After Tang Sihuan left, Shi Chen smiled slightly at the He family, but his smile that seemed polite also looked subtle. He then turned around and led a group of bodyguards away.

He Shaoqi frowned. He shouldn't have let go. He felt that Su Fu and the Tang family had come too close, while he seemed to have inadvertently offended the Tang family's people, which made him feel very bad.

When mother He saw that people had left, she snorted coldly and said in a shrill and pointed voice, "What kind of person is that? He can't give birth to his own child and have to act shameless here for a long time?"

"Aunt, don't be angry. Let's go to dinner. Aunt's craftsmanship makes me greedy. I've been hungry for a long time." Su Jing smiled and hugged mother He to go inside.

He Shaoqi saw them with a glance. His mind didn't feel very comfortable. At the beginning, it was agreed that they were only together till the child was born. Although Su Fu had a big fire` because of this incident, He Shaoqi didn't have the conscience to let Su Jing abort the child, so he was still prepared to be responsible. But Su Jing made a sudden phone call to tell mother He that she was pregnant, which made him very unhappy.

However, Su Jing was pregnant with his child, and mother He looked very happy. He Shaoqi couldn't say much. He was sulking and thinking about how to get Su Fu back.

Tang Sihuan went downstairs with two children in his arms. Juan Juan was a little shy and asked, "Big uncle Tang, will Juan Juan be taken away again in the future?"

The name big uncle Tang was taught by Tang Sibo when he took him to the Tang's mansion that day. He followed Tang Luoke to call him big uncle, but added a surname after.

Although Tang Sihuan was the legal adoptive father of Juan Juan, he didn't let Juan Juan call him Dad. His second brother said that this was only temporary. The child would still be raised by Su Fu. He listened and agreed. Besides, it was strange to hear the child call him Dad and Su Fu little Dad.

As for Juan Juan, after he was settled in the Tang family, his name must be changed. It's impossible to have the surname He. As for whether he should be called Tang Sujuan or Su Juan directly, it could be discussed later.

"No." Big brother Tang was concise and comprehensive. He didn't say anything about adoption, so as not to make the child confused.

Although he knew that Tang Sihuan was a good man, Juan Juan also felt that he was too serious. He was afraid that he would annoy him with too many words. He stopped asking more after asking this question.

Tang Luoke stretched out his hand and touched Juan Juan's head: "You will only have Teacher Su as a father in the future. Those people won't have any relationship with you anymore. You don't have to pay attention to them when you see them, understand?"

Juan Juan obediently nodded. He was very happy in his mind.

They went downstairs and walked at the side of the road. Those aunts who were gossiping about them immediately lowered their voice to avoid being heard by their small group.

Just then, there's an old lady who sneaked up to watch the show and told the other old ladies after she went downstairs.

When the ladies first saw this handsome man, he had only one child with them. But when he came down, one child became two. They shook their heads one after the other. They rustled and said, "The He family on the fifth floor robbed the young master of a prestigious family. How to seek death!"

So it was distorted from one gossip to another. Originally, Juan Juan was just an adopted son, but eventually he turned into a real (biological) young master. The He family also became the one who robbed the young master of a rich and powerful family. A pile of secrets about the rich and powerful was thus fabricated.

He Shaoqi fell in love with a prestigious family's lady and had an affair with her. He secretly gave birth to a son. He thought that since the son was his own, he could take him away. But the son was still the blood of the prestigious family. The prestigious family made the lady break off with him and took the son back. The lady couldn't stand to live an ordinary life with him and hooked up with another prestigious family. At the end, He Shaoqi lost both his woman and son.

Some people ask, didn't I hear that He Shaoqi was gay? There's often a young man coming in and out of their home.  

The person answered. Isn't it because he was hurt by the prestigious family's lady, so he no longer dared to love a woman.

Because big brother Tang's battle had attracted the attention of too many aunts, the matter continued to ferment. The He family had been fabricated with one incredible family secret after another. For a while, mother He didn't dare to go out, or she would be forced to listen to them.

That was another story. At present, Tang Sihuan walked to the side of the car with his two children in his arms. He lowered the children and opened the car door. He was just about to carry the children up when another luxury car came along.

Tang Sihuan hurriedly pulled away one child at a time to the edge to avoid the car passing by touching the children on the narrow road.

The luxury car drove past the Bentley and saw so many aunts whispering around. The owner turned to look at it and saw Tang Sihuan. He nodded as a greeting.

Tang Sihuan also noticed the person in the car. This was their latest partner, Duan Qiqian, the president of Duan Group. He nodded in response, then the luxury car drove away.

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This community could only be regarded as a medium-to-high middle class, far from a place for someone from the Duan's head office. It couldn't be Duan Qiqian's residence. Tang Sihuan looked at the direction of the car's departure and wondered. It was said that Duan Qiqian was a person who paid great attention to his quality of life. If this wasn't his residence, what was he doing here?

Tang Sihuan didn't know, but Duan Qiqian came to see his younger brother.

Duan Qixuan originally didn't live in this neighborhood either. He used to live in an apartment near A University. The reason why he moved here was because his little boyfriend's high school was nearby, so he moved here to take care of his little boyfriend.

Big brother Duan didn't see his young brother for a few days and was anxious. As it happened, his cooperation with the Tang family had been deadlocked. He decided to take the time off to see his brother. As for the cooperation, let it freeze.

But just now, he saw gentleman` Tang. Duan Qiqian was also confused. What was he doing in City A? Were the two brothers ready to deal with him together? Just for this cooperation, Tang family sent two people? They were even the two most powerful young masters?

At this time, the brush-off meeting left the two families in doubt.

After leaving the He family, Tang Sihuan scattered his bodyguards and let them return to City B first. He took his two little guys to dinner. As for Shi Chen, he said that he would go to the branch office for a stroll.

Tang Luoke didn't forget what he promised Juan Juan last night and took him to eat ice cream. So after big brother Tang found a restaurant for lunch, he ordered two more ice creams for them.

It's October and the weather was getting cold. Tang Sihuan didn't need to worry about them eating and having bad stomachs. He told them to eat slowly.

While the two children were eating ice cream, Tang Sihuan sat and began to think about business with a serious face.

Once the children finished eating, Tang Sihuan took them to play again. There's no way. His second brother told his nephew to follow him today, so he couldn't go back to City B, nor could he work. He had to take the two children around.

After Juan Juan was brought back, big brother Tang called Tang Sibo and Tang Sibo notified Su Fu immediately. Su Fu's heart wasn't very calm all afternoon. He was impatient to see Juan Juan.

As soon as he got off work, he drove to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion.

At this time, big brother Tang had already returned with the children. Tang Sibo came back from work early because of his oldest brother's arrival. He came back to cook for them and left Shi Chen for dinner as well. Although they were all brothers, thanks were unavoidable.

When Su Fu came in, the villa was quiet, asides from the sound of TV, cooking sounds in the kitchen and the occasional playing noises of the two children.

Big brother Tang was such a character. He was expressionless while watching the TV. However, Shi Chen, who had no one to argue with, was bored and accompanied big brother Tang to watch TV quietly.

Juan Juan raised his eyes and was the first to see Su Fu coming in. He immediately put down the huge and complicated toy blocks bought for him by big brother Tang this afternoon and swooped down on Su Fu to hug his calf.

"Little Dad! I miss you so much!"

Su Fu saw that Juan Juan was fine, and his entire heart finally settled down. He leaned over and picked him up to kiss his little face.

"I miss you too, dear baby, we will never separate again."

"Never separate ~" Juan Juan happily repeated. He sent sweet kisses to Su Fu.  

Shi Chen looked back as soon as he heard the sound. His sharp and naked eyes swept Su Fu several times through gold-rimmed glasses before he raised the corners of his mouth. He didn't pay much attention to the video that day, plus the frame was limited. Now, he could see that this Teacher Su smelled like a wife all over. He was handsome and looked really good.

Shi Chen thought for a moment, then shook his head slightly. Su Fu was good, but not suitable for him. He would suffocate at home with such a type. Indeed, he still needed that bad mouth person to live.

(T/N: Yeah Su Fu is too gentle and polite. He's good for a calm family life. But Shi Chen is looking for excitement, so they wouldn't be a good cp)

Su Fu put down Juan Juan and let him play by himself. Only then did he see Shi Chen looking at him. He didn't recognize him at first. Shi Chen wasn't wearing glasses in the video that day and he looked much more serious now. Su Fu didn't know that the glasses that Shi Chen were wearing had no prescription. They were purely for appearance.

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After a slight smile, Su Fu went over to thank him: "Thank you very much, Mr. Shi."

Shi Chen smiled and shook his head. "I just talk. Master Tang is the key to winning."

After being named, big brother Tang, who was concentrating on watching TV, turned around and saw Su Fu.

Su Fu was a little nervous when he saw his deadpan face. This was Mr. Tang's oldest brother.

"Mr….Big Mr. Tang, thank you for helping to save Juan Juan. Thank you very much." Su Fu bowed and thanked him very sincerely.

Shi Chen smiled. Tang Sihuan also raised his eyebrows slightly, Big Mr. Tang? What was this name?

Tang Sibo, who had just come out of the kitchen, also heard this and came up with a smile. "Just call him big brother. Don't stand on ceremony."

Su Fu's face was a little burned from embarrassment. He just felt that Tang Sibo was called Mr. Tang. In order to distinguish them, he called Tang Sihuan, Big Mr. Tang. In fact, he felt uncomfortable after calling out.

"Good, big brother Tang." Su Fu hurriedly changed his address and smiled apologetically at Tang Sihuan.

Tang Sihuan nodded in a face-saving way. Every time he spoke to his nephew on the phone, he heard the little fellow say how good Teacher Su was. Tang Sihuan's first impression of Su Fu was very good, so his attitude was kind.

Su Fu also guessed that big brother Tang had such a character. He wasn't just expressionless toward him. The tension in his heart became slightly better, but he was still embarrassed and didn't know how to speak to big brother Tang.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's uneasiness. He smiled and pulled him to the kitchen.

"There're still a few dishes to cook together. I'm afraid I'll be late alone."

Su Fu nodded hurriedly. He gestured toward big brother Tang and Shi Chen, then followed Tang Sibo into the kitchen.

There're many ingredients in the kitchen, but they weren't messy and in good order. Su Fu looked at them and knew what else Tang Sibo was going to make. He rolled up his sleeves and began to help.

Tang Sibo smiled. He took an apron and tied it on for Su Fu. "My oldest brother is rather cold and doesn't talk much. Don't mind him."

Su Fu smiled and shook his head, "It doesn't matter. Isn't it thanks to big brother Tang's help? Didn't you say that people outside evaluate you as kind-faced but ruthless? (T/N: smiling tiger) I guess big brother Tang is just the opposite. He's cold-faced but kind-hearted."

"So, you think that big brother Tang is cold-faced but kind-hearted? Do you think that I'm kind-faced but ruthless?", asked Tang Sibo with a smile.

Su Fu warmed up the oil and put a handful of vegetables in it, making a loud noise.

As he turned over the vegetables, he caught a glimpse of Tang Sibo. He Shaoqi's remark that Tang Sibo had his bodyguard beat him made him laugh. During normal days, Mr. Tang wasn't so fierce. Wasn't this a sign of kind-faced with ruthless determination?

"Mr. Tang is naturally reasonable in being ruthless. I only know the good side of Mr. Tang."

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and smiled, "I love to hear this flattery."

Su Fu snickered but didn't explain anything. He thought in his heart – This isn't flattery. It's what I really think.

The two cooked quickly. Soon, they brought out the dishes one by one.

Out of the kitchen, they heard the chattering in the living room. Su Fu was puzzled. Big brother Tang had facial paralysis and Shi Chen looked quiet. Who quarreled with whom?

After putting the dishes on the dining table, he walked into the living room to see Fan Yao coming in. He was bickering with Shi Chen.

"Who will come to see you! I've come to see if Juan Juan has returned safely!" Fan Yao was very fierce. He fried` at the sight of Shi Chen.

"How do you know Juan Juan is back today? Did Master Tang tell you?"

"I heard some people in the company say that they saw Master Tang coming. I knew that the problem must be solved!"

"Oh? You didn't go to work today? How did you hear what was said at the company?"

"I…" Fan Yao stared big eyes. He started thinking then suddenly hissed, "How do you know that I didn't go to work? Sneaking to peak at me, ha?!"

Shi Chen yawned and replied lazily, "I went to the company with Master Tang. There're rumors everywhere that you're lazy and don't go to work. It's hard not to know."

"You fart! I asked for leave because I had a high fever! You don't know how dedicated I am!"

Fan Yao just finished saying that. Shi Chen immediately changed his lazy posture and drag Fan Yao to the sofa. He touched his forehead. It wasn't very hot.

"Hey! Hands-off! What? Worry about me!" Fan Yao pried Shi Chen's hand open but didn't move it. He was very proud.

In fact, he felt less ill in the afternoon. So, he went to the company to find a document. Then he heard that the attorney from the head office had come. He hurriedly took a taxi and rushed to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion. He even gave more money to the driver so that he could drive faster for fear that Shi Chen would return to City B.

"Gee, I know you're the same as that stupid dog. You have thick skin and can't burn easily."

Shi Chen, who was relieved, began to poison his tongue again. Fan Yao immediately began to fry again. The two of them quarreled with each other on the sofa. You would think that a quarrel was like this, after they fought, it'll be over? Ha! Not them. The more they fought, the louder the noise.

Big brother Tang, who was a natural facial paralysis and liked quietness, had a headache. His eyebrows were wrinkled.

Tang Sibo and Su Fu watched with interest. Seeing big brother Tang's impatience, Tang Sibo interrupted their quarrel with a smile and called them to have dinner together. The two also started when they started, then stopped when being told to stop. They glared at each other then happily got up to eat.

(T/N: Yeah, Shi Chen and Fan Yao are definitely a firecracker couple)

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