really be goblins outside sucking his essence?

When they were sending big brother Tang out, Shi Chen glanced at Fan Yao and saw that he was uneasy. He became extremely happy. However, he didn't have the heart to make trouble with Fan Yao when Fan Yao wasn't feeling well. He walked over and hooked his arms around Fan Yao's neck.

"Let's go. Since I'm in City A, I'll stop by to see our parents."

Fan Yao turned to glance at him and realized that Shi Chen was not returning to City B. He immediately felt better and retorted, "Who are your parents? We have nothing to do with each other, don't shout randomly!"

Shi Chen's arm around his neck tightened a little. He made a smile that's not a smile. "For your uncomfortable face, I'll let this pass today. You can give another try."

Fan Yao immediately closed his mouth. He snorted, then said goodbye to Tang Sibo before following Shi Chen away.

As a matter of fact, they had been together for two or three years. Last year, when they came out of the closet, their families were more open-minded and didn't cause any trouble. The parents of both sides also met and admitted their two children.

However, the two men were a bit short of words, but they still had a lot of self-knowledge. Knowing that they would inevitably quarrel in their daily life, they made an early agreement. In case of a quarrel and running away from home, they weren't allowed to tell their parents to avoid worrying them. In fact, they knew in their hearts that after quarreling, they would still stay together.

In terms of breaking up, it's best to temporarily break up for a few days after a quarrel in order to calm down their anger. In the past, it was always less than a week. Shi Chen had poisonous mouth, but compared to Fan Yao, he's still much more mature. He usually took the initiative to tease Fan Yao in order to make peace. Fan Yao followed his steps and the two got back together happily again.

However, for this time's breakup, Shi Chen was really too busy to find time to tease him. Besides, he also suddenly wondered why he's the one who had to take initiative to make peace every time? So, he waited for Fan Yao to come to him. Unexpectedly, this guy had a thin skin. He would rather secretly think about him than take the initiative.

Shi Chen originally planned to hang him for a few days, but Fan Yao became ill. Shi Chen could no longer leave him alone and let this matter continue to worry him.

Su Fu was wondering, didn't he say that they broke up? Is it this easy for them to get back together? Are you kidding me?

When he turned to look at the direction of their departure, Shi Chen was already carrying Fan Yao behind his back. The backs of the two men appeared quite harmonious. However, their bickering voice made him feel very helpless.

Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo. Are they really a pair? The painting style` looks really strange? Tang Sibo shrugged his shoulders and replied, it's best to get used to it. He then returned to the villa.

Su Fu twitched his lips and looked at the direction that Shi Chen and Fan Yao were leaving. He smiled slightly. In fact, this way was also quite good. Both of them were noisy but they loved each other.

When they returned to the villa, Tang Luoke was sitting beside Juan Juan and giving him advice about the huge and complicated building blocks.  

Su Fu helped Tang Sibo clean the dining table together and put the bowl and chopsticks into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Right now, it's only seven o'clock. Su Fu thought that he could help Xiao Ke with his English grammar tonight after having stopped the tutoring for so many days. But Tang Sibo said that Su Fu was too tired recently and asked him to rest again. Tang Luoke didn't object either.

Since there's no need for tutoring lessons, Su Fu should bring Juan Juan back to Jinghe. Upon hearing this, Tang Luoke's little face immediately sank down. "Can't Teacher Su live here tonight?"

Knowing that Su Fu was soft-hearted, and fearing that he didn't know how to refuse, Tang Sibo stepped forward and said, "Teacher Su and Juan Juan have their own home. It will grow moldy if they're not there all the time."

Tang Luoke glanced at his father, showing some dissatisfaction.

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Su Fu smiled slightly. He squatted down to look at Tang Luoke and softly said: "Does Xiao Ke loathe to give up Teacher? We'll meet again tomorrow."

Tang Luoke still had a calm little face. He looked unwilling for a while then asked, "Can I stay at Teacher's apartment for one night? I have never stayed at Teacher's apartment."

Su Fu froze then looked at Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo also felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. How did this child behave as if he had abused him as a father? Obviously, he was sticky to him before they met Su Fu, wasn't he?

Tang Luoke also looked at his father and said solemnly, "Dad, that bad man might find Teacher Su. I can protect him and Xiao Juan at Teacher's apartment."

Tang Sibo twitched the corner of his mouth. He didn't know where Tang Luoke got his confidence to guard against He Shaoqi. However, his son's words did remind him that He Shaoqi had robbed a child before. Today, he was deprived of child's custody. He may be angry enough to find trouble with Su Fu. Su Fu wasn't safe alone with just Juan Juan.

"Who can you protect, little fellow?" Tang Sibo rubbed his son's head. Before Tang Luoke exploded, Tang Sibo grabbed him and said, "Let's go. I'll take you back."

Tang Sibo took his son's pajamas and a change of clothes. He then took them to Jinghe. Considering that Su Fu would need a car to work tomorrow. He drove Su Fu's car and prepared to take a taxi back later.

Su Fu didn't refuse. He alone was nothing, but he's afraid to involve Juan Juan. He now knew that he had underestimated the degree of He Shaoqi's shamelessness.

Their car was on its way to Jinghe. Su Fu was sitting in the back seat looking after the two children.

Su Fu asked Juan Juan if he was caught making the phone call last night.

Juan Juan scrunched up his little face. He recalled it and answered, "I was caught." The people who listened immediately felt their heart tightened. Was mother He angry enough to hit him?

"Who discovered it? Did Grandma hit you?" Su Fu was nervous and hurriedly put Juan Juan on his leg to check if there're bruises on him.

Juan Juan shook his head. He hugged Su Fu's arm and replied: "Didn't hit. Juan Juan said he's playing games. Grandma was in a good mood and let me sleep. She didn't scold Juan Juan."

Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. He kissed Juan Juan's forehead and smiled. "How do you know grandma was in a good mood?"

"Grandma was very happy. She said she'll have a grandson. Today she meets a sister with a baby. Grandma is even happier."

After listening to Juan Juan, the smile on Su Fu's face suddenly froze. The sister in Juan Juan's mouth should be Su Jing. Su Fu didn't expect that Su Jing would enter the He family so soon.

Tang Sibo, who was driving, also guessed some when he heard this and frowned slightly. He feared that Su Fu would feel unwell.

Tang Luoke saw the photos of Su Jing. He also saw the WeChat sent to his father that day. Tang Luoke's brain was very smart. Associating the attitudes of his father and Teacher Su, together with the He Shaoqi whom he saw today, he almost understood the in and out. His face wrinkled up.

"That's the woman I saw today. That old good must treasure her belly."

Tang Luoke suddenly said. Su Fu didn't react at the beginning, then he realized that the old good in Tang Luoke's mouth referred to mother He…It made him feel helpless and distress. Xiao Ke was really too sharp.

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu's face in the rearview mirror. It wasn't too bad.

"That's their family's business. If you don't go there, you don't have to look at them. Don't worry about them." Tang Sibo's words carried irony. Birds of a feather flock together.

Su Fu nodded. He didn't want to care about them. He's just worried about their parents. What he's afraid of was that they would find out about this matter.

Tang Sibo knew Su Fu's worries, but he didn't say anything and drove the car naturally.

The car stopped at Jinghe's parking lot. Several people got off and went upstairs.

Upon arriving at their new home, Juan Juan ran around joyfully and took Tang Luoke's hand to see his small room.

Tang Sibo put the bag containing his son's clothes on the table and took out a box of finely packed tea from the inside.

"You can send this tea to uncle after work tomorrow. Last time I promised uncle to send him one. Since big brother stopped by, I let him bring it with him."

Su Fu looked at the tea and recalled the last conversation between Tang Sibo and his father. He knew that this tea was expensive.

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"This is quite expensive, I…"

Just as he was about to say that he would pay for it, Tang Sibo interrupted him and smiled: "This is a gift for uncle. I don't have the heart to talk about money."

Su Fu smiled slightly. He didn't know what to say. He already accepted too many favors from Tang Sibo.

He didn't even know how to repay them.

Tang Sibo didn't stay long either. He went to see his son then went back alone. Su Fu wanted to send him downstairs, but for his safety reasons, Tang Sibo refused.

After Tang Sibo left, Su Fu looked at the box of tea and felt uneasy. He didn't know whether Tang Sibo did it on purpose. Obviously, Tang Sibo wanted give this to father Su in his original intention. Why did he let him take it instead? He was afraid to see his parents now.

In truth, Tang Sibo really did it on purpose. He knew that Su Fu didn't dare to visit his parents at this time, but he was worried about his parents, so he found a reason for him to go. Besides, things would eventually leak out. Su Fu would have to face it.

Over here, Su Fu bathed the two children. He carried them to the bed, then had a little talk with them in bed.

The atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

Tang Sibo also took a taxi back to the villa. He looked around and sighed. When everyone slept in the guest rooms, Tang Sibo felt somewhat lonely. Now it's even worse. The big and small ones were simply gone, leaving him to guard the villa. What was this feeling of loneliness?

After sighing for a while, Tang Sibo made a phone call and sent two bodyguards to follow Su Fu and to prevent He Shaoqi from doing anything else.

The next morning, Tang Sibo came to Jinghe to pick up his son. He also had breakfast with them by the way. After the meal, he left on his own.

Su Fu didn't know that there're bodyguards secretly protecting him and Juan Juan. He was very careful all day and didn't let Juan Juan leave his sight.

Once he got off work in the evening, Su Fu uneasily drove to the "Family" restaurant with Juan Juan.

After pulling the car over to the side of the "Family" restaurant, Su Fu looked at the tea on the co-pilot seat. His heart thumped and thumped. He silently looked at the restaurant through the window to see if father Su was sitting at the counter.

Xiao Juan sat in the back seat and shook his calf. Seeing the hesitant appearance of Su Fu, he was very curious. He climbed up and knelt on the seat to look out of the glass window. He saw the fierce grandpa outside the window. He made a gesture of "shh" to him.

Xiao Juan was surprised. He hurriedly covered his mouth. He stared big eyes at little Dad who was sneaking glances at the restaurant.

Su Fu didn't notice that his father had already arrived at the back window. He was still hesitating whether to send it to him now. He felt very uneasy.

Suddenly, the car window was blocked by a person. Su Fu was stunned and couldn't see.

While he was wondering, a face was suddenly magnified in front of him across the window, staring at his eyes.


Seeing his father's enlarged face, Su Fu got a fright and almost knocked the steering wheel off. His face looked horrified.

Juan Juan crawled over and used his small hand to pat Su Fu's chest. With a milky voice, he said, "Not afraid. Afraid is a little piglet."

Su Fu took Juan Juan's hand. He took a deep breath, then opened the door to get off with Juan Juan.

"Dad, why did you come here without letting me know? You scared me." Su Fu's face was red, but he still looked concerned.

Father Su snorted coldly, "Let you know. If I let you know, you'll drive away like a flying car." Su Fu was embarrassed. He was secretly watched by his father when passing by here before.

"I am a scourge now? You see me and run?!" The more father Su spoke, the more dissatisfied he was, and the louder his voice became.

Facing his father, Su Fu could only ask for forgiveness. He hurriedly answered, "No, no, I just don't have time to go in for dinner. I'm just looking here to see if you or Mom are here."

Father Su snorted again, but his face looked much better.

Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. He no longer felt uneasy since they already met. He went to the car and took out the tea.

"This is the tea that Mr. Tang entrusted me to bring you."

Father Su's face looked even better. He held it up and looked at it with admiration. He added: "That young man looks a bit like a rich man. How do you know him?"

"We met when he asks me to be a tutor. Mr. Tang is very nice."

Father Su nodded. He looked at his son again, narrowed his eyes then asked in a low voice, "Did you break up with the one from before?"

This question almost scared Su Fu's small heart out. His face turned white. His father already knew?! But this expression didn't look like anger!

"Yes…Dad, how did you know?"

Father Su humph, while holding the tea and looking at his son for a few times.

"Aren't you already a pair with someone else? Although it's important to be a normal person, personality is more important. I think that young man named Tang is good. I don't mind if you like him."

Su Fu had a mouthful of old blood stuck in his throat. It turned out that his father made a guess
and it was so outrageous.

"Dad, don't be ridiculous. Mr. Tang is single only after he's divorced. He isn't like me."

Father Su glanced at his son but said nothing more. Then he motioned with his hand, "Go home and bring Mr. Tang to dinner next time. There's no charge here."

Having said that, father Su happily held his tea and went back to the restaurant.

Su Fu looked at his father's back and sighed helplessly. Although he knew that his father's action meant to thank Mr. Tang for giving him tea by exempting him from the bill, Su Fu always felt strange.

And Su Jing. She incredibly still hadn't told their parents. Su Fu was both worried and relieved. Since his father looked so happy, let him be happy for a few more days. If only he could never know.

After sighing and shaking his head, Su Fu got on the car and went home with Juan Juan.

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